Sophie - Chap 2 by DKoontz

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Fantasy | Lesbian, Young

“Mom, I’m done, can I be excused?” Sophie didn’t wait for an answer before grabbing Becky upstairs.

“I don’t want to do this anymore, Soph.” Becky said unconvincingly as they sat on Sophie bed.

“If it feels good, why not?” Sophie argued. She wanted to pick up where they left off before her man-child cousin interrupted. She reached up and rubbed her own nipples again. She shivered again.

Sophie stepped closed and reached out but Becky took a step back, held there for a moment then forward again, like she changed her mind. Sophie lightly parted Becky’s folded arms and saw the nipples were ready to be played with again.

Instead of reaching for them, Sophie eased Becky’s swimsuit straps and exposed her under-developed chest. She’d seen them a million times before, but oh, never like this.

Becky’s body glistened with pink blush. Her nipples were dark from the rushing blood. Becky closed her eyes to accept the oncoming pleasures from her BFF.

Sophie cupped Becky’s small breasts. Becky’s nipples tickled her palm as she caressed her breasts. Becky breathy moans grew louder and Sophie felt her own blushing face flushed with heat.

Becky reached out her freckled arms and touched Sophie’s bikini top. Her friend let out a small moan as she cupped these full soft breasts. Sophie’s nipples weren’t as big as her own, but the electric shock waves were equally intense.

The girls closed their eyes to enjoy each other’s sweet torture. Their bodies jerked and jolted with the waves and their moans and breaths became short and intense.

Shy Becky was the one who started exploring. She parted the curls from her face and loosened the knot on Sophie’s bikini bottom. Her girlish fingers played with her best friend’s pubic hair and found them moist as she was sure hers was equally wet.

She had experienced her own womanhood only once before and her friend guided her, “oh god, Becky, oh Becky! keep going, go a little lower!’

Her fingers went along the reddiesh patch and found Sophie’s swollen clit completely soaked in thick love lotion.

Sophie’s body convulsed and jerked as Becky’s fingers moved up and down along the slit. ‘oh god, Becky!’

Becky let go of the embrace to kneel behind her friend. She reached around for her clit. Her other hand found a nipple and brushed it fast. Sophie was in heaven again with bucking hips and flailing hair. Becky closed her eyes to enjoy her friend's moans. She liked being in control.

‘Becky, stop, I’m going to pee!’

‘No you are not, and I’m not stopping’ Becky had heard of the word ‘cum,’ but wasn’t quite sure what it was. She wanted her lover to find out.

Her hand moved even faster now. Suddenly Sophie got quiet then let out a scream. Becky knew she had taken her friend to a place she’d like to visit real soon.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing in there?” Adam banged on the door.

“uhhhh…nothing! Hold on! Don’t come in!” The girls were back to being girls again.

On the other side of the door Adams heard loud scrambling and could swear Sophie said, “where is my bikini bottom?”

He smirked to himself. He had fantasized about girls but never his little cousins!

If he was honest he would admit that he has been jerking off more to Sophie than Aunt Lauren since last winter; since Sophie’s tits got bigger by the week.

“Hey, is my towel in there? I need to shower!” he shouted into the door.

“I don’t know! I’m not your maid!”

“It’s that blue one. Can I come in to look?”

He heard Becky’s giggles then “sure, come on in.”

All seemed normal but the girls’ hair were beyond messy and there was a musty smell in the air.

“What were you doing in here? Were you wrestling? Why were you screaming?!” He pretended ignorance and pressed hard.

“Not exactly wrestling, but we WERE screaming.” The girls giggled into each other’s eyes.

“Whatever, here’s your towel.” Becky bent over. Her cute ass was in his full view. The wet patch between her legs was way too obvious to ignore.

“And why were you listening?” Sophie demanded. Adam knew she wasn’t as upset as she pretended to sound


“Umm…I wasn’t listening….I wanted my towel.”

“And you waited until we were done, did you?” Becky chimed in. Adam called this “The double barrel” and he hated it when both girls fired at him at once.

“What do you have in your pocket?” Becky pointed at his crotch.

Adam looked down, his boner was bursting thru this swim trunks.

Before he answered Sophie approached, “we want to see it!”

“it’s nothing, you don't want to know!” god, Becky is making him so horny!

“We want to see it!” Becky demanded again.

Sophie didn’t wait and reached her hand in his pocket. She touched his beefy rod and took her hand back quickly.

“What was that?!” She shouted and rubbed her hand as if she had touched poison.

Becky smirked, “It’s Adam’s friend!” She did mocking air quotes.

“Where did you learn that, Bean Pole?” Adam asked in amusement.

“I told you to never call me that again!” Becky threw a pillow at him. There was a bit of venom in that.

Adam turned to Sophie, “Stop playing, you’re my cousin, I’m not gonna show you my wiener!”

“But you, Bean Pole,” he turned to Becky, “I can show.”

Becky’s face turned beet red. After all, she’d only heard this sort of thing through school girl giggles. Now she’s getting a chance to see the real thing, was she ready for it? Was will she do with it?


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Rating: 81%, Read 8473 times, Posted Dec 28, 2013

Fantasy | Lesbian, Young


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