Sharing Cindy Chapter 8 "Our First Time With Another Couple" by KMan8698

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True Story | Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Lesbian, Male, Wife

Sharing Cindy
Chapter 8

Thank you for following me along on this journey. Things with Cindy were incredible for me. I had one of the hottest girlfriends who understood me and my special kinks and loved to help satisfy them. At first I thought I was alone in my feelings, but over time I managed to meet several other guys who loved the idea of watching their women with another guy. This is the story of one such couple we came across.

One of the things that was always been a constant in my life has been music. While I possess very limited musically ability myself, I have always been involved in the music scene. I went from running sound and lights with local bands, to working for a large national concert promoter for awhile. At the time of this story I had a couple of friends in a band and they happened to be playing a block party near our apartment.

The police had blocked off a huge cul-de-sac and the band was set up at one end. Cindy and I had gone there to support our friends and to have a good time. There were probably about 500-600 people there. There was a lot of drinking going on and everyone seemed to be feeling no pain. It was a warm summer day and Cindy was looking hot wearing some jean shorts and a nice thin green tank top that gave just a hint of her nipples through the thin fabric. I was enjoying watching all of the men and boys checking her out. But then something caught my eye.

There, standing about fifteen feet away was a very sexy, petite blonde girl wearing a short skirt and a very sexy halter top. She was shaking her ass to the music and seemed oblivious as to how hot she looked. Cindy caught me looking and after checking the girl out, turned to me and asked if I thought she was hot. I told her she definitely was and that she was giving her a run for the money. She laughed and punched me in the arm. I tried not to stare too often but once, when this blonde was shimmying her ass so her skirt was playing peek-a-boo with her panties, I got busted. Not by Cindy, but by the girl’s date.

I looked up and my eyes were met by the guy standing next to the girl. Instead of being angry, he held up his beer and toasted me. I returned the salute. He then looked over at Cindy and raised his eyebrows, then once again raised his beer. I knew then that we were one in the same and that we both enjoyed people checking out our women. I went back to watching the band, but every so often would sneak a peek at the blonde.

When the band took a break, we walked around and talked with a few of our friends who were there. As we turned around one time, there stood the blonde and her date. We began to talk and I learned they were actually recently married and their names were Doug and Traci. We shared a couple of beers with them and were happy to find that they were very personable and fun.

Cindy and Traci seemed to really hit it off and when the band started up again, began to dance together and really draw some looks. Both of the girls were very hot and they seemed to play up that fact by teasing not only everyone else watching, but Doug and I especially. They began to grind back into us and it was only a few moments until I was sporting a nice big hard on. I figured Doug was in the same state I was. At one point Cindy was in front of Doug and Traci was in front of me. I have to admit, it was a real turn on to have this new girl dancing for me. I looked over at Doug and he had a smile a mile wide on his face. He also had a hand on Cindy’s butt and was feeling it all over.

When the band ended for the night, Doug invited Cindy and I over to their apartment to party some more. I looked at Cindy and she was all for it. We got in the car and she began to tease me about being turned on by Traci. I told her of course I was but she didn’t compare to her at all. She laughed and said she thought Doug really liked her butt.

We got to their apartment and sat around for a few minutes drinking beers. Doug asked if we got high and we told him yes. He broke out some of his “special” stash and fired up a bowl. I have to admit, he had some very strong weed and by the time it was gone, I had a very good buzz going and from the looks on everyone else’ face, it was clear I was not alone. Doug then decided to step it up a notch.

He asked me what I thought of Traci’s shirt and I told him it was very nice. He said he likes to buy her things that show off her tits. Cindy laughed and said that I would do the same thing for her and that if I had my way, she would practically be naked in public. Traci commented that if she had huge tits like Cindy’s she would show them off more. I told her I liked hers just as much and wouldn’t mind seeing them better. Doug told Traci to go into the bedroom and put on the top he had bought for her that day. You could tell she was hesitant, but Cindy asked to see it, so she got up and went into the other room.

