Black Roulette by Replicant

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There’s something about being a powerful businessman and infidelity that just seem to go hand in hand. That was the excuse James always used when he was away from his wife, picking up young girls from clubs who drop their knickers at the sight of a sports car and a fat wallet, or when he picked up a hooker. “She’ll never know, and all the guys do it” he’d think when he sat in his hotel room for some cheap slut on too much makeup to wander in, a girl paid to suck his middle-aged dick and let him fuck her for the three short minutes he could manage. He always felt powerful with hookers – he could make them do ANYTHING for money – so after a few years of living this supposed high-life he indulged a few fetishes of his. This, although he didn’t know if at the time, would be his downfall.

He’d had a few threesomes, spanked a few girls’ arses and so on but he had a couple of more unusual kinks, and one night after a few drinks called up a favourite agency of his and asked for an older woman to be send round, much older in fact. He was told a 67 year old was on their books and could be with him soon. The idea of humiliating an old woman like this excited him a lot, thinking he could do so much to her and she’s so fucking old and desperate she’d have to go along with it.

A short time later, Joy knocked at the hotel room door. Despite her age she was quite elegant, and having been briefed quickly stripped to her underwear. Her long blonde hair shimmered as her slightly curvy body, shapely ass and C cups were shown off by her sleek black basque. James smiled and picked up two champagne glasses, walking over to his whore for the night as he took a sip from his glass. Just as she started to reach out to take the other glass he threw it in her face. “Champagne is for ladies, not worthless old cunts like you. If you don’t get on your knees and start sucking right away I’m not even fucking paying you.”

Joy was shocked, and humiliated, but she needed the cash…reluctantly she got to her knees and unzipped James’ trousers, fumbling around in his underwear for his cock. As she started to suck it, holding back tears, she was shocked at how small his penis was. It seemed just over 4”, the smallest she’d experienced. Feeling a little bit better knowing he was so tiny she carried on sucking, stroking his balls with her fingers as she bathed his dick in soft kisses and licks before sucking it some more. Although she was an expert cocksucker James just couldn’t stay hard. She looked up without saying a word as she stroked his limp dick, but her face said it all…he stormed off to the bathroom and returned a few minutes later. “That doesn’t happen, you’re just too old and fucking ugly.” He reached for his wallet, took out half of what he owed Joy and threw it on the floor at her. “Don’t tell anyone or I’ll make sure you regret it, I know a lot of powerful people.” He laid down on his bed as his hooker quickly dressed, acting dishevelled as she left the room with her meagre earnings for the night. As she closed the door however, a smile crept across her face. He may have been an arsehole, but he doesn’t know that she went through his wallet and phone when he left the room.


When James got home from his business trip, he put his encounter with Joy behind him and turned his attention back to his wife. James, pushing 50 and with a pot belly and a balding head had done well for himself. He met his wife before he became truly well off, and as well as having actually fallen in love with him rather than his money had kept her looks incredibly well. She had stunning red flowing hair with a slight natural curl, perfect D cup breasts, a well-toned arse from endless sessions as the gym and a smooth shaved pussy, one of the many things she would have done at a salon to keep herself looking good. But whilst she once loved her husband, that was long gone. He’d rather masturbate to internet porn than fuck her, he was always miserable and didn’t pay her any attention anymore. She suspected he cheated on her all the time, and after a phone call from a stranger her suspicions were confirmed. James was terrible in bed – small dick, no foreplay and couldn’t last long enough to make any woman cum, and his wife Helen had gotten to the point of really needing some good sex. On top of this, he had a low sperm count and in all their years he could never get Helen pregnant. Things, she thought, were about to change.

James sat down at the dinner table, barely acknowledging either his wife or the home cooked meal she placed in front of him. It didn’t matter, she thought, the less he concentrated the easier it would be. He picked up his wine and while gazing sat the newspaper took a huge swig. “Drink up you sad fucking pig, do it” Helen thought. It didn’t take long at all for the drugging to take effect; James felt light-headed almost immediately, and within 30 seconds passed out cold. “Play time” Helen said with a smile…


James woke up naked in his basement. That was the least of his worries however, he was far more concerned as to why five naked young black men were lined up in front of him with Joy the old hooker sucking their huge cocks. He tried to start shouting and ask what was going on but his mouth was taped shut, reducing his cries to murmurs. “Looks like fatty woke up” one of the guys laughed, and moments later he had the shock of his life.

From behind the line of men his wife, Helen the stunning redhead stepped out wearing an under-cup bra, a suspender belt with stockings, and nothing else at all. Everything was on show. She leaned down to James and whispered to him;

“You’ve really had this coming for a long, long time. You neglect me, fuck young sluts and cheap hookers all the time, jerk off your tiny dick to porn and recently you were a total arsehole to Joy here. The guys with real sized dicks all agree she’s an excellent cocksucker, so why your dick didn’t even work is down only to you. You need to be put right back into your place, so we’re going to play Russian Roulette with a twist…these guys are going to fuck me, and cum in my hot fertile pussy. All the sticky black spunk is going to fill me up and if you’re not careful it’s going to get me pregnant! You’ll have a chance to stop it afterwards though, but for now…”

She ripped the tape off his mouth, and before he had time to scream the biggest of the black men grabbed him and pulled him onto his knees my Joy’s side. “You’re a fucking faggot boy now, show everyone what a little queer you are and suck my dick.” James looked at it, easily 9” long, very thick, throbbing and still glistening from Joy’s mouth. James tried to stand up and get away but the man just kicked him hard in the stomach, punched him in the face and forced him back down. “Don’t make me beat you fatty, suck my dick before I cum in your hot sexy wife and knock her up with a black baby.”

