Master's little girl goes black by shadowdoom

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Marcus Cole is a light brown black man who happens to be one of the Master Slaves. He's been working for master Thomas for as about four years now. Out of all of the slaves, Master Thomas hated him the most. It was because Marcus was very rebellious and stubborn. He wasn't going to back down and take the white man's cruelty. Sometimes he did stuff just to piss off master Thomas. Master Thomas is a tall but skinny white man with a beard and a brown hat. He also wears Cowboy like clothing and carries a python everywhere he goes.

The slavemaster was cruel and he wasn't afraid to hurt the Slaves if he needed to teach them a lesson.

They were getting tired of the slave master and was actually planning on assassinating him real soon. Master Thomas also carries a rope with him in case he needs to whip a Slave. Just like the rest of the slaves, Marcus was wearing dirty clothes and he hated it. He hated the fact that he was giving less because of the color of his skin. As angry as he was at the white man he simply couldn't kill him because that's not of God. Some days the master would wear a white shirt with a brown jacket that didn't have a zipper. Brown pants and cowboy boots. Thomas's beard was white to show that he's getting old and has at least been in his forties or fifties.

We could have easily taken down a slave master because most of us were muscular. It would have ended badly because the rest of the Masters would have come and it would be a bloodbath. All we did was work for the white man while he sat on his ass doing nothing but watching us. I was in the cotton field picking up cotton and making sure the area look spotless.

I was sweating so I slowly took off my shirt revealing my slightly muscular body when another slave came up to me.

“you Marcus Cole right? Yes, I am. My name is Danny Rollins and I think you're amazing. What do you mean Danny? I'm not amazing. I'm not any different from you I'm just doing work like any other slave. You're amazing because you actually stand up to the white man! Brother, I think you're doing a great job.” Marcus was the kind of person who was never trying to impress anyone. He was just being himself and not taking shit from people especially the slave master. He just continued picking cotton as he looked over at the guy. “Danny it's good that you're chit-chatting but better get to work. I don't want to see another brother getting whooped. I appreciated Mark. Hey, can I ask you a question? Sure just get to work.” he begins working with Marcus while talking. “this is a personal question but is your father in your life? Because mines are not. Yeah, my father was never really in my life either. He left my mother when I was 14 years old. I was going to ask him why did he leave us but it was too late. He was killed by white man for not complying. Sally if you don't do what the white man says then you will die.”

Marcus was speaking the truth when he means that if you do not follow directions then you will die. It was the truth. A white man will kill a slave quick fast and in a hurry if he feels disrespected. So it was very dangerous to not comply even so Marcus wasn't scared of death. The way he sees it is if he dies at least his suffering will be over. “hey when we get done do you want to go get some alcohol? Sure, Danny, I don't see why not. White man can't bother us if we've done our work. Great! You seem like a pretty cool guy Marcus. I don't consider myself cool I just consider myself being me. I like how you think brother!” after he got done he started walking with Danny to go get some alcohol.

When they had their beers they sat down outside drinking and talking about different things. “say Marcus how old are you? Oh, I'm 26. Wow, I'm only 21 years of age! You're much older than me! Nice to know. So do you have a girlfriend mark? Boy, you sure do ask a lot of questions. Sorry, I'm just curious. It's all good Danny.” hours flew by and I went home and got on the bed getting ready to sleep and wake up for another day of hard labor. Marcus was staring at the wall for about 10 minutes thinking about what was going to happen tomorrow. After that, he quickly dozed off. Morning quickly came and he got up going to go fix something for him to eat. He didn't have long before the Master was ready for him to get to work. After he ate he puts on his clothes. He was wearing a black shirt with blue jeans. He started walking over as the rest of the slaves started lining up. The slavemaster came up to them as he smiles. “good you're all here. The reason I called you all here is that in about 2 days or so someone will be coming to stay here for a while. I won't say who yet because I wanted to be a surprise. Don't disrespect her either because if I find out you're not listening to her I will have your heads.”

The master's voice sounded serious as he spoke. He meant every word of what he was saying to the slaves. I was just watching him and wondering who were we going to meet. Whoever this person is he seems to care a lot. Could be someone who is close to him. He doesn't want us to know at least not right away so he's hiding something. Oh well, I won't worry about it now I just need to get to work. “okay you monkeys time to get to work chop-chop.” the slaves just started walking away going to go do their work like I was. I was picking cotton for about 2 hours when another slave runs up. “line up! Master needs us! Okay but don't say it like that. I don't enjoy calling him master.” we walked back over getting into a line as the slave master looks at all of us. “it appears she's coming sooner than expected. No point in keeping it a secret now. She's going to be with me for a while and she is my adorable daughter. With that being said now that you know who she is I expect you all to treat her with respect. Give her the same respect you give me or you will regret it.”

