Saffron, Schoolgirl? Stripper? Hooker? part 2 by abroadsword

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Fiction | Boy, Exhibitionism, Female, Male, Pissing, Prostitution, Reluctance, Teen Female, Water Sports, Young


Reading part 1 first is recommended. Saffron was an innocent 18 yer old in her last year at school when her cousin and his friend frst took her to a strip club.

Now a week later she returns for the money she belives she is owed for stripping, pole dancing and having sex with punters.

Saffron Part 2

The street glistened wetly after the morning’s rain as Saffron walked slowly along seeking the club where Charles and Sebastian had taken her the weekend before and where, though she could hardly believe it looking back, she had performed on the pole dancing pole, and even had sex for money.

The evening had been cut short by a police raid, she escaped but without collecting her earnings which she felt particularly aggrieved about and somewhat naively she was now intent on claiming.

She felt uneasy now as she came closer to the club, less certain of the outcome. Her mother thought she was seeing a friend but instead she had taken the train from Pewsey in Wiltshire to Paddington and the tube to the nearest station before trying to remember just where the club was.

She found the club, an anonymous green ground floor door which she remembered lead to a flight of stairs to a first floor club, but the door was shut and very firmly bolted, and there was no door bell or knocker to announce her arrival just a clearly broken intercom.

She turned away then after thinking about it for a moment she made her way methodically to the next cross roads, turned right and then turned right again into a back alley barely wide enough for a car and counting windows she worked her way round to the back of the club.

The back entrances were roller shutter doors mainly but by counting upstairs windows she found an iron fire escape which descended one window short of opposite where she thought the door would be so as there was no obvious ground floor door she started to climb the iron steps.

A walkway led to a windowless door, she tried the handle and to her surprise it opened into a short unlit corridor.

“Daisy, that you?” someone asked.

“No, it’s Saffron, I think I’m owed some wages from last week?” she said into the gloom she said as she walked gingerly towards the sound of the voice.

“Last week?” someone queried.

“Yes, I did a few, ah, tricks,” she said awkwardly as she turned through a doorway into a large room lit by the glow of a computer screen,”Last Saturday.”

“Oh right, I guess you’re that school girl who acts like a whore?” the voice asked.

“Er not exactly,” Saffron explained, “But the police came.”

“Right, Harry told us,” the voice said as Saffron’s eyes became accustomed to the gloom and she saw the room was dominated by a large table like a boardroom table and at one end a young afro carribean guy in an expensive light grey suit was sitting quietly behind the computer monitor. “You don’t look much like a whore or a school girl.”

Saffron agreed, in her tight denim jeans and shapeless cardigan, padded jacket and trainers she cut a figure of naive innocence, “No, I am at school, sixth form actually, my cousin tried to embarrass me and I sort of flipped.” Saffron explained.

“Like Harry said,” he said, “But you certainly made a bit hit, but see that’s because you’re fresh meat, innocent, and that’s perishable girl, if you want to work for me you gotta have more than that.”

“I don’t, I just want my money,” Saffron explained.

“You want to be a whore you gotta ball any guy any time girl,” he said, “Whether you freezing on a street corner in winter with your thin dress all soaking wet and your cunt’s froze cause you ain’t got no knickers.”

Saffron shuddered at the idea but guiltily realised she found the prospect quite exciting.

“Look, like I explained, I don’t want to be a whore, I just want my money,” Saffron replied awkwardly.

The guy looked her right in the eye, “But honey, Harry said you was a natural, a cum crazed nymphomaniac so he said, so I got a special deal for you, you work for me and you don’t get paid a bean, I fuck you, the janitor fucks you, hell even old Harry fucks you every which way but up and you get all the cum you can handle. Ok?”

“Like I said I came for my money,” Saffron replied.

“You don’t cum for money, you come for excitement,” the guy insisted, “You’re wet already from me saying about you freezing on a street corner waiting for some guy to fuck some warmth into you.”

“Look really,” Saffron sighed.

“Walking down the street in some cheap hookers skirt with high heels and no panties with all the guys wanting to fuck you, that’s one thing,” the guy said, “Taking them down some back alley with the trash cans and letting them fuck you two at a time and piss on you when they’re done that’s whoring.”