James wanted to throw up. He tied to run away again, and this time was knocked onto all fours by a powerful knee to the face followed by three of them men kicking his stomach, chest, face and his pathetic tiny dick and balls. In tears, he was forced in front of the man again who rubbed his big black dick all over his face. “Fuck you bastards!” James shouted, “I’m not sucking cock, especially not that of a fucking NIGGER”.

Two of the guys got out of line and grabbed James’ face, wrenching his jaw open while the man finally thrust his huge dick down his throat. James started to gag right away, 6” of dick in his mouth making him want to puke again, but realised he was totally helpless when he heard a ‘click’. Joy took a picture of him sucking a huge black dick, and told him it would be online in seconds if he didn’t play along. Reluctantly, James started to suck his tormentor’s cock as tears rolled down his fat cheeks.

“Hahaa! Look at this fucking FAGGOT racist arsehole sucking a superior black dick! Helen, I’m amazed you married this pathetic fuck.”

James darted his eyes around to see his wife laid down on a comfortable bed, stroking her gorgeous cunt, hoping she might take pity. His hopes were soon dashed. “I know, he’s such a pathetic fucking worm, I need a REAL dick inside me to make me feel like a woman again. Better yet, FIVE dicks, nice big black ones to make me pregnant with your superior black jizz.” She seemed to melt away with lust as she uttered the last few words, and the man James was sucking walked over to the bed. He felt like struggling again, but it wasn’t worth it, he thought. Seconds later another dick was forced into his mouth, not needing his jaw to be held pen anymore as he accepted his fate, and he and Joy worked on the men to get them hard before fucking Helen senseless.

James was in a position where he could look over as he sucked and saw the first man put his dick to his wife’s pussy. She was obviously wet already, and moaned like he’d never heard her do before as this huge dick slid slowly into her cunt. She clutched her fingers around the muscular shoulders of this young black stud and he fucked her deep and hard, like James never had or even could, each stroke making his wife shriek louder.

“Looks like your wife loves black dick even more than you” the owner of the cock he was sucking said, making James feel even more worthless. He looked back over to see his wife cum hard, screaming away as she yelled out;

“Oh, FUCK yes, FUCK me you stud and fill my white cunt with your hit black seed, breed me, make me pregnant with your incredible hot black cum! I want a black baby to really humiliate that PIG over there, that fag sucking black dicks I call my husband.”

As the stud pulled out of his wife and walked away, the guy James was sucking went over and has his turn.

“ I’m going to show him the tape afterwards and drain him of all his money so he can try and retain some public dignity…until the world finds out he’s a cuckold and his wife is pregnant by a black guy!”

There were no words, James was broken now…he was being recorded doing this? He once again had to suck cock, Joy teaching him how to do it properly as the guys took it in turn spunking in his wife’s cunt. By the time he finished sucking his last dick he could get a good view of his wife being filled by the biggest dick of them all, almost 10” of black dick tearing her in two. He fucked her hard, made her cum yet again and dropped his load in her cunt, and James could see it all leaking out there was so much.

“Get over here, you faggot” Helen commanded, “I am so full of spunk now that it’s overflowing, and the first load has been sitting in my warm fertile hole for over an hour now, but I will give you ONE chance to stop me getting pregnant…assuming I’m not already. Lick and suck it out of me.”

James was stunned at his own actions, not stopping to even think before diving his face between his wife’s legs and licking her well-fucked pussy, sucking every drop of cum into his mouth and swallowing it hoping she wouldn’t be pregnant with a black baby. He licked every drop up, sucking it all out as best he could.

“You cum loving queer!” Helen laughed at him, and Joy and the men all joined in. “Now you can fuck me and cum in me, and you can pray for the next 9 months the baby I will have is yours…not that it will be of course, but you have to have a chance in Russian Roulette, right?” James spend 5 minutes jerking his cock to hardness, then fucked his uninterested wife for a further two. “Is it in yet? I can’t feel a fucking thing” she mocked, but it didn’t stop him cumming quickly as ever.

“Joy, you and the boys can go now” Helen said, and they all quickly left so it was just James and his wife. “In 9 months time, the press are going to hear from me, heavily pregnant announcing your soon-to-be-born baby to the world…you’d better hope it’s not black, but it’s pretty much certain it will be. No more hookers for you, no cheap young sluts, and your money is all MINE if you don’t want this video getting out. Understand?”

James nodded, not because he wanted to, but because he had to. He was a ruined man, and this was the first day of the rest of his miserable life.

Rating: 77%, Read 13561 times, Posted Jul 23, 2011

Fantasy |


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