Happy b'day Rachael 3(a pleasant surprise) by BLONDIERACH

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True Story | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex, School

This is in continuation of my series 'Happy b'day Rachael'. Its not necessary to read the earlier parts in order to understand this one but it would be better if you read those too.Thank you for all the comments and constructive criticism is always welcomed.

Two weeks have passed since i took my blonde girlfriend Rachael's virginity on her b'day.Our christmas break is over and school have started now.Rachael does not like me to be very affectionate with her in public so,although we do meet almost everyday at school i rarely get to kiss her.And thanks to all the homework given by the teachers at high school we don't get to hang out much either.

Sex is a weird thing: you can never have enough of it and when you're a teenager who's dating the hottest girl in school,you just can't take your mind off it.So,i devised a plan of sleepover with Rachael on the pretext of overnight studies.Since,we have been dating for about a year her parent's new me well so,getting permission for the overnight studies was not going to be a big problem.I just had to wait for the opportune moment which seemed like a daunting task.

One day our Geography teacher announced that he'll be taking a test on next Monday.Rachael was very good at studies and almost always had straight A's but her Geography was never really good.Thankfully,geography happened to be my favourite subject and i was pretty good at it.

So,i offered to help her and told her about my actual plan too.She agreed on both but she insisted that we'll have sex only after i teach her geography.Rachael has always been very serious about her grades so that condition didn't really shocked me.We agreed on doing it on friday night after school.

Usually,Weekdays always pass at a snail's rate but this time Friday seemed to be very distant on the calendar.No wonder I felt very aroused throughout the week but i didn't wanted to masturbate,I wanted to save all of it for the upcoming Friday night.

After what seemed like ages, friday finally made an appearance on the calendar.I met her after our classes were over and she told me that she'll be coming over after supper.

I leaned in and gave her a long kiss and just when i was about to leave she hold my hand, pulled me closer and whispered into my ear"I have a little suprise for you,tonight".With that said she walked away as fast as she could. She turned back after some distance and winked at me.I was really puzzled,i wanted to ask her what is she talking about straightaway but i didn't.I rather decided to wait for her to come to my house after supper.

I went back to my house and took a long shower.My bell rang around 6pm,i opened the door and was greeted with Rachael's beautiful smile..Since,we lived in a mountain region and the temperature outside has been freezingly cold for the past few days,she was completely covered with cloths.She was wearing a dark blue jeans and a black jacket.I brought her in and let her settled down.

My parent's were out for dinner and i knew they won't be back before midnight as they always do . We went into my bedroom and i started to teach her geography.It was a bit HARD to concentrate on geography cause my mind seemed to be preoccupied with the thoughts of Sex and the word 'suprise'.

We finished studying in about two hours and i wanted to jump on Rachael and tear her cloths off but i controlled my emotions.I pushed the books to the side and moved closer to her and gave a small peck on her lips.She had removed her jacket as it was very warm inside my bedroom as compared to the icy-cold temperature outside.As our kisses grew more passionate i let my hand drift to her chest and fondled her boobs all over.She moaned into my mouth as i did that,i saw that as perfect opportunity and invaded her mouth with my tongue.We were sitting on the bed when this started but both of us were now on our knees although still on the bed, exploring each other's mouth.I unbuttoned her jeans and pushed my hand right inside it to play with her pussy.I kissed all over her neck while rubbing her slit with my fingers.I could feel her getting wet from my actions. Our tongues were wrestling it out and i was massaging her pussy vigorously when Rachael jerked suddenly and broke off the kiss.I was shocked and couldn't fathom what happened then Rachael as if reading my mind said "Don't you wanna see the suprise i was talking about?".I had almost completely forgot about it once we started to make out but now that she had mentioned it again, i was curious to know about it so,i just nodded.She smiled back at me and lifted her hands to remove her full sleeve shirt revealing a sexy red lacy bra.Rachael threw the shirt on the bed and got on the floor.I had already unbuttoned her jeans during the foreplay so she just had to unzip it to reveal her sexy,tanned and long legs to me but instead of doing that she turned around,bent down so that her ass was literally in my face and very slowly pulled down the jeans revealing her perfectly round butt covered only by a lacy black thong. Now,i must tell you guys that Rachael never wore anything fancy as far her underwears were concerned and she just hated 'thongs'.Once during our usual sextings session ,she told me that she really hated wearing thongs as they were very uncomfortable and prefered soft cotton panties, that was disheartening for me as i always thought thongs were really hot.I had told her about my love for ladies in thongs.

Now,here she was showing her perfectly round butt in a sexy lacy black thong and even stripteasing.

