Naruto - Baransu Byou - The chunin exams - Chapter 1 - Convincing Iruka by m3n4sk3r

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First law of chakra:

The chakra is formed by two part, the mental one, known as Yin Chakra, and the body part, or Yang Chakra. Women and men are both able to use chakra, with a small problem, known as Balance disease or Baranzu Byou.

Men suffer from abundance of the Yang chakra, which makes them more impulsive the more abundance there is, causing them temperament problems.

Women suffer from a shortage of the Yang chakra, compared to their Yin chakra. This makes them more prone to discomfort and mood swings.

According to the religion of the creator of ninjutsu, whose name is no longer remembered, but whose teachings are still known, such as a law inscribed in the same being of the users of energy was established by them.

The law of balance, or law of the chakra.

This is an impulse or suggestion of the subconscious of the shinobi to match the amounts of Yin and Yang chakra in the body. For this, the method is quite simple.

The woman and the man must copulate.

Throughout history this caused great problems when in the midst of battles between enemies, the Shinobis suffered Baranzu Byou. The orgies produced were not something that people takes pride on, but it was necessary.

Blood relations, age or race differences were irrelevant to the problem.

Over time, the foundation of the Ninja Villages solved the problem to some extent, as now they didn't have to resort to incest or copulating with enemies to survive.

The creation of the teams was the best solution so far.

Mixed teams allowed the option of balancing the members' chakras without problem, in order to be in the best possible state at any time.

The problem began at puberty, fortunately, and the elderly lose the need to deal with Baranzu Byou as they get older, so the people with most trouble are the teenagers and young adults.

Thus, the ninja world developed normally.

With small details, of course.

X - X - X - X - X

In the forest of Konoha, near the training ground number seven, Umino Iuka's training, trying to release all the frustrations of the day.

On one hand, the trio of Jounin wanted to enter their newly graduated students to the Chunin exams, when they haven't even been ninjas for more than two months. His students were just beginning their lives as Shinobis and Kunoichis, and they are not yet used to the imbalance of energies caused by stressful situations.

On the other hand, he was not in a really good condition. It has been months since he had slept with a kunoichi to expel his over abundance of Yang Chakra and equalize his energy. It's not too necessary for him, a semi-active ninja, but right now it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage his chakra.

"Iruka, we have to talk." A woman's voice makes him stop, his body groaning in discomfort, somewhat unstable because of the excess of the unstable chakra. Turning away, the Umino sees the sensei of Team 8 approaching him, her hips swaying from side to side, typical of an experienced kunoichi like herself.

"I will not change my decision." Iruka exclaims stubbornly.

"It's not your decision; they are already adults according to our laws."

"Even so, they are too inexperienced for such a dangerous test and ..."

"And…" Kurenai raises an eyebrow, curious at what he didn't say.

"...They´re too young to have to comply with the first law of the chakra."

"So that was it." The beautiful woman now understands why the brown-haired man was against the gennin participating in the exams. "Even so…"

"What…?" Iruka is surprised when the kunoichi quickly stands in front of him, staring at him, her ruby eyes shining and highlighting her perfect features.

"It's time for them to grow up." The woman closes her eyes and doesn't notice how the chunin carefully looks down, and kept looking. "It's a great opportunity for them to..." Kurenai stops her speech by noticing that Iruka wasn't paying attention to her.

Seeing where the man was looking, the brunette smirks when she sees him focused on her big chest, pressed slightly against the chunin chest. That gave her a good idea.

"Iruka, when was the last time you stabilized your chakra?" The woman did not wait an answer.

Before the red-faced Chunin could explain why he was looking, he was suddenly thrown to the ground roughly, making him close his eyes because of the slight pain. When he opened his eyes, his claim got stuck on his throat at the incredible sight in front of him.

"Do you like what you see?" Without any shame, the woman was naked in front of her fellow ninja. Lifting her big bust with her arms, the woman smiles at him and explains how she got naked in a blink. "It is a technique created by Tsunade-sama when the first law had to be fulfilled by women, to speed up the process."

"Kurenai-san ..." Naruto's "older brother" was overwhelmed by the woman's strong personality. Suppressing a groan when the woman rides on his hard bulge, the chunin was getting desperate for answers. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to help you with your problem." The woman replied bluntly. "We can talk and come to an agreement about the kids later." Kurenai absently added, more interested on being fucked by the man thick member. Lowering Iuka's pants a little, the red-eyed woman begins to rub the tip of the hard cock against her vaginal lips, appreciating how it gets harder and harder.


