A mother's indecent gift - Part 1 by laterlifestories

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True Story | Domination, Erotica, Female, First Time, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teen Female

This story involves a divorced woman I'd been seeing for a while. I'll be posting more stories about her later, but I wanted to start with a day that occurred after we'd been seeing each other for quite some time. You may disagree, but I always considered this to be one of the hottest things she ever did.

I’ll provide a more complete background on her in a later post, but here is what you need to know for now... 




One of her earliest sexual experiences was BDSM in nature, and she loved it. She told her older sister about it, and instead of being excited and supportive, her sister chastised her. Her sister's rebuke was so thorough and extreme that it led to years of sexual repression. In part this meant anytime she had even a remotely taboo thought or she found herself wanting anything other than missionary sex, guilt sunk in and she'd mentally abuse herself for being a "bad" person. 

One year on her birthday, her friends were joking her, as friends will do, because she was such a boring person who never took chances or did anything unexpected. As they laughed, she took it to heart and realized it wasn't funny...it was true. A month later she finally worked up the courage to change her life. 

It was at this point our paths crossed, and when we met she truly was sexually repressed. Probably the biggest hurdle we dealt with was younger and family taboo. She couldn’t bring herself to even consider fantasies or rolplays involving a younger girl, even if she was over 18. Additionally, she was so opposed to even completely generic incest fantasies, it was nearly a year before she'd speak her daughter's names to me, even in causal conversation. Despite her youngest daughter being 18, she feared me knowing too much about either of them as that might lead to me having sexual thoughts involving them.

Much had happened between our initial meeting and the time of this event, but that covers the core of what you need to know about her for now.. 

As for me, the one piece I will add is that I have a panty fetish. At the time of this event it wasn't uncommon for her to masturbate in panties and leave them at my place, for me to enjoy, when she wasn't around. In addition, there had been a handful of occasions in which she'd leave a pair of panties with me that she'd "borrowed" while visiting a friend. She was a "pleaser", and she enjoyed knowing she could help me indulge my fetish.




It was a day, just like any other in which Cindy came over. I opened the door as she came in wearing the jeans and t-shirt she wore at work. Her job often left her hot and sweaty and she hadn't been home, changed, taken a shower or done any of the things most women would do before an expected intimate encounter. My needy, and orgasm addicted. friend had wasted no time in coming to see me so she could get her fix. Going home meant she might get tied up in someone else's nonsense, and that wasn't a risk she was willing to take. 

There had been a time in which she considered one orgasm a week to be more than enough. but those days felt like a distant and unpleasant memory. Her need and thirst for pleasure virtually overruled every other thought and desire these days, and neither of us wanted it any other way.

We sat on the couch and talked for approximately 20-minutes, about nothing in particular. It was strange, no matter how much we both wanted each other, we almost always started by talking. At times we would talk for so long that one of us would be needing to leave before anything sexual had happened at all. Don't misunderstand, neither of us ever left until we’d both cum, and that was why we had both begun being notoriously late for even major events. We were friends, we were fuck-buddies, we trusted each other completely, we were highly sexual but we were also horrible at time-management.

As we sat there talking, I could tell Cindy's mind wasn't fully engaged. It wasn't any one thing, she just seemed to have her guard up slightly.  Most days she followed my lead, talking and flirting, until I finally moved things from pleasant conversation to our more sexually based activities.

I had chosen not to say anything to her about the way she was acting, thinking it was related to something at work. If that was the case, then I would help her take her mind off of that soon enough. 

Cutting our conversation short, I placed a hand on her leg, wrapped my other arm around her, and pulled her closer, kissing her.  As we started to kiss I felt her body relax. 

Moving my body closer to her, I let my fingers climb into her hair, taking her curls in my fingers as I applied pressure, pulling her head back gently.   

She gasped slightly, and predictably, and from that, I knew she was mine. It only took a mild show of force or dominance these days to bring her to the point of submission and needing to please me. She really was a good girl, especially when her need to please took over. 

My hand left her knee and went under her shirt, pushing her bra up and out of the way as I began caressing her firm breasts. Her nipples were sensitive and hard, just as they always were with me. I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever touched her nipples when they weren’t already hard, and today was no exception. I knew she loved her nipples played with, and after another few moments, I also knew she'd be begging for my cock to be inside her.