14 minutes later a car drove up right in front of us as the door opened up. When I saw her I started going crazy. It was a woman who looks like she's 23 or 24 years of age. She had that kind of hat that would Shield your eyes from the Sun. She was wearing a shirt with purple stripes and a dress with red stripes and white. Huge tits and a nice ass not to mention she's thick as fuck. Her eyes were blue and she's so sexy I could also tell that her hair is brown. Her hair was tied in a ponytail. I can tell them clothes she has a very sexy figure. When she got completely out of the truck looking very elegant. She came over to her daddy and she looked at us. “hey daddy! Hey, baby girl I'm glad you're here! So are those as slaves you were telling me about? Yep, that's them.” I was staring at her for a good little minute and when she sees me looking she looks away blushing slightly. She knew I was checking her out based off of how I was looking at her. Everything about her was beautiful from her feet and toes to her tits and face. I don't know what it has I just always had a thing for white girls. White girls were sexy and very kinky when it comes to the bedroom. I know I could give me a lot of trouble for even looking at her in this manner but I can't help it. She has the body of a goddess. If I don't keep myself under control I'm going to have fantasies about fucking her. “daddy who is that Slave at the end? Oh, that's Marcus Cole. Why did you want to know sweetie? I was just curious that's all daddy.” I still continued looking at her as a she looks at me and blushes a little more. One of the slaves saw as he looked at me. “Marcus I can tell how you are looking at that white girl. Just be careful she is the Master's daughter. Yeah I know I just can't help it she sexy. Yeah I know she is but you have to remember we are still slaves. Yeah.” only two slaves knew that I was staring at her and that was Billy and Danny. Billy definitely knows that I like her which is why he's telling me to be careful. I think she's already starting to like me as well because out of all the slaves she was only looking at me. She looks over at me and then she looks back at her daddy. “umm daddy can I own one of the slaves? Sure but why sweetie?” she paused for a few seconds trying to quickly come up with something. “well when I came here I've always wanted a slave of my own. I will only use him whenever I feel like it. So we might not be an everyday thing. I want that slave, Marcus Cole. Why him? Does it really matter Daddy? No I guess not they're all the same to me.” he walks over to me pointing a gun at me. “if you do any with my girl you're Dead. Also, you better respect her and don't give her any disrespect. If she tells me you're not complying you're As Good As Dead. Yes, sir.”

Master Thomas walks back over to his daughter while she started checking out Marcus as well. When he was right up to his baby girl he smiles. “I think I figured out why you want him as a slave. Why is that daddy?” Katie wanted Marcus for other reasons. She couldn't tell her father why and the only reason she said that is so she could get closer to him. “just like me you smell Rebellion in him. Hehe, you really are Daddy's Little Girl. Yes, daddy.” at this point Katie wanted her father to think whatever. There were things about this guy that really for some reason attracted her. She could never tell her father that there is a good chance she could be attracted to this slave. Katie was never Prejudice and she always believed in civil rights. She's always been a girl who is interested in black guys and black culture. Telling her father all of this would be a bad idea.

“my daughter's name is Katie and with that being said you can continue your daily routines. You are dismissed. Come along Katie.” she turns around walking with her dad and then back at me. Hehe, this white girl couldn't keep her eyes off of me. It was like someone keeping their eyes on the prize and not letting it get away. I wonder if she was feeling the same attraction I was feeling for her. Most likely she's interested in me and she's been staring at me a lot longer than I have with her. I have to be the one because there's a lot of black guys and I was the only one who is being stared at. The slave master and his daughter vanished out of sight when they went in the house. I Quickly walked away knowing I have to get to work or I will be in trouble. I should have moved sooner but my gaze was stuck on that white girl.

I went over to the cotton field as I started working when Danny comes over to me. “Hey brother you like that Lil white girl don't you?” he said teasingly trying to get a reaction out of Marcus.

