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True Story | Blackmail, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Oral Sex, Teen Male

My name is Nick. This particular event in my life happened when I was a freshman in college. I was offered a full-ride scholarship for basketball at a Division II university. While I was certainly happy with the scholarship and the ability to play, I became a bit disappointed with my college experience within the first few months. The school had some strict policies that took away from the usual experience that many would have in college. The first was that all freshman and sophomore dormitories were dry, meaning no alcohol at all. In addition, all dormitories were highly segregated by gender and curfew policies were in place for visiting students of the opposite sex. To make matters worse, the school did not offer separate dorms for athletes, so I was just among the general population. My room felt more like a prison than a college dorm. There were two RAs who were in charge of our floor: Mike and Jake. Mike was in charge of patrolling all rooms in the east half, and Jake in the west half, which was my half. Mike, as it turned out, was a really cool guy. He was a swimmer for the school and generally had a lackadaisical approach, meaning east siders got away with a lot. Jake, on the other hand, was a virtual tyrant. He would do everything by the book. He relished writing guys up for even petty things. One night, my neighbor across the hall had a girl over. It was getting close to 9:00 pm, which was the curfew, and she was getting ready to leave. Jake stood by the door, knowing she was there, and kept an eye on his watch. The door opened and this girl goes to leave. Jake told them it was 9:01 and they were getting a write-up, which meant they had to complete a service project for the school (which were always dreadful) and it would get placed on their records. What an asshole.

During practice early in the season, I was talking to some of the older guys on the team. They mentioned how much of a prick Jake was, but that it was typical because he was on the soccer team. Now, for some reason, there existed this horrific rivalry between our basketball and soccer teams for years. I don’t know how it started and even the seniors aren’t quite sure when or how it started. All I knew is that we hated each other. One of the common slangs for our soccer players was “field fairies”, which my teammates commonly used. I didn’t necessarily like the term, but I felt peer pressure to use it as well. God forbid I get soft and my teammates start to question my masculinity.

I had always been and felt 100% straight. I had dated a few girls in high school, had sex with six different girls, and, being a star basketball player in high school, had always maintained an image of masculinity and confidence. I was pretty well built by that time. I became a gym rat in high school and lifted often. So I had a pretty chiseled physique. I stood at 6’5”, which was a reasonable height at my shooting guard position. I get the same question a lot since I stand fairly tall, “How big is your dick?”. My usual response is, “Big enough” which usually draws a chuckle, but when hard it goes a little over 8 inches.

One night in the late autumn, we won an immensely important game against our big rivals and we were ecstatic. I was seeing more and more playing time due to my recent performances and was lucky enough to catch fire and drop 22 points that night. A few of the guys wanted to go party after the game to celebrate, but those of on the team who were underage decided against it. Earlier in the season, a couple of sophomore players had been caught drinking and the team was given a zero tolerance policy by the coach. Anyone caught drinking underage could be booted of the team and their scholarships revoked. We decided after our showers to go back to our own dorms on this chilly Saturday night.

When I got back, my roommate, Kyle, had left a note saying he was gone for the rest of the weekend to visit his girlfriend at another school. My roommate was a cool guy and he had a hookup for alcohol if we ever needed some. I looked in the mini-fridge for some water and I noticed he had packed in about 18 cans of beer. It sounded refreshing, so I popped one open. I sat there, basking in the glory of victory and a great personal performance when I heard a knock at the door. Fearing it was Jake, I put the unfinished beer back in the fridge, closed the fridge door, and walked over to answer the door. Sure enough, Jake stood outside my door as I opened it.

“Hi Nick, I heard you guys won tonight.” Jake said. “Congratulations”, in a snarky tone.

“Thanks”, I said. Knowing full well his compliment was insincere.

Jake motioned his head towards my room, “I wanted to speak with you about something, if you have a minute.”

Oh shit, he wanted to come in. I was petrified and, despite doing everything to stay cool, I know my face must have turned a solid shade of red.

“Sure”, I replied. “Come on in.”

Jake sat down in the chair I was occupying previously, right next to the goddamn fridge. I sat in my roommate’s chair and tried to stay calm.

