Julie’s Grandpa by Gail+Holmes

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Fiction | Erotica, Female, Incest, Old Male

Julie’s Grandpa


Gail Holmes

Bert loved Saturdays, Irene his wife constantly went shopping on the “Help the Aged” bus, and it gave him a chance to be on his own; excepting for little Julie. She had been with them since her parents had died in a road accident; she would have been ten at the time. It had upset them both; Julie’s mother had been their only daughter.

Bert waved as the little bus pulled away, turning to go back into the house rubbing his hands when it was fully out of sight. Now he could go and spend a few hours in the shed. Irene was always up tight about as to how long he spent in there.

“Saturday again Gramp’s, you are always whistling and happy” Julie smiled watching him as he walked back it the house.

“You’ve hair like your mothers; red as fire!” Bert laughed watching as she her run her fingers through the long strands, only just making himself heard over the noise of the hair drier.

“So what mischief are you going to get up to today?” Julie grinned putting the hairdryer down and sitting on the arm of the armchair brushing her hair.

“Mischief! You don’t know the meaning of the word” Bert mused adjusting himself for a better view into her gapping housecoat.

Julie was a very bright girl, and a rare beauty, even though her body was unhurried in catching up with her age. Still a 32a cup bra; oh yes, Bert knew, many a time he’d caught a glimpse of her through the crack in the bathroom door. Her body honed to perfection, diminutive breasts, slender waist, and just a speck of red fluff between her long slender legs. He’d often thought, “If he was only a couple of years younger, well, perhaps a few more than a couple” Many a time he’d retire to the bedroom after seeing her in this state of undress; for his J. Arthur as he called it. He knew he’s wife could not make the stairs without aid. Straight to the top shelf of the wardrobe, collecting the condoms, to messy without, he called it his Gentleman’s Wank. The thought of Julie never took him long and always a dam good load. Straight down the toilet with the condom, no mess, followed by a quick wipe with the special flannel, or as he called it, his Bell End Wipe

Julie leaned forward slightly allowing the opening in her housecoat to widen slightly, knowing as to where his eyes were. He was a sneaky old goat but she loved him for it, often feeling sorry for him knowing that with grandma it would have been impossible.

“You’ll get yourself all worked up again if you keep glimpsing in there,” Julie grinned up towards him, without pulling herself upright.

Bert lifted his eyes up to her.

“I’m not with you child; a cat can look at a Queen you know” Bert remarked his face still straight, although he wanted to smile.

Bert was a well-kept man; physical instructor in his army days, always up at dawn, even now, a brisk walk before breakfast. He was very active and a very good-looking for his age.

“How would you like to do it…without the condom? Julie released her housecoat as she spoke just enough to see between her breasts but her pussy was in full view to him.

As Bert looked down at the little morsel of fluff, Julie spread her legs slightly, but with the slenderness of her legs, it was more than sufficient to see her dainty pussy lips. He had not had a J. Arthur for at least three days his balls felt more than full.

“You really mean it don’t you, I couldn’t my dear…you’re my granddaughter for God’s sake!”

“When did you last have real sex Grandpa?”

“I think that’s between your grandmother and myself young lady!”

“Gramp’s, it years since I heard any noises coming from your bedroom. Well at least three, it used make me horny even then. Come, come stand in front of me”

Bert wasn’t to sure “But to hell with it; what harm could she do anyway” He thought

As he stepped forwards in front of her Julie reached up undoing his flies. Bert’s eyes were still on her little pussy; his cock was semi-hard when she laid it onto her hand.

“My we are well blessed aren’t we? You must have been foremost in the queue when they handed this one out. It’s no wonder you’re bedroom was so noisy; I can appreciate poor grandma’s passions towards such an animal as this”

Bert had always been faithful to his wife, over the passed two years or so he had reverted to his first girlfriend, “Miss Fist” he was appreciative that his sexual pleasures had not dwindled. The times, in his mind that he’d actually fucked his granddaughter were incalculable; never did he blow less than a plentiful load for her.

“Animal, that’s a fine word!” Bert laughed.

“Well, that’s what I’d call it, by no means have I seen such a more prominent bulbous head. I’m sure your hand never slips off!” Julie leaned back with a smile on her face viewing her grandfather’s cock, which was thickening at an immense pace. “It shows that you’re right handed though Gramp’s.”

Bert looked down at his cock, wondering as to her meaning.

“Right handed, why say you that?”

“It’s got a definite lean North, North West, as if pulled by a magnetic force. Come and sit down in the chair!” Julie lowered his cock down gently in front of him, stroking it with the back of her fingers as he moved around her.

