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This is the sequel to “Our new baby sitter's mum (1)” It's probably better if you read it first.

On Saturday night Helen took care of bathing our two daughters, Phillipa and Mary, while I was preparing their meals and ours. Helen fed them, read them a story and put them to bed. Then the three of us sat down to our dinner.

“So Helen,”, I asked, “are you looking forward to more fucking tonight?”

“Oh! Yes! I've been hoping all day that you two would be up for more fucking tonight. Is it really OK with both of you?”

“No, Helen. It's not just OK with us – it's fucking brilliant. Isn't it, Naomi?”

“Fuck yes. I'm wet just thinking about it.”

So without watching any TV or even stopping to chat over a drink or two, we headed for the bedroom.

“Helen, I don't know if you like to eat pussy, or have your pussy eaten. Do you?”

“Well, Naomi, until John ate my pussy last night I'd never tried either, but because you have already given me so much pleasure, I somehow feel comfortable doing anything that you two suggest. No! More than comfortable, I'm keen to try anything with you.”

“Great! Then how about we start with me on my back, you eating my pussy while John fucks you from behind. After we all cum, you and I can swap places and do it again. Does that sound like a plan?”

“Oh! Yes! You two come up with such exciting combinations. I wish that I had met you years ago. I guess that sex with my ex-husband became boring because we always did the same thing. Perhaps if we had known you he might not have been cheating on me because we would have playing with other partners together.”

“Enough philosophy, already. Stick your tongue in my cunt and start licking. And stick your bum in the air so that John can fuck you.”

For the next little while, maybe it was 5 minutes, maybe it was 50, I was in heaven as Helen licked up and down my slit, pushing her tongue into my hole then sliding up to play with my clit. For someone who claimed never to have done this before she was very good. I was aware that John was fucking her vigorously because on every in stroke her face was pushed against my crotch. Otherwise I was only aware of the wonderful feeling building inside me.

Then she was no longer being pushed against me and I realised that John must be pumping his cum into her. That thought, combined with the pleasure that she had been giving me, pushed me over the edge, I came so much that I actually squirted, something that I have done before but only rarely.

Eventually the feeling of euphoria passed and I was able to talk again.

“Fuck! That was the best that I've had in a long time. Did you cum too, Helen?”

“She came alright. It was her cunt contracting and squeezing my cock that finally triggered my orgasm. I've filled her with another big load of my baby juice.”

“Oh! Yes! I came massively. After my ex was gone I didn't think that I missed being fucked, but now I'm really addicted. Thank you so much.

“I think that, after that we all need a break.”, I said, “Who would like a drink?”

So we all ended up, still naked, sitting in the kitchen. Helen had asked for a towel to sit on to catch the fluids leaking out of her cunt. John opened a nice bottle of wine and we chatted as we sipped our wine.

“Helen, I can't believe how good you are at eating pussy. Have you really never done it before?”

“Never. I just remembered how John ate my pussy last night and tried to do the same things. I'm thrilled that it was so good for you. I look forward to doing it again sometime.”

“I'm available to have my pussy eaten any time that you feel the urge.”

We talked about the party that we would be going to on Friday night, Helen was particularly excited about that. Then, changing the subject, Helen told us what great little girls we had and we all commented on how much they both adored having Wendy as their babysitter. Helen mentioned that, although she had given Wendy the basic facts about sex, she was worried that she should be giving her more detailed information. She wondered if we might help her out in that area. We made vague promises to help when ever an opportunity arose.

By now we were all pretty relaxed, so I asked, “Who's up for another fuck?”

This time John was fucking my cunt from behind while I ate Helen. We all had massive cums again and then cuddled together and all fell asleep.

“Mummy, why's Helen sleeping in your bed with you?”

It was morning again and Phillipa had crawled into our bed beside me.

“We didn't want Helen to be lonely while Wendy's away. Where's Mary?”

“She's having a pee.”

Just then a little body landed on the bed beside me and Mary gave me a big kiss.

“Good morning mummy. Can we have breakfast soon?”

And so Sunday began. Of course, with Phillipa and Mary awake we could not do anything overtly sexual. Nevertheless we all stayed naked, which the girls took in their stride. It did give the three of us adults opportunities for physical contacts, when hopefully the girls weren't watching.

“Mummy? What is John doing to your nipple?”

Oh, dear! Caught!

“He's squeezing it, Phillipa.”

“Why, mummy?”

“Because he knows that I like it.”

At about 5pm Helen's phone rang. Wendy was home and wondering where her mum was. Minutes later Wendy was ringing our front door bell. I let her in and gave her a hug and a kiss. She saw that everyone else was naked so stripped off her shorts and T-shirt and left them near the door.

“Naomi. Would you like me to bath Phillipa and Mary?” she asked.

