Cousin David by mazeyj

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Diary | Gay, Transvestite

This a tale about my cousin David who was 12 years older than me, because of age difference he was closer to my brother who was 5 years old than me, when David was 21 he married a young woman called Lucy, I attended David and Lucy's wedding with my parents and my brother. Later they had son called Bradley, within a year or two David and Lucy divorced. It was a bitter divorce because Lucy would not let my Aunt and Uncle have access to their grandson, they went to their graves never seeing their grandson again. When Lucy re-married David gave up all his rights to his son, which I could not comprehend. I never found out the reason for David's divorce until many years later. David was close to the same age as another cousin of my mine Robert who’s always been gay; he emigrated to San Francisco when he was 21, who said he and David had played with each other when they were boys, Robert thought it was just a phase David was going through, as David seemed to lead a heterosexual lifestyle. I've visited my Robert in San Francisco many times. That’s a whole chapter of my experiences when I visited Robert.

I usually met David on occasions, our conversations were always brief, David lived with his parents after his divorce, his mother doted on him, I think it was one of the reasons Lucy divorced him, a number of years later he re-married a woman called Margaret a woman in her mature years. David was a heavy drinker he loved his pint of beer and watching rugby, he spent a most of his evenings visiting various public houses and rugby clubs.

One evening about 21:30 there was a knock on door, it was David I was shocked seeing him on my doorstep, I inviting him inside immediately, because of the lateness of his visit, I was only dressed in a satin cream camisole top and matching knickers, of course the knickers are comfortable as night attire for going to bed. I was not embarrassed David knew about my underwear fetish. I was totally intrigued for the reason why David decided to call upon me, of course David was quite tipsy, I offered him an alcoholic drink, he choose whiskey so I poured him quite a large measure, we made small talk but his eyes were fixated on my crotch area.

David's glassy eyes were full of lust, his eyes revealed how horny he was and he began to stroke his cock through his trousers, I was standing opposite him so I parted my legs and responded to his sexual gesture, I turned round and bent over with my posterior facing him and began massaging my panty covered bottom.

David hurriedly vacated the armchair and positioned his fully clothed crotch against my buttocks, David uttered "I'm going to fuck your asshole", David undid his belt and dropped his trousers and classic cotton white style briefs down to his ankles he gyrated his cock against my silky panty covered arse. He manoeuvred his hands to fondle my panty covered cock, David carried on in verbal exclamation, by telling me he wanted to fuck my ass for a long time, but he couldn't never find an opportunity, I hadn't seen David for a number of years, I guess when he did see me his sexual pent emotions kicked in, I suggested to David why didn't he strip off his clothes so he for could continue our cock session in comfort, David readily agreed, his wife Margaret had gone out and wasn't due home to late, I laid down on the settee David immediately began kissing my neck not my mouth, he grabbed hold of my breasts but he handled then roughly, to me it indicated his total sexual frustration. At this point I was still wearing my camisole top and French knickers, by now my cock was fully erect so wearing French knickers made my hard on comfortable and snugly unbounded. David lifted up my camisole top and caressed my nipples, he sucked on them until both teats were erect just like a cherries

David said "I going to fill your cunt with my spunk and make to pregnant", which was a turn on for me, David then gyrated himself while he straddled on top of me, by now David's cock was only half hard, but his desire was overwhelming, I tried to calm David’s lustful cravings so both of us could enjoy a prolonged fuck session. David became a little exhausted; he removed himself from being on top of me and returned to armchair, when he continued to massage his half risen erection. Jay I want to fuck you so bad.

I asked David doesn't Margaret satisfy your appetite for sex , no fucking way does she, her cunt is very loose, she doesn't like being fucking in her asshole she wears fucking boring large baggy knickers, She stopped sucking my cock years and years ago, I use to love fingering her cunt but even that activity she stopped,

Then David instructed me to suck his cock, he was desperate to reach a full erection, I knelt down front of him and engulfed his cock in my orifice, David pushed his head back on the head rest of the arm chair, and shouted “Fucking Hell keep sucking my cock Jay”, Robert and Kyle (my brother) always said you were a good little cock sucker, so now I can testify it’s the truth.

Even with my oral technique didn’t encourage David’s cock to rise, probability due to his drunken state didn’t help much. It was a cold evening the gas fire was on, Sucking David’s cock was pleasurable but my knees started to feel cramp, so I stood up and informed David, I was going up stairs for a moment, one reason my fuck hole needed lubrication and the second reason I brought downstairs a mattress from my spare bedroom, so I could place it in the centre of the lounge.