“even if I do that's none of your business. Now get to work before you get us in trouble. I can't lie I like white girls too. Push come to shove if I had a white bitch right now I would be fucking her. That's good Danny but you really need to get to work.” I was trying not to engage in conversation because I knew if we start talking it will stop us from working. We need to stay focused. “so are you going to fuck her? As I stated before that's none of your business. Look you're cool with me Danny but I don't need you getting in my business. It's bad enough I was staring. That could have gotten me killed. Yeah, I get what you mean a negro man isn't allowed to stare at white women.

It's a good thing Master Thomas didn't see. It's really bad knowing you're attracted to his daughter. Possibly fooling around with her is a death sentence. At the end of the day, she is still a white woman. Hey, let's play a game. Umm sure. What you have in mind. The game is you don't talk about white women and get to work.” his smile quickly turned into a frown as he pouted. “Aww, you're no fun. Life's not supposed to be fun. Now Quit yapping and get to work.” Danny was a very tall but skinny black man who is wearing a yellow shirt and black Jeans. He also has really long fingers like the athletes that you see in basketball. Meanwhile after slave masters house. Katie was sitting down with her dad and other white women drinking coffee while chit-chatting. “Yessiree, you make the best coffee sweetie. Thank you, Daddy. He feels good to be in a house filled with air conditioners. Those Negroes are probably going crazy being out in the hot sun. Daddy, don't you ever go easy on them? No sweetie I believe in hard labor and working these slaves into the ground. At the end of the day, they'll thank me later because I'll turn them into men. The kind of men who are willing to go out there and work for a fair pay. Rather they are already men.

They sit out there for hours working just for you. If that isn't manly I don't know what is. Listen, sweetie. you may be my daughter but remember who you're talking to. Daddy, can I ask you a question? Sure go ahead. What do you have against slaves? Is it because they are black. Well, sweetie Negros just aren't allowed to be among us Whites. Daddy that's prejudice! No, it's not! I just don't believe Negroes should be allowed to work with us Whites. Daddy just say you don't like black people I won't judge. If you want the truth yes I am and that's normal. The fact is white and black are different. Damn Negroes are even starting to take our women! Daddy I won't have you talked to them as if they are not human!! That's enough!!!” he slams his hand on the table. “now you might not like how I'm doing things but Don't lecture me about human rights. As far as I'm concerned those are animals!! Ugh! Daddy, you're so blinded by your white pride!" She gets up and storms off heading outside to go cool off.

Thinking about it now she couldn't believe she actually went off on her father but he just got under her skin. She didn't like the way he was talking about black people as if they are animals or less than human. When she slowly started to calm down she went over to go see Marcus. Of course, he was still there picking cotton. When she saw him working she quickly came up to him and lightly tapped him on his shoulder. “excuse me but are you Marcus Cole?” he turns around and looks at her. “yes I am. When I first came here I've been noticing you were staring at me. Why is that? I don't know I guess it's because I know a hot white girl when I see one.” she starts blushing for a few seconds wanting to turn away to hide her blushes. “thank you mark. You know you could have gotten a lot of trouble for that. Yeah well, I'm not the only one who is staring. That's right I saw you checking me out as well.” Marcus smirks at her for few seconds turning around to continue working. Her blushes deepen when she realized he knew she was looking as well.

Or the fact that she was checking him out. She just tried her best to get rid of her red face. Trying to keep her attraction to him under control. She was trying to keep her composure knowing that she is attracted to him. It was even harder for her learning that he's interested in her as well. She tried to keep her composure not to grab and kiss him. It was because she felt like if she did that she would be moving too fast and that would be shallow. She really wanted him. She was one of those white girls who desire black men. If he had grabbed her and started kissing her she would have locked lips with him. And that would have resulted in other things as well. She started walking closer to him. “Marcus do you do anything fun besides work? Yeah, I go out and drink with my buddies. You know the typical socializing thing. Sounds delightful. Ever had any company besides a guy? You know since you been on this Plantation. No, not yet I'm afraid. May I ask if I can hang out with you? Sure I don't mind Miss Katie. “she giggles at his response. “Mark you don't have to be so formal. I know but you are the slave Master's daughter. You don't have to act a certain way around me just be yourself. I appreciate it, Katie.”

Her affection for him slowly starts to kick in as she walked up to him kissing him passionately. He slowly starts kissing back and when she realized what she was doing she quickly pulled away. “oh I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that.” I was surprised by her sudden kiss but I really didn't mind. I just looked at her reassuring her that it was okay. “it's okay accidents happen. So don't worry about it. We'll just forget that it ever happened.” we both wanted each other but it was too early. We're just starting to get to know one another. It's always best to take it slow.

