Innocent Asian Teen Turned Slave Part 4 by LongDickJohnson2281

Rating: 84%, Read 18848 times, Posted May 25, 2020

Fiction | Anal, Asian, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Domination, First Time, Group Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Slavery, Spanking, Submission, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Torture, Virginity, Young

Chapter 4: Anal gangbang

Throughout the week, Liam made sure to fuck the tiny Asian throughly. He made her give him regular blowjobs every other day after school. She got better and better every time she tried. In just two weeks after the little asian met her white master, she went from being an innocent baby girl to a blowjob slut.

It was amazing how quickly she could drain Liam’s balls now. Every day after school, she’d report straight to Liam’s tesla and wait for him to come to her. He’d order her into the car, force her to strip, and jam all nine inches of his thick cock into her little throat. The five foot tall Asian never really stopped gagging, but that pleased her master. The gagging sounds and constructing throat around his cock made him even harder. Sophia learned to breathe through her nose and deepthroat like a true slut by Friday.

Every day, Sophia became more obedient. She stopped questioning her white master— even in her head. Everything she did was to please her aster and his big white cock. Initially, it was to avoid punishment. But slowly and surely, Sophia learned to love being gagged by his massive cock and spanked by his belt.

Sophia’s absence afterschool became a strange phenomenon for her friends. The most worried was Sonya Lee, a Korean girl who was slightly taller and thinner than Sophia. Her boobs were much smaller, but her round face and slanted eyes made her look like a stereotypical Asian.

She voiced her concerns with all of her friends, but none of them really listened. All of them believed she was just going through typical teenage things in high school. Maybe the blonde boy was her new boyfriend or she just didn’t want to hang out with them anymore.

But Sonya knew something was wrong. She could FEEL it. Sophia seemed to always have that smelly white stuff on her face. What was it? She seemed to avoid going out with them and always stood by the red tesla after school. Why? Sonya decided to get to the bottom of it by waiting outside of her house on a Saturday.

Sonya saw Sophia leaving the house yesterday wearing her Halloween costume from the past two years. She wore a schoolgirl uniform, but also had cat ears on and a cat tail attached under her skirt. Sonya thought Sophia was merely going to some kind of party where people would dress up.

Sonya followed Sophia until they reached Liam’s house where Sophia entered. Sonya decided to sneak into the back yard and observer Sophia talking to a tall, strong, handsome senior. Sonya wondered why she’d be talking to someone so much older than her.

“Maybe Sophia got a new boyfriend and didn’t want to tell me?“ Sonya thought.

When Liam and Sophia went upstairs, Sonya checked to see if the sliding glass door into the house was locked. It wasn’t, so she went inside.

She quietly walked up the stairs fearing what would happen if any of them saw what she was doing. Liam’s bedroom door was open just a crack, and she listened intently to what he was saying.

“You’ve been a very good girl this past week Sophia, but you still made a couple of mistakes”

“I know master. I’m sorry.”

Liam grabbed an object out from under the bed. It was a short leather whip that looked incredibly menacing. Both of the girls eyes widened at what Liam held in his hands. Liam felt like a powerful god in that moment. He saw a terrified innocent little girl staring up at him in fear. He finally understood what his ancestors knew about slavery. The power that white masters felt when they whipped their black slaves was what Liam felt in that moment. In the modern era though, it was Asians that would be subservient to the white master race.

“Turn around and put your hands up against the wall” Liam said.

Sophia obliged and stuck her ass outwards while facing the wall. It reminded her of how her parents used to discipline her. She spent a long time standing in the corner facing the wall as a kid, and now she was doing it again. Sophia was on the verge of tears from humiliation and the anticipation of how painful that leather whip would be.

Liam removed Sophia’s skirt so that only her cat tail and bare ass was visible to him. Her ass seemed to always be partially bruised since even a full week of no spanking would never be enough for a long recovery. He slowly stroked her cute little ass and squeezed the soft flesh.

