A Happy End to High School; Part 2 by BigRoMans

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Fiction | At work, Blowjob, Masturbation, Oral Sex, School, Teen Female, Teen Male

I awake early the next day. Weirdly no sex dream but I did have one bad case of morning wood. I look under the covers at my throbbing member. I grab it with my hand and it instantly feels good. Slowly I begin to stroke it up and down, working the full shaft. I think for a moment and reach for my phone. I open up my messages and go to the latest one. The picture that Becki sent last night. I focus on the picture and imagine seeing those bad boys in the real. Working my cock faster, I can feel pre cum begin drip from the tip. I twist my wrist around the head. I close my eyes and think back to what happened in the store last night. I imagine Becki's mouth around my cock, those lips sucking expertly. My balls begin to tighten and I know I'm close. I drop my phone on the bed, reaching for an old sock and just in time. I explode three massive spurts of cum into the sock, groaning quietly, I relax on my bed. Checking the time on my phone, I see it's 10 minutes to 8. Stuffing the cum filled sock down the side of my bed, I get up and head to the bathroom.

I'm cleaned up, dressed and down stairs just in time to catch mom. She was finishing the last of her morning coffee. Her beautiful blonde hair was tied up as normal. Crystal blue eyes just like Hailey's, sparkled behind her black framed glasses. She wore her usual work attire, short black skirt that showed off that amazing peachy 5ft8" frame of hers and that perfect ass. Her filled D cup breasts were nestled lovely in her white work shirt. Thankfully her work jacket didn't cover up her ample cleavage.

"Morning mum" I say entering the kitchen, trying to avoid staring. 'I really have a problem' I thought to myself.

"Good morning my little love" she said walking over to me giving me a big squeeze. The scent of perfume sent tingles through me, so alluring, so sexy. "You sleep ok?" Breaking off the hug.

"Yes I did thanks, even got up early to catch you today!" I say with a smile.

"Yes you did, perfect start to any day for a mother, is to see the happy faces of her children." She said with a loving smile on her face "ah and here comes the other happy face now."

"You mean favourite face Mom!" Hailey said with a smirk on her face.

"Haha yeah yeah but I'm favourite child!" I reply grinning.

"Yeah right" Hailey says coming up to me. "You and I both know Josh, that I'm the favourite, always have, always will."

"You're both my favourite!" Mum says interjecting us "now both of you give me a hug, I have to get going!" Holding out her arms we both go in for the hug.

As we hug my mum Hailey sticks her tongue out at me, "bite me" I mouth.

"You wish" she whispers back.

Luckily mum breaks off the hug so I can pull my awkward face away, fuck I would actually love for her to bite me!

We say our goodbyes to Mom and not long after she leaves, Hailey and I leave for school. The walk to school is quieter than normal, Hailey and I small talk until she went and met Heather. When I got to school, Marc wasn't there waiting for me. I shot him a text and go and sit on the bench where he normally sits.

A few minutes later my phone buzzes, it's from Marc saying that he is going to be late and to go on ahead without him but he has big news to tell. I don't have any classes with him in the morning so manage to catch up at lunch.

"Dude! What the hell is going on??" I ask Marc, setting my lunch tray down next to him at our usual spot outside.

"Sorry man, I slept in." He replied tucking into his lunch, avoiding eye contact.

"Is that it?" I ask, a little annoyed. "That's the big news?" My voice rising.

"Ok ok keep your voice down!" He looks at me hushing me down. "I was up late last night."

"So.. what's the big deal" I whisper back "you're 18 after all man, not 10!"

"Just listen will ya" I nod "I did what you said. Last night I messaged Zoe on Facebook. She's in my math class so I asked her for some help. Things went that well we ended up talking all night and I can't even remember what time I got to bed." He has a big smile on his face. "I managed to get us a date on Friday night!"

I share his joy and we fist bump but I catch on to what he said. "Wait.. what do you mean by us?"

His smile fades a little and his face takes on a more serious look "Eh thats what I need to talk to you about. To get her to meet me, I kinda said that me and you were gonna be at the arcades on Friday and that she should come."

Before I can speak with anger he cuts me off "Dude I know what you are gonna say but it worked. She agreed to come meet us, isn't that great?"

I take a moment to control my anger, in all truth it is great and I don't know why I'm getting annoyed. "I suppose third wheeling can't be as bad as they say!" I say looking at him with a smile.