“anyway, Marcus I just want to apologize for my father and how he's treating you. Oh, it's no problem. I've been doing this for a long time. Can't say I enjoy it but I don't hate it either. I just hate working for your father. If I was at home I wouldn't mind cleaning up and picking cotton for myself. I've always believed in a clean household and outside. At the same time, I'm not crazy about it either. I'm more like I will clean up if I have to. Interesting I'm the same way, Marcus. I don't like the way my father is treating you. His Prejudice for black people is really starting to get on my nerves. Marcus, You Are a Human Being regardless of what skin color you are or ethnic background. When I look at you I don't see an animal I see a man.” he looks up at her smiling because it means a lot to hear her say that. Definitely meant a lot coming from a white person. “thank you, Katie. You got a good heart.” looking at him smiling was making her want him even more. Knowing that she actually made him happy. She probably figured that he hasn't smiled in a long time so making him smile made her smile. Her infection for him grew even more. If her dad knew that she was a negro Lover he would be even angrier. “yep everyone should be treated equally. I can only imagine the things my father has done to you and the rest of the slaves. I really don't understand why my father thinks you're an animal. You have eyes lips and ears and everything else so that makes you human. It must be very difficult when you're looked at as a colored man. You have no idea but I can't complain. Hatred's not of Jesus Christ. Yeah, it's not.”

Just talking with Marcus made her smile. She loves his personality and how he thinks. He was so different from a white man or any other man that she came across. He is very Charming to her. Something about him is just very interesting and she loves hearing his views and what he says.

I love her personality as well and her sexy white girl accent. I have never been with a white girl or dated any in my life. That doesn't mean I was against interracial dating. I'm cool with it can't say I never thought about dating or smashing one. She looks at me slightly sad for a moment. “well I better get back before daddy gets angry. It was nice talking to you Marcus. Same here. Hey if you want to hang out just come by my house in a little while. Okay see ya.” she slowly turns around walking off and when she does he got a good look at her beautiful round ass. He blurted out. “damn! That's one nice ass!” Katie stops and turns around smirking at Marcus and started walking again.

10 minutes later she went inside to hear her daddy yelling with one of the white girls. “I swear I don't know what's wrong with her! She must be brainwashed by those Negroes. Everybody has their own beliefs I guess sir. Just go easy on her. she doesn't know what she's talking about. She's just in a fantasy world Mr. Thomas. Yeah, but she needs to understand white and black should not work together. There is no way in hell they will ever be equal to us. I agree. I actually own a couple of slaves myself and they are less than human. Just a bunch of animals who needs to be kicked around and taught how to work. I like the way you think Miss Rebecca. Yep, we can't tolerate laziness, especially from Negros.” they were chit-chatting and when they saw Katie standing in the doorway they looked at her. “glad you're back. Have those slaves been working? Yes, Daddy, they have. Excellent. If they stop working I'll have to whip them into shape. I bet they don't even take showers. Yeah if there's one thing I can't stand it's a smelly black man. Well, Rebecca, they take showers and of course, they are going to smell if they are out in the sun. Why do you keep on protecting them? You need to start embracing your white pride. None of your business Rebecca I have my reasons. You can say what you want sweetie but the facts are black people only good for one thing. And that's cleaning up for us and being a house negro. As far as I'm concerned they are our pets. It's not right but I do accept your opinion Daddy. Good to know you're acting like an adult about this. Because you were really showing me your childish behavior.”