Sonya looked on in horror. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her best friend. How could she just let herself be dominated like this? She watched in horror as Liam raised the whip and was about to strike her naked ass before she screamed.

“NO! Don’t you DARE hurt Sophia! I’m calling the police!”

Sonya held down a button her phone until the emergency sound played. Liam looked on in horror before immediately taking action. He used his whip to strike Sonya’s hand. She instant dropped her phone and let out a blood curdling scream.

“Sophia disable the phone!” Liam ordered assertively.

Sophia was frozen for a moment. Her best friend tried to save her, but her master was urging her to stop herself from being saved. Sophia was very confused as to what she should do. But in that split second, she had finally become a completely submissive slave. She learned to listen to her superior white master and ignore her own reasoning. She disabled the emergency phone call with only one second remaining and looked to see what Liam was doing.

Liam was attempting to restrain Sonya but she continued to resist. Eventually, he managed to use some rope on his desk and tie her to his bed frame with her ass sticking out. Her hands were restrained.

“China doll, hold onto this Asian cunt’s hips and legs so that she doesn’t move around.”

“Yes, master”

Liam worked to quickly remove Sonya’s jeans and panties. The entire time, Sonya screamed, cried, and protested until eventually, her ass was naked in front of someone else for the first time in her life. She knew what was about to happen to her.

Sonya was Asian like sophia, but she wasn’t exactly the same. Sophia had big eyes, and was a bit chubby which gave her a nice round ass and titties. Sonya has slanted eyes, perky breasts, and a skinnier ass. Still, her ass was still a good enough candidate to test out Liam’s new whip.

Liam knew that the punishment was going to hurt, so he put Sonya’s own panties into her mouth and the duct taped it shut. Sonya smelled her own disgusting underwear and nearly vomited.



The sound of a whip hitting soft asian flesh sounded like a small firecracker during Chinese New Year. Sonya cried and squirmed around trying to cover her ass or avoid another hit, but Sophia was there to hold her in place. A single line appeared from the top right of her right ass cheek all the way to the bottom left of her ass cheek.

Liam continued to whipped his newest slave four more times. She was really bawling and crying in pain. Sophia felt a little bit sick that her master was this abusive towards her best friend, but in a ways he was happy that it was her best friend being punished rather than her. In a strange way, she was slightly turned on by Liam’s domination of Sonya. She felt weirdly comforted by feeling Sonya’s soft girly tummy.

“Do you want the spanking to stop?”

“Y-y-yes!! P-please!” Sonya said between her sobs.

“Are you ready to be a good submissive slave to your white master?”

“Yes!! I’ll do a-anything. J-just PLEASE don’t take my virginity! I’m Christian!”

“I promise I won’t” Liam partially lied. He planned to take the whiny bitch’s virginity one day, but today was all about conquering Sophia’s right little ass.

Liam’s plan worked like a charm. All he needed was just his whip, and any girl would fall in line with what he wanted. It was almost too easy. He could see why his slaveholder ancestors loved the whip.

Liam began untied her and ordered both of his slaves to take off their clothes and on their knees. For Sophia this was nothing new, but to Sonya it was terrifying. She was literally shaking and her heart was racing in fear for what would happen. She removed her shirt and bra revealing her little perky tits. Liam finally removed his massive cock. Sonya literally gasped at her first time seeing such a massive cock. Sometimes she had seen her brother and dad’s cock after the shower as a kid, but they were all tiny compared to Liam’s massive python.

“Okay here’s how it’s gonna work. Sophia, you’re gonna suck my cock. Sonya, you lick my balls. Make sure you do it well, or you’ll both be tied up and punished twice as bad as Sonya was. Understood?”

“Yes master” Sophia said obediently.

“O-okay” Sonya replied hesitantly.

“What did you just say?” Liam yelled.

“I mean... yes master” Sonya quickly responded.


