The Hunting Trip 4 by The+Pitbull

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Fiction | Authoritarian, Blowjob, Oral Sex, Young

It was early the next morning and the sun wasn’t even up yet. Maxine was awake, but she didn’t want to be. She got hit with a pillow “time to get up sleepy” is all Jacob would say as he finished brushing his teeth. She sat up in bed before rolling to her feet and beginning to get ready, Jake went downstairs to eat. Pops had a full breakfast already set out as the guys all told her she should eat a huge breakfast because lunch was only a snack in the woods. They all finished eating and the fellows went out to hunt and pops started cleaning up the food and dishes as Jacob went over gear and guns with her. Maxine stood there like a typical giddy teenager “Yeah I got it Jakster” as she picked up her perfume and was about to spray when Jacob pushed it away “No…no perfume, scents remember?” she nodded and he stood walking out the door. She smirked and sprayed a few sprays on and put her jacket on over her sweater and followed behind him.

They walked until she began complaining, but they were already there. It was a beautiful opening, a small creek, tree lines, and little green patch of grass. “We set up here for now, it’s my favorite hunting spot and sure spot for a kill for a newbie” he smirked. They set up a small hunting tent with open windows on a small ledge of rocks overlooking the whole area. They weren’t even there for a few moments before a large doe walked into opening. Jacob whispered to her “where’s there is a beautiful doe there’s a big buck to follow”. Their eyes met and stayed locked until a large crash was heard and they would observe the doe skipping off. He would look back at her “I told you no perfume” he smile and reach into his bag and begin to spray her with some crappy smelly stuff.

They basically got no hunting done because of Maxine chatter and noise making. They began to make their way back when they ran into Jacobs’s dad and walked with him. “So Maxine hunny your old man got a nice 6 pointer this morning.” When they got back to the cabin Jacob asked if he and the student could do the gutting and prepping of the deer and her dad gratefully approved. Maxine was so grossed out she needed to go in and lay down. She felt like she was only sleeping for a few minutes before Jacob came in and flopped down next to her “dinner is served sleeping beauty”. She stretched and yawned as her shirt rose up a little showing off her flat tummy. Jacob out his hand on her tight flat stomach and tickled her and she curled up instantly. “Come on get up…time to eat” he would say as she screamed out in laughter “ok…ok up”.

The made their way to the table, elbowing and shoving each other teasingly. Everyone talked about their day and Jacob began to make comments about gutting the deer, he smirked at Maxine. “aright that’s enough you two…wow you two really are like siblings, I’m not used to seeing Jacob acting like a child…its kind of nice for a change, instead of mister serious.” Big john would say. They all would laugh except Jacob who would simply grin.

Maxine and Jacob were taking care of the dishes when Jacobs’s dad approached “umm yeah guys… me and the guys were hoping to go out and get a few beers...maybe watch a game or two …soo you two don’t mind right?” Maxine would look at Jacob who grinned back as Maxine spoke “strip club two nights in a row? “The larger man laughed. Jacob spoke next “I don’t understand why you big kids need our permission... but have fun”.

The men all left, and Maxine was putting a movie in as Jacob approached with two bowls of ice cream. The sundaes looked almost professional with all the fixings. He placed them down before going back into the kitchen and fetching himself a drink. When he sat down Maxine instantly curled into him with her feet tucked under herself. He looked at her as she dabbed his nose with whipped cream “funny, so what movie we watching, better not be a chick flick” he said as he licked the whipped cream from his fingers. She wrinkled her nose at him with a smile.

It was a horror movie and certainly one of Jacobs’s favorites. He continued to drink his whiskeys and cokes as they watched the movie, it was late and the movie was almost to an end, the candles they had lit had already burned out and the room was almost black other then the grim movie visions. The room was vey still except for Maxine’s hand, she was rubbing Jacobs’s abs under his hooded sweat shirt. He wore the hooded sweat shirt and a pair of baggy dark brown cargo short and a comfy pair of socks. Maxine had on her usual tight tank top and low hanging pink sweat pants, they hung low on her hips showing off her black thong strings.

Maxine’s hand had made its way over the front of Jacobs’s shorts. Jacob thought about his girl friend, but enough was enough how much long could he resist this beautiful young girl. Between the whiskey and his boyish urges he couldn’t any longer. He leaned down as the credits began on the TV and spoke softly in her ear “Just give it a kiss…” she looked at him with her striking but innocent little girl eyes. She slowly under did his short and slid his large, semi hard and thick member from his shorts before giving him another look with her childlike face. She lowered her head as he placed one hand on the back of it the other behind his own. He tilted his head back as he felt her small lips wrap around his growing head.

She wrapped both of her hands around the fat length as he seemed to have reached his maximum. He was very well endowed. She took him into her mouth and began sucking softly on the tip. After a few minutes she began trying to bob her head up and down on colossal cock with Jacobs’s hand offering pressure into doing so. Her spit and his pre-cum oozed down the sides of his dick as she now only held his dick with one hand and stroked him slowly. She took him from her mouth and placed her other hand back onto his cock and began tugging wildly on him as she gave him a seductive look and licked her lips of the extra fluids. She began making soft whimpers and moans encouraging Jacob. Jacob tilted his head and sighed out loud as he began releasing his load. Lengthy and bulky sprays of cum erupted into the air. A few drops landing on her cheek and chin as Maxine continued to stroke him violently, the cum flowed down the sides of his monster and over her hands.

She came to a stop as they starred at each other, Jacob was rugged and tough. His devilish grin and spiky black hair and dark eyes starred at max. She was the opposite, light skin and hair. He face had the innocent girly look to it as her bangs hung down over her eyes slightly. The few drops remained on her face until she took her hand and used her fingers to wipe it off. After wiping she then sucked and licked on her fingers, never taking her eyes off of him.

“I love you Jacob…” and with that she got up and left the room. Jacob just sat there. He pulled up his shorts and to a big long gulp of his jack Daniels; he didn’t know what to think.

Rating: 88%, Read 16204 times, Posted Feb 02, 2009

Fiction | Authoritarian, Blowjob, Oral Sex, Young


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