Katie didn't even argue with her father she just kept her mouth closed thinking that he's just an idiot. She already knows that he's Prejudice so there's no point in arguing with him. She just stayed quiet and listened to him. Meanwhile, in a cotton field, Marcus was sitting there thinking about her. I'm falling for the slave master's daughter. I mean there's nothing wrong with that the only problem is Master Thomas. I was also sitting here fantasizing about having sex with white girls. As I was lost in my fantasies another brother came up to me. “what's up Brother? Nothing much just thinking that's all. You look like you were lost in thought so I wanted to make sure you were okay. Thank you, man, I'm fine. I'm hot as hell but I'm okay. Yeah, I hear you I feel the same way. Thank God for being black because we can handle the Sun a lot better than a white person. True that brother.” we sat there talking for a bit. He went to the liquor store and came back as we sat there drinking and talking. “so have you found yourself a girlfriend. No, I haven't. Danny told me that you like a white girl is it true? To make matters worse he told me it's the slave master's daughter. Yeah, it's true. Not trying to sound racial but why a white girl? Well, I like her personality and I must admit I've always been attracted to white women. That doesn't mean I wouldn't date a black girl. I feel you-you're just not a judgmental person. Can't say I wouldn't date a white girl either. I just prefer black women. At the end of the day if she loves you and you love her then color won't be an issue. Color won't even matter because you will be in love. Thank you, Robert. It's nice to know that there are good brothers who won't judge you for who you like and who you don't like. Yeah I know it's none of my business I was just asking that's all. Nah it's alright.”

A couple of weeks later I and Katie had it been hanging out a lot more at each other's houses. The only time I was in her house was only when the slave master was away.

We've been holding in our longing for each other and our sexual desires. Of course, we've been thinking about having sex. I wanted to fuck her when I first met her but I held back. Once again I was out in the cotton fields picking cotton when Katie comes up walking. She just stares at me for a minute trying to keep her lust under control. “Hey, Mark are you doing anything today? No, not really. I think after I get done with my business I'm just going to go home and chill. Maybe play some games or something. Would you be okay with some company? No of course not sweetie. Good, can I also stay the night with you? Sure why not. Thanks. I'll just tell my father that I'm going to stay with a friend for the night.” she was so happy because today was the day she was going to have sex with Marcus. She's tired of waiting and she desires him. She knew the risk of having sex but she didn't care. She was in love with Marcus and wanted him to make love to her. She also knows that he has been thinking about her in a lustful manner as well. She could tell he wants to fuck her because of how they look at each other.

“I'm happy you don't mind any company, Marcus. Oh you know it's okay sweetie. Yes, I know but to let me stay the night with you is really sweet. Knowing there's a good chance if something happens you could be in trouble. Yeah, but the slave master never checks my house or bothers me when I'm done. So don't worry about it. You're so sweet, Marcus! So are you Katie. Well, I guess I won't keep you from doing your job. I'll be over at about 6. I just need to go talk to my daddy and don't worry if I have to I'll persuade him.” He continues picking a card in that she walks away. 5 minutes later she reached the house and went inside already knowing what she was going to say. Rebecca wasn't in there but her dad was in there watching TV while another slave was in the other room cleaning up for him.

She slowly walks up to him. When she was close she sits down on the couch. “hey Daddy can I ask you something? Sweetheart goes ahead. No matter what you said to me earlier you're still my little girl. Well, do you remember my friend Nicole? Yes, I do. Well, I was wondering if I could stay with her for the night. She believes that her boyfriend might be cheating on her and I want to be there to make sure she's okay. You and she were friends since childhood. Of course, you can stay with her. Thank you, Daddy!”

She walks away trying to contain her excitement. Now that she can stay with Marcus for the night was good enough. When she was about to leave her daddy said. “take as long as you like Katie. Okay, Daddy.” after I got done doing what I needed to do I went home and lay down for a while. I was exhausted from picking cotton plus being in the heat. 2 hours flew by and it was 6 when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door up to see sexy Katie. She smiles brightly While looking at him. “hey Marcus I'm here and I got my clothes with me. Awesome baby!” she starts blushing when she heard me called her baby.