My dick was throbbing vigorously in my pants.I removed my shirt and pulled out my jeans leaving only the tight boxer shorts on and jumped towards her.I pulled her by her waist and started kissing her while my hand went behind her to massage her butt cheeks.She moaned into my mouth as i massaged and squeezed her butt roughly. She broke up the kiss again,looked into my eyes and said "This is not the actual suprise i was talking about "I gave a perplexed look to her and said"what?you mean it can get better than this? ".She smiled at those words and said "you bet" with that said she slowly moved her hand downwards from my chest to the abs and finally resting on my dick.She got on her knees and pulled down my shorts to reveal my manhood right in front of her face.

I couldn't believe what has happening.I have never imagined that Rachael,who only about two weeks ago had confessed to me that she was 'grossed out' by the very idea of blowjobs, would willingly give me one that too so soon.This has to be the most lucky day of my life.Just the thought of her full,pink lips around my cock has made it larger than i have ever seen it before.

I looked down to see Rachael give a kiss on the head of my dick before engulfing it around her lips. Her soft pink lips and her hot saliva around my dick seemed too much for me and i thought,i am going to cumm instantly but thankfully i didn't.She was sucking my dick like it was a popsicle and she was a hungry 10year old girl who loves popsicle. She even tried to deep throat me but in vain cause she could only take about 2/3 of my manhood.I put my hands around the back of her head and started fucking her mouth slowly.I wasn't doing it too fast cause i was afraid she might stop doing it.After a few minutes of being inside Rachael's mouth i felt my balls twitch and i closed my eyes in heavenly pleasure.I felt Rachael taking out her mouth as soon as i started cumming.When i opened my eyes after cumming,i saw Rachael standing right in front of me and said"I am sorry,i think i am still not ready for swallowing it".I wished she had swallowed my cumm that would be such a sexy and arousing sight but nevertheless my first blowjob was way better than i could have ever imagined in the wildest of my dreams.I came close to her and said"its okay babe,that was really amazing.How did you learned that stuff?"

Rachael had a mischievious smile on her face as she said"I borrowed a few porn movies from Kristie(her best friend) to learn it.Her father watches them a lot.Thought i would suprise you with one"

I replied "This has to be the best suprise of my life".

I kissed her on the lips and put my hands across her back,playing with her butt.I massaged her butt cheeks in round motion and squeezed them very firmly before taking my hand to her front.I rubbed her pussy over the thin material of the thong,i could feel her thong getting wet from my actions.I was already naked and my playing with her pussy made my dick hard again.I put my hands behind her back and undid the bra letting her gorgeous boobs come out in the open.I broke up the kiss,lifted her in my arms and laid her to rest on my bed.I moved close to her and started kissing her passionately as my hand fondled her boobs.I kissed her neck and boobs all over before taking her small, pink,nipples into my mouth.I always loved sucking Rachael's nipples and playing with her boobs,so bathing them in my saliva was always mandatory for me.I kissed her flat tummy all over. When i reached her crotch i could feel heat emanating from her pussy,there was also a strong musky smell.I kissed her pussy over the thong and rubbed it in small circular motions before taking out her underwear.Rachael lifted her hips and I pulled it out of the way throwing it on the floor.Her pussy was glistening from all the juices she had been secreting and her blonde pubic hairs were smaller than i remembered.Surely,she must have trimmed them.I am not a huge fan of bald pussy so,i had asked her not to shave down there.I rubbed my finger along the length of her slit and massaged it for a while.I parted her lips and gave a good gentle lick on the insides."Ahh..." Rachael shrieked in pleasure.I took her clit in my mouth and started sucking it while my fingers intruded her pussy.Her moans had grown louder and sexier,i was so glad that there my parent's were not in the house else they would have clearly heard Rachael moaning. Rachael was holding my head tightly when i felt her vaginal walls convulse around my fingers.As i felt that i interchanged the position of my finger and mouth.Now,my fingers played with her clit while i licked her love juices as she groaned in pleasure.Rachael had her first orgasm for the night. I let her relax for a couple of minutes before i took my dick near her pussy.I rubbed it along her slit and slowly slid it in.A powerful thrust and i was completely inside her,Rachael opened her mouth to gasp but i bend over and pushed my tongue inside her.Her earlier squirting had made the penetration easier.I kissed her for a while and then started giving powerful strokes.She was lifting her hips making the penetration easier and her hands were playing with my butt.She was running her hands over my butt and squeezing it.It was very new feeling to me as she had never given much attention to my butt before.I had been thrusting for some time when i felt Rachael's pussy walls convulse around my cock,gripping it more tightly. She groaned in pleasure as another orgasm shivered through her sexy body,i increased my speed and it was only a matter of time before i came inside her.

I fell on the bed beside her and took rest for a few minutes.I looked at the clock and saw its almost time for my parent's to be back so,we got up and wore our cloths.

Rating: 93%, Read 25258 times, Posted Jan 28, 2013

True Story | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex, School


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