"Oh no man" he chuckles, it won't be just the three of us! Zoe said that Traci Wu is coming along too!"

"A double date then?" I laugh back with him. Our laugh is cut short as the three girls appear at their normal table. As we watch them take their seats I lean closer to Marc "here, why isn't Lily coming?"

"She's got a date, that's what Traci told Zoe"

"Oh ok" I say a little disappointed.

We spend the rest of lunch in relative silence after that, just general chit chat. The girls laugh and chat as they always do but occasionally looking over to us and giggling. The school bell signals the end of lunch and I say my goodbyes to Marc as we head off to our different classes.

Last class of the day is Science, I really struggle with this class. One because I always struggle with the periodic table, two cause they make us take it and three cause of Lily. She's just a shining light of beauty and I spend most of the class looking at her. I'm daydreaming like normal, when my phone buzzes in my pocket. Making sure Mr Henderson isn't paying attention, I slip my phone out. It's a message from Becki.

'Shame you aren't working again till thursday' it says with a sad face.

As I'm about to stick my phone away, a picture message comes through of her amazing ass.

I start to become hard at the sight of it. I stuff my phone back in my pocket and try to get my mind off the image. If I stand up this will be so noticeable.

I manage to get through the rest of class and meet Marc outside the school gates. "Mate, you have to come back to mine! I've got something to show you." I say to him, practically dragging him away from the school.

"Ok man I'll come but what is so massive you have to rip my arm off?" He laughs shrugging me off.

"I'll show you when we get back to mine, it's worth the wait!" I tell him as we walk home.

We get back to mine and Hailey isn't home till later as she has athletics after school. We dump our bags and we grab a seat in the living room.

"Right man, spill!" Marc says impatiently.

"Ok, basically I finally got some action." I say calmly.

"Eh? What you talking about?" He asks confused.

"This!" I say handing him my phone with the picture Becki sent last night.

"Holy shit" he says admiring the photo "who the hell is that?"

"That's Becki from my work!" I say smugly.

"Aww so this is the fit bird you go on about! I can see why!" Marc's eyes almost falling out of his head.

"Bro" I grab my phone back and change it to the next photo, handing it back. "That's her as well!"

"Maatteee!! That's one amazing ass!" His eyes widen more. "How the hell have you got these?"

"She sent me them!" I say grinning

"Away!!" He laughs at me "no chance!"

"She also gave me a blowie last night as well"

"Fuck off, now you're taken the piss!!" He says tossing the phone back at me.

"Being serious mate, it happened after we closed up." I try to convince him and explain the story of what happened last night.

"No way man, you got to be making this up!" Marc says still not believing me.

"Right Thursday I'll prove it to you!" I tell him.

The rest of the night we chill in my room, playing my Xbox and munching on some pizza I found in the fridge. Once Marc heads home I quickly do some home work and crash onto my bed. I start browsing Facebook, just aimlessly scrolling when I get a text from Becki,

'You not like my pictures?' with a sad face.

'No no' I quickly text back 'they were very hot!'

'Of course they are, but not hot enough to get any appreciation?'

'Oh they are well appreciated!'

'Say that now'

'It helped me this morning!'


'Helped sort out my morning wood...'

'Oh you naughty boy!!'

'You're the naughty one!'

'Who me?' She replies with a picture message seconds after. It's her with this innocent sexy look on her face whilst she bites her finger, you know the look! I can feel my erection start to grow.

'Fuck!! Yes you!' I text back sorting my bulge out.

'I have to go now sexy but here's a little present to get you to sleep!' With a winky face and a picture soon after.

"Holy shit" I quietly say to myself. The picture was of her lying on the bed with those beautiful breasts hanging free. I was fully hard now and needed to relieve myself.

I quickly took off my clothes, springing my rock hard member free. I grabbed a small bottle of lube that I kept in my top bedside drawer to enhance the feeling.

I apply some of the lube to my hand and begin to work it around the head of my cock. It felt good. I worked it more, twisting my hand around the head and then working the shaft. Once I had my full shaft nice and lubed, I grabbed my phone and got up the pictures of Becki. Fuck she is one hot girl, those tits man. I can't wait to see them in real life. Working the shaft faster, I start to imagine what it would be like to be able to fuck those big tits. Flicking through the other pictures I worked my full cock faster and harder. I could feel the sensation building from my balls. As I continued to stroke, I tried my best to concentrate and hold off the explosion. As I worked the head of my cock faster I manage to hold out a little longer than normal before I grab an other one of my socks and explode inside of it. Giving out a low groan, I just lay there for a minute. Then I hear it, the noise of the floorboards outside my room. I look up at my door, it was slightly open. I was sure I had closed it.

