JESINTA 6 - 16a (Boxing Gym) by Twistedsister

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Fiction | Anal, Black, Female, Old Male, Oral Sex

I turned 16 in April, and after I received a letter from the Federal Government. It stated that, I was now eligible for the youth student allowance called “AUSTUDY.”

That’s when, my home life suddenly drifted further, into chaos. Mum wanted all my allowance in her bank account. I knew full well if that happened, it would all go to the pokies or alcohol. I refused to sign them into her account. Then one day after a night at Mr. Anderson’s house, I found all my clothes and belongings, splayed outside. There was a letter on the door, written by my mother.

Note: “Jesinta, you are 16 now and I am no longer legally bound to house you, goodbye and good riddance.”

Well that was a shock. I immediately rang Mr. Anderson.

“That is bullshit,” He said, and offer me to stay at his home.

I accepted on the spot, without thinking it through rationally.

There was a spare room, which I could use as my main bedroom / study. He wasn’t going to take any board of me, but helped me; opened a new bank account in my name. My “Youth Allowance” went into that account.

So now, I was living with Mr. Anderson in his house. I had a room of my own, but it was mainly used for home work and storage. I spent most nights with him, in his bed. The only times I didn’t sleep with him was, when guests visited or stayed.

I also started practicing netball and self defense at the gym, after schools (Monday-Friday).

My trainer’s name is Jim Broadbent or Jimmy as he likes been called; he is an African-American and a former amateur boxer. I was learning basic self defense and kickboxing, from him.

The type of fighting I was being taught was a mix between wrestling and kickboxing. By mid-year I was learning fast and was sparring with some of other girls, but wasn’t good enough to beat them. I started staying back and doing special sessions with Jimmy. He would train me and point out special exercises, to work on. I would then shower. I rubbed my tight arms and stiff back as the water dribbled down my skin, and moved my neck and it made a crack. That felt good.

I had dried myself and was about to walk out and home, when I heard the shower running in the men’s shower. Curiosity got the better of me, as I pushed the door open.

I stood staring at Jimmy shower, with my mouth a gape. Oh my god, I thought to myself; standing like a deer or kangaroo in the headlights of an approaching motor vehicle by the door.

He spotted me watching him. When I noticed, I fled in embarrassment.

The sexual experience with Mr. Anderson lately that night, was extremely disappointing, that night. I simply couldn’t get the image of Jimmy’s big fat cock out of my head.

The next training session, Jimmy made no mention of the incident, in the shower. I was able to focus more on training. I still had the thoughts in my mind of what it would feel like to have it inside. He noticed at time my focus was a bit out and scolded for it.

A month past, before Jimmy wanted to see after a training session.

We met upstairs in the treadmill and exercise bike area, but on the balcony area.

“Jessy, Jessy, Jessy,” He said.

I could sense by the tone in his voice that I was in trouble.

“Look, your focus is somewhere else, you need to refocus or take a break,” He said.

I sighed and blew air out of my mouth, in a frustrated response.

“Also, you have got to stop watching guys shower, in a public area,” He said, but not angry.

I nodded my head, and looked down on the ground.

Embarrassed, I turned around and leant on the balcony rail; looking at the view from it.

When I turned around, Jimmy kissed me. Stunned at first, I looked into his eyes and kissed him back. His hands caressed my hips while we kissed, on the balcony.

“I am surprised,” I said. “Why, I think you are quite hot Jess,” He said, and returned to kissing me.

While he caressed my bare mid riff, I felt his bulge, in his pants.

He now was roughly squeezing my ass cheeks and slightly yanking my denim shorts, upwards while we embraced passionately.

I loved the attention he was giving me. I now was caressing his back; near his shoulders, with my eyes closed and kissing him. I then broke my embrace and stared into his eyes, with only lust. Licking my lips and smiling at him.

I then lowered myself onto my knees and I rubbed his bulge in his pants. My eyes then look at his, with lust for what was inside his pants.

I quickly unbuttoned his jean and unzipped them. When I had my hands around his big fat cock, my expression was like ‘WOW”. I had a smile, akin to a kid opening a present at Christmas.

“Wow, so big and all for me,” I said. As I stroked his cock, before licking and swallowing it's tip.

He just stood leaning on the balcony, saying nothing.

He moaned as I started to swallow his cock in my mouth. It was so fat, my mouth felt stretched. I tried removing his jeans but found that they were on to tight. So I gripped his belt tightly; and bobbed up and down his shaft. Saliva drooled from my mouth as I swallowed as much as I could.

Jimmy moaned and eventually, placed a hand on my head. At first he caressed my hair; before forcing me to fuck his cock with my head.

