Incestuous Harem's Passion 15: Brother and Sister Cross the Line by mypenname3000

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Incestuous Harem's Passion

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Fifteen: Brother and Sister Cross the Line

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

April 10th, 2027 – Pam Elliston

I watched Isaac and Catherine through the living room window, She held the DVD in one hand while her other clutched to her brother. I smiled. The odds of them having sex tonight was great. I had them on a fast course towards incest; a lot faster than I would at my therapy session.

But they had moved in together on the same street as Clint Elliston. That spoke volumes to me. It was there, in the back of their mind. I saw it. I didn't need to awaken them to incest because they were already thinking about it. When Melody and I visited them the day before to drop off the casserole and welcome them to the neighborhood, I could see it in how they looked at us.

They were wondering about the very subject.

“That went great,” Clint said.

I turned around to my brother-husband in time for him to scoop me up and throw me over his shoulder. I gasped and then burst into giggles as he carried me through the living room and the rest of our family.

“Pam's getting fucked,” Lee said, trembling from the vibrator buried in her pussy that had been buzzing away.

“I am!” I said, beaming at them all, my black hair swaying about my shoulders. My mother gave me a loving smile. Zoey already had Stefani eating her out, licking up the load of cum that Clint had fired in her. Our kids were over the Miharas' all night. Things would get wild here.

“Cum,” Clint told Lee as we strode by her.

“Master!” she howled and surrendered to her lust. She fell back into a chair, gasping and moaning and shuddering.

Clint marched me up the stairs as I moaned, “They're going to bang tonight, Clint. They're going to bang each other so hard. We changed them.”

He chuckled.

“You'll see. Tomorrow, they'll try to hide it, but you'll see.” I shivered, just imagining the brother and sister succumbing to their lusts for each other. Then I had to manipulate them into going for their parents. An estranged father needed his daughter's love, and the mother needed her son's passion.

It would be so hot.

Clint marched us to the master bedroom. I squirmed in delight, so excited by tonight. He threw open the door. He didn't bother closing it. No hiding from our children tonight. We could be loud and noisy and have such a wicked time.

My hair flew as Clint dropped me on the bed. I shuddered, squirming, newly pregnant with our second child. My hips squirmed from side to side, the skirt to my dress fluttering up. Clint had such hunger in his eyes. His strong hands thrust my legs apart.

He stared down at my thick, black bush. I shuddered then flicked my eyes to the doorway. Our family crowded inside it. I smiled at the sight of them watching. Staring. Melody and Alicia at the front, our mothers behind them.

Melody winked at me.

Clint's face buried into my bush. He pressed into my cunt. My half-brother and husband licked at my pussy. His tongue darted up through my pregnant folds. I groaned, loving the feel of him attacking me. My thighs gripped him. I held him tight, undulating my hips and grinding my face against him. I just loved the feel of him.

His tongue thrust into my pussy lips. He churned me up in a flash. I gasped and shuddered at the pleasure rushing through my body. My hands pulled at my dress, ripping it up my body. I had to get it off. Get naked.

I squirmed and shuddered, thighs gripping my brother's head. Then I threw my dress off, my round breasts constrained by a bra. His dark eyes stared up my body as I did this. He licked and lapped at my cunt. He devoured me.

“Clint,” I groaned, shifting to reach beneath me, flexing my stomach to half sit up and unhook my bra.

“Just cum on his mouth, Pam!” Melody shouted.

“Cream Daddy's mouth, Mommy-Pam!” Alicia cheered, bouncing like a little girl.

I flashed my half-sisters a big grin. “I will. Oh, yes, he's got his tongue wiggling inside of me.

Bra unclasped, I slid the straps down my shoulders and threw it to the side. My round breasts came into view. My tits jiggled as I fell back down to the pillows. Clint feasted on me. He had his face buried in my black bush. His tongue swirled around in me.

It was amazing. I shuddered, my orgasm building fast. It had been exciting teasing Catherine. Opening her up to the ideas of incest. I shuddered, the pleasure rippling through my body. My hips wiggled back and forth, grinding on Clint's mouth.

It was incredible. A delicious treat to experience. My brother feasted on my pregnant pussy. He'd bred me and Melody again. That was so exciting. I wanted to cum hard. My hips wiggled from side to side, grinding on his hungry mouth.

“Clint! Clint!”

“Mmm,” he groaned and flicked his tongue up to my clit. “You're going to cum fast, aren't you?

I nodded my head.

“Turned on by guiding those two into incest.” He flicked my clit again. The bud burst.

“So turned on!”

