My Cousin's Husband by fuxmen0w

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Fiction | Cheating, Consensual Sex, Reluctance, Written by women

Have you ever been so drunk, that you do something you know you shouldn’t do? That you’ve been fighting with yourself not to do? Yeah, that’s where I’m at right now.

The night started out well. I went over to my cousin’s house, grabbing a few things to drink on the way. I wasn’t a heavy drinker, but it seemed any time I DID drink, it was at Michelle’s house. We were closer than cousins, more like best friends. We had gotten even closer after she split up with her husband. There was only a little bit of tension, because although she trusted me completely, she was sure that her husband wanted me, and on some level I wanted him back. I would never tell her, but her instincts were right on. He was sexy, and if he hadn’t been her husband, I would have already fucked him. But he had been her husband, and they had a daughter together. Because of that daughter, my little Lissy, even though they were split up, they continued to live together, albeit in separate bedrooms. So every time I came over, he was there. Dan was one of those guys that everyone wanted to be with as a teenager. The hot stud on campus. I had grown up with him; it was actually when Michelle was visiting me that she met him, he was my next door neighbor.

Over the years, they got together, got married, and had a kid. But whenever there was a party, or a cookout, or a picnic, or basically any excuse at all, Dan would drink. And not just one. He didn’t stop until he was wasted. And when he was drunk, he had no sense of self preservation. Right in front of Michelle, he would tell me that I had gorgeous breasts, and that he wanted to feel my nipples. She would get mad, and they would go home. He even smacked my ass a few times. The worst was when he was talking to us both at the same time, then just stopped talking, looking down at us. He then came out with “You know, if I had you both together, it would be like having twins!” I have to admit, he gave me tingles, I was very sexually attracted to him. But he was my cousin’s husband, and that was that.

After they split up, I stayed friends with Dan. They still lived together, I saw him all the time and she didn’t leave him for doing something wrong, she had just grown apart from him. When he was sober, he would tell me how much he loved her, and wanted her back, but when he was drinking, he would make sexual innuendo’s, one time even sucking a blueberry from my fingers. As much as it turned me on, I stayed away and didn’t encourage the situation. I would sleep over from time to time, if I was hanging out with Michelle and drinking a little. The first few times, I was worried, and almost hoping, that he would come downstairs when everyone was sleeping, but that never happened.

Then one night, I was at Michelle’s, and we were all drinking. I got pretty drunk, and Michelle took my keys, saying that I was sleeping there that night. Nothing out of the norm. We proceeded to get rip roaring drunk, and Michelle went upstairs to her room and passed out. Dan went upstairs also, and I went to the living room, where the futon had been arranged into a bed for me. I passed out pretty quickly. Later that night, I was awakened to a hand on my breast. I opened my eyes, and Dan was sitting on the side of the futon, looking at me, rubbing and massaging my chest. He didn’t see me open my eyes, so I quickly closed them again, wanting to see where this was going. If I wasn’t awake, it couldn’t be my fault, right? I felt my shirt being lifted over my head, and then I felt his mouth around my nipple, sucking deeply and flicking his tongue. I felt his hand travel down my tummy, to the waist of my underwear, and then under. I didn’t wear pants when I slept over, knowing it wouldn’t be comfortable to sleep in jeans. I felt his fingers in my short little curls, and then his finger was rubbing my clit.

He put his hand down a little further, and slowly pushed a finger up into my tunnel, with his thumb circling my clit. He started moving his finger in and out of me, and I knew he could feel me getting wet, because he added a second finger. He started fucking away at me with his fingers, licking and sucking my breast, rubbing the other one with his other hand. I couldn’t help it, my hips started lifting into his fingers, trying to get them deeper, and my hand moved to the bulge in his pants. I opened my eyes again, this time looking right into his, so he knew I was awake, and put my hands down his pants, releasing his cock. I slowly started stroking up and down on him, until he grew to his full nine inches, and I could feel the bead of moisture at his tip. Without a word, he dropped his pants to the ground, as I wiggled out of my underwear, and he laid on top of me. He started kissing my neck, and fucking me with his fingers again, and I moaned low in my throat. He took my mouth with his, kissing me deeply, as he lined his thick cock up to my pussy, and slowly started to enter me. He got about half way in, and then had to pull back out and try again. He was at least four inches around.

Slowly working his hips back and forth, he finally got all the way in, bumping against my cervix, his balls bumping my ass. He pulled himself almost all the way out, and then with one thrust seated himself completely inside me. He started fucking me in earnest now, barely pulling all the way out before pounding himself back in. I was raising and lowering my hips in time to his, meeting him as he came down, trying to take more and more of him inside me. Suddenly he rolled us, so that he was on his back and I was riding him like a horse. Using my knees, I lowered and raised myself on his magnificent cock as fast as I could. I leaned back, bracing my hands on his knees, arching my back, knowing how the sight of my jiggling breasts would affect him. He placed his palms on me, sat up, and started sucking and biting on my nipples. I could feel myself getting ready to cum, so I brought his face up to mine and started kissing him. I felt my orgasm rip through me and I squealed into his mouth, feeling my pussy clench his strong cock. When I was done cumming, he pulled me off of him and flipped me over onto my stomach, pulling me up against his chest, and started banging me from behind. With his hands on my hips, he rammed his hard aching cock into my slick love tunnel over and over again. All I could hear was the slap, slap, slap of his thighs against mine. I reached back with my hand, underneath, and started cupping and fondling his balls. He leaned forward, biting my back and my neck, as his cock started shooting hot, thick ropes of cum straight up into my cervix, triggering another massive orgasm in me, shoving his cock all the way into me with each spurt, until finally, after at least ten jets of cum, he collapsed, panting, unable to move.

We didn’t move for at least ten minutes, as I lay there trying to catch my breath, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. It was amazing, the best sex I’d ever had, but this was my cousin’s, no, make that my best friend’s, husband. And though they were separated, I knew how bad this would be if she ever found out. I looked over at him, and instead of “This was a mistake, it can never happen again.” leaving my mouth, that same mouth started kissing him. His hand came up and started rubbing my back, as he kissed me just as deeply as I was kissing him. I drew back and looked at him, knowing this couldn’t go anywhere, but also knowing that now that it had happened, it was going to keep happening. As I opened my mouth to speak, he laid a finger on it, telling me to shh. “Let’s not think about anything until tomorrow. Let’s just have tonight.” He hugged me tight, and I hugged him back, feeling him starting to stir again against my leg.

Just then we heard a door open upstairs. It was Michelle! He quickly jumped up, putting his pants back on, then kissed me and walked into the kitchen as she started walking down the stairs.

“Dan? What are you doing down here?”

“I just needed a drink of water. I’m going back to bed now. You should drink some too, it’s a proven help on hangovers.”

He then walked upstairs, and I heard her walking towards the living room. I quickly shut my eyes, breathing in and out deeply, pretending to be asleep. After a minute or two, I heard her go back to the kitchen, get some water, and walk back upstairs. That was close. I then drifted off back to sleep, planning how I could do this again, without her ever finding out.

Rating: 91%, Read 50929 times, Posted Nov 20, 2013

Fiction | Cheating, Consensual Sex, Reluctance, Written by women


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