Jake was a decent-looking guy. Not muscular, but very trim. Not tall, maybe 5’10”. He had a bit of a babyface, so he looked like he was still in high school. He was wearing a white t-shirt with black Adidas athletic shorts, no shoes, and knee-high socks that I believe were issued to our soccer team. His brown hair was in a fade cut, with the top of it medium length and parted from the left of his head to the right. I gauged his darkish brown eyes, hoping to figure out his intentions. Did he know I had beer in the fridge? Maybe he was listening at the door when I popped the top. Maybe he’s just fishing.

Finally, he broke what seemed like an eternal silence. “Is Kyle out?”

“He went to visit his girlfriend. Gone for the weekend”, I replied.

“Oh, ok” Jake said. “I wanted to ask you a question.”

I nodded my head, prodding him to continue.

He began again, “You seem like someone who would want to stay on the good side of guys like Matt and me. I mean, I heard about the incident with the team last month and you guys are on thin ice. So I imagine you are going to do everything you can to stay on the straight and narrow.”

I was sure he had me, but I responded. “Yeah, we need to be on our best behavior. I want to stay on the team and I definitely want to keep my full ride here.”

“Good”, Jake replied. “Really good. Then I think I ought to tell you that I have some good contacts with several big names at this place. I mean, big names. People that could make very big decisions regarding punishment and reward. These aren’t casual relationships either. I mean these people have been friends of my parents since before I was born. So, in a way, I might be someone you’d like to stay on good terms with.”

I was confused. Why was he telling me all of this? If he thought he had me, why bother with this intimidation? “I get your point, Jake”.

Jake was quick to respond. “Great. Then you won’t mind if I ask you a favor then.”

Now I was really confused. Maybe he didn’t know anything about the beer. “What’s the favor?”, I asked.

“Well”, he continued, “I have a suspicion that some of the guys around here are hiding alcohol. I spotted two empty beer cans in the bathroom trash earlier. Since this is a freshman dorm, that’s obviously a violation of rules. My job is to make sure the rules are upheld. It’s hard for only one person to do that. Let’s be honest, Mike doesn’t do a damn thing around here, so I’m left to pick up the slack. I need help. So, you seem to get along with everyone. You guys eat together and hang out a lot. I need information. Help me out. I don’t need it right now, but if you happen to know someone is hiding alcohol in their room, get me the message. I swear, it won’t get back that you are a rat. As a matter of fact, I’ll find a way to get into their rooms legitimately, without busting in, and then I’ll uncover the alcohol.”

I was stunned. He wanted me to be an informant on my friends. I struggled for words, he noticed.

“Before you make a decision”, he continued, “I want you to consider what this would mean. I would be one hell of an insurance policy for you. Think about it. You are probably on edge already, worried about screwing up and getting kicked off the team or losing your scholarship. I can prevent that from happening. Trust me.”

I mulled it over in silence. It seemed I only had two options: be a rat or tell him to go fuck himself. I decided, however, that I would choose a third option. Agree to be a rat, but not actually give him anything.

“Ok, Jake”, I replied. “I don’t have much of a choice and I sure could use the safety net you’re offering here. I can do it.”

Jake’s grin seemed to stretch the whole of his face. “Great. I knew you’d be reasonable.”

Jake leaned back in the chair until it hit my bed frame. Under the frame was my fridge. He looked back, just to gauge where he was so he didn’t fall backwards in the chair, when he noticed the fridge. I gulped and prayed. His left hand reached towards the fridge handle. I was fucked. He opened it and peaked inside. In an instant, my stomach was in a knot. This was it. I’ve lost it all over a stupid beer. Jake reached in and then pulled out my open beer.

“Quite the stock you have here”, Jake said, looking at me as he held the beer can.

I gave up. If I was going down, the least I could do was save Kyle’s ass. “Jake, I could lie to you and say that was Kyle’s beer and I had no idea it was there, but I’m not going to do that. It’s my responsibility. It’s all my beer.”

Jake shook his head. “Wow, you had so much going for you, didn’t you? Future star basketball player. A team that, although I think they are a bunch of asshole losers, had a shot to go places because of you. Man, what a sad story. I guess there isn’t anything to do now but report you.”