"Do you want to fuck my pussy?" Vulgar words that Iruka would never expect from a woman as elegant as Kurenai seemed and it only served to excite him even more.

"Yes ..." The professor muttered, more excited than ever before. The kunoichi just arrogantly smirked at him and…moved.

"Mmm" The beautiful Kunoichi lets out a small moan of pleasure as she sinks her pussy on the chunin instructor dick, the cock rubbing her wet womanhood deliciously. "It seems that you haven't been with a woman in a long time." With one hand, the woman squeezes the Umino's engorged balls, and watches with pleasure as he squirms on the grass. "That's just adorable." Kurenai mocks an abashed Iruka, who couldn't answer, trying to catch his breath.

Sitting in the lap of the Chunin, Kurenai begins to move slowly up and down, swinging her hips on the prick filling her cunt. Leaning her thin hands on the Umino's chest, the woman began to increase the speed of her movements, taking advantage of her impressive leg-strength.

Now bouncing wildly, the woman just groans as she feels how the cock sinks deeper and deeper into her pussy. "Come on Iruka, put some effort too."

The black-eyed beauty sighs in bliss as the swollen balls of the man hits her round ass with every thrust...

"Ahh damn it." Iruka couldn't help but growl of pleasure, moving his pelvis up as much as he could, dumbfound by the kunoichi's breasts shaking wildly. Gripping the kunoichi's fat ass, the Umino just clenched his teeth and tried to match the rhythm of the unrestrained Yuuhi.

Soon, the only sound heard was the one produced by flesh against flesh, with moans and grunts echoing every time Iuka's cock hit a sensitive spot in the curvy woman's pussy.

Both ninjas were so engrossed in their act that they did not listen to the footsteps of a person getting closer to the couple.

"Wow, that's a pleasant sight." A voice is heard in the forest as a man approaches the duo, staring with lust at the black-haired woman dominating her lover and bounce like crazy on the man's cock. The woman's bottom shook freely with each bounce, after the ninja's hands fell to the grass. Both ninjas stopped the act, surprised by the intrusion, and turning their gaze, both chakra users watched as Sarutobi Asuma approached them, a smile on his face. "Did I interrupt something?"

"Yes, you did." Kurenai coldly replied, annoyed that her ex appeared when things were getting interesting. Iruka was, surprisingly, a good lover. "So if you leave it would be great..." The woman's reprimand stops when she sees the man's pants fight to keep the hard cock inside. Licking her lips, the woman came up with a better idea. "Or take that cock out and join us." Kunoichi spreads her buttocks and shows her butthole, ready for action. "I still have another hole."

"What the hell!" Iruka is surprised to hear the proposal, and tries to complain, but the woman's strength was greater than his, so he couldn't move when the woman suddenly pressed his chest down with one hand. With the other hand, Kurenai began to finger her asshole, getting the puckered hole ready for a hard fuck.

"I like the way you think." Asuma smiled and took out a cigarette, lighting it with a jutsu and lowering his pants, his stiff cock releasing some pre-cum. Spitting his cock to get it wet, he began to jerk off until it was completely lubricated.

"Holy fucks, yes ..." The woman sighs in bliss when she feels the tip of her ex's dick penetrating her tighter hole. There are many reasons why she ended up with the smoker, but being a bad fuck was not one of them.

Iruka and Asuma closed their eyes when the latter sank his cock into the bottom of the Jounin woman. Both of her holes gripped the cocks inside, wanting to squeeze them out of their milk.

"You still know how I like it." Kurenai praised the Sarutobi in his ear, whispering between moans, feeling the Jounin fiercely ramming his cock into the woman's rear. Asuma just smirked at her, hugging her and drawing her to him, his hands grabbing her big tits roughly, loving how soft the mounds are.

Asuma just grinned, his cigar still lit, while enjoying the perfection that was the Yuuhi's ass, even tighter than usual with the cock filling the jounin-sensei's pussy, apart from his by a thin membrane. The sounds that his fellow Jounin exclaimed were music to his ears, and caused him to fuck Kurenai harder.

"This's not normal." The Umino thought as he frowned, getting back on his senses. The chunin knew that as the Chakra user trained more in the use of the chakra and survived their battles, the needs to equalize the Yin and the Yang in the ninjas became more necessary, and that made the kunoichis more ... liberal. But it is too early for his students.

His students were too young to have to perform such adult acts as is the sex with strangers, something that could happen in the chunin exams. He did not want his innocent students to grow up with such a superficial perspective on sex.