“Why are you being so nasty?” Saffron asked.

He paused, “Cause you’re a nice kid so go back to nice kid land and let the grown ups alone.”

“Maybe I will, when I get my money,” Saffron suggested.

“You just don’t get it do you?” he asked, “There ain’t one girl in a hundred that can do what you did like stone cold sober, Tina needs her fix before she goes on, and Rachel and Dixie, hell they all do, tricks for fix, that’s how it works girl, punter pays you, you pay me I get you a fix, understand.”

“I don’t do drugs,” Saffron explained.

“So you ain’t no good to me as a whore then are you?” he asked.

“I just want the money I earned,” Saffron said firmly.

“Fair enough,” he said, “You got the job.”

“Job?” Saffron asked.

“Sure honey, you want it you got it, if not you know the way out.” he replied.

“Not till you give me what I’m owed.” Saffron insisted.

“Ok,” he said, and he turned towards the darkness of the far side of the room “Johnny?”

“Boss?” someone replied and an older dark skinned guy with a grey beard wearing a janitor’s smock appeared from the next room.

“You want your money you ball old Johnny here,” the guy said amiably.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Saffron snapped.

“So how else do I know you is that cock crazed cum slut?” he asked, “Cause that bitch would ball anything with a dick.”

“I was drunk,” Saffron lied.

“No you weren’t, you just drop your pants and let old Johnny here fuck you and you’ll get your money,” he offered.

“Oh lord,” Saffron sighed, but she found there was something horribly exciting about being made to have sex with an unattractive stranger and she felt uncomfortably moist at the prospect, “Do you promise?”

“Scout’s honour,” the guy laughed.

“Look seriously,” Saffron demanded, as she tried to deny her excitement, “I just want what I’m owed.”

“So how much you reckon you’re owed?” he asked.

“Oh lord, it was thousands,” Saffron insisted.

“Ok, two grand,” the guy offered and he pulled some notes from his jacket, “That’s after expenses and tax and everything?”

”I thought it was more but I suppose after tax and everything,” Saffron agreed.

”So ball Johnny and prove you’re same the girl,” he said, ”And the money‘s yours.”

“I just know Im going to regret this,” Saffron replied and she slipped off her padded jacket, undid her trainers pulled her shapeless cardigan over her head and laid it on the table and started to unzip her denim jeans.

“Jesus Boss,” Johnny exclaimed as he looked at Saffron’s lithe young body, her pert tits and sensible M+S bra and panties, “I just cum in my pants.”

“Don’t worry about a thing,” the guy replied, “The point’s been made, just hop up on the table darlin,” You can call me ‘Boss’ by the way he added.

“Look we had a deal,” Saffron said indignantly.

“So suck his dick hard and ball him!” the guy, ‘Boss’ suggested, “Or hop up on the table, or just walk away, I ain’t worried either way.”

“Ok,” Saffron replied and she pulled out a chair and sat on the table.

“I said drop your pants,” the Boss said pleasantly,”Cause they’re getting mighty wet.”

“Oh,” Saffron said guiltily as she realised it was now obvious that she was wet and excited at the prospect of being screwed by one of the black guys but wasn’t sure which was about to screw her.

“And the bra,” he added.

“Right,” Saffron agreed as she slipped it off, releasing the pressure on her erect and aroused nipples “Satisfied?”

“Well you certainly got what it takes,” he agreed.

“So are you going to fuck me?” Saffron asked.

“Say please,” he replied.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, please!” Saffron sighed resignedly as she began to rub her clit.

“When you’re good and ready,” he agreed.

Saffron slipped two fingers into her sopping vagina and began to frig herself. She couldn’t believe what was happening but she had never been so excited before in her entire life. Frigging herself in a dark dingy room in a seedy club as she offered herself to one or more dark skinned men whom her mother would have a fit if she even saw Saffron speaking to.

“Like now?” Saffon asked.

“Sure babe,” her replied and he stood and carefully undid his belt and fly letting his huge ebony tool free from captivity before he slipped his pants off and strangely to Saffron’s view pulled his trainers back on.

Next he placed his jacket on the chair, removed his shirt and only then took hold of his tool and gave a few exploratory tugs.