“Then show me!” He sucked on my clit.

“Clint!” I moaned. “Oh, Clint, yes, yes! That's great. That's amazing. Mmm, you're going to make me cum!”

The pressure on my bud sent me screaming to my orgasm. I hit that wonderful peak. My hands grabbed my tits. I squeezed them as I shuddered. My pregnant pussy clenched down tight. His lips nursed.

I exploded.

I cried out in wordless pleasure. The rapture surged through me. Wave after wave of delight washed through my body. I bucked on the bed, juices gushing out of me. They bathed my brother-husband's mouth.

“Oh, god, Clint!” I moaned.

“Go, Pam, go!” Melody whooped.

“Yeah, Mommy-Pam!”

“Oh, Mistress, you look so sexy!” my mother moaned.

“Yes, you do!” Clint growled, rising as my body trembled through the rapture surging through me.

His cock thrust out hard before him. It bobbed and twitched with his heartbeat. I stared at it and groaned, the pleasure surging to a wicked peak in me. I wanted him in me. Fucking me. I wanted him to mount me and pound me hard. It would be incredible. I had to feel that big dick slamming into me. I wanted to feel him ramming into me.

He crawled over me. He mounted me and thrust his cock deep into my cunt. Hard. I shuddered at the feel of his dick sliding into me. The big, thick shaft thrust into my snatch. I whimpered, my pussy squeezing down on him, still writhing and spasming. My pleasure still surging through me.

“Oh, god, Clint!” I whimpered, staring up at his face dripping in my pussy cream. The tart aroma filled my nose.

He grinned down at me, his cock soaking in my writhing cunt. He savored his handiwork, letting my orgasm ripple through me, massaging his cock while he just watched me. I trembled and thrust my arms up. I encircled his neck and then pulled him down to my mouth. He kissed me with hunger. His tongue thrust into my mouth.

I groaned into the kiss. I loved the feel of him. The taste. His tongue danced with mine. I groaned, closing my eyes and savoring that wonderful taste of him. Feel. My arms held him tight. My body shuddered beneath him, nipples rubbing into his chest.

My orgasm died down.

Then he moved.

His cock pumped away at my pregnant pussy. His big dick pumped in and out of me. I savored the celebratory passion of my brother driving his dick into me over and over again. The bed creaked while our sisters and mothers watched.

My pregnant pussy clenched on him. I kissed him with hunger. My tongue danced in his mouth. The pleasure surged through me with his every plunge. His pubic mound rubbed into my clit, massaging my sensitive bud. My cunt gripped him. Drank in the friction.

I loved it.

Loved him.

My sexy brother.

I ran my hands down his back, massaging his flexing muscles as he drilled his cock over and over into me. The pleasure was incredible. The rapture surged through my body. It was an incredible delight. The bliss that danced over me. I squeezed my cunt around his cock. I held his dick tight in my twat.

The pleasure surged through me. My hips wiggled from side to side. My fingers grabbed his ass, holding him tight. He pumped deep into my snatch. Hard into my cunt. He plowed into me with power. Force. He would make me cum.

And I would enjoy every moment of it.

My tongue danced with his. My pussy clenched around his cock as he buried into me again and again. He rammed to the hilt in me. He fucked me with strength and vigor. The bliss swept through my pussy with his every plunge. A wonderful passion that I was just so delighted to enjoy. I groaned and whimpered, my snatch squeezing around his girth.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned, breaking the kiss.

“Are you going to cum again?” he asked.

“You fucking better believe she is!” Melody shouted.

“Are you going to make me cum again?” I moaned, staring up at him while my fingers stroked down his back.

He gave me a confident, cocky grin and rammed his cock to the hilt in me.

I shuddered at the feel of him burying into me. That big dick of his slammed hard. Fast. Just filling me to the hilt again and again. It was tremendous to feel. A wild delight. I groaned, clenching about him as he pumped away at me.

Hard thrusts. Powerful pumps. My clit throbbed. My snatch squeezed around him. I came closer and closer to my release. My hands stroked down his back as I moaned, “Right now, they're watching the DVD of you fucking Alicia and Zoey. They're witnessing brother and sister incest. It's making them wet. Hot. They're going to fuck!”

“Shit!” he groaned, his balls smacking into me.

“I know!” she groaned. “In a year, she'll be having his baby. We're changing the world. Slowly. Surely!”

“Love you!” Clint groaned and kissed me again.

His cock buried into my cunt while his tongue thrust into my mouth. I shuddered, savoring the feel of him in me. The friction sent me mover the edge. As he drew back, my cunt burst into rapture. My orgasm spasmed through me.