Surprisingly, she pulled away and stood up.  I looked at her, perplexed at first, but then I saw her pull her shirt off and then reach back to unhook her bra.  She let both fall to the ground as I just stared at her, taking in her body. 

Her body wasn't perfect, especially since she'd had kids, but her breasts still looked like they belonged to someone half her age. Seeing her undress so openly in front of me showed just how far she'd come. She no longer hid her stomach from my view, instead she stood there in my living room, on display, knowing that the sight of her was helping fuel my erection. 

Next she reached down and undid her jeans. She bent over as she pushed them down around her ankles before stepping out.  Bending over once more, she took her socks off and gave me a smile that was part mischievous and part nervousness.

Before I could ask what she was thinking, she very simply, and clearly, told me to "Undress". And then, if there was any doubt, she added, "Completely".

Her telling me what to do wasn’t normal, but we’d been seeing each other too long to pretend like we didn’t know where this was going, and even if it was out of character, she was right...I’d need to be naked. Not saying a word, I removed my shirt, shorts and boxers just like she'd asked, noticing that she watched me just as closely as I'd been watching her just moments before.

Fully naked, I sat on my couch, still looking at her. Satisfied that I’d done as she wanted, she took the small step back towards me, closing the distance. Wearing only her panties, she spread her legs and straddled me as she sat on my lap.

I loved her straddling me, but once again, this was unlike her. Like so many females, she still clung to that silly belief of "I'll crush you", so I always had to initiate, or tell her when I wanted her on top before she'd take that position.  Yet for some reason, today she had brazenly climbed onto my naked lap.

She wrapped her arms around me and began kissing me again. Her kisses became more passionate as our tongues began to intertwine more. Her breasts were pressed against me, and even if I hadn't been rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples, I'd have known they were hard due to how firmly she was pressing her body against me.

I positioned one of my hands near her ass as I began to direct her hips, having her grind her panty covered pussy against my very hard cock. I could feel the heat radiating from beneath her panties, yet despite all of this, something still seemed off.

By this point in time she should be nearing the pure mindless stage of her arousal. I had expected her hand on my cock, or her sinking to her knees to start sucking my cock, all in a way to elevate my arousal to her own. 

No matter how turned on I was, her need always surpassed my own, as if coming from a bottomless well of pent up sexual desire that would never run dry or be quenched. Her effort to turn me on more was a dance we played until the teasing became too much for either of us to handle. However, she wasn't following my lead or responding to what I was doing, instead this appeared to be a new game...her game...and she was intentionally distancing herself mentally from what was going on in order to maintain control. 

I had to admit, I was enjoying this new and more in control woman, who confidently straddled my lap. I was about to show her how much I enjoyed it by directing her head towards my cock, but as if knowing my intent, she leaned back and pulled away from me.

I incorrectly thought this meant she was about to descend to her knees on her own, but instead she reached down towards the floor. Her hands went to her jeans and from her pockets she pulled out her phone and an empty plastic shopping bag.

I was thoroughly confused as she sat the bag down next to us on the sofa and proceeded to unlock her phone.  She held her phone up in front of her, the screen hidden from my view, ignoring me and almost acting like nothing had been going on moments before.

I wanted to ask what was going on, but something told me to be patient, so I was.

She put the phone down, face down and then reached over to the plastic bag.  Handing me the empty plastic bag she smiled the same mischievous and nervous smile as she said "Today is about you".

Not understanding I opened the bag and found it wasn't empty after all. Inside the bag was a pair of wadded up panties. Pulling them out I looked at her, questions filling my head.  Before I could ask any of them she handed me the phone.

Taking the phone  I looked at the screen and I was instantly rendered speechless.

Filling the screen of her phone was a picture of her oldest daughter, Hanna, standing on a boat wearing a bikini.  With the ban on talking about her family recently lifted, I had seen pictures of her two daughters, but never any dripping with implied sexual innuendo.  Yes, it was “only” a bikini pic, but it was obvious she’d chosen this picture to entice me. 

If I had been caught off guard before, I was completely knocked on my ass when she took the panties out of my hand and slowly moved them to my face.  Holding them just under my nose she said "These are the ones she wore two days ago"

My cock hardened even more hearing that, but my mind didn't know how to process what was going on. The woman who, until recently, wouldn't even say her daughter's name was suddenly showing me a picture of her oldest daughter, in a bikini, while pressing her worn panties to my face. She was doing this right after stripping and grinding on my lap, thus ensuring I was turned on. I certainly wasn't complaining, but I didn't understand why she was acting so out of character. 