She walks into the house and sits down on the couch as he sits down next to her. He started watching TV and Marcus was just looking at her body. After a few minutes. Katie looks over at Marcus and smiles. Marcus started looking at her and things were starting to heat up. They were giving each other the same look of Desire. The look of sexual attraction. They didn't say anything they just looked for a second and then they started kissing each other passionately. They began tongue kissing. If anybody were to find out Marcus will be in trouble because it's bad enough he already locked lips with a white woman. She slowly pulls away looking at him Lustfully. “Marcus I'm sexually attracted to you. Are you feeling the same way? Yes, Katie, I am sexually attracted to you as well. make love to me I yearn for your touch. Have you thought about fucking white girls? Is that one of your fantasies, Making love to a white woman? Actually yes Katie it is. Why did you ask? Because I do have a fantasy of making love to a black man. Well then baby let's get started.” he moves his hand to her as he slowly started going down to her crotch area rubbing it. Because of how sensitive the female vagina is she started moaning slightly. “ohh Marcus that feels good!” she did the same thing to me. She places her hands on my crotch area as we started lightly rubbing each other. “tell me Katie have you ever went black before? No I haven't but I'd like to experience it.” eventually when her vagina was starting to get soaked she looks at him and begins to unzip his pants. When she pulls out his huge cock she was amazed. “holy shit! Marcus, you're so big! Jesus Christ, you got to at least be 10 inches. I have dated a lot of white boys in my life and none of them was your size. So this is what they call a big black cock. Hehe yeah, I'm a big man. Well don't just sit there my dear.” she moves her head over and begins sucking his cock. Marcus lightly starts moaning. She starts going faster and also licking around the head. “fuck yeah baby that feels so good!” she pulls away to speak. “I only want to please you, Marcus. I am your white girlfriend after all.” they never got into a relationship but now they are. The simple fact is they like each other so they might as well be in a relationship. She moves down again and starts sucking once more. After 5 minutes Marcus started growling lightly shooting semen into her mouth. She pulls away smiling while swallowing his semen. “delicious! Marcus baby I can't wait any longer take me. Hehe well alright!” he said excitedly while taking her to the bedroom. When he got in the bedroom they slowly started taking off their clothes. Once they were completely naked he grabs her tits and starts sucking on them.

“mmm, Marcus you just love giving your girlfriend pleasure don't you? Well yeah.”I was sucking her tits for a few minutes and then she lays on the bed spreading her legs giving me the most sexual expression I have ever seen. She was giving off a lustful smile. “come on baby! Drill that huge black cock into my white pussy!” he gets on top of the bed getting into position and pushing his cock into her pussy and causing her to moan.

Her pussy was very small so it was a little difficult getting it in at first but once it went inside they both started moaning. He could tell she hasn't been penetrated in a long time. Wednesday was in he started fucking her. “oh my God it's so good!! I missed this feeling. As time progressed he started going faster and her boob started bouncing up and down because of the intense speed. “oh yeah baby! Fuck my tight white pussy! Mmm, fuck you're so big! I love it! So would you say once you go black you never go back? Yes!!! That saying is so true!” Marcus was just sitting there fucking away listening to her moan and it was turning him on more. She grabs her legs holding them up while he was pumping. Her legs were close together just straight up slightly. Seconds later she screams out squirting. She was painting a little bit while looking. Barely able to speak because of the intense pleasure. “holy shit! That wasn't nothing but five minutes. You're amazing Marcus! I've been fucked by my ex-boyfriends and none of them where your level. You're much better at sex than any of them! Hehe oh you haven't seen nothing yet sweetie. Allow me to show you.” Marcus lays down slightly and he starts pounding her pussy in the position like someone who would do push-ups. She could see his muscular body and his dick ramming her as she screams loudly. “ahhhh! Fuck! Mark! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh fuck! I think I'm going to blow again!!” she screams out squirting again. Her orgasm didn't stop Mark from pumping. “ohh your dick is so deep in my pussy!!! I love you Marcus!!! I love you so much!!! Hehe I've always been into rough sex. Fucking your nice tight pussy. Shit now I gotta blow!” hehe quickly pulls out of her cunt and begins shooting semen on her tits. He looks at her for a minute. “I'm sorry baby. That's okay Marcus an orgasm is something we can't control. Hehe you make me so happy Marcus! Now I feel like riding that dick of yours. Can I? Be my guess.” she gets up as he lays on the bed with his dick standing up. She positions herself on him and puts it into her tight pussy. Once we went inside she slowly starts bouncing. “ahh I love this feeling! I hope it never ends! Both of our desires were fulfilled. You really love white pussy don't ya? Yep and I can tell you really love black dick.” she begins bouncing faster and faster by the minute.

She moves down kissing Marcus while balancing. She suddenly Giggles because of the pleasure. “tee-hehe feels so good! I can see even bouncing your dick all day baby!

You're a fuck machine, Marcus!” I grabbed her waist as I pulled her closer to me and this time I started humping her. She was laying on top of me while I had my hands on her back holding her tightly while pumping. “oh fuck! You have wild animal stamina! Oh fuck me!” she said excitedly taking his machine pounding. “Jesus Christ Marcus you're so rough! Oh my God you're going to make me sore after this but I don't care I love it!!! If my pussy is hurting in the morning that's fine. this was worth it in the end!!!” I just kept on pumping and suddenly I started growling as semen was being poured into her pussy. Both me and Katie started moaning excitedly as we had our orgasms together. My dick started to get soft as it fell out of her pussy and she laid on top of me exhausted. How to get her she had about four orgasms. “Marcus we should do this more often. You tired me out. I must admit I'm pretty tired as well Katie.” I started falling asleep and so was Katie. I grabbed the covers putting it over us while we dozed off. She was sleeping on top of me.