Sophia moved first and started to lick the tip of his massive cock. Sonya learned her lesson and moved awkward beneath her best friend so that she could suck his massive balls. Liam felt an unprecedented amount of pleasure as he watched the two girls suck his dick. On his left, Sophia’s big brown eyes looked up at him subserviently. The cat ears and tail attached to her naked ass made her even more adorable than normal. Her nice round tittles bounced as she moved her face forward in a professional blowjob. On his right, Sonya’s slanted eyes also started up at him begging for mercy. Her perky little tits stuck out like little mountains. Normally, he’d have to pump his dick into her throat, but Sophia had gotten so good that she could easily deepthroat the first seven inches of his massive cock without problem. Even though Sonya was hesitant while sucking his balls, the feeling of two girls pleasuring him felt out of this world.

Liam grabbed his phone off of his desk and began to record a video of the two innocent Asian teens sucking him off. Both of them were such young high schoolers, and a few weeks ago, neither of them even had their first kiss. Now both of these innocent girls were turned into true sluts slobbering all over his massive cock. The two Asian slaves were so young and adorable with little baby faces slobbering all over his cock and balls. Sonya felt his balls expand and twitch in her mouth. He couldn’t hold back anymore, so he grabbed Sophia’s hair and came in her throat and mouth. Sophia desperately tried to swallow all of his cum fearing punishment, but so much of it flooded her mouth that she accidentally let some drip out onto her friend Sonya’s cheeks. Before Sonya could even react, Liam issued a new order.

“China doll, get on your hands and knees with your ass facing me. Chink, do the same thing but face me instead.”

“I’m korean” Sonya corrected him. She didn’t really understand why she felt like correcting him about a racial slur, but she did so anyways.

“Fine, gook” Liam said frustratingly “get on your hands and knees while facing me.”

With cum drilling down their faces, the two girls obediently obeyed their white master. The girls were in a ying yang position. Sophia’s ass was facing Liam and Sonya’s mouth was doing the same. Sophia had an idea of what was about to happen, but Sonya was still clueless.

Liam first stuck his cock in Sonya’s mouth. It obviously didn’t fit. Sonya wasn’t as trained as Sophia was so the korean constantly gagged and spit all over his massive head. When he finally released her head. Sonya felt relieved that it was over. She’d soon learn to never celebrate too early.

He then scooted over a little bit to the left and began to push against Sophia’s tight ass. Sophia groaned in immense pain. She never felt such pain and discomfort before. She squeezed as hard as possible to eject the colonizer, so Liam only managed to get the first couple inches of his tip in. It felt like he was going to tear her ass apart with his massive cock, and he struggled to even get the tip of the spear in. He finally gave up and turned back towards Sonya.

Sonya’s eyes widened in shock as she realized what Liam was about to do. She was about to stick his disgusting cock that had just been in her best friend’s ass into her mouth. She gagged just thinking about it.

“No... no! You can’t make me suck—“

Her words were cut off with Liam entering his newest slave’s mouth. He continued to feel her soft smooth tongue against the underside of his dick. He made sure to fuck her throat extra hard as punishment for the protest.

Sonya constantly felt like she was going to throw up. Liam’s cock was so massive that she had to street out her lips, and his constantly rammed into the back of her throat. Nevermind the disgusting feeling taste of his cock.

At one point, Sonya thought, “I’m eating Sophia’s ass”

Right then and there she threw up on Liam’s cock. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to cover his dick in a new lubricant. He made a mental note to punish her later, and swiftly moved to Sophia while Sonya was coughing.

When Liam’s hand moved to Sophia’s hips, she immediately tensed up.

“Relax” Liam said softly while stroking her back gently.

The little asian relaxed. Liam leaned forward and began to whisper softly into Sophia’s ear. She began to calm down and loosen up. Liam slowly penetrated her tight little asshole while whispering. Sophia squirmed and whimpered quietly, but stayed mostly in position.

Suddenly, Liam thrust his cock forwards until the head of the python finally colonized the last unchartered foreign hole.

Sophia screamed again as she finally lost her precious anal cherry. She completely lost her innocence, and was now officially an adult. She went farther with this white man than most Asian girls who were older than her.

