The King in Yellow Chapter Nine by Crassus

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Fantasy | BDSM, Necrophilia, Snuff


Magda followed Dmitri out of the old convent, head held high. Her superbly nude body cast a long shadow in the late afternoon sun. The path led them to a huge flat-topped slab of granite, a tomb or an altar of some long-forgotten religion. In front of it waited Grigori, Andrei, Leon and Pierre wearing black trousers and - with the exception of Andrei who liked to be bare-chested - white shirts. Each had several knives and whips at his belt and each had a nude woman kneeling at his feet, knees apart, hands behind her back. Dmitri held out a hand and she took it. He laid her back on the slab, spreading her auburn hair out across the weathered stone tenderly. He stroked her cheek and let his fingertips brush across her lips to be kissed. As he stepped back, she opened her thighs wider and gracefully stretched her arms back over her head. Through her lashes she watched Leon tap the shoulder of the woman at his feet and hand her a long, straight knife. She took it and rose to her feet. The woman stepped up to the slab and looked back at Leon adoringly. He nodded and she climbed onto the slab to kneel astride Magda’s head facing her feet. A gentle breeze stirred the branches of the pines but, around the ancient stone, all was silence.

Magda put a tentative finger to the smooth skin of the thigh above her face and turned her head to see Dmitri’s reaction. At his nod, she ran both hands slowly up the woman’s legs and over her hot cunt to claw at her buttocks, spreading them wide. Her head darted forward and she lapped slavishly at the arsehole, seizing the woman’s hips when they started to buck so that the she was forced to press her groin down onto Magda’s eager mouth. Sobbing and broken she arched her back and offered her crotch to be licked from arse to clit and back again.

Leon leant over them and spoke quietly, “Piss on her”. The woman bowed her head, closed her eyes and tensed while Magda pressed two fingertips hard onto her cunt - then with a deep purr she began to spray her, first in gushes and then in a long stream. She leant back on her heels and Magda opened her mouth to swallow the last spurts, writhing sensuously under the warm shower and massaging it into her skin.

Both moaned as Leon ordered “Now, the blade!” and the woman knelt upright. She seized the knife in both hands and raised it high above her head. Magda’s breasts heaved, beads of urine defiling them and the nipples standing stiff and hard as pebbles.

“She thought she was about to die then,” Dmitri said, his words flowing easily like a sunlit river through pastures, “because she knew that we were going to fuck her corpse and because there was a knife over her belly. But I had planned a different death for her.” Katya sat almost astraddle her chair and somehow one of the straps of her dress had fallen away. She looked Dmitri right in the eye and tossed her loose brown hair back over her bared shoulder.

“The Pallid Mask!” cried Leon’s woman as she plunged the knife down into her own guts. Magda gasped in surprise as a spray of blood played over her from the jerking body, and then gushed in torrents when Leon pulled the woman’s head back and drew a razor swiftly across her bared throat. He held the victim in his strong arms until her spasms ended and the blood stopped spurting; then flung the limp corpse down face-first onto the grass and knelt behind, driving his pulsing cock into the moist, warm flesh, fucking furiously until he threw his head back and shouted his satisfaction. Magda turned her face away from the spectacle to lap at the blood and piss pooling around her spread-eagled form and her fingers delved into the moist folds of her cunt.

Andrei’s woman had been resting her cheek on his knee and his hand absently stroked her head while they watched – now he seized her red hair and raised her to her feet to play her part on the slab. She took the other’s place in her turn, straddling Magda’s upturned face with her hands resting on the soft curves of her hips.

Katya swallowed hard, twisting her hair around her fingers distractedly. Dmitri’s voice was deep and compelling, even musical.

“Magda took longer over the next victim”.

“Give me your cunt” she breathed and seizing one of the redhead’s knees with both hands she sank her teeth gently into her inner thigh and nibbled at the pale flesh. The woman fell forward ravening onto Magda’s crotch and they grappled passionately, smoothing their bodies together as they kissed and licked their way over soft stomachs to suck at each other’s erect clits. Their tongues churned wetly and loudly.

Andrei watched intently as Magda pressed a finger, then two, in and out of the redhead’s arse, flicking at the rosy clit with her tongue all the while. He clambered up onto the slab behind them and ripped off his trousers, pulled Magda’s hand away, and forced the tip of his erection into the soft bud of their victim’s arsehole with his thumb. Muscles rippling, he pulled her hips down and drove into her brutally and frantically. She was already screaming in pain when he stabbed the tip of the blade down hard into her side. Blood spattered across Magda’s open thighs and cunt and she caught more in her cupped hands to smear up and down her body. Still thrusting himself into the dying woman Andrei reached around to slash shallow cuts into her legs and body - so that all three were slick with blood by the time she gasped “The Pallid Mask” and her death spasms subsided.

Pierre’s victim was a wide-eyed young brunette with great black, almond eyes and delicate features on a perfect oval face. She walked slowly to the stone as though in a trance and began to pant and sigh at the touch of his hands when he guided her to kneel astride Magda’s head. She was already moaning in ecstasy when the wicked tongue reached her long clit and wailed “The Pallid Mask” at the first lick, tossing her beautiful head back. Pierre’s sword whistled through the air, on cue, and sliced cleanly through her long neck. A great torrent of blood gushed over Magda’s body and a fine spray of ejaculate covered her throat and chest.

Rolling over in the warm pool of ichor, Magda propped herself up on her elbows to watch Grigori’s victim pace towards her death on the ancient altar. She glided between the rutting men and flapping corpses, swinging her hips arrogantly, Grigori following after her with a broad-bladed knife in his fist. Clambering up in front of Magda she seized her by the hair and dragged her face towards her cunt. Her hips rolled as she ground her crotch hard onto Magda’s eager mouth, becoming more urgent and wanton until, suddenly, she pulled away. Grigori had stepped up behind and wrapped a bare arm around her, and she turned her head to take his deep lingering kiss. Then she, too, pissed copiously over Magda’s upturned face and hair and over her finely sculpted shoulders - when the stream died she repeated “The Pallid Mask” and her life blood poured after it; she slumped forward, ripped from crotch to sternum by a single stroke of Grigori’s razor-sharp steel. Magda twisted around onto her front so that the blood poured into her mouth, trickling warmly down her chin and throat.

Dmitri smiled as he reached down to help Magda from the slab to stand before him, drenched in gore and piss from head to foot. He drew her into a passionate embrace and she wrapped her leg around his back as they kissed. Pulling her head back by the hair Dmitri licked furiously at her bloodied throat and breasts while she pressed her crotch urgently against him, grabbing at his backside with both hands. Around them the men were finishing with their victims, grunting as they spent into the lifeless bodies. At last he released her from his embrace and spoke to the others.

“Bring them inside” he said then turned to murmur into her delicate ear “You will die more painfully.”

“Yes” Magda gasped, trembling, and closed her eyes, transported by a profound and overwhelming wave of submission.

Katya moaned quietly, Dmitri’s words weaving their dark spell on the secret cravings of her deepest, inner self. She had never thought how it would be to watch others die, waiting in terror and anticipation.

Rating: 55%, Read 2076 times, Posted Sep 21, 2020

Fantasy | BDSM, Necrophilia, Snuff


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