Saffrons eyes bulged, it must be twelve inches long she mused as he pulled a condom over it, “Ready?” he asked

“As I’ll ever be,” she replied and her advanced towards her.

The first touch was his tool against her pussy, she tingled at the touch, no kiss no handshake even, the first touch just cock to pussy. “Guide me in babe,” he said and he eased forward as Saffron’s nimble fingers grasped the huge member and guided it inside her.

“Oh god!” she wailed as he pushed firmly into her yielding hot wet snatch, “It’s huge!”

He put his arms round her and pulled her against him and then he kept pulling and lifted her bodily from the table on his cock, “You like?” he asked.

“Oh my god!” she replied.

“Wrap you legs round me,” he advised, “We’re going for a little fuck walk!”

He lifted her away from the table, she looked over his shoulder and grasped him firmly as he stepped away from the table and started to walk slowly down the length of the table. Every step crushed him against her clitois and forced the tip of his penis into the neck of her womb sending waves of pleasure coursing through her consciousness and blotting out everything else as he walked her towards a door at the far end of the room.

He pushed her firmly against the door and knocked twice with his elbow.

He thrust four or five times and then the door opened, and he pushed and they almost fell through the door.

“What in the hell do we have here?” and elderly negro lady asked.

“New recruit, Mama,” the boss said as he pushed Saffron inside the small room with clothes everywhere. Saffron saw the old woman as the boss pushed past and pressed her against a cold metal filing cabinet where he began to gasp and moan as his orgasm approached, “Cum for me baby show Mama what you got.”

And Saffron started to cum, overwhelmed a mind bending torrent of emotions and a pulsing squirting orgasm as the boss’s cum pulsed it the condom inside her until she was drained physically and emotionally and he had to set her down.

“Can’t see you faking that ten times a night hon,” Mama said.

“No.” Saffron agreed, “So can I have my money?” she asked.

“Hell you should be paying me!” he grinned, “Anyway that’s only the warm up babe,” he grinned, “Main event to follow!”

“No you owe me!” Saffron protested.

“You need cum girl, you don’t need no cash,” he said with a laugh, “You got some boxers for me Mama?”

‘Mama’ handed the boss a pair of shorts and he slid them on over his trainers.

“Mama here wil show you the ropes,” he said, “You do just what she says and you’ll be just fine.”

Saffron looked round, her pussy throbbed, it felt horribly empty, she needed more cock.She was in a store room with metal shelving on every wall with boxes and clothes hangers with all sorts of dresses and things on and a desk and some chairs in the narrow space in the middle.

“Best keep yourself warm honey,” Mama suggested but instead of a coat she handed Saffron a 10 inch red dildo and a condom.

Saffron stared at it, “Sure honey, be my guest!” Mama laughed, “He’ll be back and he’ll want you nice and hot!”

“Er, I don’t think so,” Saffron said as she realised ‘The Boss’ has slipped away, “Hey where is he going!” she demanded.

“He’ll be back soon enough, you better get dressed,” Mama said.

“Right, my clothes are through there,” Saffron explained.

“Oh no, they got tags in, no we got plenty of stuff here will do just fine,” Mama said reassuringly, “How’s about this?”

Mama held up a tiny white skirt with tiny flowers printed on it, so cheap and thin it was almost like tissue paper .

“You have got to be joking!” Saffron exclaimed.

“No, pretty much standard issue and this nice red top, nice and stretchy, show off your nice hard nips,” Mama chuckled.

“I’ll wear my own thanks,” Saffron insisted and she went to the door and turned the knob, it was locked.

“Locked honey, now you want to do this naked or you getting dressed?”

Saffron grabbed the skirt and pulled it over her head, she saw a full length mirror and could see if the waistband was around her waist it left half her pubes showing, if she put it on her hips there was nothing to stop it sliding down, and when she tried it over one hip it sort of hid her pubes.

“See its fine,” Mama insisted and the top.

The top was three sizes too small at least, it didn’t cover her navel, her tits stood out and her nipples were like dolphins snouts stretching the thin fabric.

“I look ridiculous!” Saffron insisted as she looked in the mirror, tart below the neck innocent above.

“You just need your make up done honey,” Mama insisted.

“You must be joking,” Saffron replied but she knew Mama was right, her pussy was throbbing and she was wet with anticipation.

