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Hey guys this is my first story ever on this site, sorry if there's some mistakes, I have checked it a couple of times but it's late so I'm extremely tired, comment and like. Thanx ;)

"Hey Vanessa  are you ready yet?" my mom called out to me, since visitors were coming in 5 minutes, she wanted everything to be perfect, even me. Apparently these visitors had just moved to australia and lived across the road from us. They had two boys around my age called Alex and Drew which was exciting since my parents are always making friends with people who have toddlers and babies not that I mind since they are adorable, but it's nice to have kids to hangout with my age in these social things.

One minute early we heard a knock on our door and I almost jumped out of my skin because I was standing right by the door waiting for them to arrive so I could see if the boys were hot or not, and believe me when I saw them I wasn't disappointed at all! But i did feel a little self conscious, even though I'm definitely not ugly, standing at five foot eight with a strong jawline and bright green, symmetrical eyes and full lips that has even featured in a few lipstick advertisements for all the big brands. Also I've been told that I have a body like Kim kardashian which can both be a blessing and a curse since it is extremely hard to keep in good shape. 

Alex the youngest of the brothers, I found out later was 16 and Drew  had just turned 17 which is the same age as me. Drew had an absolutely amazing figure, with broad shoulders and muscular arms and a muscular abdomen. He had model-like hair(gorgeous hair) and a face that could, unquestionably belong to a God, and featured the most intense shade of blue for eyes,  an appealing nose and  a striking mouth that made me fantasize of where that mouth could be. Alex wasn't less handsome but also wasn't more and yet he looked completely different to Drew. Their parents weren't as good looking as them but were still a sight to enjoy and had a very prestigious way of presenting themselves. I was proud that my parents were way better looking, as shallow as that sounds.

"hi, my name is Vanessa. Come in and make yourself at home!"  I said excitedly at the prospect of getting closer with these mouth watering guys. Even though I knew once they started school they would see that I am not in the "popular" group at school (which always put guys off no matter what I looked like) i still wanted to see how close we could get,  but I'm mildly shy and always wait for other people to start the conversation which doesn't always happen, but I was sure with the confidence radiating off these two boys I could get lucky.

Sure enough Drew asked me:

"so what school do you go to?" 

" prospine state high school, is that the one you're both going to start in?" I asked 

"yeah, next week Monday " Alex replied 

"excited?" I asked

"yeah I guess, are there any hot girls, aside from you?" Drew replied

"I haven't really paid attention I'm more interested in the football boys"  I answered 

They both laughed and Drew said: 

"what a coincident, we are are both signing up for football, what sport do you play?" 

" I do horse riding and I'm saving up for my own horse by working at the local vet so I can also get experience there and occasionally I get a few model jobs which pays well"  I answered proudly

"dinners ready!" my mom and dad called in unison sounding like the happiest couple on earth, which isn't far from the truth and isn't always a good thing for me when I'm trying to sleep. We all sat around the dinner table and talked about university plans and travel plans and just had a great time. 

The next week, on Tuesday. 

Sure enough when the boys found out I wasn't popular they just acted like they didn't even know me, even though I fealt we all had an amazing time on Saturday and also fealt like there was a connection between me and Drew. 

A year and a half later... 

"Damnit Auston do you really have to keep on pinching my ass!"

"yes" he answered cheekily and laughed 

"well stop it or I will throw this bucket of water on you, I'm not joking!" I threatened him 

"that's fine with me, you do know that we are wearing bathers though? I mean we're going to get wet from the horses anyway, you know how they are." He answered 

"fine, but if you pinch my ass again I will punch you square in the balls!" I laughed evily at my plan

"whatever, let's just finish washing our horses so we can get ourselves ready for the race" 

Auston said and turned around which gave me a chance to check him out for the hundredth time. Auston wasn't as hot as Drew and Alex were but I doubt I would ever find someone that was, but he was still a nice piece of eye candy. I don't think I've seen Alex and Drew for 6 months, the last time being graduation when me and Drew graduated and I moved out my parents house and shared a house and huge piece of land with Auston and his sister Jenifer, which was a hell of a lot of fun.  Also since I graduated I became a full time model and finally got enough money to buy my amazing horse and also more than enough money to pay my share of this rental house.  We all had a horse each and went to races and cross country even and sometimes show jumping. 

Ever since I started my modeling career I lost my virginity to one of my fellow male models and from then on became more and more 'experienced' in the sexual side of life, but I'm not currently dating anyone.