I quickly clean myself and threw a pair of boxers on. I peer outside my room but there was no signs of anyone and the only light was coming from my room. I don't know if Mom was home yet so it could have been her or It could have been Hailey, she got home before Marc left. "How long were they there for? Where they watching me?" I ask myself, as I close my door and got into bed.


Wednesday was pretty uneventful and was like any normal school day. Classes were boring and the day dragged. The only saving grace for the day was Art at the end of the day. Only because Lily was in the class, one of the reasons why I took it and I actual like to draw. Wednesday night was much the same however, Hailey went to Heathers straight after school and mum was working late as normal. Even if they were home, I wasn't going to bring up what I thought might have happened last night. I spent most of the night playing the Xbox and texting Marc now and again.

Before I knew it, it was Thursday and back to school. Again Thursday at school was boring and dragged, Marc spent the whole lunch time excited for the double date tomorrow night. I must admit, it would be fun to hang out with him and the girls but I was gutted that Lily wasn't coming.

With School over for the day it was time to head to work, a small grin grew across my face as I walked towards the store.

"Mmm there he is tho!" Becki purred from behind the counter. "How is my new favourite man doing?"

"All the better for seeing you" I replied trying to play cool.

Today Becki had on tight denim jeans, her thong was visible above her jeans. She also had this very low cut top on and her tits were basically hanging out. She was some sight of sexiness.

"Don't worry you can see these later" she whispered obviously catching me staring. To try and hide my massive smile, I headed into the stock room.

The shift went so slow and Becki kept teasing me the whole time. Seductively licking her lips, pulling her top down slightly. Total cock tease.

Finally the shift came to an end and just like Monday. Becki sent Wes away as we locked up.

"Now you dirty boy get in that stock room!" Becki said as she finished up with the till.

"Yes miss" I joke as we headed into the back.

"Now sit your ass on the chair!" She demanded.

As I sit down she comes over and straddles me. Her breasts right in front of my face!

"You like them don't you?" I simply nod. "Go on touch them!"

I reach my hand up and gently squeeze, gaining a low moan from Becki. Using both hands, I cup them and gently squeeze again. Becki is moaning louder now and my cock starts to stiffen. "Mmmm I love the feel of hands on my body... and the feeling of a nice hard cock pressing against me." She reaches down between her legs and strokes my crotch. As I fondle with her breasts some more, she slowly grinds against me. It didn't take long for me to have a full erection. "I think you are ready for me" she moaned as she slid off me onto her knees.

Slowly she unzips my jeans and whilst biting her lip, pulls out my cock. "I'm glad I took a chance on you Joshy Boy" she said as she trails her tongue up the length of my shaft. I twitch as she licks up to the tip.

"God me too" I moan as she closes her mouth around the head. Sucking softly she starts bobbing her head up and down on my cock. She swirls her tongue around the tip in the most amazing way. Fuck it felt good.

"So going to last longer today?" She teases, still stroking my cock.

"Well you know I've been practising" I joke back.

"Yes you have" she says before wrapping her lips back around my cock and sucking harder than before.

"Fucckk" I moan "that feels so good". Becki slows her sucking and eases her mouth further down my shaft. She gets downs about 7 inches and she gags a little. "Holy shit!" I groan.

"Uuhh" she gasps as she releases herself. Still slowly stroking "I'm gonna take that all one day" she moans. "But for now" she said looking up to me "I want you to cum on these!" She pulls her top down and lets her tits out from her bra. She then went back to stroking my cock, placing her lips over the head of my cock.

Holy shit the sensation of her sucking and stroking at the same time was sending me into overdrive. Those big beautiful tits as well and I began to tense up and Becki released her lips and stroking faster, aimed my cock at her breasts.

"Fuuckkkk!!" I groan, as I spray my cum all over Becki's chest.

"Mmmmmm" Becki moans as she slowly strokes my cock, squeezing the last of the cum out. "What a load"

"At least I lasted longer!" I joke

"Yes you did" she teased back "let me clean you up a little. With that she began sucking my limping cock. Sucking all the cum away and running her lips and tongue all over my shaft. "Mmmm I'm really liking this cock of yours Josh" she said, admiring my cock.