“That would be wonderful. Thank you Wendy.”

Sometime later, the little girls were bathed, fed, had had their story and were in bed. John Helen, Wendy and I were sitting at the dining room table, eating dinner.

“So, Wendy, how was your camp?” John asked.

“The camp was great. I spent a lot of time paddling about in a kayak. But ... at night ...”

“Let me guess,” I said, “at night the older girls were talking about sex. Am I right?”

Wendy smiled. “How did you guess?”

“You forget, Wendy, that I was your age once, and I went to camps where the older girls spent the whole time talking about sex. Did you learn much?”

“No. I really didn't understand. They were talking about giving their boyfriends blow jobs, and wanting the boyfriends to eat their pussies. I didn't know what they were talking about.”

“Well. That's easy.” I offered, “They both refer to oral sex. A blow job is when a girl, or a bloke for that matter, takes a man's cock in her/his mouth and sucks, rather than blows. Usually the person giving the blow job moves her/his head up and down the shaft, simulating fucking into a cunt.”

“Euhhh! Do people really do that? What happens when the cock starts to spurt?”

“Well! When I give John a blow job I like to collect all his cum in my mouth. Then I show it to him before swallowing it all down. However some men prefer to pull out of the woman's mouth and spray their cum all over the woman's face or her tits. I don't really know what gay men do but I guess that it's something similar.”

“And do you both like doing that?”

“Yes, I do.” said John. “We both love it.” I added.

“And what does 'eating pussy' mean?”

“We've done a lot of that this weekend.”

“What do you mean 'we'?”

“Well. John ate your mum's pussy then he fucked her, your mum ate mine while John was fucking her, and I ate your mum's pussy while John fucked me.”

“Oh my god! Why couldn't I be here to watch all that? I still don't know what it means.”

“I'm sorry, Wendy. As much as I would like to help with your sex education, I'm not prepared to go to gaol(=jail) and so I'm afraid that you can't watch us, until you reach the age of consent, which is 16 in this state.”

“Why would anyone go to gaol?”

“If the police found out that any of us were having any sort of sex with you, you would be taken from your mum and put in a foster home and we would be branded as pedophiles and thrown in gaol.”

“But, I'm not going to tell anyone and neither are you, so how would the police find out?”

“I'm guessing that you would just have to tell your best friend, and even though she promised not to tell anyone, she would tell two other friends and even though they promised to keep it a secret they would each just tell two other friends in secret, and so on. Eventually some god bothering parent would learn about it and then we would be trying to explain to a policeman that we were just trying to help with your sex education.”

“OK! I get it. But if I promise that I wont even tell one best friend, couldn't I just watch? You still haven't explained what eating pussy is.”

“OK. If you think that you can make that promise and keep it, I'm willing to have you watch us, but you'll have to ask for John's and Helen's permission too, before anything can happen. If you do feel that you have to tell someone about it, please talk to one or more of us rather than your best friend.”

“Mummy? John? Please. I really want to learn.”

“If you make that promise, then I'd be happy for you to watch.” my husband, John, said.

“Can you really keep that promise, honey. If you feel that you just have to talk to someone about it will you come and talk to me.”

“Yes, mummy, I promise that I will only ever talk about anything to do with sex with you or John or Naomi. Does that satisfy you?”

“Yes, Wendy. I do trust you. I was just saying to John and Naomi earlier that I felt that I should give you more detailed explanations about sex.”

“So will someone finally tell me what 'eating pussy' means? Please?”

“OK.” I said, “The woman whose pussy is to be eaten, spreads her legs wide, then the man or woman doing the eating uses his/her lips and tongue to give pleasure to the woman. He/she can run his/her tongue all over her cunt, poking his/her tongue into her fuck hole, licking up between her inner and outer lips and stimulating her clit. It helps to finger fuck her as well. Generally it is best not to use teeth although gentle nips can be good. So you see that it is more licking and sucking than eating.”

“Oh! Now I understand why the girls in camp were so excited about having their pussies eaten. I'd really love to have someone do that to me.”

“Oh! Dear!” Helen whispered. I don't think that John or Wendy heard her. I made a mental note to discuss this development with her later.

“How come my mum's been having sex with you two?”

“Well. When we came home on Friday night it was well after midnight. Helen was trying to masturbate, but she seemed to need help, so John invited her into our bed, and he got her off by eating her pussy, then really fucked her. After that there were no barriers between us and Helen has stayed here all weekend. Each night, after the girls are in bed, we have fucked our brains out. Does that shock you?”

“No. I'm not shocked. I'm glad for her because she seems so happy. I just wish that I could get fucked too.”

To be continued in “Our new baby sitter's mum (3)”.

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Rating: 93%, Read 94494 times, Posted Sep 20, 2011

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Threesome, Wife


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