Bert knew he could not stop himself; Julie stood as he sat in the armchair then eased his knees apart kneeling between them. Never in his whole life had he had a blow job, it would have been taboo in his day, a girl would have to wrestle to get passed he’s long johns, his wife still wore her passion killers. Big knickers, which finished just above her knees, with heavy duty elastic in the legs to keep out any invaders?

“Still, they horny in there time” supposed Bert.

Julie bent over engulfing his cock into her mouth; poor Bert leaned back into the chair taken aback by her activity. His helmet was between her moist lips, her tongue darting around the heavy rim, lapping and twirling, her hands gripped the immense monster, rubbing the skin backwards and forwards. Already juices were seeping out from the eye in the top; her tongue found the small opening delving into it, sending alarms down the full length of his shaft; which was by now fully erected. Her hands encircling its circumference; the feeling was excellent, but Bert sort after her pussy, he yearned to taste her juices, it had been so long, long ago, he sensed the pungent aroma from years passed. Once smelt, it was a bouquet that never left males senses; each pussy to its own, but very much alike.

Bert lifted her head between his hands and smiled down.

“My turn sweet one. Come lets retire to the bedroom; I’m sure we’ll be more comfy”

Julie lifted from him, giving his cock a slight peck with her lips as she rose.

“My room; not Grandma’s bed!” Julie smiled reaching out to take his hand.

Bert climbed the stairs with urgency in his step but never faulting once. Julie eased passed him once inside the room. Very rarely had Bert been in the room over the years, only perhaps to decorate or the like; slowly he moved towards the bed and sat, watching as Julie removed her housecoat revealing her entire body in his direction. He reached forward easing her towards him, nestling his head between her legs, the scent of her pussy filling his nostrils, the soft red down tickling his nose.

“Come, lay down for old Gramp’s!” Bert eased her to the middle of the bed casually spreading her legs before him.

For moments, he just sat and studying the scene before him; her pussy lips were pink with slightly darkened tips on the edge. The red pubic hair yet had not spread, was a small fluffy area on and around her Mound of Venus. Bert reached up between her legs plying the down in his fingers, just tickling the fine soft ends, sending diminutive shocks to her pussy. Gradually he moved up between her legs easing her feet up in front of him. Julie gasped as he went down on her; his lips encircled her clitoris, with a squeezing motion drawing it up then letting go, almost as if he was using his lips to stimulate by wanking movements. Every now and again, his tongue would slip into her pussy, flicking it in and out. The excitement to her young body was immense; Bert gripped her hips, pulling his face tighter into her pussy in the hope of reaching her inner depths with is seeking tongue, he’s small goat like beard sending rapturous prickling sensations around her anus.

Julie’s mind raced, his nose, his tongue and beard were working in harmony, each with its own little workstation. Her juices were flowing heavily. Euphoric spasms of delight were coursing through her loins; her pussy lips became more prominent, becoming cushions of wet alluring flesh. She threw her head back sounding a long guttural moan as she went through orgasm. Grandpa never faulted; the delight was too much; with a muted squeal, she arched her back, her body stiffened as she came once more. Bert moved his hand up to her pussy as to collect juices onto his fingers from her pouting lips, and then passed them beneath her seeking her anus. Julie reached down to her side gripping the duvet as she felt his finger slide smoothly up inside, more spasms; she shuddered dragging her fingers up the bed still gripping the duvet. Bert’s four workhorses were now in full swing, Julie went through one orgasm to the next, and her virginal and back passage were as one. Then a second finger probing deeply, sensations she had never felt before, her whole body was alive with tremors and shockwaves.

So far nothing had entered her pussy other than Grandpa’s tongue, this was soon rectified, Bert brought his free hand slowly towards her pussy, his mouth and tongue lifting to her clitoris whist easing two fingers into her pussy worming them in and out at a leisurely pace. Without more ado his tempo hastened, Julie arched her back once more, multi orgasms her body was going from hot to cold, for moments she lost all senses, she could hear wet slurping noises as she came to similar to that of a cat licking milk. Grandpa’s fingers were gyrating within her pussy, the sounds were from herself, she knew now she had at least three fingers in her pussy with two still working in tempo in her back passage.

Bert knew she was more than ready, his cock was surging as the blood strained into it. He reached down taking it into his hand, the veins stood out like thickened ropes down its length. Slowly he edge up her body nibbling inch by inch until her breasts were beneath him. Julie felt the huge organ enter, its girth spreading the soft lips of her pussy as it tenderly nudged its way through. Grandpa sucked her nipples soothingly as he gradually impelled his cock up deep inside her, the huge helmet glided along the damp passageway collecting her juices before it.