I quickly responded. “Jake, I swear to God, let me follow through on this deal we just made. I’ll clear out the beer. I’ll inform on the guys. I’ll tell you anything you need to know. Just let this go.”

Jake shrugged. “Sorry, the deal expired when I found out that you broke the rules. I thought you were with the program. I was wrong. I can’t rely on you. Sorry.”

I was out of options. “Jake. What do you want? Name it. I’ll do it. I’m that desperate. Come on.”

Jake pondered my words. “Well...” He paused and I could tell he was thinking. Maybe I had a shot here. “No, you wouldn’t do that. If word of that got out, your punk-ass teammates would run you off the court anyway. So that can’t happen.”

“Try me”, I said. “I’ll deal with fallout later.”

“Seriously?” Jake asked.

“Yes”, I insisted.

Jake smiled again. “Ok, then I have a bit of a task for you right now, right here. This is it. You do this, the slate is clean, you don’t even have to inform on anyone.

Everything goes back to how it was.”

I was energized. Thank God. There was literally nothing short of sawing my own arm off that I wouldn’t do to fix this. “Name it and its done.”

“Ok”, Jake said. Only now his smile turned into a smug look of satisfaction. “I want you to pull my pants down and suck my dick.”

I was bewildered. “What?”

“That’s right” he said. “I want you to give me a blowjob.”

Jesus, I would have never guessed that’s what he had in mind. My instinct of course was to refuse. I wasn’t gay. I had no desire to give Jake head. And he was right, if it ever got out that I sucked a guy, especially douchebag Jake from the soccer team, I wouldn’t want to be on the team anymore anyway. Shit, I was in a bind. I don’t know how long I was in complete silence, but it must have been a while because Jake demanded an answer.

“What’s it gonna be, Nick?”

I had exhausted all options now. I could tell him no and then I’d be going home to two very angry parents and my dream in pieces or I could tell him yes and save my dream but possibly lose my dignity. I had to choose.

“Jake, if I do this”, I started, “will you guarantee me that it stays only between you and me. You won’t tell anyone?”

Jake replied, “Yeah, just between us. I swear. You can lock the door, close the curtain, whatever you need to do to make you feel safe. For my part, I won’t tell anyone. I just like the satisfaction of a basketball star sucking off this soccer player, or, as you guys would call me, a ‘field fairy.’”

Damn, this was more than just pleasure for him, this about revenge on the basketball team. But I still had no other options. “Ok”, I said. I stood up and did exactly what he suggested. I triple checked the door to make sure it was locked. I fussed with that window curtain for several seconds, making sure that no hint of a view could escape my room to the outside. Then I sat back down in the chair.

As soon as I sat, Jake shook his head. “No, no. You won’t want to sit there to get this done.”

It dawned on me that he was right. I slid out of the chair and got down on my knees. I looked up at him and I could tell he was waiting for me to start.

“Before you get to this”, he interjected, “There are some rules. This has to be good. Don’t just stick it in your mouth and suck it like a vacuum. I want you to make it fun. Get me hard. Tease me. Make your mouth do a little magic. If this isn’t good enough, if you half-ass this, not only does this get out, but you are kicked out as well.”

I started regretting this deal even more. I’m not going to be any good at this. I’ve never even thought about practicing on anything like a banana or pickle. How would I make this enjoyable for him? I started to think back to my high school prom night. After the dance, my date and I, Tori, got in my car to go to the after party when she had me pull into an abandoned parking lot. We got into the backseat and, I swear to God, that girl gave the most intense, amazing blowjob the world had ever known. She did everything. I was thinking, if I can remember back to just a few months ago and everything she did, every little move she made with her hands and her mouth, I may be able to pull this off. In basketball, coach draws up the playbook and I execute the plays. Tori wrote the playbook for me here, I just had to execute what she did.

“I understand”, I replied.

