William and Ann Chapter 1 by jack831

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Back in 1988, William was a senior in high school. His younger sister, Ann, was a freshman. Ann had begun her transformation into womanhood, and it did not go unnoticed by her brother. He constantly attempted to get a glimpse of her budding beauty, whether it was by trying to barge into her room without knocking, needing to use the bathroom while she was showering or bathing, and going outside late in the evening to watch her undress from her window. William didn’t have a girlfriend, but had gotten infatuated with his little sister, so didn’t care about any other girls. It didn’t help that William wasn’t a jock or extremely attractive. He was rather dull and average in looks, but he was quite studious and somewhat nerdy. His intelligence had him competing for the valedictorian of his class. Ann, on the other hand, was a socialite who loved to talk to her friends on the phone and watch romantic movies like “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost”. She didn’t care about grades as much as her looks and popularity status.

One day, William decided to get a great look at his sister in the nude using the guise of scaring her. He hid under her bed while she was in the shower, knowing she would return to her room to apply lotion to her body before getting her nightgown on. His plan worked better than expected because his dad was out with his work friends watching March Madness games. Their mother had died from cancer two years earlier, so it was now just the three of them at home.

When Ann came out of the shower, she saw William’s bedroom door shut, so felt secure enough to keep her towel around her and jog across the hall to her room. She shut her bedroom door behind her and dropped the towel on her bed. Unbeknownst to her, William was inches away from her wet, smooth ankles and pedicured feet. He waited until just the right moment to scare her because he didn’t want her too close to the towel. He saw her walk around to her vanity where she grabbed the bottle of smelly lotion which she would be spreading over her body. He knew this would be the best time to surprise her. She sat down in the chair, away from the towel and clothes. He heard her squirting out the lotion into her palm and quietly crawled out from under the bed opposite Ann. As he peeked his head around the corner, he saw her lovely little pink nipples sticking out from her pert young breasts. She was rubbing her lotion onto the tops of her thighs and knees, so he got a perfect profile view of her tits between her arm and chest. Immediately, he felt that tingle in his groin. While she reloaded her palm with more lotion, he took action and stood up yelling “BOO!” Ann’s surprise and shock made her toss the bottle of lotion in the air behind her and scream out with eyes wide.

“WILLIAM! What the hell are you doing in here? GET OUT!”

“Hey, I’m sorry. I just thought I’d have some fun scaring you. If you want, I can finish putting your lotion on you.”

She stayed in her chair with her hair still wet. Her arms crossed across her chest. She looked hotter than he ever imagined with her tender white skin getting stretched on her chest and slight hint of growing hips. Ann looked at him and realized she could have a good thing, though unexpectedly.

“You’re sick, Will! You shouldn’t look at your sister like this. What’s wrong with you? Do you know what Dad will do when I tell him what you’re doing?”

“Ann, I’m sorry. I just thought I’d spend time with you. I didn’t realize you’d be naked.” (yeah, right) “However, you do look good.”

That last sentence brought a small smile to her face, so he continued, knowing she was vain and enjoyed being the center of attention. “While I’m in here, can I just take a quick peek at you? I’ll let you look at me if you want.”

“I don’t know, Will. I still think this is sick, but if get undressed right now, I’ll consider it.”

Will hadn’t really thought of it, considering he never imagined getting as far as he was right now, but he quickly stripped off his T-shirt and pulled down his shorts. He was going commando underneath, so he half-attempted to cover his raging hard on with his hands. This was, after all, the first time he had been naked in front of another girl, except when he took baths with Ann back when they were both very little. Of course, then, he didn’t sport wood, she didn’t have the body she did now, and neither had pubic hair.

Ann gasped at the sight of her brother’s sizeable penis bouncing behind his spread hands. She never imagined it to be that big. In fact, she never considered her brother as a sexual object, but now gazing at the long slender shaft attached to him, she was reconsidering. “Move your hands, Will. I want to see all of you.” She then stood, faced him, and put her hands at her side. “There. Happy? Now get out.”

“Oh, wow, Ann! I didn’t realize how beautiful you were,” Will said while staring at the image of his little sister before him. He couldn’t seem to remove his eyes from her breasts which had no sag, but were nicely rounded and looking like small funnels which ended at a pink areola tipped with a tiny nipple the size and color of a pencil eraser. Just below those tits was a subtly curved smooth stomach with a small belly button. Looking just under that gorgeous stomach was a sparse batch of pubic hair which did nothing to hide the still moist lips of Ann’s perfect pussy that was bordered by her adolescent hips which gave her legs that model-worthy definition.

“Thanks, Will. Now leave me alone.”

Poor William was so horny that he couldn’t have walked if he wanted. His balls were churning up a fresh batch of sperm that had “Ann’s Eggs or Bust” written all over them. Sadly for them, they never made it even close. Without as much as a breeze, William began spurting out pre-cum from the head of his penis. Ann noticed the glistening clear fluid coming out and yelled, “Will, get that cleaned up!” He was totally unaware of what he body was doing and looked down to see his semen seeping out like a trickle of water from a leaky faucet. When his hand touched the underside of his dick to lift it up to avoid further spillage, it triggered the finale. His thick load waiting for release must have thought it time for the big show. It came spewing out the end of cock and arced into the air landing on the carpet. In his embarrassment, he turned away which only caused the next few spurts to land on Ann’s bed and pillow.

Ann had never seen such a thing, so she was freaking out. She wasn’t sure whether to laugh, cry, get mad, or feel sorry for her big dorky brother. She had learned in Health class that the semen carried sperm that could impregnate a girl, so she was afraid to touch it. She also was intrigued at the sight of how easily it was to induce that reaction from Will, but she thought it was funny watching him hop around trying to control his loose trouser snake. She was pissed that it was now laying on her carpet and bed.

Will’s dick had a mind of its own. After it had drained itself of all that baby-making seed, it was still resisting the natural progression of returning to a flaccid state. It was throbbing with his heartbeat, hoping to stay erect a little longer, but now that Will had prematurely emptied himself without so much as a touch of his sister, he quickly grabbed his shirt and shorts and turned for the door.

“Sorry, Ann. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I’m sorry. Please don’t tell Dad.” He was almost in tears as he reached for the door. His hand was wet with his sticky cum that had dribbled out as latecomers to the party. It got wiped on her door handle, but William didn’t care. He just wanted to vacate her room as soon as possible. Ann heard his own bedroom door open and shut within seconds of his leaving.

Ann, knowing she was NOT going to be cleaning up HIS mess, decided to take this situation to his room. She put on her cotton panties and nightgown before going to tell William he wasn’t done in there until he cleaned up his cum. She was careful to step over the dollops of white floating on the carpet, but didn’t know about the cum on the doorknob and was rewarded with a palm and fingers smeared with her brother’s sticky cum which was still warm and starting to gel. With disgust, she wiped it on her nightgown and lifted her nightgown to clean off the knob. She opened the door and walked over to Will’s bedroom, knocking on it in order to avoid any further sticky knob incidents.


Rating: 91%, Read 81600 times, Posted Jan 29, 2009

Fiction | Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young


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