When she came back in, I was definitely paying attention. Traci had on what appeared to be a loose gauze top. It was very see through and it had a scoop style neck, that when she bent forward, gave an unobstructed view of her tits. Doug said he wanted her to wear it to the mall the next day. I told him I loved it and wanted to get Cindy one. He called Traci over to him and sat her down in front of him. She did and we went back to partying. I thoroughly enjoyed every time Traci would lean over to pass me the bowl. I would get a nice view of her perky tits and it was getting me hard.

When she leaned back into Doug, he reached under her top and slid his hands up onto her tits and began to caress them. Traci just let her head fall back and began to moan. I began to run my hands up and down Cindy’s back and she leaned into me, letting me know she was enjoying it. Doug then reached down and grabbed the hem of Traci’s top and started to lift it up.

“This is just in the way,” he said. And with that she raised her arms and he pulled the shirt up and over her head.

Now Cindy and I got a good look at her tits and could see how turned on Traci was. Her nipples were hard little points and she had a big smile on her face as she looked over at us. I took this opportunity to grab Cindy’s shirt and pulled it over her head before she even knew what I was doing.

“Fair is fair,” I said.

Both couple sat there and began to make out. It was very exciting to not only watch another couple play, but also to have them watch us. Things progressed when Doug stood up and slipped his pants off. He wasn’t shy and even the fact that he wasn’t well endowed didn’t stop him. I followed this by undoing Cindy’s shorts and sliding them down. Of course, when she raised her hips up to allow me to do this, I knew she was ready to play.

After watching each other as we played with our girls, getting them more and more turned on, Doug sat up and said that he really wanted to feel Cindy’s big tits and asked if that would be a problem. I was so turned on that I grabbed her tits and just held them up and told him to come feel them. He walked over and knelt down next to her. I watched as he slowly reached out his hand and made contact with her nipple. I heard her sharp intake of breath as he took it between his fingers and gave it a little pinch. She leaned back and closed her eyes and began to enjoy the touch of another man once again.

I was extremely turned on watching as he bent over and took her nipple between his lips and began to lick and suck on it. She reached her hand out and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in close. I don’t believe my cock had ever been this hard before. And that did not go unnoticed by Doug.

“Honey, look how big his dick is. Come over here and see this,” he told Traci. She stood and walked over to where we were stretched out on the couch. She sat down just on the other side of me and when I saw her look closely at my hard on, I felt like it grew even harder. She looked back over and kept watching Doug and Cindy.

“See how it feel , Baby. Go ahead and touch him,” he told her.

She looked at Cindy and asked “Can I?” while her hand was already heading for it.

Cindy just whimpered “Uh Huh” as Doug went back to licking on her tits. With that, I felt Traci wrap her little hand around my shaft. She then slowly began to pump it up and as she watched Doug and Cindy get more intimate with each other. Doug managed to somehow pull Cindy towards him and eventually had her lying back on the other side of the sectional with his face buried between her legs. She was loving the oral attention and it wasn’t very long that she was getting very close to her first orgasm. She really enjoys being eaten and will let you do that all day if your tongue can hold out.

I leaned over and began to kiss Traci and let my hands roam over her body. I knew that if she kept up with her stroking that I wouldn’t last very long at all. I asked her if she wanted to feel how good my cock could feel inside of her. She was hesitant at first and just kept stroking me as she watched Doug and Cindy. When Doug climbed up on top of Cindy and sank his cock into her, I think something snapped in her. Stood up and grabbed my dick, aiming it at her pussy as she straddled me and then lowered herself down onto me in one push. It felt great.

Traci was on top of me, pumping her pussy up and down while she watched her man fuck Cindy. She was really slamming herself down onto me, almost with a vengeance. For a minute there I felt that she just might break it off. As Doug began to pump faster and faster, he announced that he was getting close to cumming and asked if he could cum inside of her. Traci was first to yell out “No” and she hopped off of me and pulled Doug off of Cindy. She went down on Doug and took his load into her mouth. It was hot watching her swallow each squirt as he came. After he was done, she stood up and ran to the bedroom.

I wasn’t sure what was going on, but Doug excused himself and followed her into the bedroom. Cindy was looking over at me with a “What’s up?” expression and I just shook my head. All I knew was that I had a massive hard on that was screaming for attention. I crawled over to Cindy and just sank balls deep into her. She knew just what to do.