I put both of my hands on his knees and put myself in between them. I began rubbing his thighs up and down, as seductively as I could given the circumstances. He leaned back in the chair even more in satisfaction of what was to come. As I rubbed his thighs, I moved my hands closer and closer to his groin. After a few more inner thigh massages, my right hand moved in a path straight to his member. It was still somewhat soft. I rubbed the outside of his shorts, tracing his dick up and down the shaft. I could feel it getting bigger by the second. He gave out a short, low moan in appreciation. While my right hand did its work down there, my left hand moved to the bottom of his white t-shirt and lifted it up towards his chest, exposing his tight stomach. Again, it wasn’t muscular, it was smooth and flat. I lifted the shirt higher towards his shoulders. He grabbed it, pulling it off of himself and throwing it on the floor. I drank in his bare chest, hairless and flat, with lightly tan nipples which were hard and pointed. My right hand continued to rub his dick through his shorts, while I moved my face towards his stomach. I licked around his navel, slowly tracing a path up to his left nipple. I moved my tongue in circles around it, occasionally licking the top of it directly.

“Fuck yeah”, Jake let out in a whispery voice. He was enjoying this so far.

I made my way to his right nipple, giving it the same treatment, all while feeling his dick getting harder in my right hand. I gave his nipple the tiniest little bite which provoked a light groan from Jake. I lifted my right hand to his waistband and did the same with my left. I slowly pulled down the shorts until they hit the ground, then pulled them under his heels and then off of his foot, discarding them across the room. He was wearing blue boxer-briefs which were tight enough to highlight his now rock-hard erection. I leaned in and kissed his bulge lightly, moving from the top of it to the bottom and pausing briefly along the way to deliver a hot breath of air to his throbbing cock. I looked up to see Jake’s hands covering his forehead, in agony over the teasing I was giving him. Finally, after a few minutes of this teasing, I put both hands on the waistband of his briefs. I pulled down slowly. His dick moved downward with the briefs, as if it were reluctant to be exposed. I knew better, it wanted to come out and play. I uncovered the base of his dick, with a small covering of pubic hair highlighting it. I continued to work the briefs downward and revealed his dick inch by inch. I finally came to the head of his cock and, as I pulled down just another centimeter, his rigid member bounced upward and percussed against his stomach under his navel, making a skin-on-skin slapping sound that was strangely erotic to me. His dick was quite striking. Not the size of mine, probably a bit under 7 inches. What caught my eye was its features. Mine was more veiny and rugged, while his was smooth and almost sleek. It almost looked too perfect to be real, but it was. At this point I caught myself. I was admiring another guy’s cock, not out of curiosity, but out of lust. I had a difficult time thinking about it at the time, but I was turned on by this.

I put my left hand on the head of his dick and lifted it away from his body. Then I slowly curled my fingers so that it fully grasped the girth. I held it there as I moved my mouth close enough to smell the scent of his balls which, again, were a perfect shape, with a tight, virtually hairless sack showing off just how flawless dthey were. I moved in closer and began to lick his scrotum, starting in the middle, then working my tongue over his balls. I began to jerk his dick with my left hand, slowly pumping his meat from top to bottom back to the top. I opened my mouth and inserted his left nut into my warm, moist mouth and began to inhale through my mouth.

I heard Jake exclaim, “Holy fucking shit.” He was putty in my hands now.

I did the same with the other nut, trying to take it deeper into my mouth this time, all the while pumping away on his fat cock. I was surprised to see that my own cock was hard as well, as my 8 inches pushed against the boundary of my boxers.

After a few more minutes of this, I decided to get down to the business at hand. I moved upward, my left hand still grasping his sublime, pulsing cock. I moved my mouth to the tip of his cock. I reached out my tongue to the tip and quickly licked it like a lollipop. Then again. Again. Each time letting my tongue stay on it a bit longer. I went back down to the base of his cock and licked it from the edge of his ballsack up to the tip of his head. I moved my mouth to one side of it and began sucking the side of his shaft, maintaining contact between his dick and my tongue. I did the same to the other side, sucking it like I was sucking water through a straw. I moved back to his head and licked from his frenulum to his tip over and over. I flicked my tongue over it, teasing Jake mercilessly. I was having real fun now. I put the tip of his member in my mouth and sucked lightly, running my tongue on the underside of his head continuously. His cock was trembling, aching to shoot his load. I stopped, pulled back a bit, my mouth a fraction of an inch from his meat. I looked up. Jake had his eyes closed and his face pointed skyward. I waited, not doing a thing except holding his cock with my left hand. After a few seconds, I see Jake open his eyes and slowly look downward at me. His face gave an expression of disappointment, nonverbally asking why I stopped and begging me to continue. I had no plans to stop, I just wanted to see that face. I kept eye contact with Jake as I moved my mouth back down and took virtually all of his gorgeous, aching cock into my wet, warm mouth.

