Enslaving Rico_(1) by guavapancake

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Fiction | Blackmail, Gay, Hardcore, Humiliation


Enslaving Rico chapter 1

I am not a writer but if you find my work good then please email me. This is just a work of my imagination. My story is inspired by some of the stories I read in the past any similarities are purely coincidental.

The Leash

Rico was an average 18 year old jock who really loves basketball. He is the Fire Tiger University’s heartrob and also an outstanding student. He was really a looker together with his 8 pack abs and hard toned pecks. His height was a bit short than your average basketball player he was a 5’9. However what he lacks in height he gains in his uncut dick which is 6 inch flaccid and 9 inch when fully erect. He was also a typical teen when it comes to masturbation. He does it twice a week in random days of course.

One night Rico was feeling horny and tried to jerk off in front of a camera. He was video chatting with some random stranger he met online. Rico thought that his face was not in range with the camera, feeling safe, he stripped off all his clothes and whipped out his now throbbing 7 inch dick. Rico was really horny that day and also he have this weird list that he wants to try much like a bucket list ergo a fuckit list which includes masturbating on cam in front of a stranger. The list had it all like having sex in his girlfriend’s bed. Rico was right about his list because his cock was so excited it was already dripping a good amount of precum by the time he turned on the webcam.

Ben was a hardcore nerd in Fire Tiger University. He was always seen reading books and the likes. He was of course often bullied by his appearance he was slim and had huge glasses on with braces and pimples all over his face. His most treasured secret is that he is a raging homosexual. Some of his bullies would notice that because of the never ending faggot taunts and shouts. His most cruellest tormentor was Rico. Rico would often locked him up inside the locker or hit him hard in the stomach area. Many of the bullies just hurt Ben with words but Rico was really different. One night Ben was really horny. He of course went online to see some action and he went to a site which lets you watch strangers masturbate in front of the cam 1 on 1. He went on and bought a ticket to one performer. Ben’s parents was rich so buying stuff online is not a big deal he even got his own credit card. After clicking the link Ben’s eyes got so large it felt like it would pop out. In his computer screen was none other his nemesis, his tormentor in school everyday, It was RICO!. No clothes and butt naked. Rico’s body was so dreamy and Ben realized Rico did not adjust the webcam properly and that’s why all of Rico’s handsome blonde face was visible. Ben looked at Ricos’s body with lust his nipples, his happy trail his gym body perfection. Ultimately Ben saw Rico’s 9inch Dick fully erected, foreskin pulled. The head of the cock was so red it seemed it was so sensitive. He ordered Rico to masturbate till he cums and that’s what Rico did since Ben purchased a ticket, Rico would have to do as he is told. Ben began recording Rico and thus making a masturbation scandal which Ben can use to black mail Rico. Ben’s face was filled with evil grin.

Rico woke up in the morning. It was Saturday so no school today. BEEP BEEP his computer sounded. He just got an unknown email. He clicked it opened and saw an attached video. He played it. His face turned all white as the video showed his full body exposed hard cock and his hand pumping his dick while his face was all discernible. The email said go to the park with nothing but a coat on at exactly 9pm. No underwear full commando. If you do not comply the video will be sent to everyone in your contact. Rico was crying now his whole life destroyed by one single mistake.

Rico was so wary not to be seen by anyone while walking in the darkness at the park wearing only nothing but a coat. After waiting in the park he saw Ben and almost made a run for it when Ben said I see that you met my demands Rico. Rico then started to realize the email came from Ben.

Rico:You Asshole!! Delete the video or I will…

Ben interrupted: You will do as I say or I will send those video to everyone!

Rico: Why you little piece of shit!

Rico was about to hit Ben when Ben played the video on his phone. Rico stopped

Rico: do you want? Do you want money?

Ben: Hahahaha Just do as your told to and nothing gets out.

Rico gulped and said alright fine! Just don’t spread the video.

Ben: Open your coat and show me your naked body!