“Did you like fucking her? That was silly. I know you did. But I also know you liked watching Doug fuck me. Right?” she looked at me with those sexy blue eyes. “You liked watching him slide his dick in me, didn’t you? You liked watching him pump his dick in me.”

“You know I love to watch you” I told her. And with that I began to picture her legs spread out as Doug was inside of her. I was thinking about how she looks as she cums from another man’s tongue on her clit. And very soon was on the edge and told her I was close.

“In my mouth” was all she said.

I pulled out and climbed up to her head. I grabbed my cock and started to pump it and in only a few seconds began to fire a big load into her waiting mouth. She did everything she could to make it as sexy as possible, even licking my cock of all of her and Traci’s combined juices. I was spent and laid back next to her on the couch. We didn’t know what was going on in the bedroom and were debating just getting dressed and leaving when Doug came out to talk to us.

Apparently this was a first for them and Traci thought she could watch Doug with another woman, but she got a little jealous when he was ready to cum with someone else. She was embarrassed and didn’t want to come back out. Cindy said she would go talk to her and got up and headed to the bedroom. Doug said he was out of alcohol and wondered if I would walk with him down to the corner store. We headed out while the girls were still in the other room.

On the walk to the store, I found out that Doug was very similar to me in that he loved to show off Traci to others and it has been a big fantasy of his to see her with another man. They have talked about this for a long time and have even played around a little with another friend of theirs. He said that he probably screwed things up somewhat by focusing way too much on Cindy and not the fact that Traci was with someone else. Apparently real life is not always as much fun as fantasies and Traci was a little hurt that he was so turned on by another woman. I explained to him that Cindy and myself had gone through some of the same feelings when she had introduced a new friend, Stacy to me and we three ended up naked in the shower. We were able to talk it through and after much professing of love for each other, we came to the realization that recreational sex is not love and should just be enjoyed.

As we walked back into the apartment, everything was quiet in the living room and no one was to be seen. He walked back towards the bedroom as I put the beer in the fridge and opened a cold one for myself and him. Just as I sat down, Doug stuck his head around the corner and whispered for me to follow him but to be quiet. We walked down the dark hallway and when we got close to the cracked bedroom door he told me to look inside. When I did I was very surprised.

There on the bed were both of our girls involved in an extremely sexy sixty-nine. Cindy was on top of Traci and had her face buried deep in her pussy. Her hips were rotating and I could see Traci’s arms wrapped around her butt, pulling her down onto her mouth. Doug asked if Cindy had ever done this before and I told him once or twice with a friend of hers. He said that Traci had never been with another woman before. We watched as they brought each other off to several orgasms and I had to hold him back from going in there. I didn’t want Traci to freak out again and pulled him back towards the living room.

We got back out there and began to make some more noise. In a few minutes the Cindy came out from the bedroom and started to put her clothes back on. I know I was ready for more fun, but it was apparent that Traci was not coming out. She grabbed my hand and said it was time to go. Doug wrote down his number and gave it to us and told us to call them soon.

On the way home, Cindy told me that Traci loved to show off for Doug and that it often lead to some very good sex. She told me that they had discussed swinging with others and that she thought she could have fun with it, but once she saw Doug slide his dick into her, she got very jealous and couldn’t take it. Cindy said that after much consoling and hugging Traci, she began to rub her more intimately and pretty soon they were kissing. It wasn’t long until they were playing with each other and soon licking each other. Cindy said she was very good at licking her and had a special little thing she did by nibbling on her pussy lips as she would tease her asshole with a finger.

I would like to say that this began a long relationship with Doug and Traci, but that was not to be. When we contacted them, Traci was too embarrassed to be around me, but was very interested in having Cindy play with the two of them. Cindy politely told her we were a couple and if things were not there for the four of us, then it was nice meeting them, and hoped they had a good life. Looking back it was a good experience overall. I did manage to get to fuck a smoking hot blonde girl and got to watch Cindy with both another guy and another girl. Needless to say, this would not be the last time Cindy was with another girl. I have many other adventures with Cindy and hope that you are enjoying hearing about her. All comments are appreciated.

Rating: 87%, Read 14013 times, Posted Dec 05, 2014

True Story | Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Lesbian, Male, Wife


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