My cunt massaged my brother's cock as he thrust back into me. My pregnant depths ached for his seed to pump into me. I gasped and shuddered, trembling in delight. The rapture burned through me. This wild ecstasy that rippled through my body.

Incredible delight.

Amazing bliss.

My cunt surged with rapture and ecstasy as he buried back into me. The bliss burned through my body. My cunt writhed and spasmed around his thrusting cock. Every moment sent more waves of rapture washing through my veins. Stars burst across my vision. I clutched him tight. I held him close to me.

He buried into me and groaned.

His cum pumped into me. I reveled in my brother's seed filling me up. It was such a great delight. An amazing bliss. My breasts rubbed into his strong chest as I bucked beneath him. He grunted. Groaned. Filled me.

I reveled in our incestuous love and knew that another pair of brother and sister were hurtling to their own forbidden passion.


Isaac Nicholson

“Shit,” I muttered as I sat down on one end of the couch in the house the department rented as our “cover” home. I had a legal pad on my lap, pencil in hand. I was ready to take notes on the video. Analyze it. Heat pumped wildly through my veins. This growing terror grew in my veins.

The memory of Clint fucking Zoey before filled my mind. His own sister. Incest. Illegal, illicit, forbidden sex. They came from the same mother. Had the same father. Just like Catherine and myself.

My sister, my undercover partner on this assignment, sat beside me, her own legal pad resting on her thigh. She had hanged into pajamas. Flannel pants and a tank top. Her breasts were round and perky. The tattoo of a Chinese dragon biting its own tail, matching the one over my heart, peeked out amid her cleavage. She wore her black hair in a ponytail. A fit girl. Athletic. A few years a cop.

Just like our father.

“You ready?” she asked, not looking at me. She picked up the remote.

“No,” I muttered. I was not ready to watch incest. But it was our job. My old mentor, Detective Nelson Tucker, had given us this undercover assignment. He and Detective Savage had hit a dead end. A roadblock. They just couldn't quite gather enough evidence for the DA to begin prosecution. Not against a man as connected as Clint Elliston.

If this DVD held what it promised, we had him.

I just have to watch it. Get through it. With my sister. My sexy sister. All those memories of beating off to her when I was younger flooded my mind. How I used to lust for her. And why not, she had blossomed into a gorgeous woman. Her nipples poked at her top. She was excited.

The DVD lurched into play.

It was of a little girl sneaking down the hallway. She wore a frilly, pink smock and knee-high white socks. Her head turned around to wink at the camera. It was Alicia Elliston, her glasses giving her face a mischievous quality. She wore her light-brown hair in ringlets that framed her features. She looked a decade younger. Maybe more.

She reached a door and opened it. A sleeping Clint appeared. The room was dark, but not enough that you couldn't see. Alicia quivered there. She let out a whimpering moan and then crept into the room.

“I've wanted to suck my big brother's cock so much,” she whispered, narrating to herself.

“Jesus,” I groaned, my dick on fire. I glanced over at my sister. She licked her lips and leaned forward, dark eyes glossy.

“This is my chance,” Alicia cooed. “I know he'll love it. He'll love me for it.”

Had my sister ever wanted to do that to me? What were her early masturbatory fantasies? She reached the bed and threw back the covers. She exposed Clint's cock. A big, thick, throbbing slab that thrust out from his crotch. He twitched and throbbed, hard.

She grabbed him. My cock ached. I imagined Catherine ducking her head down with the same girlish enthusiasm as Alicia had for her brother. The girl didn't hesitate to swallow his cock. She slid her lips over his dick.

“Got him,” said Catherine. “Look at her go.”

“Yeah,” I said, marking down the timestamp and writing: Alicia initiates blowjob with Clint. “This is...”

Catherine nodded. She squirmed, her thighs pressed tight. She leaned forward, watching Alicia suck her brother's cock. My little sister looked almost studious as she watched the wild sight. The vein in her neck throbbed and pulsed.

God, she was so sexy.

I shook my head. I couldn't be thinking these thoughts, but Alicia's sloppy blowjob echoed in the background. I was a cop. I'd sworn to uphold the law. Not to break it. Not with my sister. An errant strand of black hair spilled down her flushed cheek, escaped from her ponytail.

“Little sister?” Clint moaned. “Oh, damn, what are you doing?”

Alicia popped her mouth off his cock, her ringlets swaying, the camera operator moving around to capture the joy on her face as she moaned, “I'm blowing my big brother's cock. I'm loving you, brother, the way I always wanted.”

