My ‘Little Fuck-whore’ takes control by darkestprince

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I had finally left to go back to my house at about 1.30 in the morning, both girls were still awake, albeit that Ellie was sobbing into her pillow, but Gemma was really buzzing! She loved the turn-round of things, where she now held control over her elder sister.

I learnt later, from their mother, that there was “something wrong with Ellie” over the next couple of days, meaning she couldn’t (or wouldn’t!) go to school. But eventually, when the doctor couldn’t find anything physically wrong with her, she HAD to go back.

I had briefed Gemma to surreptitiously spread all sorts of gossip about her sister in these few days. Within a matter of hours stories were flying round the school like wild-fire, you can imagine the sort of thing – “I heard she likes it rough!” … “She’ll fuck ANYBODY her!” … “She smokes a couple of joints – then takes ALL the guys on at once - 5 or 6 at a time - I've heard!”

The result of this surfeit of information was, of course, that none of Ellies’ friends would have anything to do with her when she returned, AND that every guy in the school now leered at her knowingly – waiting for THEIR chance to ‘bag’ this apparently easy-meat!

I was in my garage cleaning my bike a few days after all of this, when Gemma waltzed in wearing a pair of sparkly patterned jeans and a halter top, and pulled the door down behind herself. “You silly cow – I can’t see to clean my bike now!”

She was standing about six feet from where I was kneeling chamois-leather in hand, with her hands on her just-developing hips. “I thought I was supposed to be your play-thing now? … Well I want to feel you INSIDE me!”

With that, she quickly pulled her top straight off over her head, and unzipped her jeans squirming them off, revealing a total lack of underwear! Not that she even NEEDED a bra yet. She stood above me completely naked, giving me a perfect view of her hairless pussy, puppy-fat stomach, and little budding swollen nipples!

I really HAD to get my bike clean … but HEY – I’m only human! I launched myself forward and grabbed her little bum with both hands pulling her towards me; I rammed my face, tongue-first, into her crotch. She smelt, and tasted, delightfully soapy - as only a freshly-washed young girl can!

I crammed my tongue as hard as I could between her chubby thighs, and forced my tongue upwards – evidently hitting the right spot first time, since she groaned breathlessly and I felt her knees begin to buckle.

I lowered her, supporting her by the arse-cheeks, onto the filthy garage floor, yanked her knees up to her chest, placing her feet on my own chest, shrugged my shorts down my thighs, and holding my not-yet-hard-enough dick for support, stroked the tip of it up and down her crack.

As much to kill time whilst my dick hardened as for her benefit, I plunged the opposite index finger into her tight little slit and pressed my thumb against her arse-hole at the same time. The knuckle of my second finger roughly squashing her clit wasn’t even deliberate - but certainly seemed to be appreciated!

“I NEED you to fuck me … right now … PLEASE!” That was all the encouragement I needed! - I LOVE being ‘talked-dirty’ to - but ESPECIALLY by one who looked (and should have been) so sweet and innocent! My cock seemed instantly to know what was expected of it, and rose to the occasion!

I plunged my length straight in to the hilt in a single movement, then rapidly began thrusting in and out of this normally-willing little girls body, not giving a shit that her back was being ripped to shreds by the roughness of the concrete floor.

I had already dispensed with her hymen a few days before, so I sunk easily into her slippery depths … I was still amazed at how tight she was though … FUCK – it felt like my dick was in some sort of cylindrical vice!

She was right about ‘needing’ to be fucked – within a minute of me plunging into her no-longer-virgin pussy, her breathing (or should I say ‘gasping’) quickened, and she panted “OH CHRIST … I’M GOING TO CUM IF YOU KEEP DOING THAT!”

Needless to say – I did … and so did she!

Rather than carry on pumping into her, ever the Gentleman, I pulled my juice-soaked dick out of her and, kneeling forward a bit, I wanked myself off so that I came, shooting my load all over her budding tits and stomach.

I surprised myself at how much I came (considering what little ‘notice’ I had had!) – but there were great globs of cum from her chin to her abdomen, some just sitting there, others dribbling trails down her sides, depending on the angle.

“Get fucking dressed and piss off … I’m busy” then seeing the hurt expression on her childish face, I softened somewhat “OK – I’m sorry … thanks for letting me shag you – but I really must get on”

I felt doubly-bad when she stood up and reclaimed her clothes, to see that from the tops of her shoulders, all the way down to her podgy bum, was a mass of little cuts and abrasions from the floor, several of which were actually dribbling blood!

"GEMMA - your back's really shredded from the floor - BOLLOCKS! - what's your Mum going to say when she sees THAT!?" Even though her Mum seemed to think the Sun shone out of me - I was concerned that she didn't find out what was REALLY going on!

Almost as an after-thought she said “OH – meant to say – Ellie’s REALLY fucked-up about what you’ve done to her life, her friends, and everything … She asked me to ask you, no sorry – she said to BEG YOU! - if there was ANYTHING she could do to make you change it all back?!”

"And don't worry about my back - it was worth it! ... I'll just go in our paddling-pool and wash it off" I wondered for a moment exactly HOW she could do that without getting blood all over her clothes - then I found out ...

She slipped her jeans back on without doing them up, hung her halter-top only round her neck, opened the garage door again, skipped past her surprised Mother who was busy weeding their front garden less than fifty feet away - 'FUCK - what had she been able to hear?' - and dissappeared through the side gate into their garden.

Her Mum looked from her, to me, and back again as she dissappeared through the gate. And I could SEE written all over her face "WHY has Gemma just come out of HIS garage ... and I THINK her clothes were undone ... NO - they CAN't have been"

After a moments thought, she smiled at me and waved, and went back to her work. Evidently confident in the knowledge that "He was MUCH too nice a chap for there to be anything going on - I must have imagined it"

THEN my thought processes took up with what Gemma had said about her GORGEOUS sister Ellie … NOW -

a) … what could I get the superior little bitch-madam to DO;

b) … and to WHOM … and WHERE?

c) … would she actually DO ANYTHING ?

d) … could I actually REVERSE the damage I had already done to her reputation?

I honestly didn’t give a shit if I could or not – if SHE thought I could – that was all that mattered!

But I WOULD have to dream up some well-nigh-impossible challenge for her – wouldn’t I!?

Rating: 80%, Read 50234 times, Posted Jul 15, 2006

Fiction | Authoritarian, Consensual Sex, Male, Plumper, Teen Female


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