As I sat there, perhaps more confused than horny (if that was possible), she pulled the panties away from my face and pressed them into my hand.  I then felt her guide my hand upwards, until I was holding the innuendo heavy fabric to my own face. 

The panties now in place, she took her phone from my hand and guided my newly empty hand, downwards to my cock.  She held the phone up so I could still see the suggestive picture and then she leaned in, once again pressing her breasts against my chest. She opened her mouth and sucked on my ear before whispering "Show me you enjoy my gift"

She squeezed my hand around my cock and then started guiding it up and down. She spoke again, "Show me what you'd do if I left these panties and her picture here with you. I want to see how they'd make you cum"

Understanding finally why she had been so guarded and acting so differently, I began moving my hand. I knew this couldn't be easy for her, she had likely been struggling with whether or not she could do this up until the moment she made the first move which set these events forever in motion. The analytical side of my brain wanted to know "why", "why now" and "what changed", but common sense and arousal stopped any of those questions from being asked; after all, the answer was irrelevant to enjoying the moment.

Once more she pulled back slightly, letting her gaze switch between me enjoying the private scent of her daughter and the indecent reaction it was having on my cock.

As she sat on my lap, watching me masturbate, she gingerly pulled my hand off my cock up to her mouth.  She sucked on my fingers slowly and seductively. I turned to look from the picture she'd given me to what she was doing. Firmly, but gently, she nudged my head back towards the phone, making it clear that my thoughts weren't to be on her or anything "she" was doing. Whatever her reason, today she wanted my thoughts directed towards the most taboo person she could offer..

As I inhaled Hanna's scent, I felt Cindy's tongue slowly lick the palm of my hand, making it slick.  After one more pass with her tongue she lowered my hand back down to my hard and awaiting cock.  As before, she guided my hand to stroke my cock a few times, as if I was unaware of what to do, and then she let go.

Repositioning her hand on the phone, Cindy swiped the picture and another image appeared on the screen. Staring back at me was a picture of a girl I didn't recognize. She too was in a bikini, and before I could ask the obvious question, Cindy said, "That's April".  Cindy didn’t have to explain who April was. I knew from our frequent chats that April was a long time friend of both her daughters, primarily Hanna. 

Another swipe of her finger and a different picture of Hanna displayed on the screen. In this one she was wearing pajamas.

The pajamas weren't anything sexy or revealing, it was just Hanna in a shirt and flannel pajama pants with her hair messed up slightly. The picture looked like it had been taken one morning before she'd gotten ready for the day. Unlike the bikini pics, this one carried no underlying insinuation, so it felt out of place from everything else that was going on. 

Cindy reached her hand back to my cock, lifted my hand once more to her mouth and slowly licked my palm.  This time she just let go after ensuring I was well lubricated, and I returned my hand to my hard and throbbing cock.  

She leaned in closer and began whispering in my ear, as if she were in danger of someone overhearing. Her quiet whispers in my ear added to erotic nature of what was going on. It was as if what she was about to tell me was somehow worse than me being caught masturbating to the image and scent of her daughter. From her very first whispered word I was mesmerized, knowing none of this she did lightly. 

"When Hanna was younger, I found one of her diaries while cleaning her room. I normally believe in respecting privacy, but as a parent, sometimes you need a heads up on what’s going on in your kid's life. No one was home at the time, so I read portions of it", Cindy breathed into my ear..

"As you know, April and Hanna have been best friends for years. April's home life isn't the best so it's not unusual for her to spend the night at my house. We don't have an extra bed, so when April does stay over, they sleep in the same bed, which is fine because they're girls".

As I continued stroking my cock, I took a brief break from the innocent scent perfuming the panties, so I could swipe the picture on the phone and get another look at April.

"One night when she was staying over, the two girls were talking while in bed. April was dating and she started telling Hanna about how she'd been making out with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend had started to reach under her clothes, but she stopped him. He was understanding, didn't pressure her and nothing else happened. April stopped him because she was nervous, having never done anything like that before. She was afraid she'd screw something up or he wouldn't like what she did, but most of all, she didn't know what to expect and that terrified her."