His cock was so fat, I was struggling for air. “Gak, gak, gak,” Was the sound coming from my mouth, as he had full control of my head.

His cock was so big inside my mouth; I simply wasn’t able to take all of it inside.

When he released me and I gasped for air; a heap of saliva oozed from my mouth.

Before Jimmy forced my head and mouth back down his cock, until I felt it down my throat. My eyes blinked with my heart pounding, as I was struggling to breathe.

Again he released me and I spat or spewed out, a cup full of saliva and went back to his big cock. Again and again, I was forced down on his cock then released, until I wasn’t being forced down on it anymore.

He was enjoying it, moaning and groaning. Although it was the fattest and biggest thing I had had inside my mouth, I continued to suck and spit on his lovely cock.

Every now and then he would force me down deep, while stroking and caressing my long hair away from the slag from his saliva coated cock.

Jimmy now was panting and moaning, and now really thrusting into my mouth. My eyes were blinking crazily as I struggled to breathe. “Gak, gak, gak,” Was all I could say.

I rolled down my tube top, and exposed my small titties.

Caressing and manipulating one of my small perky breasts, my nipples felt so sensitive, I let out a small moan with Jimmy’s cock inside my mouth. I gripped the base of his cock, while doing this.

My face fucking continued, I was feeling so wet now. I was scared to say anything as I wanted to be fucked, but not by this monster in my mouth. Well not just yet.

I was now panting, along with his moans and groans.

Jimmy now grabbed hold my hair, like in a pony tail, as I was fed his cock aggressively.

I had been gripping Jimmy’s cock, while sucking his cock on it; like a possessed banshee.

At times, I sucked and ran my tongue on his shaft, before gobbling it back in my mouth.

“Mmmh, mmmh,” I moaned.

I so wanted to please him, by the sounds of his moans; I was.

I would gasp for air and big blobs of saliva would ooze out. What a mess, I must have been.

When I got back to sucking I grabbed his cock, by the base of his shaft and then began stroking it. I was feeling so horny; that I sucked on the top half of cock, in feeding frenzied state.

I so wanted his cum, I at times stopped sucking and stroked the length of his sloppy big cock. Before going back to sucking on it; once again. I was so happy and so horny as well.

“Mmmh, arrgghh, mmmh arrgghh,” Was the sound of my horny sucking mouth.

Jimmy released my pony tail grip and caressed my head and hair.

I would stop briefly to catch my breath, gasping and breathing heavily; as if drowning in a pool.

While I did this, I would jerk his salami sized cock. Before inhaling one last breath and putting his cock back in my open mouth. “Mmmh, (wheeze), mmmh, (wheeze),” I was struggling to breathe.

“Yes, yes, open that mouth, open your mouth, and take it, yes, yes,” He mumbled.

Saliva was dangling from my mouth to the ground like an angry big dog’s slobber. I wasn’t caring about anything at this moment. I didn’t care if he bent me over and fucked me, hard with his salami sized cock. I was so fucking horny for cock, right now. But I had to suck it instead.

I took a breath and jerked his cock again, this was such an event. My eyes were struggling to open. I had sucked cock before but this one was wearing me out.

Back to it I went jerking and sucking the top half.

“That’s it, that’s it, suck my stuff out, baby,” He encouraged.

“Arrgghh, arrgghh, don’t stop, don’t stop, arrgghh,” He moaned out loud.

He then pulled his cock from my mouth, and jerked it near my right cheek. I had my mouth a gape and tongue out. Before he, pushed it back inside my hungry mouth.

He pushed it to quick and forced it into my tongue, while jerking it into my left inside cheek.

I felt my mouth fill up with his warm cum, and dribble out my mouth. I stroke his cock as he moaned out. “Arrgghh fuck, fuck, arrgghh,”

I stroked his cock and sucked cum and saliva from his shaft. His moaning made me happy, and I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked his cock and shaft of cum.

He pulled his cock away from my mouth, as it started to go limp. I blew cum and saliva bubbles at him as he pulled his pants up, and tightened his belt.

He smiled at me and scuffed my hair. “That was awesome Jess,” He complimented. I licked my lips and kept eye contacted with him.

I rubbed cum and saliva into glistened tits, before pulling my hoop top back over them. “See ya next session, Jimmy,” I said, and rubbed his crotch with a cheeky grin. He laughed, and walked away.

I took a quick shower and left the gym. Feeling sensational and horny, as I walked to the bus shelter and go home to Mr. Anderson.

>>>more soon.

Rating: 87%, Read 56756 times, Posted May 29, 2012

Fiction | Anal, Black, Female, Old Male, Oral Sex


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