“You shouldn't do this,” Clint groaned.

“Why? Because we're related?” She licked his cock. “What's so wrong with that? I love you. Don't you love me?”

Catherine squirmed.

“Yes,” Clint said after a breathless pause. “I love you, little sister.”

Alicia beamed at him. “Then what's the problem? We love each other. Why shouldn't we enjoy each other? Who cares what the world thinks. I love my big brother! It's none of their business if I do this!”

She engulfed his cock.

Catherine wrote down on her notepad.

I was supposed to be taking notes, not thinking about my sister. I looked to the screen, watching Alicia bob her head. My dick throbbed in aching agony. I wanted to be in Clint's place. To feel Catherine work her mouth up and down dick.

“Fucker,” I muttered. Clint had screwed me up fucking Zoey before me. Putting these ideas in my head.

“What did you say?” Catherine asked, her voice distant.

“Nothing, Cat,” I muttered.

“Yeah, nothing,” she said, squirming. “She's very... enthusiastic.”

I nodded. “Ever... sucked cock like that?” Then I groaned. “Sorry, I don't know why I asked that.”

“I never have,” she said. “Never found a guy that turned me on that much.”

“Little sister!” groaned Clint. “I've imagined this so many times. You sucking me. Loving me. I can't... I'm going to cum in your mouth.”

Alicia sucked so hard. So happy. She loved her brother's cock. My chest rose and fell. I gripped my pencil and legal pad. My dick had never been harder. I wanted to sneak off and rub one out. My sister rocked now, her eyes locked on the screen.

Clint grunted. Groaned. “Little sister!”

Alicia popped her mouth off his cock and his cum fired into her face. A money shot. Incestuous proof that would send them both to prison. I wrote that down on my notepad watching as he basted her face. Witnessed the abject joy in Alicia's eyes.

Catherine's dark eyes danced in my mind, face dripping in my seed.

“Now your turn, big brother!” Alicia said and ripped off her smock, exposing her body that wasn't nearly as girlish as her outfit. Firm breasts, curving hips. “Eat me!”


Catherine Nicholson

“He's, uh, really eating her,” I said, watching Alicia grind on her big brother's face. My pajama bottoms were soaked.

Why had I changed into this outfit? I told myself it was to be more comfortable. But my PJs? No panties? No bra? My nipples were so hard. My pussy so wet. This was turning me on. I rubbed my thighs together, my heart thundering in my chest as I watched the illicit, incestuous sex.

“Wow,” I said.

“Never had that?” my brother asked.

I shook my head slowly. I had never had close to a fifth of the passion Alicia experienced from her brother. This wasn't fake. I could tell that she was in heaven, her little titties jiggling. She ground her snatch on his face.

“Not even from that Black guy?”

“He was the worst in bed.” I glanced at my brother, his cheeks flushed. He had a dark shadow of whiskers following the strong lines of his chin. His t-shirt fit tight across his chest. He was Clint's age. My big brother... Strong and powerful.

The first guy I'd ever masturbated to.

“You ever make a girl scream like that?” I asked as Alicia kept riding her brother.

“A few.” He shrugged. “I guess. At least, they sounded enthusiastic and... Damn.”

“Big brother!” Alicia howled as she clearly came on her brother's face. Juices ran down his chin, captured by the HD camcorder or phone recording it. Probably a phone these days. Her breasts quivered. “Love you!”

I swallowed. That passion... Was it because Clint was that good, or because they were brother and sister? Did incest make it hotter? I licked my lips and pressed my thighs together. My clit throbbed. I couldn't remember the last time I'd been so turned on.

Alicia then threw herself off her brother's face. She had so much perky energy. She spun around and straddled his cock. She lowered herself down and impaled herself on his incestuous dick with skill. She was a pro at doing this. Alicia engulfed him in a flash. She took every inch of him in her pussy.

Joy flashed across her face. She had her brother's cock in her. Her head threw back as she moaned out her delight. She arched her back and rode him with such wild enthusiasm. She put her all into her loving her big brother's cock.

“Jesus,” groaned my brother.

“Big brother!” Alicia howled.

“Big brother!” moaned through my mind, my pussy imagining Isaac's in me.

I swallowed, studying him. “Have you ever...” My words trailed off, embarrassed. I almost asked if he'd ever masturbated thinking about me. “Never mind.”

“Yeah,” he croaked, glancing at me. Our eyes met. “I did. I have.”

“You don't know what I meant,” I said, trying to break away.

“Did you?”

