A Night with Jack by newdcpl

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True Story | Bestiality

Ok, so first off, this is a fictionalized account of a real life event. I've jazzed it up a bit but at it's core it's a true story.

Some important info before reading: I'm a newbie to the zoo lifestyle. At least to realizing I'm a zoophile. I tried to fuck a neighbor's dog when I was considerably younger and raging with hormones. I wrote it off as being just a horny teen-aged boy. Many years later, married and not getting as much sex as I would have liked (needed?) since my wife was really tired raising the kids. However, no matter how busy or tired she or I was, my libido still was acting like I was a teen! I would jerk off at night after everyone had gone to bed and one night I thought I'd give my spayed german shepherd a shot. I tried a few times, but I was too big for her tight unused pussy. I wrote that one off to me again just being a horny guy. But then, about 2 years ago my wife, after a night of heavy drinking, hinted at being slightly turned on by some K9 sex videos she had stumbled. That began my more serious exploration of beastiality and ultimately led to my realizing I am a zoophile. I love my dog, and long to have sex with him. But that's a different story, for another day.

I was traveling on business, which meant Jill, my wife, was home. Unfortunately, my libido came with me, as it usually does. While I have been completely faithful to Jill over the 20+ years we’ve been together, that has only been in reality. In fantasy, in my head, I think of having sex with different women several times a day. Ok, several times an hour…. per minute? And now to make matters worse since I’ve come to accept my zoophilia side, I’ve started to fantasize about having sex with dogs nearly as often. I constantly check out dogs that I see out being walked. I first try to see if they’re a male, and if they are, I then check to see if they are intact. If they are, then I wonder if the owners play with him, and what it would be like to get to play with him. You see, we only have a neutered male dog that we rescued from an abusive home. And while he likes to lick both of us, Jill has yet to let him attempt to mount her. I’ve been working on training him, and have had some success, but so far he has not successfully mounted and penetrated me (my tight ass doesn’t help, but I’m working on that…) I’ve given him some hand jobs and short blow jobs, both of which he loves, but he only lasts so long, before he loses interest and pulls away. Obviously he hasn’t cum but I’m hoping his prostate will kick in and squirt some semen out. But I digress…

So here I am, on an extended business trip, with my libido in over drive, checking into yet another motel late at night for yet another 3 day stay. As I’m checking in and going through the fantasy in my mind of fucking the hotel receptionist, I see they have this energetic, happy, intact Jack Russell Terrier. Mind you little dogs never entered my mind as potential sex partners, so I didn’t give it any more thought. He was a great little dog and as I checked in I asked the curvy receptionist about him, hoping to get a quick down blouse as she bent over to pet him (nice lacy bra, but no nip...) Turns out a long-term tenant left Jack there for an undetermined amount of time while he was off traveling somewhere far away. So Jack and I said our hellos while I checked in and then I headed to my room. Lo and behold, Jack followed me and invited himself into my room. I didn’t really think much of it since the receptionist told me his story and that he adopted guests all the time. I was tired from traveling so I threw my stuff onto the bed, got out of my clothes and jumped into the shower. When I got out I found Jack curled up on my bed fast asleep. Not wanting to disturb him, I slid under the covers and quickly joined him in the land of dreams.

Next morning I woke up to Jack gently licking my face. “So you need to go outside?” I asked. Being used to being woken up by my dog back home, I got up and opened the door for him. He looked at me briefly, waiting for my cue, so I said, “go ahead,” and he shot out the door without so much as a good-bye.

I had a long day attending meetings and then doing some sales and didn’t get back to the motel until after dinner. I did my usual cheap dinner by buying a frozen dinner and a bottle of wine at a grocery store. I checked the front desk to see if I had any messages and secretly hoped Jack would be there. Happily I had no messages and found him there. It was as if he was waiting for me. I headed toward my room and did my best to let him know that I wanted him to follow me without making it obvious to the clerk at the front desk. Jack was ahead of me however and trotted on down the sidewalk towards my room. When he reached the door, he sat down and waited for me. “Pretty smart boy, aren’t you?” I asked, somewhat surprised that he remembered which room was mine. I opened the door and just as he did the night before, he let himself in. I took off my jacket, tie and shoes, put my briefcase next to my bed and broke out my bottle of wine. After I got it open and poured myself a glass, I got out my frozen dinner and popped it into the microwave. I then sat on the edge of the bed and turned on the tv. Jack hopped up on the bed and sat down next to me, looking toward the tv as if he were watching it with me. I started to scratch him behind his ears and he let out a little sigh as I surfed the channels. The microwave then gave its 3 beep signal and then shut down. I got up to get my dinner and Jack jumped up to follow me. “Hey buddy, I’m only going to get my dinner, you can wait for me on the bed,” with which he turned around and leaped back up onto the bed. Springy little dogs those Jack Russells. I got my dinner out of the microwave and sat back down next to Jack. Unlike so many dogs, he didn’t beg or stare at me while I ate my dinner. "Good dog" I thought to myself, "maybe next time we get a dog we'll consider a Jack Russell." After I finished my "gourmet" microwaved dinner, I poured myself another glass of wine and got ready for a shower. I figured Jack needed to go out to pee, so I opened the door to let him out but he showed no interest. I closed the door and headed to the shower. He followed me into the bathroom, and when I sat down to pee (I’m lazy that way) he stuck his nose up towards my crotch. That led me to begin to think about what he might be like, and I took my cock in my hand and shook it toward him. He sniffed at it and gave me a tentative lick. “Mmmm, maybe he could help me out tonight,” I murmured to myself. I got up and headed to the shower. Jack just plopped down at the bathroom entrance. I took my shower and, when I got out, partially erect from thinking about what might be awaiting me, there he was, just looking up at me wagging his tail. I wrapped the towel around my waist and reluctantly opened the door to see if that was what he wanted. He looked at me as if I was throwing him out. “Hey buddy, I'm only asking if you need to pee,” I assured him. At that, he scampered out the door and disappeared into the shadows. I waited a few moments, and when I didn't see or hear any more from him, I figured he was gone for the evening and dejectedly closed the door, but before I could sit back down on my bed, I heard a scratching at the door. I opened it up and he looked up at me with those bright brown eyes, waited just a brief second, and then slipped by me and jumped up onto the bed. I closed the door behind me and my mind began to kick into overdrive.