Julie threw her head back onto the pillow, understanding now as to reasoning of the loud moans that passed through her bedroom walls from previous years. Grandma had her reasons; now she herself was within the realms of her grandfather’s high regard. Grandpa had reached bottom; Julie clutched the duvet once more, experiencing the huge organ going into reverse, rippling each pussy muscle as it passed. The tension to her inner senses exploded violently, she went into a merciless orgasm, arching her body, thrusting up towards Grandpa, legs stiffening, her nails dragging deep into his shoulders.

Never had Bert come into contact with such a designer fitting pussy, he flinched from the pain in his shoulders; but continued, the pleasures to great to allow it to subside His momentum increased, sensing each and every contour of her inner pussy walls. Her pussy muscles relaxed knowing their efforts were useless against such an aggressive intruder as it ploughed sandwiched between them. Julie’s strength was leaving her, so many orgasms in such a short time leaving her exhausted.

Bert gradually eased his cock from her; there was a sigh from Julie as the large bulbous head slipped out from between her now exceptionally puffy pussy lips.

“Over onto your knees Sweetie!” Julie watched as Grandpa moved of the bed. “Over to the edge there’s a good girl; let Gramp’s come in from behind now”

Julie moved towards the edge of the bed adjusting her rear end, allowing him to move in behind her. Watching as the mammoth cock swayed from side to side, arching her back feeling him leisurely re-entering her, it felt good, this way she was more at ease and snug. She looked beneath herself, scrutinising his hefty bollocks as they swayed back and forth in time with his motions. Again, she let out a low growl as she went into orgasm, her red hair sailing through the air as she threw her head back experiencing his ferocious thrusts. Bert placed his hand down onto his cock; collecting juices onto his horny fingers then offered them up to her anus. Julie dug her nails into the duvet as she felt two or was it three fingers, which he’d forced wildly up her.

Bert matched his finger motions with that of his cock, soon; very soon, he knew the passageway was relaxed and ready. He looked down at his cock; it was now covered in a light creamy cum from her pussy juices as he withdrew; lifting it; he placed it up to her arse. Julie tensed herself as his huge cock-head touch the moistened aperture, making deep panting breaths with her head held down, Gramp’s leaned little by little but carefully onto it, easing the lengthy cock into her, rocking it forwards and backwards in slow deliberate motions until his stomach rested onto her bottom. Julie let out a squeal as she sensed the fullness, knowing her back passage was well and truly chock-a-block as he started to fuck her in earnest.

Standing upright he rocked her slender body by the strength of his erection alone, Julie relaxed allowing him full control, sensing the huge bollocks as they swung solidly against her pussy on each forward thrust.

Aware of her forthcoming orgasm Bert started to hammer his cock into her at an alarming pace, Julie once more let out her loud moan, thrashing her head from side to side, her body ploughing back onto his cock in violent backward thrusts.

Bert knew he would have to terminate soon; his bollocks ached through their fullness, he was determined to fuck her fully to the end, still she continued to thrust against him. For moments his mind went blank, his body bearing down as if to force even more cock up her, Julie turned back squealing loudly, with his body position she had gained at least another two inches of his cock into her. His balls burned with fury as the thick sperm started to flow down filling this base of his cock. Quickly he withdrew spinning Julie around to face him.

She reached up taking his cock with both hands placing it into her mouth, sucking aggressively as a young calf would go to it’s mothers teat. Julie felt his cock thicken as the hot fluid forced its way along its magnificence, making throaty gluttonous sounds as she swallowed the stream of syrupy juice. Bert groaned standing motionless with his hands on hips, leaning himself towards her.

Julie looked up at him; her mouth spread widely over his cock, cheeks swollen with the immense backpressure of his flowing seed. She had done this before, but never received such capacity. Its taste was hard to explain, but it was the essence of manhood. His bollocks looked as if they hung to his knees, perhaps not one of the prettiest of sights she’d seen.

Both were watching the TV when Grandma came home, she waddled into the front room with her simmer frame and stood in front of Bert.

My, you look all in, been in the dam shed all day, I’ll expect, I make a nice cup of tea”

Julie had just started to stand, not wanting to put her grandmother to any stain.

“No, I’ll make it!” Grandma slowly turned towards Julie observing that she was still in her housecoat. “You look as if you’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards. Whatever have the pair of you been up to, look at your nails child, they look as if you’ve been scraping a wall with them?”

Bert sat back in his chair with a broad smile on his old face; he’d never felt so contented.

“My, it was like having your childhood back again!” He thought

Rating: 83%, Read 182342 times, Posted Nov 12, 2004

Fiction | Erotica, Female, Incest, Old Male


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