“Yes, yes, yes, big brother!” Alicia moaned in the background as this energy seized me. My brother's question echoed in my mind, mixing with the fantasy exploding through my nethers. “Cum in me, big brother.”

“Cat?” he asked.

I nodded. My heart pounded. This had to stop. I had to leave. I couldn't do this.

I leaned towards him.

Flee. Flee. This would be incest. I was a cop. I was investigating incest.

My brother scooted closer. So strong. So powerful. So handsome. Just like I imagined he was when I masturbated a decade ago.

You buried those desires because they're wrong.

“There's nothing wrong in loving your little sister, big brother!” Alicia howled. “Every little sister should do this!”

That treacherous cunt. She would be going to prison for this. So would my brother and me if we did this. If we were found out.

Who would know?

My brother's strong hand cupped my face. His thumb stroked my chin.

“We shouldn't do this,” I whispered.

“No,” he groaned. His other hand seized my face. He stared into my eyes. “No, we shouldn't, Cat.”

“It's wrong. Incest.”


He kissed me.

Alicia squealed in the background, cumming on her brother's cock as I kissed Isaac. His whiskers rubbed on me. My pussy clenched as we crossed this line. It never should have been crossed. How could we ever go back and...? And...?

I was kissing my big brother. Isaac. Just like I'd imagined as a girl, only now he was a man. Grown up. So sexy. His fingers stroked me as they slid from my face. My arms went around his neck. I held my brother tight. I kissed him with hunger, my tongue dancing through his mouth.

Then his arms were around me. He was lifting me up. Standing. Holding me in his arms. His sister-bride. I groaned, clutching to him. My legs kicked and spasmed, toes clenching. This wicked heat washed through me. My tongue danced with his. I kissed him with such hunger. This was incredible. I loved every moment of our lips around each other.

He carried me away from the Ellistons' incest towards our own.

The stairs creaked as I devoured my brother's mouth. I never wanted to stop kissing him. Couldn't. It was driving me wild. My tongue darted through around his. I quivered in delight, my pussy melting. He turned right, taking us to one of our bedrooms. It didn't matter which.

He threw me down on the bed in that way a man did with a woman. Showing off that wonderful, masculine strength. I shuddered, bouncing, my ponytail whipping around my head. He ripped off his t-shirt. The Chinese dragon tattooed over his heart, biting its own tail to form a ring, had me shuddering. We had the same tattoo.

It was something our father had. It connected us. A closed circle. A brother and sister uniting in incest.

“Cat,” he groaned and ripped off my pajama bottoms.

He bared my shaved pussy. The tart aroma of my arousal filled my nose. His strong, rough hands thrust my legs apart. I quivered there, seeing the passion in his eyes. I whimpered, wanting him to do it. To eat me.

“Isaac!” I groaned. “I... I...”

“I know.”

He buried his face into my pussy and devoured me. His tongue licked and lapped at me. He thrust his hands beneath my ass. He gripped me, squeezed me. He held me tight. My thighs went around his head.

My brother feasted on my cunt. We crossed that forbidden line. I gasped, my breasts jiggling in my tank top as his tongue swiped through my folds. My brother's tongue. He felt incredible. His whiskers rubbed on my shaved flesh. His tongue caressed me.

He knew what he was doing. How to please his little sister.

I whimpered and moaned, gripping him with my thighs. He attacked my cunt with a vigor. He devoured me like my incestuous twat was the greatest thing he'd ever eaten. He stared up at me with those dark eyes.

My eyes.

“Isaac!” I whimpered. “Oh, yes, yes, Isaac!”

The pleasure rippled through my body. Every lick, every last lap, sent a ripple of pleasure through me. I was soaked. So wet. So hot. I couldn't believe we were doing this. It was insane. The rapture surged through me.

I whimpered. Moaned. I hurtled towards my orgasm. As much as I wanted this to last, I was too excited. Too turned on by my big brother eating me. Because he was. My brother was devouring my pussy like a starving man.

“Isaac! Isaac!”

I loved saying his name. I cried out my big brother's sexy name over and over. His tongue darted into my cunt, stirring pleasure that had me calling out for him. I squirmed on the bed, my breasts jiggling in my tank top, nipples throbbing.

“I'm going to cum, Isaac!”

“Shower me, Cat!” he growled, his strong hands gripping my butt-cheeks. He held me tight. He kneaded my rump as I squirmed and shuddered. “Drench me!”

“Yes!” I moaned, rising closer and closer to that orgasmic bliss. To that heady moment of my climatic explosion.

I wanted it to drown him. Consume me. It would be incredible. I whimpered. Moaned. I clutched my thighs about him as he flicked his tongue to my clit. He danced around it. Caressed it. My bud throbbed. Ached.