When morning came Katie woke up before me going into the kitchen still naked and cooked breakfast. I got up a few minutes later going downstairs also naked when I saw my baby I smiled. “good morning dear I made you some breakfast. My pussy is a little sore from last night but it's nothing too bad.”

We sat down eating food together. About 3 days or so Katie was in the bathroom throwing up and she had to take a pregnancy test. When she saw the results her eyes lit up with excitement. “wow I'm going to be a mother! I have to tell Marcus! Oh, shit my daddy! If he learns I'm having a black baby he will kill Marcus. I have to figure something out. I'm not aborting my baby. I got a perfect idea. I'll run away with Marcus and we can raise our baby somewhere where we won't be bothered. I hate to leave my father but he's never going to let me raise my baby knowing that it's half black.”

She quickly runs off to go find Marcus. She knew he would be at the Cotton Fields picking cotton. When she saw him she ran out of excitedly hugging him from behind. “Marcus baby I got good news!” he turns around smiling while looking at her. “what is it baby?” she smiles and screams out excitedly. “do you remember the last two days when I was throwing up. Yeah what about it? It's because I'm pregnant!!!” Marcus was quiet for a few seconds as he had a big old smile on his face. “seriously! Yes baby!! I'm going to be a daddy! The bad news is my father is never going to let me have a black baby. Oh right. Marcus let's run away together. Raise our baby somewhere else! If my father found out I gotten pregnant and the father is a black man he will kill you. I am not about to abort our baby just because my daddy is prejudice. So what do you say Marcus. Yeah we have to run away. These motherfuckers are cruel and they will kill our baby. They kill black people left and right and I'm not about to let that happen to our child. I don't want him or her to grow up in an environment where he or she is fearful of the white man. We will go to a place where interracial marriage is accepted. Getting married and pay for a house and raise our baby in peace. Okay tonight I want you to get your stuff together we are leaving. Okay dear.”

Midnight came and they had all their stuff together. She knocks on the door and he opens it up looking at her. “okay baby are you ready? Yes let's go.” we left the plantation and went straight to the airport. We flew for a couple of hours going to Texas. Houston was the safest place for us. When we got there we had to do a couple of things. The good news is my girlfriend knew someone there who wasn't Prejudice and who helped us out. Two weeks after that we got married and paid for a house. We were at peace and the only thing we were doing was waiting for our child to come into this world. 5 months later I came home to see my pregnant wife as she smiles at me. “welcome home sweetie. How was your day. It was already. Hey do you think your father is looking for you? Maybe so he doesn't need to know that I'm pregnant. My dad is a evil son of a bitch I say fuck him. I hate the fact that I'm saying that but push comes to shove he would kill our baby. Yeah honey. Some people are just pure evil. Anyway are you hungry? Yes but don't worry baby I'll get it.”

A couple of months later my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I was a little worried bringing a biracial child into this world. The good news has I had a baby with my wife. I was so happy. We spent the rest of our lives taking care of our child and later we started having multiple children. After we had our first baby we waited for a while and then we started procreating again. So now we have four kids. Two boys and two girls. The thing that I really hated was whenever they went to school people always asked them stuff like are you biracial or you have a white mother. They always asked their mother Rowdy never met their grandfather and she told them the reason why. I was sitting in the yard looking up at the sky when my two girls came outside hugging me and stuff. One of my boys looks more white than mixed and then there's the other who looks more brownish White. Same for my girls. “Daddy how do you deal with people who are judging your race?” he bends over looking at for his girls. “sweeties it is no surprise that you are biracial. But remember it is you are who you are regardless of what u look like. And if people tell you you have a white mother and making fun of her. Just say yes I have a white mother and I'm proud. “yeah you're right Daddy. Good girls. Anyway go inside food is almost done. Okay” they went inside and I was thinking about how happy I was knowing my slavery days were over. All I was going to do now is make sure my babies were okay. “honey come inside it's time to eat. Okay dear.”

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