After placing the mattress in the middle of the lounge, I lay on the mattress and invited David to join me, David laid next to me and began massaging my cock through the material of my French knickers, not gently I must admit but through a series of expeditious hand motions. When his was masturbating me through my French knickers he kept looking into my eyes, I expect he wanted to see my facial expressions as my cock responded to his rapid handling of my cock, my body began to manoeuvre up and down as David masturbated me nearing a climax, as I shouted I coming David quickly removed my knickers continued to masturbate me until I was about to shot my spunk load, David’s eyes were now crazed, as David drained every drop of sperm from my testicles through the masturbation of cock, my stomach was covered with droplets of my thick white sperm, I felt exhausted but sexually satisfied, but David’s cock was not in a rigid state, David said he and one of his unmarried mates would masturbate each other usually in their local pubs toilet, knowing the pub and its toilet they managed to find a way of being discrete, Kieran was David mates name, both he and David were drinking buddies, Kieran was always in men’s company but just wanted some kind of sexual activity occasionally to relive his sexual tension.

David asked me, if he could call Kieran to join us, Kieran was a few years younger than David; his cock was still in good working order even after he’s been drinking. David used my telephone to call the pub where he knew Kieran was drinking, here is the conversation with David and Kieran, “Kieran its Dave, do you remember me telling you about my cousin whose a good little cock sucker and loves a cock up his asshole, Kieran answered ”Yeh”, “ ”Well I’m in his house now both of us naked he’d love to satisfy your cock are you interested” Kieran said “Fuck yes man, but how am I going to get there” David replied “Jay will pick you up now, be waiting outside pub”, I quickly put on a jumper and a pair of pink skimpy shorts over my camisole top and French knickers.

The time was about 10:45, I left David watching a fuck film while I drove to pick up Kieran, as pre-arranged Kieran was waiting out the pub, he wore a well worn pair of jeans, a well washed printed tea shirt and a green boomer quilted jacket, I stopped I asked was his name Kieran, he answered yes I introduced myself as David’s cousin. Kieran without hesitation opened the passenger car door and jumped, and noticed I was wearing pink skimpy shorts, he immediately commented was I need of his cock, I appeased Kieran by saying my knickers were wet and my cunt was wet and wanting and did he think his cock would rise to challenge of fucking me.

Then his hand rubbed my cock and he commented I’ve never fucked a sissy bitch boy, we arrived at my house, after locking the car we both entered my house and lounge, where David was stroking his cock to a gay video, Kieran was one of those young men whose uses the fuck many times in conversation, he didn’t seem a well read person and definitely not gentle.

Kieran and David exchanged their normal vocabulary of expletives while I stripped down tom my camisole top and French knickers, at that point so did Kieran strip off, he was wearing a pair loose pattern boxers, that had seen better days, he quickly removed them to display his eight inch cock, without invitation Kieran gave me a long French kiss, and boy was he passionate with his kiss, I was on cloud nine, David encouraged Kieran to engage in some carnal pleasure with me, Kieran needed no encouragement he pushed me on the mattress and laid on top of me, again kissing me, because I was responsive to his kissing, I could sense his surprise and delight, like David, Kieran wanted to make me pregnant, I loved the feel of Kieran’s body gyrating on top of me, as he gyrated on top of me his cock was rubbing against my panty covered cock. I could see our sexual coupling was a turn on for David. So Kieran could suck my tits I removed my camisole top which encouraged Kieran to give my nipples some oral attention. Not like David, Kieran caressed my nipples tenderly, just like a baby suckling its mother, again without permission Kieran yanked my knickers down, revealing my full blown erection, Kieran asked me to suck his cock, it was uncut but so sociable, his foreskin was loose my orifice and tongue skills tantalised his cock that sent Kieran into a sexual frenzy, sucking Kieran’s was much more enjoyable it became hard as a rock it had a good girth, his pre-cum juicers spurted out saturating the bell head of his cock.

My anal juices were now flowing and my cock had become quiet hard again, Kieran couldn’t stand my mouth rousing his cock any more, he said it was time for fucking, I absolutely loved the verbal dialogue Kieran uttered, and it was basic language using lots of swearing words. But I loved the sexual dominance Kieran used on me, I turned on my back and Kieran laid on top of me, I helped Kieran guide his cock inside my fuck hole, with his solid erection it was an easy task, once Kieran’s was inside me he screamed “Fucking Hell this is fucking fantastic”. Kieran’s cock thrust were really rampant which gave me the impression of a man who’s not had full intercourse for a long time, he kissed me on the neck and became passionate as her used my wet and wanting cunt, I didn’t want Kieran’s cock to stop fucking me, David was still trying to make his cock become hard, but enjoyed the sight of Kieran and myself fucking. I changed my sexual positions and sat on top of Kieran and again guided his cock inside my cunt. Kieran was in such a state of ecstasy he asked me would I be his girlfriend ( I think he meant fuck partner) he wanted to fuck me day and night, I was pleased Kieran’s cock stayed hard throughout our fuck session, like myself Kieran didn’t want our fuck session to end.