Jake let out a loud moan. “Jesus Fucking Christ!”

I moved my mouth up and down his shaft, pushing my tongue against its underside, moving my left hand up and down in rhythm to my mouth. I picked up the pace. Faster, harder. I began to moan as well, the vibrations of my moans granting Jake’s dick that much more pleasure. Sometime during all of this I had a moment of clarity, thinking about what I was doing. I was not afraid. I was not ashamed. I was loving this. I don’t know why, I just was. To this day, I’ll never be able to tell you why I was so good at giving my first blowjob, but it felt so natural to me.

I reached up with my right hand a placed it on Jake’s chest, rubbing it softly up and down, stopping occasionally to rub one of his nipples. Playing sports must have given me so much coordination, because with all of that going on, I had the presence of mind to take off my left hand, which was jerking his cock as I sucked it, and move it to his balls, fondling them gently in my hand.

At this point, Jake was practically howling in pleasure. One of my neighbors must have heard it. And it just got louder. “Fuck yes, baby. Don’t stop.” “Suck it baby.”

“Take that cock.”

His balls were getting tighter. I knew he must be close. I sucked even harder, desperate for him to blow his sweet load.

I looked up at him. “Tell me when you are going to cum.”

Jake, trying to gather his breath, replied, “Ok, you can make me cum on my stomach if you want.”

I looked at him square in the eyes. “Fuck no baby, I want you to cum down my fucking throat.”

This sent him over the edge. In no time at all, he shouts “I’m cumming baby!”

I plunge his cock back into my mouth, my lips urging his load to make its way inside of me. Jake’s right hand grabbed my hair, squeezing it and pushing me down harder. I loved it.

Jake lets out one final gasp and his cock pulses as it propels his sweet load of cum into my mouth. I feel another jet of cum, and then another. My mouth was almost full of his seed. Finally, I could feel that his dick had given me all it could. I pulled back and swallowed his wad, enjoying every drop that flowed down my throat. I begin to lick the traces of pearl cream left over on his cock and swallow it down as well as Jake sat back, breathing hard and drenched in sweat. As his cock went limp, he put his hands back over his temples and gave a quick, thankful chuckle.

He looked down at me and we made eye contact. “That was fucking unbelievable.”

“I’m glad you thought so”, I quipped.

He instantly retorted, “No seriously. You are straight?”

“Yeah”, I replied. “Why?”

Jake responded, “I don’t how that was your first time giving head. That was like being in a porn. Dude, what the fuck?”

I gave a short chuckle.

Jake’s face went from smiling to almost serious. “So, by now you’ve figured out that I’m gay, right?”

“Yeah”, I replied. “I think around the time you pushed my head down on your cock, I figured ‘Gee, I think Jake must like the fellas.’”

He burst into laughter, smiling a beautiful smile that I never really noticed until now. It was almost sweet in a way. I’ve loathed this guy from my first days on campus, but I saw something in him which made me wonder if I wanted him more than just sexually.

His laughter stopped and he reassured me. “Listen, obviously your problems are over. I definitely want to keep you around as long as I am able to.”

I smiled back at him. “Thanks, I appreciate that. But I might have another problem now.”

Jake got a concerned look on his face. “What is it? What do you need me to do?”

I stood up, pulling down my shorts and boxers, revealing my steel-like cock, standing at attention, throbbing like hell.

He looked down and gazed at my big, hungry dick, astonished.

I said to him, “Now we need to take care of this.”

Rating: 89%, Read 30802 times, Posted Mar 26, 2020

True Story | Blackmail, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Oral Sex, Teen Male


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