me and my mom gangbanged_(2) by rishitha+sharma

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hello every one my name is rishitha this story happened to me wen i was 16 years old . my size was 32-28-30 with a height 5'4 . me and my mom were the only people of our family. my dad died in army. as he died my mom got his pention every month of 20000.

she's a teacher her size was 36-30-38 with a height of 5'4 and age 38. we both were very hot and beautifull. we got shifted to kolkata as it was my mom's native place . we had an independent house over there. beside our home a boy name prakash used to stay. he was my age .

he made friendship with me as i was new to the city he made roam around. and then came christmas hollidays. he and his friends use to come to my home daily. total 4 guys use to hangout with me . i felt uncormfortable with them.

but didn't say any thing because they were acting nice to me. then they started commenting on my body parts. i didn't react much. they became too close to me. once we went to a party in a pub.

i wore a skirt and top exposing my navel. at the end of the party they all wwere drunk and started touching me and prakash kept his hands on my hips and told me dat he'll fuck one day. the next they all came to my home and were saying sorry.

they started giving tickles and wasn't happy with they touched all over my body and then ran away. that afternoon i was going out and suddenly one guy came and kissed me deep in my lips . i was shocked. since then they started seducing me .

my mom didn't react for what they did because she thought i was okay with it. once again we went to a party this time it was treditional and i wore a saree . as i came to the hall prakash and his friends started seducing me.

they squeesed my boobs and took off my cloths. all i was in is my panties. i was resisting them but then had to let go. they tore my panties. prakash started fucking me in

my vagina. i got exsausted but they didn't. my mom was at the bathroom. she came out with a towel and she got shocked to see it. 2 guys were fucking me and the other went and pulled off my mom's towell.

they were fucking both of us. after they got fulfilled they left us and went away they also took a video tape and black mailed us that if we give a police complaint they would release it on the net. the next day we packed off our clothes and started leaving. prakash came and gave my mom a liplock and then thet let us go. while travelling back to hyderabad we had to stop a police check post. there were 3 policemen . they said that they wanted to take an inspection.

they checked our car and then said that we can go. suddenly the cheif inspector said "wait i want to check you too madam". my mom with no objection said "ofcourse officer afterall im all yours . i felt my mom was attracted to that officer as all of them were tall and had well built body.

he came near to my mom and my mom was blushing. she was wearing a saree below her navel. he kept his hands on her hips and came close to her. he lifted her up and kissed her lips and with shy my mom pushed him backwards. she came to me and told me that the police man was her classmate in college.

no doubt about it i thoight i was going to get fucked once again. he told us that he has a big quaters and wants us to stay with him for a day.

my mom said yes. we went their i took my shower. as i came out i went to the balcony and saw another police at back of me he came near to me my towel fell on the floor and before i took it he kissed me on my lips squeezing my boobs .

i thought he'd fuck me but he didn't he took the towel and rubbed it all over my body. i became horny and couldn't ressist it. he noticed it and again kissed me . he put me on the bed and was licking my vagina . he removed his clothes and insert his 7 inch cock in my vagina. i couldn't resist it and i started moaning. hearing that sound the police guy and my mom came up running. he slapped the guy who was fucking and kicked out.

my and the police man(jai) went downstares. they both went into a room and locked themselves. i was peeping from a small window. they were taking and laughing while standing. jai offered her a dance and she said yes they were dancing slowly and as she was wearing a red saree he got tempted and kept his left hands on her hip and right hand on her shoulder near to the breasts. they got very close and started kissing each other like they were lovers of life. he slowly undid her blouse she doesn't where a bra since it was a backless blouse.

he loosed up the notts of her blouse and started squeezing and kissing her boobs. he made her nude and pushed her on the bed. they both were still kissing as he also peirced his dick in her vagina .

they were fucking each other very hard and then slept in the same position . but it was yet just 8'O clock in eveng. i went out to look out the place . it was quite warm so all i wore was a mini skirt and a tight sports T shirt.

i was exposing my navel once again. the area was filled with policemen.

i shouldn't have gone out .

a cop came to me and directly tore my T shirt. all the men came near and grouded me . he put me down and made suck his dick. he humiliated me to the core. he made totally topless and every got a chance to kiss me and feel my boobs.

i started to resist so he even tore my skirt and underware n started fucking me all the men fucked the whole night and then left me to my way. i went home and didn't say any to mom

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Rating: 56%, Read 23839 times, Posted Nov 28, 2013

True Story |


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