He sucked on it.

I exploded.

My incestuous rapture surged through my body. I came on my brother's mouth for the first time. I bucked and howled, the bed creaking beneath me. The pleasure rushed out of my cunt and splashed into my mind. An ecstatic deluge that drowned me.

“Isaac! Isaac! Oh, god, I love this, Isaac!”

My big brother licked and lapped at my snatch. His eyes—my eyes!—stared up my body with such hunger in them. Such a thirst for my cunt cream. It was wild. Amazing. I squirmed on him. I ground my twat against him. My hips wiggled from side to side. I smeared my hot snatch on him. I loved him. Savored every moment of this wicked release.

It was incredible. Stars burst across my vision. My heart pounded in my chest. I ground my cunt against him. I savored every last bit of ecstasy that pumped through my veins. His tongue dug through my folds.

“Big brother!” I moaned as I rode through my orgasm. “Oh, my god, I have to suck you! I have to love you, big brother!”

I was lost. Devoured by this pleasure.


Isaac Nicholson

My little sister ripped off her tank top and her perky breasts popped out. The dragon tattoo swayed along the inner slope of her left tit, its serpentine body almost reaching to her areola. She smiled at me as she unsnapped my jeans.

“I'm going to love your cock,” she moaned, this wanton gleam in her eyes. “Just like Alicia did for Clint.”

“Fuck,” I said, my mouth soaked in her pussy juices. We were beyond sanity. The Ellistons had driven us into illicit incest. I wanted it all. To be in her. “Do it. Suck my cock then I want to be in you.”

“Yes!” she moaned and ripped open the fly of my jeans. She hauled down my pants, belt rattling. She dragged them off and then stared at my boxers tented with my cock.

Her tongue flew across her lips. Her hands shot up my muscular thighs. Her breasts pressed into my legs as she hooked her fingers into my boxers. She tugged, slowly, almost teasing. This wild gleam formed in her brown eyes.

Jesus, we were really doing this.

She worked down my boxers. I braced my hands on the bed and lifted my ass. My cock popped out of the boxers and bobbed before her face. She groaned, staring at it with such hunger. I'd never had a girl do that before. My little sister lusted for my cock.

“Isaac,” she moaned, abandoning ripping down my boxers, leaving them bunched around my knees. She seized my cock and lowered her head.

My little sister's mouth slid over my cock. I groaned at the incestuous warmth of her mouth. I stared down my chest at her, leaned back on my elbows. Our eyes locked. They brimmed with such passion as she sucked.

I groaned. “Fuck, Cat.”

She bobbed her head, working with such enthusiasm at my cock. She stroked the shaft with her right hand, worshiping my dick just like I'd always imagined. She even had a ponytail. I seized her black hair, holding her as she sucked and slurped and loved me.

“Cat, yes!”

Delight shone in her eyes. She enjoyed sucking me as much as Alicia did her brother. My nuts twitched and throbbed. I was so turned on. I felt like I was eighteen and not twenty-eight. Her suction reached right down to my balls.

I groaned, grabbing the sheets, wanting to hold off, but after eating her out and lusting after her all this time, I was having trouble holding back. Her mouth felt incredible on me. I shuddered, my dick twitching. Throbbing. The pressure hit the peak.

“Shit, Cat, going to cum!”

She closed her eyes and sucked.

The suction hit my balls. She wanted my cum. I wanted to give it to her. I threw back my head and growled out my pleasure. It burst out of me, a wild rush of bliss that surged out of the depths of my nutsack and exploded into her hungry mouth.

I bucked on the bed. I groaned and gasped. Stars danced before my eyes. They twinkled and shone with such brilliance as my incestuous cum flooded my sister's hot mouth. She sucked it down with zeal. She gulped down every last drop of my cum.

“Cat! Fucking hell, Cat!”

She swallowed the last of the wild spurts of my jizz. She ripped her mouth off of me, stroking me as she stared up at me with hunger. Drool ran down her chin. Her tongue flicked out to grab a few errant drops of my spunk.

“Sorry,” I panted. “I wanted to last longer, but... Fuck, I've wanted that since I was younger.”

“Me, too,” she moaned. “And you'll last longer the second time, won't you?”

She stroked me and I realized I hadn't even gone soft. I felt like I was eighteen, able to go all night. I grinned at her and nodded. I tugged on her ponytail, drawing her up my body. She crawled over me, her breasts swaying with such entrancing beauty.