"Mmm!" The thoughts of the man 're interrupted by the sudden movement of Kurenai, who leans down and claims his lips, her tongue dominating the Umino's mouth, while her hips move alongside his other lover, who kept ramming fiercely into the asshole of the ravenette.

"Do you like it right?" The brunette says between kisses, "your cock filling my pussy." Iruka wanted to deny it, but he couldn't, Team 8's sensei cunt felt divine, her naked body bouncing against the Sarutobi thrusts was just spectacular. "This is part of being ninjas; it's something that… aahhh." The woman screams when Asuma starts to spank her pale bottom. "...Will help them in the future."

"Kurenai is right Iruka." A different voice distracts the threesome, who stops their movements to catch their breath. Well, the shinobis stopped, Kurenai began to wiggle her hips on the thick members of her fellow ninjas, excited to see the newcomers.

Kakashi and Gai, the two strongest Jounin in the village approaching them, their bulges semi-hard in clear view, to the thrill of the Yuuhi. The Hatake came near with his typical lazy expression, and the Youthful Jounin looked as energetic as ever.

"Iruka-san, this is the opportunity for our young people to demonstrate their youth."Gai said as both men pulled their pants down in front of the busty woman's face. "That they can have relationships in an environment controlled by us is something truly unique." Maito Gai arches in pleasure when the ravenette swallows his member in her mouth, easily taking all the inches of the taijutsu master's prick.

"These guys are crazy." Iruka thought overcome completely by the situation. Seeing Kutenai's breasts moving to the rhythm of the of Sarutobi and Maito swings, the academy professor surrendered to the temptation.

Leaning on the soles of his feet to have better ground, the Umino became another participant in the madness of the ninja world.

X - X - X - X - X

In training camp 7, young Uzumaki suddenly finished his training when he heard some weird sounds nearby. Being the curious ninja he was, all he thought was discovering the source.

What the worst that could happen?

"Gods above, fuck!" Naruto was getting closer and closer to where those screams of pleasure were heard. Normally he would not do something as silly as spying on a couple fucking, the times he escaped to the red district gave him bad memories of that, but he found it curious that they were brazen enough to do it in the forest.

Seeing the silhouettes of a group of people, Naruto sneaked into the bushes, watching surprised at Kakashi-sensei with another Jounin being blowed off by a spectacular black-haired woman.

"Wait a moment." Naruto opened his eyes in amazement, seeing the ninja under the busty woman. "Isn't that Iruka-sensei?" The Blond recognized one of the men fucking the woman, while another ninja with a cigar in his mouth was thrusting her from behind.

"I'm going to cum Kurenai-san." The Umino voice wasn´t heard clearly, busy as he was impaling the beautiful kunoichi on his cock, which wiggled her hips, trying to milk the hard cocks in her holes dry.

"Ngggh." Assume for his part bites his cigarette while he squeezes his ex's waist, sticking his body to that of the voluptuous kunoichi and burying his cock as much as he could on his lover's puckered hole.

"Hmmm!" The Jounin screams were muffled by the youthful Jounin cock, who writhes in pleasure of the woman's hot mouth, when she feels her pussy and her ass being filled with the cum of the shinobis, the Yang chakra released by them mixing with her Yin chakra and stabilizing their energy levels.

"Wow, both of you were really repressed." An amused Kakashi comments with his hands in his pockets, feeling the Yuuhi hand jerk his cock off. The lazy ninja sweat dropped when he sees Kurenai continue to suck off Gai, who grits his teeth and tried not to cum yet.

"Wow, the mutt's sensei is really hot." The Jinchuriki thought with envy, slowly walking away, watching the woman rise from a semi-unconscious Iruka-sensei, cum falling freely from her cunt and a little from her ass, still filled by the bearded man's cock.

"I'm going to have to tell the guy about this." Naruto moved away from the group of ninjas, seeing how they were ready to continue their illicit act, the woman finally stopping sucking the bushy browed man's prick, a lascivious smile on her face and taking a cock in each hand, her ass being pumped by the sensei of team 10.

The Uzumaki vowed to himself to ask Kiba and Shino how to convince their sensei to practice the energy stabilization with him. Fucking such a woman sounded like a dream come true. After the wave, the blond got a new appretiation for older women.

"I'm going to fuck those tits." The blonde clenched his fist and grinned. "I swear it, Dattebayo!"

X - X - X - X - X

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Rating: 46%, Read 3682 times, Posted Jul 03, 2020

Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Fan fiction, Female, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Threesome, Voyeurism


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