Sharing Ruth - Chapter 7 by StoryTeller101

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My wife bought an array of anal sex toys with the intention of using them on me. My first experience was rather enjoyable. Would the enjoyment last I wondered…….

After pegging me Ruth stood at the end of the bed, her cheeks flushed but with a broad smile. “You liked that didn’t you sweetheart” she said and I couldn’t deny it. My equally broad smile gave the game away. I looked at her. Her hair was a mess, her tits large, her nipples erect and a huge cock hanging from her hips. I stood up on slightly wobbly legs and embraced her. The strap-on pressed against my crotch. She reached down and grabbed my cock. “Get me off honey” I whispered in her ear. “No my dear we have more games to play before that” she said “we will have lunch but first put one of those butt plugs in your bum”. I reeled back and started at her but she was adamant. “Do as I ask” she growled. I could see there was no use arguing. I grabbed the small one but I had been stretched by the strap-on. I grabbed the large one and fitted it in my arse. “Come my bum slut” she said cheerfully “let’s have lunch”.

I sat down, naked, well aware of my bum being plugged. My body had readily accepted this new intrusion. Ruth, also still naked, served up lunch as if everything was normal. After lunch I stood up gingerly but the design of the butt plug was such that it wasn’t about to slide out. My cock was still erect and I wanted so badly to cum but Ruth kept teasing me. She would stroke me for a couple of minutes and then stop. The plug was starting to get uncomfortable. “Can I take it out?” I asked. “Not yet honey” she said and grabbed my cock again. It was almost an hour before she said I could “unplug”. My anal canal had shrunk around the butt plug and I groaned as she extracted it. I was forced to admit that it was that uncomfortable. Ruth again laughed and called me a bum slut. I guess I was.

Twice more, once before dinner and once after dinner, Ruth strapped on the dildo and pegged me. My arse was sore but I realised that I was enjoying it. Being fucked up the arse by your wife was starting to appeal to me. She finally finished me off by sucking my cock until I came in her mouth. I swear I came so hard I felt faint. Ruth gagged and cum leaked out of her mouth. I had never cum so hard ever in my life. I slept soundly that night. Frankly, I was worn out.

The next morning we discussed the last few days over breakfast. She said our little adventure with some Gothic S&M had been fun. She laughed saying I looked totally shocked when the guy sucked me off. She had enjoyed the strap-on experience which led her to decide to try it on me. “Who knows where it will lead darling” she said and smiled. I wondered what she was thinking but let it pass. It was Monday and so we both headed off to our jobs. My new role of Assistant Manager was a bit stressful but I could handle it. My staff were top notch, which made it easier. My bum was still tender but in a nice way. Maybe the stories about the “P” spot were right. I certainly felt something.

The rest of the week Ruth used me at times for her anal pleasure. Be it the strap-on, the beads or just a butt plug. Fucking her with a butt plug inserted was amazing. I will not lie, I was starting to enjoy our anal play. Ruth had been reluctant to use her new horse cock dildo. She tried to explain that she had bought it on a whim. Friday night I insisted she try it. “It would be a shame to waste the money honey” I explained. We fooled around for a little while and then I grabbed it out of the drawer, greased it up and became to rub her pussy and clit with the head. She was responding with moans and so I pushed the flared head against her pussy and the head entered her. “Oh shit” she yelped but when I asked if I should stop she said a resounding “no”.

It took several minutes of careful manipulation but she took the whole 12”. Her eyes glazed over, her mouth was open and she was making low groaning noises. “Do you want me to stop?” I asked as I was concerned. She looked up at me and squealed “fuck me”. Doing as I was told I worked that monster back and forth. She was on her back. She lifted her knees, spread them apart and began to thrust up to meet the thrusting of the dildo. “Oh my God” she moaned “faster, do it faster, fuck my harder” she screamed and then orgasmed. She screamed so loud I was wondered the neighbours would call the police. “Don’t stop you bastard” she yelled and she came once more before telling me to stop. It took her quite a while to calm down. She looked at me “that was fucking amazing” she said and rolled over and went to sleep. I ended up jerking off before I could sleep.

Saturday came and we went shopping as usual. Ruth seemed distracted. Her mind wasn’t on the task. She seemed miles away. Most of the shopping was me picking things I thought we needed with no help from Ruth. I asked if there anything wrong but she just told me not to be so stupid. So I decided not to question her further. Shopping done we settled in the food court for a coffee before returning home. She seemed to perk up a bit but still had that faraway look in her eyes. I knew asking anymore questions was pointless so I just ignored the situation.

We got home and put away the shopping. After lunch we sat in the lounge. She came over and sat on my lap. We were kissing and then she whispered that she was horny. Not unusual but considering her mood earlier I was confused. Nevertheless we went into the bedroom and I realised she was extra horny. Her nipples were erect, her pussy already soaked and she was so ready. I took her missionary but she rolled us over and she rode me cowgirl style while rubbing her pussy. Even after I came she continued to rock back and forth and came twice more. All the time she had her eyes closed and I began to wonder if she was imagining fucking someone else. In the end she lay on top of me kissing me. Deep French kisses.

She made an early dinner and then told me to go and have a shower and douche. I figured she was in the mood to peg me so I did as she asked. I came out of the bedroom in just robe. I sat on the couch and she began to fondle my cock. She didn’t have to work because I was already stiff. We were kissing and getting very amorous when the floor doorbell rang. I cursed and she jumped up saying “I will get it honey”. I heard voices and I covered myself. Ruth walked back into the lounge but not alone. “This is Willow” she said. Standing there was a woman just a couple of inches shorter than me. She was beautiful. Long light brown face, full make-up, conservatively dressed with a smile that could break hearts.

I was a bit shocked actually. After all, Ruth had said several times she was not really into bi sex. But here she was with this beautiful woman. “Come with me” Ruth said to her and their disappeared into the bedroom. I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to follow. I thought I would play it cool and wait to be called. It was perhaps 10 minutes later when they returned. They were both naked. Ruth smiling broadly and Willow looking apprehensive. My jaw hit the floor. As well as her pretty face she had great breasts, erect nipples and a cock…..A COCK……

Rating: 89%, Read 7470 times, Posted Nov 18, 2020

Fiction | Anal, Female, Male, Toys


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