My left hand cupped her right tit. I squeezed it as she pressed her shaved cunt onto my cock. She ground against me, her eyes locked on me. She rubbed that wet twat up and down my dick, soaking me in her incestuous juices.

“Do it,” I groaned. “Ride me, Cat.” I squeezed her breast. “Show your big brother what you're made of.”

“Mmm, I'm all grown up,” she moaned. “I was too scared to do this when I was a girl when I was just learning about masturbation. You know how hard I came fingering myself when you joined the army. Eighteen, in your uniform, and my pussy went wet the first time I saw you. I rubbed my twat until I came and came and came.

“Don't have to hold back now,” I said.

“No,” she groaned and slid her pussy lips up to the tip of my cock.

She pressed those hot folds into the crown of my cock. I groaned at the feel of her slowly swallowing my tip. The delight of her cunt sliding lower and lower down my shaft. She took inch after inch of my cock. More and more of my dick slid into her cunt.

“Yes!” I groaned as my little sister swallowed my dick with her pussy. She bottomed out in me, rubbing her shaved twat into my black bush.

“Oh, god, Isaac,” she moaned. “We've really done it now.”

“Yes!” I groaned and didn't care. “I love you, Cat.”

She shuddered and stared down at me. Then she worked her pussy up and down my dick. She sucked at me, her cunt massaging me as she worked up and down my shaft. I squeezed her tit and held her ponytail. Her tattooed, left breast jiggled. Passion burned in her eyes.

Sometimes, it was sexy to let a woman just ride you. Other times you had to pound her. Right now, I stared in awe at my little sister as she worked her pussy up and down my cock. She gripped me. Massaged me. She rode my dick with that silky snatch, teasing me. I groaned, reveling in her juicy pussy sliding up and down my cock.

She swallowed me. My little sister took my shaft to the hilt in her cunt over and over again. Her hot, forbidden flesh massaged me. My thumb massaged her nipple. I played with her pink nub, tightening her cunt on my dick.

“Yes!” she groaned, working her juicy snatch up and down my cock. “Oh, yes, Isaac.” She licked her lips. “I love moaning your name. Isaac. I'm fucking you, Isaac. I'm fucking my big brother!”

“Yes, you are!” I groaned, savoring her pussy working up and down my cock. The slide of her snatch massaging me. Sucking at me. “Ride me, Cat. Ride my dick, little sis.”

Her eyes smoldered. Burned.

My orgasm built in my balls. My incestuous seed wanted to erupt into her pussy. Her unprotected pussy. We were fucking without condoms. I'd never done that with a girl. It felt amazing. Her pussy caressed me directly. I savored the wonderful feel of my sister's pussy sliding around. Teasing me. Massaging me.

What if I knocked her up?

My balls lurched. My cock throbbed. I released her ponytail to grab her ass. I squeezed her as she rode up me. She gasped, moving faster. Her breasts jiggled, one in my squeezing hand, the other free to bounce. Her eyes smoldered.

“Yes, yes, yes, Isaac!” she hissed.

“Cat! Work that pussy! My little sister's pussy!”

“You're going to cum in me, aren't you?”

I nodded.

“Good! I want to feel you spurting in me. I want to experience your hot seed pumping into me again and again. Flood me, big brother. Flood my cunt with all your cum! It'll be amazing! I'll feel incredible!”

“Yes!” he groaned. “Shit, shit! Just keeping working that pussy up and down my dick. Damn, Cat! You're hot. Tight!”

“You're hung!” She scratched fingers down my chest. “Oh, my god, Isaac. Your cock was made for me.”

“Shit!” I groaned, my hand squeezing her ass.

She slammed her cunt down my cock. My little sister took me to the hilt. Nothing else mattered—not our job, our duty, what society thought was right and wrong—in that wonderful, sublime moment. Her pussy squeezed down around me.


My little sister came on my cock.

Her head threw back. Her pigtail danced. She howled out in rapture as her cunt went wild around my cock. She massaged me. Teased me. Her hungry pussy sucked at my cock. The pressure surged up to the tip. Her cunt rippled around me.

“Shit!” I groaned.

“Cum in me!” she howled as she bucked and spasmed on my cock. Her head tossed back and forth.

“Yes!” I groaned, her pussy nursing on me. Hungry for my cum. “Shit!”

My heart thundering in my chest as I erupted into my little sister's pussy.

I pumped my incestuous cum into her cunt. I reveled in the pleasure of her pussy milking my erupting dick. She gasped out in delight. Her fingernails clawed at my chest as my cum pumped over and over into her pussy.

