Maid of Desire by Demnoshka

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Fantasy | Anal, Ass to mouth, At work, BDSM, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Erotica, Mature, Submission

It was feeling like the hottest night in March yet! The air was so muggy, it was like walking through Jello. My new housemaid, Sherry, was doing the dishes in the kitchen.

"Sherry? Did you call the AC guy yet?" I shouted.

"Yes Sir! I called him twice and left a message each time." She responded uneasily.

Sherry knew I could not stand the heat and neither could she. To make matters worse, I no longer had my submissive Fuck Toy, Jenny. Jenny had to move away because money was tight and she had found a job half way across the country. She adored my hobby of making toy furniture. But I didn't just make any toy furniture....these pieces were for adults only! But my real hobby was testing them on her! After a few weeks without her I finally got lucky! A winning lottery ticket to make things right! I was not well educated, but worked hard and loved harder! At 5'11" with dark blond hair and brown eyes I was what some women had said, easy on the eyes. I was in my twenties and had very strong desires not to be toyed with by just any female! Sherry knew if she didn't get the repairman soon, she would surely suffer my wrath!

I'd been watching her. Maybe I what I needed was a fresh start! I had hired her to help me around the House! I mean what young man wants to clean his room? But she had sex appeal! I mean for a woman of forty, she keeps her self in shape and was looking no more than thirty! I had to admit at 5'7" with long dark auburn hair to her perfect roundish ass, she was the one easy on the eyes! Sherry was a little Round, like I like em'! Her DD's filling the uniform were just a plus. And that mouth! What I could do with it and to it! I knew what I wanted and it was time Sherry knew it too!

"Sherry? Can you bring me a drink? This damn heat is killing me!"

"Yes Sir!" Sherry responded with obedience, as that's what she's payed for!

She brought me an ice cold coke from the new stainless steel fridge. At least something worked around here! Sherry walked over to my chair where I was typing on my laptop.

"Shall I open it Sir?" As she had a bottle in one hand and a bottle opener in the other!

"No thank you Sherry."

I reached for the bottle. Our hands touched but a split second and we shocked each other. She gasped...blushing hot pink. So lovely on her snow white breasts. I held her gaze as I downed the coke. Never letting her look away. She could see me appraising her and she only flushed hotter! I handed her the empty bottle.

"Can you please get me another one" I asked.

"Of course Sir!" She replied.

As she turned to walk back to the fridge... I stared at her ass till it was gone behind the kitchen wall. Sherry comes back around the corner with another full bottle and walks over to me.She gives me the second bottle and I drink this one a lot slower!

"Will that be a-all Sir?" She stutters slightly flushed at such a simple moment being so intimate.

"No it won't." I reply as I finish typing on my laptop, fold it and lay it down on the table. I then stood up looking down over her!

Startled she looked up at me. Sherry usually retired to her room after the evening meal and dishes. I had never asked her to stay. She wanted to know why I could tell.

"I want to show you something Sherry."

As there is a look in my eyes she never saw before! A lust in my eyes that she had never seen. But dose not know what this Look is.

"Yes Sir."

She followed me obediently, but then paused as we walked further down the hall.

"I want to show you my hobby Sherry. I am thinking you need to keep this room up for me too!"

I held my hand out and waited patiently. Finally she slipped her silky smooth hand into mine and followed me into my study. I could tell she was confused.

"I know what you are thinking. I know you clean my study, but you don't clean my hobby room....yet!"

With a gleam in my eye I reach under the desk and pressed a button. The secret door slid quietly open and her lovely mouth dropped open. I chuckled and led her forward.

"Come in please."

The lights were on as the door slid shut behind us. Alarmed she looked back!

"It's going to be okay...just relax. I have no intention of hurting you Sherry." I just keep thinking of the pleasures she would soon be giving me!

This only eased her growing fears slightly. But she began to take in the room. Sherry's face blushed bright red at the decor here. There was an unusual swing hanging in the corner and mirrors everywhere. A 60" flat screen T.V. filled one wall, with a full collection of porn. A beautiful crushed maroon overstuffed couch in the front of it. But this room held furniture she had not seen before. Like a sawhorse lined with Fur, and a cross strapped to the wall with Fun lined cuffs attached. And much more.

" I d-don't think I can clean this r-room Sir!" She stammered nervously.

I began a movie called, "Maid Of Pleasure" and walked around behind her. She watched as the screen came to life and the moaning came through the speakers. I held her from behind with my arm wrapped around her waist and squeezed her breast firmly with my other hand.

"No need to be shy Sherry! We are simply changing the nature of our Work Agreement! See the maid getting fucked on the screen? I want you to study her and learn to do your dutys. Understand?"