“Does he know what I want?” I thought, “or is he just looking for a warm, soft bed again?”

I hopped up on the bed and opened up my towel and started to stroke my cock, wondering if he would show any interest like my pup back home. I quickly hardened up and then he started to look at me. First at my face, and then my cock, and then back to my face and then back to my cock.

“It’s ok boy…” I reassured him.

He didn’t need any further invitation and he walked right up and started to sniff and then lick my cock. I was in heaven. I hadn’t had a bj or any other contact since I left home some three weeks earlier, and every lick of his long, hot tongue sent jolts of electricity through my body. As I was stroking myself and letting him lick me I noticed his cock was beginning to poke out and I figured, “well if he’s licking me, I might as well return the favor.” So I reached out and started to stroke his underside and then worked my way down to his sheath. I started to stroke his hardening cock through his sheath and felt his knot beginning to grow. Then I got bolder and, holding my thumb and fingers in an “O”, gently pulled his sheath back to expose his full cock. That’s when I got my surprise. His cock was HUGE, at least as big as mine in girth, not counting his knot and instantly changed my previous bias against small breeds (DAMN him! Now I’m checking ALL breeds out!)

As I started to jerk his cock at the base, he started to hump my hand and that’s when I slid around to stick my mouth in front of his cock. I had control of him so that his cock wasn’t just flying everywhere, and gave his cock a tentative lick. He didn’t react badly at all, and instead increased his humping. Then he started to squirt his pre-cum and I just took his whole cock into my mouth. GOD I was in heaven and started to leak some pre-cum myself. He was still thrusting and grabbed my head with his front paws as he tried to hump my face. I let him fuck my mouth as much as I dared, keeping his knot firmly in my hand and swallowing his little sprays of pre-cum. This was already more than I had ever done with my dog Rhett or any other animal for that matter. Hell I hadn’t sucked a cock to orgasm since my circle jerk days in high school with my 2 buddies, and I was doing my best to accept his long, and amazingly fat, cock into my throat. He was hitting the back of my throat but somehow my gag reflex didn’t kick in. It was, without a doubt, the best blow job I had ever been part of (and my wife has give me some toe curling blow jobs!)

And then it happened. He stopped humping and I felt his knot grow even bigger. His cock swelled even more, and I was about to pull him out of my mouth when he started to shoot stream after stream of hot cum down my throat. I wish I could say I took it all, but that would be a terrible lie. I just couldn’t swallow fast enough and I had to pull him out to get a breath and swallow what I had in my mouth. It was then that I actually tasted his cum since it had been shooting into the back of my throat bypassing my taste buds, and found it quite a turn on. His next spurt hit my face and splashed all over the place. Then another and another. When he was done I was drenched and breathless. After his spurts stopped I let go of him and he immediately turned around and started to lick himself. I then discovered my own hand had found my cock again and I was stroking myself to a powerful orgasm. Not to be outdone, Jack quickly turned his attention to my erupting cock and started to lick my belly and cock clean. I felt like I came as much as he did, or at least fancied it.

We sat there silently on the bed, and I then I thought, “what the fuck did I just do?” I couldn’t believe I had just had sex with a dog that I barely knew and began to think, “is this cheating?” “Shit, how could I do this to Jill?” And then I thought, “how could I not do this?” It felt so good, and no one was harmed. I decided to simply accept it for what it was: mind blowing sex that I may never get to repeat. I cleaned up the bed as best as I could and crawled under the sheets. Jack curled up next to me and fell fast asleep. I sat there for a while thinking about what had just happened and found myself smiling and my cock beginning to stir again. I fell asleep a VERY happy man.

I’ve thought about that night many times since and have rationalized it is ok. “I was just exploring sex with dogs more so I could be ready to help Jill when she finally decides to go all out,” I tell myself. “It wasn’t another woman (or man) and the chances of getting a STD from Jack was much less than from a human” I assure myself.

And for the most part, I am fine with it. I don’t feel like I cheated on Jill, but I haven’t yet told her about it, which does give me pause. I figure I will, I just need the right moment. In the meantime, I dream about that night and long for another chance. I’m still playing with Rhett, but an intact male is a much different experience, at least for me. But "someday," I keep telling myself, “someday…”

Rating: 84%, Read 103230 times, Posted Feb 28, 2011

True Story | Bestiality


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