Rico hesitated and then Ben played the video again. Rico now understands that he is getting blackmailed by this stupid nerd. He began to unzip the jacket and exposed his whole body for Ben to see. Rico’s cock was flaccid and his foreskin was intact hiding his cock head. Ben took a photo flash and took a couple more of Ricos naked body.

Ben: go to that bench and crouch on top of it legs spread and hands at the back of your head.

Rico obeyed the perverted order and Ben took more photos.

Ben: Now jerk off here.

Rico: What? Here? I cant, its too cold and I am not in the mood to jerk off.

BEN: Hmmm alright then don’t move.

Ben’s hands began to cup Rico’s cock and began stimulating it. Rico closed his eyes and cant believe what this faggot was doing to him. He was receiving a hand job from a gay nerd while in the obscene position. Ben poked Rico’s foreskin and forced a finger inside the forskin making Rico moan and starts to shoot his load. Spurting his load at the ground

Ben laughed: that was fast.

Rico was so embarrassed ejaculating in front of a gay nerd He wasn’t even letting his girlfriend see him cum upclose but this guy saw it all his cock head throbbing and spewing spunk all over,

Rico: I am sensitive in that area.

Ben: I really thought that the heartrob of the school could last longer hahaha Ben said while circling his finger around Rico’s foreskin causing Rico to get hard again.

Ben: Wow your sensitive cock head really is very sensitive, I cant even fully pull back all your foreskin…. Get Up and zip your coat!

Rico: But I have a semi-boner Ben please stop this I wont hurt you anymore.

Ben: Enough! Ben stopped fondling with Rico’s cock, this is my time to get revenge for all the times you hurt me literally you really did, you even sent me one time in the infirmary you prick!

As Rico was zipping up his coat Ben decided to take Rico’s car to get to the next destination. Rico was really proud of his car because he is the only senior jock to even be allowed to own one. As soon as they reached Rico’s car Ben ordered Rico to take the coat off revealing once again Rico’s almost perfect muscled jock body and by this time his boner was gone.

Ben: You go into the back seat and wear this

It was a leash made of leather and hooking up with a long chain. Rico hesitantly wore it around his neck He looks like a perverted dog right now. While Ben was driving Rico’s car He began to talk.

Ben: Rico do you remember Johnson?

Rico: Gary Johnson?! Omg please don’t please no no no,

Ben: Did you know that Gary was in love with you haha to the point that he stalked you everyday?

Rico: I know very well!!! That’s why I threatened to file a restraining order against him.

Ben: Yeah which caused him to move away and leave Fire Tiger University.

Rico: please please don’t do this to me!!!!

Ben: I wonder how will Gary react if he saw you without anything on except for that leash. Jerk off your dick before we get there I want to see you cock hard and even though you can’t fully pull back your skin expose half of the head prick!.

Rico did as what he is told as he saw Ben play the video in the car and one push of a button it would be uploaded and his career would be all gone. His parents would disown him as his parents was so so religious they are even known to donate so much to the church than everybody in the district. Rico was rubbing his cock making him hard 7inch but not fully hard as it was really uncomfortable doing it on a moving car. They arrived in a house at a almost middle of nowhere. In the front door was Gary. Gary was a fat guy and also a nerd. The threatened complained against him spread like wildfire in the school which forces him to leave and just be home schooled. His feelings for Rico didn’t change at all since he knows that stalking really was creeping the jock out but he couldn’t help it, Rico was so so attractive, his body was to die for. He stalked him because of course Gary wants a glimpse of Rico’s cock. It was his dream his entire obsession with Rico ever since some girl started a rumor about how big it was and how fat it was.

Ben: Put your coat on and zip it all up and keep your dick hard or else

Rico put on his coat and Ben opened the car door and picked up the chain Rico was leashed on. They both got out of the car and headed to where Gary was standing. Rico was pushed to be the one who was walking towards Gary and Ben was at the back of Rico. Rico knew was about to happen and he looked back at Ben with pleading eyes but Ben just picked up his phone reminding Rico what will happen to him.