When we finished washing our horses we went inside and cleaned up and got dressed up for the horse race of the summer in brisbane, I love my jodpers I thought as I looked in the mirror and saw how great the made my ass and legs look. I felt a vibration in my pocket and answered my phone

"hello?" I said

"hey Vanessa remember me? The lady who gave birth to you?" 

"hey mom! Whats up?"

"well I was just calling to let you know that the people in the crowd cheering for you aren't crazy lunatics it's actually me, your father and the Clyde's"

"what! Drew and Alex are going to be there!" 

" yes! I'm excited too!After we lost contact with them we never thought we'd see them again until they called us and said they found us in the phone book and wanted to catch up today and I said Vanessa's doing the races and they sounded incredibly excited to come with!" 

"Vanessa!" Jenifer called me 

"mom I have to go now I'll see you at the races, bye!" I hung up and did a happy dance 

"what the hell are you doing?" Auston walked in my room 

"dancing" I replied 

"why" he asked suspiciously

"because I'm going to kick both Jennifer's and your ass in the races. Oh and all the other people racing too!" I answered 

"no way in hell!" he said 

" I always do!" I laughed giddily. 

At the races.. 

"Now Hugo you cannot let me down now! This is really important for me and if we lose I will be completely humiliated in front of Drew." I said to my horse as though he could understand me. 

"Vanessa we need to get in the stalls now, the race is starting in 5 minutes" Auston said to me and I pulled Hugo with me. When I mounted Hugo they gave me a whip which as soon as I saw the lady look away I threw it behind me knowing that Hugo was such an excellent horse he would be better off without one and the action made everyone in the huge crowd laugh as they saw it on the camera screen. 

"5,4,3,2,1, GO!" the deep voiced man called out and the gates opened and Hugo went into a full gallop. Once around the track, third place. Twice around, second place. Than on the last lap I just nudged Hugo a little faster and he galloped past Jenifer and into first place! I love this feeling hearing the crowd cheer for me and the commentators call out my name as the winner along with Jenifer in second place and Auston in third place and I stuck my tongue out to both of them which made everyone laugh along with Jen and Auston.

"Oh Vanessa! We're so proud of you, but your mom, Angi, Ben and i are going to the pub" I heard my father call out from behind me as I was grooming Hugo to get my adrenaline rush calmed down.

"wow! You were really amazing out there!" I heard a familiar voice say a few centimeters behind me, which sent shivers down my spine. 

"Drew!" I turned around and jumped into his arms and we gave each other a bear hug and Alex said " hey what about me!?" I laughed and gave him a bear hug too. 

" where the hell have you guys been!I've missed seeing your sexy faces all the time!" I asked

" yeah about that I just wanted to apologize about high school, I honestly didn't know what to do when I found out you weren't popular, I mean you are by far the hottest girl I've ever seen, so it really surprised me" Drew sa

"yeah I'm sorry too I also acted like a jerk to you" Alex said 

"naww don't worry about it guys I honestly never worried about it, I knew it would happen too" I said 

 "Vanessa" Auston said from the doorway next to Jenifer who was staring wide eyed at Drew and Alex  

" hey guys this is Drew and Alex, and this is Jenifer and Auston, they were also racing" I said 

"hi" they all said to each other

"so what did you want Auston?"I asked

"remember we're going to the festival tonight" and than I had a great idea

" yeah! Do you and Alex want to come with? And maybe we can even watch a movie before and than rent out a hotel near the festival so we don't have to worry about transportation!" I asked Drew

" yeah that sounds great!" he answered 

"are you okay with that Auston?" I asked

"yeah that sounds really fun but we have to rent out a condo that comes with a hot tub" 

He said and I laughed 

Auston, Jenifer and I went to the house and packed some stuff, and I picked out some really revealing clothes and hot lingerie for the night. Whilst Drew and Alex took a cab To the apartment they were staying in and got their stuff and we all decided that we were going to stay for three nights and four days. So I decided me and Jen were going shopping.

"so I see you and Drew have something going on" Jen said to me and winked 

"it's complicated, since we were 17 our parents were great friends and after a while we became great friends too and I nearly had my first kiss with me but the thing is I was never popular in school and that obviously was a turn off or something and he just acted weirdly around me at school, than our parents somehow lost contact after him and I graduated and we never saw each other again for six months until now." 

"wow, so is Alex available?" she asked and I laughed at her ignorance

" yeah i think so, so how does this dress look on me? Too short?" I asked her

" it looks stunning, but any dress would look stunning on you, even a fricken paper bag!" she said with a tone of jealousy. 