I removed my hand from my cock and Cindy took a break from her story long enough to re-wet it before flipping the picture off of April and back to Hanna.

Her voice was still low as she continued, "Hanna reluctantly told April she couldn't offer any advice because she hadn't ever done anything like that with a boy either. The two friends laid next to each other in silence for a moment before Hanna suggested, 'Maybe you wouldn't be so nervous if you just knew what it was like'."

My heart sped up and my cock twitched so I backed off from the way I was stroking my cock as I didn't want to cum before Cindy's story was over. I wasn't sure if the story was true or not, but in the moment it didn't matter. I'd never heard Cindy talk like this, especially about her own daughter. Even if this turned out to be a fictitious story, just knowing Cindy was actively encouraging me to cum like this was a step in her "training" I didn't think we'd reached yet . The only issue I had with any of this was....I didn't know if I could hold off cumming long enough to hear the entire tale.

"I think Hanna's reply had been exactly what April had actually wanted, but had been too afraid to ask for directly. April responded to her friend's implied offer by reaching under the covers and sliding both her pajama pants and panties off.”

Cindy continued her story as I stroked my cock lightly, the pajama picture staring back at me from her phone and scent from the panties begging me to wonder what it might have been like to be in the room that night. 

“Both girls laid in bed, under the covers, both naked from the waist down.  April turned towards Hanna and the lips of the best friends touched for the first time."

Cindy swiped twice, displaying the picture of Hanna in her bikini again, giving me the most unobstructed view of her body she could offer. She then slid her hips back on my legs slightly and moved her hand between our bodies.  Her gaze followed as her hand descended, allowing her to watch as I stroked my cock. My eyes left the phone and I watched intently as her hand disappeared into her panties, destined for her sensitive clit.

"They kissed and made out for a while before either girl allowed their hands to wander.  Hanna's hands roamed first, since April was the one who had expressed unease about what to expect. Hanna treaded cautiously as she touched, licked and soon sucked on her best friend's breasts.  Hearing the encouraging gasps and moans from her friend, Hanna inched her other hand lower until she discovered that April was very wet...nearly as wet as she herself felt. Hanna then did what any good friend would do...she lent her friend a helping hand"

"Hanna explored and fingered April's pussy as she sucked on and teased her breasts. It wasn't long before April's hands had found Hanna's breasts and then her pussy as well.  The two girls stayed up most of the night, touching, fingering and getting each other off.  The next morning they woke up next to each other, still wearing only their shirts. Instead of pretending like the previous night's activities hadn't happened, their hands went under the covers once more".

At this point Cindy pulled away slightly, her breathing more ragged as she rubbed her own pussy.  She spoke louder and more clearly as she stated words I'll never forget.

"Hanna ended her dairy entry by saying 'Last night we learned it feels better when someone else does it”. 

Upon hearing that I was ready to cum, but instead of Cindy looking down to watch the fruit of her gift and story, she leaned into me, pressing her body against me once more.

I heard her gasp in my ear before she spoke, "Hanna has only written about her time with April once more. She wrote about the first time they went down on each other, but I know those weren't their only times they touched each other.. After that first night, April started spending the night more often and then the naps during the day started. I've walked by Hanna's room at night, more than once, and it's been clear...they weren't sleeping. Plus, teenagers are never as subtle as they think they are.  They honestly believe nobody has a clue about what they've done, but I know, and now you do too."

I finally spoke and asked "How long ago was this?"

Cindy replied, "The dairy? Years ago, but it's never stopped. Even when one of them has a boyfriend, they still have the occasional sleep over. I don't think they see what they do as cheating since they're both girls. I think it's what Hanna said, it just feels better."

I could hear the arousal in Cindy's voice as she spoke, and even if she hadn’t been speaking at all, her arousal would have been obvious. The sound of wetness that came from between her legs, as she masturbated more furiously, betrayed any claim that she was unaffected by the events she'd set in motion, if she had dared to deny it.. 

Cindy then puts the phone down on the arm of the couch so I could still see it if I wish.   Taking the panties from my hand, she presses them against my face once more.

Her act of taking over and holding the panties had caused them to shift slightly and I couldn't smell the sweet scent nearly as well anymore. However, having her hold them to me, demanding through her actions that I imagine what her daughter's pussy would smell and taste like, made my cock tighten in response to this near incestuous implication.