Kieran became tired of fucking my cunt laying down, he indicated he wanted to fuck me from behind, of course I obliged without objection, by now my cunt had become supple it had reached a state of total flexibility after Kieran’s rampant cock thrusts , which left my cunt in a state of satisfaction. As Kieran’s plunged his cock inside my anus, my cock filled cunt pushed back against his cock, to assist him in making his fucking action more intense.

This act of intercourse blew Kieran's mind, the friction of Kiernan's cock thrusts made my cunt necessitate the need for more lubrication, I asked David would go to the sideboard's top drawer and bring me the plastic bottle containing Johnson's baby oil, he handed to Kieran "Who asked what the fuck is this for" I relied it's for squeezing onto your cock while you penetrate me.

After Kieran lubricated his cock it helped grease my desiccated cunt, Kieran realised the benefit of lubrication it made his rampant gyration more easier, although I was enjoying Kieran's cock inside me, my legs had became tired, but Kieran's verbal diatribe became more vocal I knew his sperm was about to explode, I informed David who immediately came to the side of me and began masturbating me with rapid motions pulling my foreskin right back and then letting it return to covering the bell head of my cock , thus helping me to ejaculate at the same time and Kieran, luckily on this occasion it worked perfectly, as Kieran spunk saturated my cunt, my spunk shot out of my cock into David's clenched hand. When Kieran's cock returned to a flaccid state, he did not remove his cock from my cunt straight away.

When Kieran's eventually released his cock from my cunt, it was dripping droplets of sperm, I managed to retain as much of Kieran's spunk inside my anus, Kieran flopped himself back on the mattress he was well and truly fucked out. David on the other hand seemed happy that he masturbated me. David asked Kieran, did he think I was a good fuck, Kieran replied " "I was not a good fuck, but a great fuck". I laid on the mattress next to Kieran, but was pleasantly surprised Kieran mounted me again and began kissing me passionately.

I can surmise that Kieran's sexual libido had regained its prowess, as most men know their seconded erection lasts longer than the first, Kieran's cock had risen to a state of rock solid manhood. I of course was highly delighted; I too regained my sexual drive.

Although David participated in a threesome sadly no matter how hard Kieran or I tried to arouse his cock it could not reach a state of being rock-hard to engage in mutual masturbation or anal sex. But David said he enjoyed the live gay interaction of Kieran and myself. Especially Kieran activity, David had never seen Kieran fuck ass before, he only seen him masturbate himself or being masturbated.

My cunt needed lubrication after Kieran's rampant cock thrusts, after a short period of me being fucked, Kieran wanted to lie back for me to suck his cock, he wanted some oral copulation. I had no objection I laid next to Kieran and took his cock in my right hand, his foreskin was nice and loose which made it easier for me to play with his cock, I stretched his foreskin by pushing it over the bell head of his cock, and pulling it back, then I sucked Kieran's cock when I could sense he was about to explode his flow of sperm, I removed my mouth and placed my knickers on his torso with the knicker gusset laid in such a way it would catch his gush of spunk, then I gave his cock some rapid strokes and bingo out comes the spurting of his cum juice, by now Kieran was in frenzy state shouting out his approval and sexual pleasure, Kieran's spunk saturated the gusset of my knickers, after I'd drained every droplet of sperm out of Kieran's cock on to the gusset if my knickers I immediately stood up and stepped into the cum stained knickers, it was a wonderful sensation having freshly hot excreted spunk against my cunt, the warm wetness was a nice feeling.

My knickers were a satin nylon material that prominently displayed the stained spunk Kieran had ejaculated. I straddled on my knees and bent forward with my panty posterior facing Kieran. I expressed my delight to Kieran, I wanted to show him how much spunk he’d excreted, I wiggled my bottom and pulled one of the knickers legs aside and pushed out his sperm he’d injected inside my anus. Kieran in his vocal manner said “Fucking hell, you are first ass I’ve ever fucked and now I’ve seen the result of my two fucking spunk loads. And

I assisted Kieran in cleaning his cock, testicles and his pubic hair where spunk had oozed out, akin to lots of men when Kieran finished fucking me, he quickly dressed and ready to leave, in the case of David and Kieran they dressed and adjusted their attire, I offered to give them lift to one of their regular hostelries that served after hours.

Leaving my cum stained knickers on, I put a T-shirt and a pair of skimpy nylon shorts. As I dropped Kieran and David they both said good bye, it was David promised to call again, but Kieran said I’ll be in touch the next time I’m feeling fucking.

David did call in on me a few occasions, but Kieran did ring me a couple of time when he needed to masturbate and called twice for a cock session. once with another sexually frustrated married man

Rating: 80%, Read 16043 times, Posted Aug 17, 2017

Diary | Gay, Transvestite


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