“Ughhh oh oh owieee” she cried and groaned as she tightened her sphincter. Liam firmly held her hips and tried to push in further but to no avail. Her ass was too dry, and she was squeezing his head too much. His cock practically popped out of her ass.

Liam then decided to do what he should’ve done a while ago. He spit on his fingers and began to rub them into her tight little ass. Then he had a brighter idea. He removed his finger from her ass, and put it in front of Sonya.

The little Korean instantly turned her face away at the smell of shit coming from his fingers.

“Suck on it” he ordered firmly. Fearing another harsh thrashing, she slowly moved her mouth forward and began to suck on his fingers. She slobbered them in spit before Liam continued to finger Sophia’s tight ass.

After a couple minutes of this, Sophia’s ass was finally moist enough to fuck. He reinserted his massive cock into her tight ass and began to pump back and forth.

Sophia felt excruciating pain in her ass as Liam continued to pump back and forth. It genuinely felt like a giant piece of shit was being shoved up her ass constantly. The entire time she moaned and groaned in pain and pressed her face to the ground. She felt like she was gonna pass out every time Liam pushed deep into her ass. Her entire body was covered in sweat and she braced herself on the ground like a submissive little Asian slut. Her hands constantly pounded on the ground and her knuckles would turn white from forming fists.

Liam felt like he was in heaven once again. Never before had he ever felt a hole as tight as Sophia’s little ass. White girls tended to be bigger and more mature. Tiny little Sophia had an asshole like no other. His cock was almost as wide as Sophia’s wrist. From his point of view, it looked like he was shoving a massive arm into the itty bitty Asian pussy. He had to pump slowly for fear that he would hurt his own cock. Sophia’s tight ass muscles massaged his dick like a Thai whore, which caused him to constantly moan in pleasure.

Sonya was genuinely shocked as she stole a couple glances at what was happening. A mature senior like Liam was really fucking the petite innocent Asian teen. Sophia was so small that it seemed outrageous that Liam’s massive cock would even fit inside her little asshole. Sonya réalisée that she effectively helped lubricate the entrave and just prayed that she wouldn’t be next.

Eventually, after a couple minutes of pumping, Liam realized that he was running into the same problem as he ran into when fucking her pussy. He couldn’t get all nine inches inside. Once again, he had a plan.

“Stand up and put both hands against the wall” Liam ordered as he pulled his cock out.

Sophia groaned in pleasure as she finally ejected his massive member. Her little Chinese asshole puckered outward after ejecting his dick. She was in so much pain that she could barely stand. Nevertheless, she managed to wobble her way to the wall and press her hands against it. She stuck her ass out like Liam wanted.

Before Liam stood up, he fucked Sonya’s face one more time to get more lube onto his dick. She didn’t complain this time. As usual, Sonya’s untrained little throat produced saliva and mucus to help lubricator his entrance. Sonya’s face continued to contort at the taste of her best friend’s ass, but she was able to keep from vomiting this time.

Finally, Liam stood above his little China doll and began to push his cock into her small ass. Sophia braced herself against the wall, but had trouble tolerating the pain. Liam held onto her soft hips tightly as he slowly fucked her ass. It was still too tight to penetrate her all the way. His left hand grabbed her small, squishy, peach sized titties and began to squeeze them, causing her to moan. Then, he used his right hand to start stimulating her clit and finger fuck her. He kissed her neck and lips as he continued to work on her small round tits and little pussy.

Sonya wanted to stop him and do anything she could to prevent him from hurting her best friend, but every time she thought of moving even an inch from her position, the pain of her own ass would tell her no. If she so much as moved an inch away from her doggy position, her white master would whip her ass cheeks again. Sonya began to accept her place as a little asian slave. Instead, she observed a horrifying sight: a giant six foot tall mature white man standing over a petite, cute five foot tall Asian girl who barely hit puberty. Her best friend was being dominated and humiliated, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Sophia’s face was contorted and covered in tears. She was surprising quiet during the domination, only letting out small moans and yelps like a real bitch. Liam looked like a white beast with his pale, muscular cock and body absolutely dominating Sophia’s tiny little ass through repeated, short thrusts.