I spilled into my little sister again and again. I groaned with each blast. The pleasure shot into my mind. Her cunt writhed around me with silky heaven. Her snatch reveled around my erupting cock. I loved it. Loved her.



She fell across my chest and kissed me, squirming atop me as she milked out the last of my cum. I hit that wild plateau of rapture. I hung there, kissing her so hard as I savored this moment of absolute bliss.


And then I crashed into panting euphoria, kissing my sister as we came down from our orgasmic high.


Catherine Nicholson

I rested my head on my brother's chest. His cum leaked out of me. No condom. I'd never done that with a guy. My brother busted raw in me. It felt... good. Right. I shuddered. The Ellistons had fucked us up so fast. What was wrong with us.

“We can't ever tell anyone we did that,” I said.

“Nope,” he said. “It won't leave this house.”

“We can't ever do it again.”

“We can't,” he said even as I looked up at him. We both knew it was a lie.

I kissed him. We had made the biggest mistake of our lives, only it didn't feel like it. We had committed one of the oldest sins known to mankind. We violated one of the most ancient and sacred taboos. As my brother rolled me over onto my back, I knew we would do it again.

And again.

His weight was on me. So strong and powerful. My breasts pressed into his chest, crushed by him. My legs parted, surrendering myself to him utterly. I offered up my pussy to his cock. To be penetrated by him. This was so wrong. We couldn't do this again.

His dick was hard.

He slid into my cum-filled pussy.

We were such idiots. Why did we let ourselves get so easily corrupted? Why couldn't we have been stronger? We should have been able to resist this, but we didn't. We failed. We gave in to our basest lusts for each other.

It felt so right as my brother slid into my pussy.


April 11th, 2027 – Cruzita Martínez

My stomach writhed in knots when I learned the detectives wanted a meeting with us first thing Monday morning. Over the weekend, the two undercover officers had begun their operation against Clint Elliston.

They couldn't have found something already. It had only been a weekend.

I hadn't slept much. The last months had been terrible. I was a ball of stress. I kept going to The Lady's Touch Massage Parlor even though I knew I should keep away. I needed massages. I needed lesbians licking my pussy.

My daughter licking my pussy.

But if I couldn't have my daughter, I needed the Campo sisters massaging my body together. The three of us reveling in the taboo. And every time, I squirmed, wanting to find some way to tip-off the Ellistons about the investigation.

If I did and it came back to me...

I kept rationalizing myself that the massage parlor, on paper, was legit. There was no proof that anything illicit happened. They didn't have cameras. Didn't put anything on paper that made it sound like I was paying for sex.

Or having it with my daughter.

The investigation certainly hadn't been focused on the massage parlor. Was I lying to myself? Probably. I was probably going to jail, too. Clint Elliston and his family were poised to rip apart the political elite of California and me with it.

“You look like crap,” said my boss, Ed Thomas. He was the lead prosecutor on the case. He planned to use this to become Yolo County's new DA in a few years when our boss retired.

“Not sleeping well,” I muttered, my stomach rolling. I pulled a bottle of Tums out of my purse and popped a chewable antacid into my mouth.

“Hope you get better,” he said, a big smile on his lips. “The detectives say we've had a major break in the case.

“Great,” I forced myself to say, trying to put enthusiasm into my terror.

“We're in here,” he said and motioned to Conference Room 6. We were in the bowels of the Yolo County Superior Courthouse in Sacramento where the prosecutor's office was located.

Inside the room, a TV was set up on a cart, Detective Nelson fiddling with it. The younger Detective Savage had a vicious grin on her face. With her were the two undercover officers. It was my first time meeting them, but I recognized the brother and sister. They sat stiffly, nervous, both looking tired.

“Long night?” Ed asked.

“They were up all night reviewing the evidence they procured,” Detective Tucker. He hit play and there was a young girl in a smock running down a hallway. “We have Alicia Elliston here about to administer oral sex on her brother, Clint. Then he'll give her oral sex after which the pair will have coitus. After, we have Clint and his sister Zoey also engaging in coitus.”

“Fuck me,” Ed said. “How did you get this?”

“They gave it to our undercover officers last night after a dinner party. Sergeant Nicholson also witched Clint and Zoey having sex and Officer Nicholson had an in-depth conversation with several women of the Elliston family. Lee and Melody all but confirmed they are actually Clint's half-sisters and, further, that the female members of the family routinely engage in lesbian incest with each other.”

“This is excellent,” Ed said as Alicia began blowing her brother. “This is it. Let's get the warrants drawn up. It's time to take the fucker down.”

I was so fucking screwed.

To be continued...

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