Her eyes lock with mine and I see her fighting to hold back her own orgasm. I've known her long enough to know that once she cums she wants nothing more than to cum again. She was fighting to not cum so she could finish what she had started. She wanted to cum, she needed to cum, but she had started all this by saying today was about me, and she was determined to not derail her own plans, so close to the end, by cumming before I did.

Cindy's eyes darted to the panties covering the lower half of my face.  Her eyes then returned to my eyes so she could watch my reaction as she prepared to confess the depths of her sin.  With clarity in her voice she said, "April spent the night this week. Can you guess which panties I found in Hanna’s laundry the next morning, still wet?”

Despite everything that had happened that day, hearing that somehow surprised me. However, like everything else Cindy had done so far, I had no time to dwell on that surprise. 

No sooner than Cindy finished asking her question, her hand moved. I felt Cindy's finger starting to push the panties into my mouth.  I opened my mouth further to comply as she said, "Can you taste her? This is what April tasted when she ate Hanna's pussy. I want you to taste her"

I couldn't help it. I knew holding back wouldn't be an option for long as I heard Cindy demanding I actually taste her own daughter's pussy. 

As much as Cindy was watching me, I was watching her and I could see the uncontrollable lust filling her eyes as she urged me on.

I saw her facial expression change as she fought to keep her orgasm at bay, but the hand in her panties never stopped moving and her hips were now thrusting and grinding against my cock and my hand.  

Through her own gasps I heard Cindy half beg, half demand, "Cum. I want you to cum tasting her. Cum knowing I brought you this. Show me you like my gift. Cum for me...."

I couldn't have stopped my orgasm if my own life had been on the line.  My cock swelled and released, spraying cum over my hand and stomach, with smaller amounts coating Cindy’s panties and stomach.

I sat there, not knowing, or caring, when I'd last cum so hard or so completely. My legs felt weak, my feet tingled and I was slightly light-headed. During that time my cock continued to throb, refusing to go down, my own internal post-orgasmic relief echoed by Cindy's own on-going trembling and gasping.

Within a second of me starting to cum, Cindy had begun to cum as well. My release was all the permission her body needed to stop holding back. She'd achieved her taboo goal and there was no reason to deny herself any longer.

As she came, thrusting her hips against her hand and my cock, she pressed herself against me, wrapping an arm around me, holding me tight, and in doing, so she had let go of the panties.

As Cindy's orgasm finally diminished, I pulled the panties from my mouth and set them down next to me on the couch.  I smiled as I watched, and heard the final after-shock waves of orgasmic pleasure sweep over Cindy. With the scent from Hanna's panties no longer filling my senses a new observation was made. This new, and overwhelming fact, drove home the depths of Cindy's need....you could smell Cindy's arousal..

Still on my lap she gave a knowing grin and asked a simple "Did you like that?"

I couldn't help but smile as I replied, "More than you'll ever know".

Once more, Cindy proved she could surprise me if she set her mind to it. Without saying a word, she reached out to pick the panties up from the couch. Turning them inside out she used them to clean my cum off my cock, hand and then both of our bodies.  She then carefully folded them, and with no hint of jest in her voice she said "These are going back in her drawer when I get home. When I see them in the laundry again, I'll let you know".

Her final message delivered, she stood up. My cock was only now starting to show the first hint of going down, but my own need was far from satiated. 

I stood up as well and wasted no time before gently pushing her to the floor. Her legs immediately spread open for me as I lowered my face between her legs. Pushing her panties to the side I ran my tongue along her pussy and I heard her moan even before I reached her clit.  I had been teased too long with the idea of her daughter's pussy to delay any longer. Hanna's scent and the feint taste the panties offered to me had only made me crave a real pussy more. 

Cindy had made everything up until then about me, and that wasn't changing now. My desires had been awoken and Cindy wouldn't be leaving until I was certain her pussy would still be sore the next day.  After all, what better end to this day could there be than knowing both mother and daughter's panties had been sent home, stained with my cum?

However, as I continued to lick Cindy's pussy. thinking about how I'd use her next, another thought crept into my mind...


Rating: 92%, Read 85842 times, Posted Oct 29, 2020

True Story | Domination, Erotica, Female, First Time, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teen Female


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