“Here,” mama said as took the dildo which now had the condom stretched over it and pressed it against Saffron’s moist slit.

“Oh lord,” Saffron said as it eased inside, “Oh my lord.”

Mama pushed the whole length of the dildo into Saffron’s wanton box and as Saffron sighed Mama eased her into an arm chair and took out her makeup box.

Mascara hastily and thickly applied too much rouge, gaudy orange lipstick and a tacky ribbon in her hair and Saffron hardly recognised herself.

“You need shoes,” Mama said, as she slipped a pair of well worn open toed shoes with four inch heels on Saffron’s feet, but Saffron was too excited to care, “And a coat.”

Mama selected a dirty well worn fake fur, she checked the pockets and pushed a dozen or so condoms into the right one, “Show time,” she said and she helped Saffron to slip it on even as Saffron was humping herself with the dildo and the edge of the chair.

“It’s time,” Mama repeated and she opened the side door, and half pushed Saffron into the corridor.

Saffron stared, she was still wanking herself with the dildo and there were three more girls waiting and watching her.

“New girl eh?” one said, “Daisy, she’s Rose, Lily,”

“Saffron,” Saffron said.

“Nah, Dahlia more like,” the girl said, “So you ready?”

“Huh?” Saffron asked.

“For work, new girl, first time?” she asked.

“No, I just want my money,” Saffron insisted.

“You and me both girl!” she replied.

‘The Boss’ appeared, “Van’s ready,” he advised, and he led them down the stairs to where an old Ford van waited, they climbed in, there were no windows in the back just two rows of leather seats and the leather felt clammy on Saffron’s bare buttocks as she sat down.

They drove for a mile or more, they stopped outside a taxi office and the girls climbed out, “Not you schoolgirl,” the boss instructed, and she stayed in the van for another couple of blocks, “They’re on call. Dial a fuck. Taxi takes them right to the punters door,” he explained, “You can go hooking the regular way.”

The light was fading, the street light’s glow was glistening on the sidewalk and the van glided to a halt.

“Your spot,” he said, “Your fuck alley.”

Saffron’s tummy was tied in knots of fear and excitement as she saw a back alley leading away from the seedy side road down between a Chinese take away and a hair salon, “Your very own patch girl, only two hundred pounds for one whole night,” he leered.

“You’re joking right?” she asked but he was not.

“No,” he said, “You got to pay your dues whore.”

“What do I do, what do I say?” Saffron asked anxiously.

“You work it out, you got an education don’t you?” he said reasonably as he opened the door and let Saffron out.

“Hey got a new girl?” a guy asked.

“Sure, Daisy, you want a piece?” he replied.

“How much?” the guy asked.

“Twenty of your crisp pound notes,” the Boss replied.

“Then count me in!” the guy replied.

He sounded Polish, Saffron decided as she stepped into the back alley, his hand stole under her top and caressed her breast, he lifted her skirt pulled down his fly and shoved his rock hard meat deep into her willing cunt.

“Always take the money first,” the boss sighed, “See you round nine,” and he was gone and she was alone and the stranger was fucking her with his bare cock deep in her womb and it was so exciting she thought her mind would explode withe sensory overload.

He peeled her top over her tits and worked her skirt up around her waist and pushed her against the big green Grundon trash bin as he urgently humped her desperate to shoot his load as quickly as he could, and all too soon a gush of creamy cum shot deep inside her.

“Twenty pounds please,” Saffron asked politely.

“Only worth ten,” he said but he still paid her a twenty and he walked away satisfied for the moment.

Saffron looked at the twenty uncertain of what to do with it.

She tucked it in her coat pocket, the left one away from the condoms.

Suddenly she was alone, she felt cum running down her leg and remembered she had let the stranger fuck her bareback. She cursed her own stupidity and decided to insist on a condom in future.

Saffron waited. She was cold. She shivered. No one ventured down her alley.

She moved to the corner. “Are you looking for business?” she asked a well dressed man in a pin striped suit.

“Yes actually, but I think I can afford something a bit more up market thank you very much,” he sneered.

“Pedo,” she muttered, “Gay probably.”

Another man approached, “Looking for business?” she asked.

