Plans by Willmatron

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Female, Lesbian, Threesome

Due to recent financial difficulties I’ve had to move into a small apartment over someone’s garage. I was in my early thirties and in decent shape for my age. The couple I was renting was a lesbian couple. Brittany was a tall athletic, brunette with small breasts. She recently encouraged me to work out with her. Meanwhile her lover Carol was about 5’ 2” curvy red head with D cup breasts. I often fantasized about them.

Brittany was thirty-five and since her family disapproved of her lifestyle it discouraged her from having much to do with them. Her only real family was a twelve year old girl she adopted, named Bailey. I thought the girl was cute, but did my best to put any bad thoughts out of my mind. She was short with dark brown hair and a body that was barely there.

Carol’s family didn’t mind she was gay. It was only when I came into their house when I heard the conversation that explained why.

“She never even told us who the father was,” said Carol. She leaned back on the couch in Brittany’s arms. They were both ready for bed. Brittany wore a tight white muscle shirt while Carol wore a night gown.

“Can you believe this her sister got pregnant when she was sixteen and wouldn’t tell anyone who the father was?” asked Brittany. She reached a hand into Carol’s nightgown and ran it up and down her boobs. I wondered what was going on so I paid attention.

“Yes, now she needs a place to stay for a few months while she gets things settled,” said Carol. Eventually the conversation changed subject.

“Didn’t you say your parents were disappointed you haven’t had a kid by now?” asked Brittany.

“Yes, they wouldn’t mind as long as I let them meet the father,” said Carol. Brittany bent over and reached down Carol’s thighs. She grabbed the bottom of Carol’s nightgown and pulled up to her waist.

“Here’s your chance,” she said. Brittany looked at me. Carol wasn’t wearing panties and I saw her smooth slit. A small playboy tattoo sat above her pussy.

“Really. You won’t get jealous?” asked Carol.

“As long as I get to watch,” said Brittany. I knew what to do. I took off my shirt. I gave Carol a chance to see my body as I stripped off my clothes. Because of the time spent with Brittany I was in better shape than I've ever been in. “Since we can tell you don’t have as much as we do I suggest you eat her out first.”

My dick as already getting hard, but I didn’t need to be told twice. I licked and nibbled on Carol’s pussy lips. She moaned. I looked up briefly to see Brittany massaging her breasts. I kept eating and followed their suggestions of inserting a finger or two.

“I’m ready,” said Carol. I stood up and lined my dick up with her pussy. Brittany got out from behind Carol and took off her clothes. She sat in the nearby chair and fingered herself.

I began thrusting and eventually leaned over and fondled Carol’s large boobs. It was so hot I thought I was about to orgasm first when Carol and I heard Brittany loudly gasp. I soon came. All three of us rested when we realized what happened. Brittany got off by watching us fuck. The next few days continued like that. My first thing to do was to fuck Carol while Brittany fingered herself to orgasm.

One day after I had fucked Carol we watched Brittany bring herself to orgasm. Carol smiled, sat and kissed Brittany. She kept kissing her as she pushed her to the bed. She rubbed Brittany’s thighs, before spreading them.

“We need to experience what each other felt,” said Carol. Brittany looked at me. My dick was hard again. She kissed Carol again. I took that as a sign and thrust into Brittany. She was tighter than Carol and I tried to be gentle. I kissed her breasts and she moaned. Carol was playing with herself and moaning loudly. We wondered whether anyone would hear her. But soon I felt the need to speed up. I thrust harder and harder into her until we were about to orgasm. Carol beat us to it. We soon lay on the bed resting. We then heard quite footsteps moving away from the door.

The next Carol’s sister, Corrine, arrived. She was short, barely over five feet tall with light skin and a thin frame and a red head like her sister. Her daughter, Brenda, was built the same way, actually looked younger than her age. Carol suspected they didn't take care of themselves like they should.

Bailey and Brenda was talking spening time together the next day. We could she was getting annoyed of the girl. She saw me staring at them. She smiled and then looked at her mother. Brenda was wearing a short t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. Brittany nodded at Bailey.

Bailey grabbed the girls pants and yanked them down. Brenda turned away and i saw he little ass. Carol accidently touched my cock and noticed my reaction. Carol took me and Brittany to their bedroom.

“Is this wrong of me. I want to see them get fucked,” said Carol.

“That would be so hot,” said Brittany.

“Can I join in?” asked Bailey.

“No, you’re too young,” said Brittany.

“I know what sex is and i've been watching you three for the last two days," said Baily. "Anyway. Brenda wants to be my friend and I think I can get her to do anything I want,” said the girl. We then began to hatch our plan.

Rating: 79%, Read 8904 times, Posted Aug 27, 2012

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Female, Lesbian, Threesome


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