"Sir! I can't do that!" She replied gasping as she became nervously awake to my new idea for her.

I grabbed her lovely long hair pulled her head back to my shoulder. I could feel the excitement coursing through us both. I observed talking in her ear made her more pliable.

"You WILL fill my desires Sherry!" I kissed her neck and felt the pulse of her throat!

"In return you have will pleasures you've never known! Do we understand each other Sherry?"

She was excited and scared. Sherry hesitated to long to answer. I pulled her hair harder!

"Do you understand?"

"Ow! Yes Sir...I understand Sir!"

I leaned into her ear...kissing just below it and loosening my grip on her hair.

"Good girl! You are very beautiful for an older woman Sherry. I am going to fuck you better than the maid on that screen. Have you ever been fucked in your ass little girl?"

Reaching under her skirt I grabbed her ass. Gasping she watched as the maid was kneeling onto a couch and the man thrust his large cock in and out of her ass. It both frightened and excited her.

"No Sir! I have never seen or done any of these things!"

"I will show you desires you've never seen or felt before! Taking your anal cherry...mmmm" I grabbed her ass for emphasis.

"That is a pleasure I can not wait much longer for! If you are a very good girl, I will reward you for giving me your rosebud. My hot sticky cum all over your sweet face! Sound Good? We are going to have so many wonderful adventures together!"

My cock was throbbing and I wanted her to be mounted on the sawhorse before I took her.

"I want you sit here and watch the rest of this movie Sherry. Learn how to please your new Sir. Learn well little girl."

I walked to the bar and poured two glasses of whiskey. I just stared at her new found curiosity. She sat perched on the end of the couch and I could tell she was actually taking mental notes! This pleased me beyond what I expected of her. She wanted her employer! And she was going to get me! At the end of the flick I walked over and handed her a shot glass.

"Here's to a new arrangement! Drink it!"

I threw mine back and watched as she sniffed the glass timidly and then just did it! I took the glass from her and walked to the bar.

"Come here." I demanded.

Sherry walked over into my arms without further question. She had submitted to me and didn't even fight it! We kissed then. Her hot sweet breath filling me. Her tongue timidly invading my mouth. The desire building between us. Grabbing her hair, she whimpered as I pulled her away from me. She was gazing at me submissively, so I led her by her hair to the sawhorse and bent her over it on her knees. I moved around the front and crooked my finger at her. She did not hesitate to give me her hands. I gently strapped her wrists into the harnesses. I went back behind her and restrained her legs apart. I slipped her silky pink panties off. Raising her skirt I lowered myself and began sucking each cheek like a rubber band as it smacks back into place. Sherry's mouth fell open to the new sensation, as she felt fast excitement!

"Oh my Sir!" Gasping at the pleasure.

I allowed her to savor the feel of my mouth sucking her ass cheeks for just a moment longer.

"Learn how to please me Sherry. Learn to respect my cock and treat it properly." I said walking to the DVD player again.

I slipped another d.v.d in and walk out to my study. I watched her from a hidden monitor. Sherry's ass in the air over the fur saw horse. Resting her head on her arm...she watched the couple intently as they fucked on the screen before her. She had never let anyone do these things to her. It both embarrassed and excited her. I could see her pussy throbbing in anticipation. She deliberately struggled with the harness to ensure she was trapped and would endure the pleasure without choice. Sherry had had sex plenty of times, but nothing like this. The couples were all over each other, fucking in positions other than missionary, 69ing each other, and most important of all, having anal sex. Sherry thought for a moment and then said to herself, "My boss is going to be fucking my ass like the women in this movie." It excited her to say it and she repeated it again!

"My boss is going to be fucking my ass like the women in this movie."

And then she said it again aloud and Excited.

"My boss is going to be fucking my ass like the women in this movie."

Each time saying it, getting wetter! Sherry was fascinated these people could do things she'd never dreamed of in front of cameras and other people. The sexual fire was building in her hungry clit. Swollen with a desire she had never known. She wanted to rub her clit and could not. She could feel her juices slipping through her slit. This only made her feel more on fire sexually.

I sat and watched, naked now, slowly stroking my cock and admiring her new found desire. Watching her attempt to adjust to get some relief from the throbbing pulse in her pussy, now soaked. I was consumed with the desire of pleasures to show her. I needed to cool off. Standing up from my computer that I was watching her on through a hidden camera in that room, I go into the kitchen for another cold coke. Savoring the cool liquid as it soothed my heightened senses. It was time to see what my new pleasure maid... my new sub had learned.