“How much?” he asked.

“Twenty,” she said.

“How much for a blow job?” he asked.

“Twenty,” she replied.

“Can I owe you?” he asked.

“Er, no!” Saffron replied.

“Oh, all right, I’ll have to lay off the booze for once,” he decided, “Where do we do it?”

“Down here of course!” Saffron advised. She led the way down the alley, “Do you want it or shall I blow you?”

“I want you to suck me and take all my cum in your filthy mouth,” He exclaimed.

“Er money first,” Saffron insisted,

He paid. Two tens. Saffron them in her pocket and knelt down. She unzipped his fly and pulled his half hard cock out. She bent her head and began to suck.

His cock stiffened and he had to reach for the wall to prevent himself falling as waves of pleasure swept over him.

The end of his cock nudged the back of her throat as Saffron sucked it. She felt cold.His cock did nothing for her, she wanted it inside her vagina to keep her warm.

His cock twitched and then it spurted. Warm putrid slime oozed down her throat. It reminded her of the custard they used to have for school dinners. It was disgusting but she had to either swallow it or choke.

“Oh fuck that was good” the guy said as he wiped his cock on Saffron’s fur coat, “Same time next week?” he asked and he was gone.

“Where is Rose?” a guy asked Saffron when she asked if he was looking for business.

“Er, I don’t know,” Saffron explained, “I’m Vixen, like Foxy but a girl?”

“Rose does watersports, do you?” he asked.

“Not really I don’t like the water much.” she answered.

“Pissing I meant, can I piss in your mouth?” he asked urgently.

“Ok, fifty quid,” Saffron replied.

“Do I look like I’m made of money?” he asked.

“Well it’s not exactly my idea of fun,” Saffron admitted.

“Twenty?” he suggested.

“Fifty,” Saffron countered.

“Twenty five?” he tried.

“Fifty,” Saffron insisted.

“Ok,Ok,” he agreed, “Fifty.”

Saffron gasped, she had just intended the fifty as a brush off, she was suddenly scared as she led him down beside the bins and knelt down on the hard paving slabs.

“Cash first?” she insisted.

She unzipped him and extracted his half hard cock, but this time it just stayed half hard and a jet of yellow piss started to emerge. She opened her mouth wide and tried to catch every drop as the stinking yellow liquid bounced off the back of her throat and cascaded down her throat. Luckily his bladder was nowhere near full and despite the nausea Saffron managed not to choke.

She reeled at the acrid taste, she followed him from the alley. She tried to buy a can of coke from the Chinese Taake away but they would not serve her, “No whore here, you fuck off filthy immigrant!” Mr Lu the proprietor insisted when Saffron asked for the drink.but ten minutes later he had sneaked away from his wife and into the alley with a bottle of Irn Bru . “How much you want for for bum fuck?" he asked.

“No lube, no can do,” Saffron apologised.

The compromised on doing it doggie fashion for twenty quid. Saffron watched the traffic passing the end of the alley as Mr Lu fucked her from behind. He was very quick.

Shortly after Mr Lu’s son Abraham came around, and then a steady trickle of customers sneaked into the alley to fuck Saffron while they waited for their meal to be cooked.

Her left pocket filled with cash as her right pocket grew low on Condoms.

‘The Boss’ returned around ten o’clock, “How you doing?” he asked. She counted out the notes over two hundred pounds worth.

“We need you back at the club, Rochine can’t come in her kid’s sick,” he explained.

Saffron shivered in her thin skirt, she pulled her fur coat around herself and they made their way back to the club in the old van.

She felt utterly humiliated, defiled, yet fulfilled and excited. She felt neglected and her vagina felt horribly empty so when she found a large plastic and rubber dildo on the van floor so she pulled a condom over it and eased it up inside her vagina and pleasured herself as the van bounced along the badly maintained pot holed city streets.

“When we get back get a shower. I got a special job for you." The Boss’ explained.

“Oh what?” Saffron asked.

“You’ll see and it'll blow your socks off!” he laughed.

To be continued.

Rating: 88%, Read 25425 times, Posted Aug 30, 2015

Fiction | Boy, Exhibitionism, Female, Male, Pissing, Prostitution, Reluctance, Teen Female, Water Sports, Young


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