"Becki I need a favour" I quietly ask

"Is this not good enough for you?" She teases.

"You know it is, it's just my mate at school doesn't believe me about this or the other night!"

"You've been telling people then? What about the pics?" She asks cocking an eyebrow.

"Um I've showed him them but he still won't believe me" I plead.

"Oh you are a naughty boy!!" She laughs, "ok what do you want?"

"Eh I dunno, a quick video saying hello Marc??" I ask.

"Ok gimmie your phone!!"

I reach into my pocket and hand her my phone. Straight away she gets the camera out and starts filming.

"Hiya Marc, don't believe Josh? Mmm? Well I've just sucked his cock and this is his cum all over my chest!" I stare on dumbfounded, I didn't think she would do anything like this! "Believe him now?" She blows a kiss at the phone and tosses it back to me. "That good enough for you?" She coyly asks.

"Oh yeah" I laugh, making sure the video is saved before stuffing it back in my pocket.

"Now zip yourself up and get yourself home." Becki says as she grabs some tissues from the desk.

I do up my jeans, grab my bag and say goodbye to Becki heading off home. When I get home I say a quick hello to my mum who's finishing off her dinner, before heading to my room. I toss my bag and get out my phone. Sending the video to Marc. I throw my clothes off and jump into bed. A few minutes later my phone buzzes, it's Marc;

'No fucking way man!!! Ok I believe you! Holy shit!!'

I lay my head back with the biggest grin on my face and fell asleep.


I woke up Friday morning to a few texts from Marc, when I say a few I mean like ten. Basically he still can't get over the stuff with Becki and that for a solid confident guy, he's bricking it for the date tonight.

When I get to school it's evident he is still shitting it.

"Dude relax!" I tell him as we walk into the locker room for our first class, physical education, one of the few classes we have together.

"I can't help it man, I want to impress her!" He stresses as we get changed.

We are playing basketball this week. Normally Marc is one of the better players but today his throw is way off, even the coach started to notice. He wasn't even first pick for the game at the end. Man he's lost it, I laugh to myself. After class I tell him to chill out and that he won't be alone and I'll be the best wing man I can.

Science was next and like Tuesday it was a total bore, no texts or pictures from Becki to excite the day. Only the beautiful sight of Lily to get me through the class. We get a half day on a Friday and the last class was Maths, what a great way to end a Friday I know. As soon as the bell goes I'm out in a flash.

I catch up with Marc who's chatting to Zoe alone outside the school.

"Hey guys" I say waking up to them.

"Hi Josh" Zoe smiles at me "excited for tonight?"

"Yeah I am!" smiling back "we both are!" I say, giving Marc a slap on the back.

"Traci can't wait either, she's been going on about it. And you Josh!" She says with a wink.

"Oh really?" I laugh "well it will be fun and a great laugh."

We chat a while longer and eventually Zoe heads off, leaving me and Marc alone as we start to walk home.

"God isn't she amazing" he says as we watch her walk the other way.

"Haha yes she is man, we got this ok?" I ask turning him towards me.

"Nice start to the weekend though" he chuckles

"Yeah it will be.... oh fuck!!" I panic

"What is it man?" He asks worryingly

"I've left my bloody maths book in class!"

"So what? Get it Monday man!"

"I need it for homework which is due Monday!!" I say as I run off back to the school.

Typically the Maths classrooms are at the far side of the school. I walk through the halls and get to Maths corridor. School finished about twenty minutes ago and normally the teachers never hang about on a Friday, don't blame them. I was just praying the janitor hadn't locked up yet. I try the door and bingo it's unlocked, I head inside.

"WHAT THE FUCK??!!!" I shout.

"Mr Adams what the hell you doing here??" Mr Edwards, my Math teacher gasps in fear. His trousers round his ankles, a young brunette girl on her knees in front of him. The two of them scrabble to their feet and try to cover up. The girl tries to hide away but I recognise her, that slim petite body, it's when she brushes back her long brunette hair I see her face.

"Heather??? Is that you?" I ask closing my eyes on her. My eyes don't deceive me, it's Hailey's best friend Heather....


Hope you are enjoy this new series, this is the end of Part 2. Still more parts to come. I would appreciate feedback on the story so far and any suggestions of what I could include.

Rating: 94%, Read 84274 times, Posted Jan 06, 2017

Fiction | At work, Blowjob, Masturbation, Oral Sex, School, Teen Female, Teen Male


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