Liam continued to pump inch by inch into her tiny little ass. His constant stimulation of Sophia allowed her to relax, which enabled him to move in eight inches into her little ass. Finally, Liam made one big thrust and successfully jammed all nine inches of his python into her little ass.

Sophia let out a loud screech, but she was confused on whether she felt pleasure or pain. Everything happened so quickly. At first, she reached her climax which caused her own ass to tighten around Liam’s cock. He moaned, but managed to keep in his cum. Sophia’s ass tightened so hard that it actually tore itself open, and blood began to seep out of her ass as Liam thrusted into her. The orgasm rocked Sophia’s body so hard that she nearly passed out. Her legs went weak, but Liam reaches under her waist to holder her in place. The white master was so close to cumming now, and he needed to take action.

“Sonya, roll over on your back!” Liam half yelled and half groaned.

Sonya was confused as to what was happening, but she quickly obliged, fearing punishment. Liam easily picked up his little China doll and placed her doggystyle on the ground with her knees to the left and right of Sonya’s face. Sophia was now practically in a 69 position with her best friend, and her pussy and asshole were just a foot above her face.

“China doll: lick her pussy. Now!” Liam ordered.

Sophia the China doll was still dazed and confused from her orgasm, but she her hazy mind still complied and obeyed her master. Her mind had a passing thought that initially protested since she wasn’t a lesbian, but it was instantly overruled by the punishment that she knew would follow if she disobeyed.

Sonya the gook whimpered as her pussy was licked by someone for the first time. Sophia was amateur when it’s came to eating out girls, but it felt strangely good to her. To Sonya, felt so uncomfortable and strange, but it sure as hell beat being viciously whipped. Liam stuck his cock where it belonged in Sophia’s ass. He pumped as hard and fast as he could for thirty seconds. Sophia’s blood and Sonya’s spit aided his repeated invasions of her worn out little ass. All the lubrications allowed him to pummel her ass with all nine inches of his sword. His repeated thrusts caused Sophia’s ass to constantly jiggle. Sophia let out a constant groan and yell as her insides were being turned inside out. Sonya could see all of it happening from her position under Sophia’s pussy. Liam’s balls loudly slapped against Sophia’s little cunt until finally, he groaned loudly.

Liam came extremely hard. Sophia lurched forwards and moaned into her best friends pussy. Cum poured into Sophia’s sphincter and even started to go into her intestines. She felt disgusted, but knew better than to protest what was happening. Liam came seven times into her ass. Tiny Sophia couldn’t hold that much cum, so a mixture of cum and blood dripped down from her ass and onto Sonya’s face.

“Ewww!” Sonya cried as the gooey mixture poured onto her face. She wasn’t expecting what was about to happen. Liam pulled his cock completely out of Sophia’s ass. Sophia relaxed, and even more of the gooey mixture poured out of her ass, and directly onto her best friend’s face.

Sonya wanted to scream, but when she opened her mouth to do so, she tasted cum, blood, and shit. The disgusting mixture was all over her face. It sealed her eyes shut. It coated her cheeks, and now it was in her mouth. She felt absolutely humiliated and dominated, just like Liam wanted.

Liam roughly pushed the China doll’s ass forwards and used his phone to take pictures of the Gook covered in goo. He snapped multiple pictures of both of them completely humiliating the young girls. Sophia’s little cat ears and tail were still attached to her. Cum and blood continued to pour out of her ass in the picture. A crying little Korean was next to her with cum and blood all over her adorable baby face. He took a couple seconds to admire his work while Sonya sobbed and Sophia recovered from her orgasm.

He looked at the two asian slaves that he dominated, and grinned at the power he had over them.

Rating: 84%, Read 18848 times, Posted May 25, 2020

Fiction | Anal, Asian, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Domination, First Time, Group Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Slavery, Spanking, Submission, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Torture, Virginity, Young


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