Ben: You know Rico I bet you girlfriend would like to see that video.

Rico: No please don’t, She would break it off with me seeing that I was unfaithful to her we had a promise to each other.

Ben: then do as I say!

Gary reaction was priceless his eyes was glittering all over Rico. It was true what Ben told him through the phone that he got Rico as a slave. Gary tossed a bag to Ben.

Ben: so I told you it’s true Rico is my slave isn’t that right Rico?

Rico: yes….

Ben: you should say “Yes, master” from now on

Rico: yes…. Master

Gary: omg Rico is here in my house I must be dreaming omg omg I cant believe it!!!

Ben: okay Gary you know the rules just stand there no touching yet

Gary: Yes fine fine just make him do it

Ben: okay Rico unzip your coat and let Gary see your bare body and boner now!

Rico didn’t move he froze.

Rico: I can’t please don’t do this to me please anyone just not Gary please!!!!! I don’t want him to see me like this

Ben: if you don’t do it I will send Gary the video

Rico scared of another blackmail ahead of him if Gary obtained the video made him move. He began to unzip the coat and with his hands opened the coat in front of Gary exposing once again his 8pack abs and perfect pecks body his 7inch boner with a generous amount of pubic hairs. Gary instantly got a hard on and was now drooling all over Rico’s body memorizing each muscle each corner each nipple and ofcourse his dream of all his life Rico’s cock which was beautiful even if its semi hard right now.

Gary: OMG I never thought that I will one day get to see your cock Rico. All the time stalking you and you stand here in front of me presenting your cock to me.

Rico: Fuck you faggot!

Ben: Hahahaha! now Rico don’t move keep exposing your body and read this to Gary.

Ben showed a piece of paper to Rico. Rico’s eyes widened.

Rico: No fucking way NOOOOO!

Ben: Gary get your phone I will send you something

Rico: alright FINE I will say it!

Rico: Gary please get your phone and take…….. a picture of my manly cock and please stick your finger inside my……. Foreskin

Ben: now now Rico spread your legs wider and put your hands in the back of your head.

Gary rushingly took a photo of Rico’s cock zooming it so that Rico’s face was not seen. He took so many photo of Rico’s cock that the flash of camera was turning Ben on. Gary then touched the head of Rico’s cock with his other hand Gary poked a finger inside the intact foreskin and began circling the cock head. Rico moaned and moaned.

Ben: Rico shout if you are cumming.

Rico: I am cumming! I am cumming please stop!!!

It just made Gary circle his finger more. And then Ben opened a small cup and gave it to Gary. Gary aimed the cup to Rico’s cock slit and then Rico began cumming. Gary using his fingers carefully stretched Rico’s cock slit to fully see the coming load. Rico began shooting his load in the cup and like horse he filled the cup with cum so easily his balls were very dry now. Gary took the cup and finally said goodbye to Rico and Ben. Rico was kneeling now tired of what just transpired now two gay guys saw him ejaculate. Ben opened the bag Gary gave it was filled with money.

Rico: Fuck you! You sold me to Gary?

Ben: I don’t need money actually but it’s much more degrading to sell you like a whore.

Rico stood up because Ben was tugging at the leash. Rico was hiding his cock with his hands. Ben slapped the hands away.

Ben: You better not hide your cock from me even if it’s not hard.

Rico: yes

Ben: yes what?

Rico: yes master….

Ben: now don’t move and spread your legs.

Ben then strapped something on Rico’s penis. It was a cock cage.

Ben: now slave you can’t get hard or masturbate on your own now. You will need my permission also put this on all corners of your room and in the bathroom. It is an expensive camera it lets me know what you’re doing at all times. There’s also one thing inside your room you only wear the cock cage.

Rico: whaat? No please don’t Ben please stop this

Ben: stop whining and take the driver seat you are going to drive me home slave.

End of Part 1

Rating: 86%, Read 12289 times, Posted Aug 14, 2017

Fiction | Blackmail, Gay, Hardcore, Humiliation


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