I ended up buying a whole new wardrobe and a whole lot of sexy skin showing clothes. I decided to wear a knee length dress that hugged my slender body tightly in all the right places and showed a whole lot of cleavage and wore a pare of 6 inch stilettos. I straightened my butt length brunette hair and  put on mascara some foundation to emphasize my facial features and some eyeliner with bright red lipstick. 

Soon I heard voices in the house and knew that Auston, Drew and Alex were talking about footy so I went into Jens room to see what she was doing and my mouth dropped. She looked stunning! And she had the same reaction for me. 

 When we both walked out to the the living room hand in hand, the boys eyes focused on us and I swear I saw dribble from the corner of their lips and Jen did the most unexpected thing, she walked up to Alex and licked it off and then gave him a pash. My eyes widened as that had turned me on!  

We went to the cinemas and watched ' project x' which was a really fantastic movie that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Than we went to the hotel after deciding to skip the music festival and have our own little party in the hotel. We ordered some alcohol, of course and then played some music whilst we were all in the hot tub and decided to play dare.

"I go first!" I said "I choose Auston, you have to take this shot off Jen's stomache" I dared 

So Jen floated on the water and was elevated by Alex's knee and Auston took the shot off her stomache and even ran a trail with his tongue just above her bakini bottoms. 

"okay I choose Alex, you have to kiss Vanessa for a whole minute" Auston dared him

So Alex moved toward me and our lips met, and soon the kiss became so passionate that my pussy started to tingle and I moved my hips towards his and we put our arms around each other and then I felt an intruder in my mouth and attacked it with my tongue. Too soon the minute was up and when I looked around it seemed as though we weren't the only ones arroused by the kiss and I stopped at Drew's face to see he had a look of jealousy on his face.

"I dare Jen to make out with Vanessa" so Jen moved from her spot next Auston to being on top of my lap and moved her pussy on mine and we rubbed them together and kissed just as passionately as me and Alex did, and we both played with each others  nipples, smiling as we both got each other more arroused. Than Jen broke the kiss and said 

"it's my turn, I dare you Auston to take Vanessa to the room and do whatever you want for the ght maximum time of 10 minutes"

So we went into the room and I did a srtip show as I got out of the hot tub and dried off before we got in the house and when we went into Austons room I didn't feel any sexual desires for him and I know he felt the same for me

"what are we going to do?" I asked him

"well I am super horny and I know there isn't anything but friendship between us but can I please get a taste of you pussy?" he asked me, I layed down on the bed and spread my legs and with out a second thought he had his face by my pussy and was already licking around my lips and was working his way to my hole and then up to my clit, I started  moving my hips towards his face, I loved the feel of him there and the deodorant he was wearing just turned me on, and then I could feel my orgasm was near and he could to, so he licked even faster and faster and the by body bucked and I went into a series of spasms and squeezed ass and clenched my toes "AH FUCK YEAH!" I moaned 

Then I got up and made him lay on his back and I bent down and put my lips on the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around a few times and then started sucking and moved my head forward as his cock reached the back of my throat, then I moved my mouth up and down his cock whilst my tongue was still swirling around his cock.

"I'm cumming!" he said  and sure enough I fealt his warm semen in my throat and savored the taste of his magnificent seed. Then I showed him my tongue and he looked thoroughly surprised that I just swallowed his cum. When we were done we walked back to the group and I saw Drew wasn't there.

"where's Drew?" I asked

"he stormed off to his room after he heard you scream" Alex said 

"oh shit, okay I'll be back than" and I went straight to his room and found him laying on the bed with his face in a pillow, laying on his stomach. So I decided to jump on his back and pretend I was riding a horse, and his spine felt so good on my pussy I let out a moan and he turned his head from the pillow and saw me getting aroused riding his back, and laughed.

"what? If you were laying on your back I could at least straddle your cock" I said and he quickly took his swim shorts off and turned to lay on his back and then without hesitation I helped his cock slide into my pussy and started riding him cowgirl style moaning constantly as he just felt so right in me, god I loved him. Loved him? Did I really just think that? Is it love?  He feels so good in me filling my pussy to its limit and within five minutes I was ready to climax and I could tell he was too.

"do you want me to pull out before I cum" drew asked and he really was so cute 

"don't worry I'm on the pill" I replied and soon he said  "oh fuck, I'm cumming Vanessa!" and then we both screamed as we both reached climax and I fell on top of him.

Thanx for reading this story, comment if you want a part two or not. Xoxox ki$$ntell

Rating: 88%, Read 12819 times, Posted Oct 01, 2012

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