Sherry heard the door open and sighed. She knew it was time to practice what she had learned. I walked to the T.V. and shut it off. I let her appraise my naked body. My throbbing cock dancing as I approached her and stood in front her. She eyed my cock hungrily and I could see she was ready to please me. I only allowed the tip of my cock within her mouths range. Without being told, her tongue snakes out to catch the precum now quivering on the tip.I sighed.

"Good Girl..I think you need more..."

I moved closer and she readily opened her mouth to accept what I offered. I grabbed her head and held it in place as I felt her tongue working my cock. I began thrusting in and out of her mouth as she was moaning! Oh what a special surprise! She liked me fucking her mouth and her powerless to stop me! I enjoyed her hot mouth as long as I dared and because of that she was getting wetter!

"Very good little girl. We are off to a "GREAT" start! Now let's see what we have back here!" I step around and heard her whimper again.

"Why do you whimper? Have you not been excited all evening? I only seek my pleasure and yours too. Now, no more whimpers or I will have to spank you! Understand?"

"Yes Sir!" No hesitation at all from her.

"Good Girl!"

I slowly raised her skirt higher. Her legs spread so I could have what I wished with little difficulty. I smoothed my hand over her perfect bottom. Then I slip a single finger into her slit, knowing she was soaked and throbbing. The gasp was so lovely, I pleasured her for a moment, now gliding two fingers in and out of her sweet pussy. I removed my fingers and slipped them in my mouth. Sherry was as sweet as I'd hoped! I slid my fingers back in for a second suck.

"You taste so lovely little one."

Now I slip my fingers into her pussy, to wet them and then find her tight rose bud. She whimpered. I spanked her HARD on the ass. The whimpering stopped at once!

"Tell me how this feels?" Making her ass crack wet with her juices as I finger fucked it.

"Ooh....Sir. It feels good, but I am so ashamed!" She hid her face in her arm.

"Desire is nothing to be ashamed of Sherry! You will keep your head raised! I will be gentle till you are ready for more. But I AM going to fuck your sweet ass!"

I slide my cock deep in her pussy. Both of us groaning in pleasure!

"Yes! It has been too long!"

I slowly fuck her for several minutes till I feel her relax beneath me. Then it was time. I allowed her to feel my head slipping around her rose bud. And then slowly I began to penetrate it. Just small slow thrusts so she could feel comfortable with each step. Soon I felt the ring and was ready to take her. She tensed then.

"Shhhh....relax baby. It will not hurt, if you relax. Let's see how that clit is holding up!"

I find her clit and begin slow deliberate circles. Leaving my head right at the ring and not moving. Soon she was panting.

"That's it little one. You've waited so long for a real man to pleasure you. Let go now.....please me."

Crying out Sherry slips over the edge and begins cumming on my fingers. While she is riding the waves, I slip into her ass unnoticed and her cherry was gone! Her cumming voice so sweet was driving me harder than I'd intended. She was so tight and felt so perfect milking my cock. I knew I would only be able to hold it back a while longer. I began fucking her harder. Was she bouncing with me!? I slowed and watched in amazement as my little ass virgin bounced her bottom on my cock. She was loving it! She rode that dick of mine for quite a while. Feeling it slide in and out of her tight ass. She started to lose it again because no one had ever fucked her ass before and it was so pleasing to her, she was about ready to cum again! She whimpered with a great pleasure and I slapped her ass hard again for it! With the jolt of my slap shaking her body, she again fell over the edge and started to cum. Feeling her ass get tighter I was almost sent over the edge myself!

"Oh my sweet sweet girl! I promised you a reward for being a good girl..."

I pull out so close to cumming and come around to her face. My hand gliding easily along my slick cock.

"Ahhh..yes...I'm going to cum on your pretty face slut! GGGGGGRRR.....yyyyesss.....!"

Waves of my cum shoot onto her face as she held her little mouth open obediently. She had paid very close attention to the movie and she pleased me indeed! I then unstrap her from the saw horse.

"Ok Sherry today's lessen is over. Time for bed now. We start again early in the morning." As I smile!

"Yes sir" She said with a smile.

Coming to me and giving me a sweet goodnight kiss, before she leaves to her room. Tasting a small amount of my cum off her lips. I watch her ass again as she picks up her panties and leaves my hobby room for hers. Lost in her thoughts, she was to excited to sleep. Sherry could not wait for tomorrow morning to come. What was next she could only wonder....

Co-written By Dean & Sherry

Rating: 73%, Read 21216 times, Posted Apr 22, 2012

Fantasy | Anal, Ass to mouth, At work, BDSM, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Erotica, Mature, Submission


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