Eva rekindles her dislike of clothes Part 05 by vanessa.evans

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Fiction | Exhibitionism, Female, Written by women

Eva rekindles her dislike of clothes.

by Vanessa Evans

Part 05

As Eva was coming out of her room to get some coffee on the Friday morning she saw Jade coming out of Jason’s room.

“You did say that it was okay didn’t you?” Jade asked Eva.

“Of course it is Jade, was it good?”

“And how.”

They talked as they got the coffee and decided that they were going to a strip club that night. During the day they both did some research and when they got back they compared notes and decided to go to one that was advertising ‘amateur nights’ on Fridays.

Both girls felt a bit strange when they left the flat because both were wearing underwear – bras and knickers. Neither of them knew where the club was so they got a taxi and were soon outside the club. It didn’t look much on the outside and when they tried to go in they were stopped by a huge man. When they said that they were there for the amateur night he smiled and looked them both up and down.

“Okay girls, you can go in. I’ve got to check out each girl that wants to take part because the boss doesn’t want any fat cows entering because it’s bad for business.”

“So do you want us to strip for you here so that you can properly check us out?” Eva asked.

“That won’t be necessary, I can see that you aren’t fat, quite cute actually, the punters will love you.”

“Thanks.” Jade replied.

“Ask for Jim when you go in.”


Inside was much better looking than the outside and they were surprised at the number of customers that were already there, it still being quite early.

Eva stopped a topless waitress and asked her where Jim was.

The girl showed them to Jim’s office and when they went in they met Jim who had been talking to another man. That man stayed as the ‘interview’ started.

“So, you two want to enter our amateur strip night?”

“Yes please.”

“Ever stripped before?”

“Only in front of boyfriends?” Jade replied.

“In a bar one time.” Eva replied.

“Ever pole danced?”

Both girls said that they hadn’t.

“Shame, never mind. Now, there nothing upsets the punters more than a girl who gets on the stage to strip the bottle’s out.”

“We won’t.” Both girls replied.

“The last girl that bottled out said the same thing so after her failure a condition of me letting a girl get up there is that she has to take her clothes off right here in this office, so if you are serious you need to take your clothes off right now.”

Neither Eva nor Jade had any problem with that and they both got naked in seconds.

“Good start girls, how were you planning to end your strip? Our regular girls masturbate and make themselves cum, are you prepared to do that?”

The desk that Jim was sat behind was quite big and didn’t have that much on it so both girls turned, sat on the desk, leaned back and got busy with their right hands. After a couple of minutes during Jim got to his feet and went round to join the other man that was there, both getting a great view. Then Jim said,

“Okay, I’m sure that you can fake an orgasm, all girls have done it at one time or another.”

“We don’t fake.” Eva said, as their right hands kept going until they’d both cum.

“Okay girls, you’ve proved that the punters won’t be disappointed, get dressed and go to the bar. Someone will come looking for you when it’s time. Oh, a word of advice, if you don’t want to go home naked throw the clothes that you take off to the back of the stage. If you leave them near the front a punter will reach over and you’ll never see them again.”

“Thanks.” Both girls replied.

Eva and Jade got dressed and went to the bar where they discovered that it was free drinks for the entrants, and they met another hopeful student who had gone through the same interview.

The girl, Janet, was a bit annoyed that she’d had to strip for Jim and both Eva and Jade couldn’t understand what she was complaining about, after all, she was about to strip for dozens of men.

As they waited they watched the regular girl strippers and got some tips. Both girls admitting that their pussies were dripping because of the anticipation.

Finally the time for the amateurs got close and all 3 girls were taken to the DJ to *********** the songs that they wanted to strip to and asked what their stage names were. None of them had even thought about that and they had to think quick. Jade chose ‘Candy’ and Eva chose ‘Lolita’. The DJ then asked which of them what order they were going in and they had to choose. Janet wanted to go first saying that she wanted to, “get it over with” which puzzled both Eva and Jade, then Jade said that she’d go next if Eva wanted. Eva wasn’t really bothered, just so long as she could make herself cum in front of all those men, not that she told the DJ that, and agreed that Jade could go second and Eva last. Then they were taken to a ‘dressing’ room where the professional strippers were changing.

One of the professional girls was friendly and chatted to them, one question being to ask the 3 amateurs if they were hopeful professionals. Eva answered for her and Jade saying that they were just students wanting to earn some money to pay off their loans. Janet said that her boyfriend had wanted her to have a go and see if she liked it.

The ‘professional’ girl said she would never let a man tell her what to do.

“That depend on if I want to do whatever it is that he is telling me to do. Eva replied, “If I do I may just let the man tell me just to let him think that he has some power over me.”

“Devious bitch.” Jade said.

“Hey, you do that with Tom as well.” Eva replied.

“Fair point, yes we do play him a bit don’t we?” Jade conceded and they both laughed a little.

The last of the professional strippers finished her act and came into the room and the friendly professional told Janet that she was on. Both Jade and Eva wished her good luck.

There was a little monitor in the room and everyone could see and hear what was happening on the stage. Janet stood there looking nervous as her music started.

No one said a word as the Janet’s nerves showed in her performance, it was more animated than smooth and flowing. It was like she was an android and the person who programmed her had never seen a girl dance.

“She should have had more to drink before she got up there.” The professional girl said.

Finally it was over and everyone could tell that her orgasm was a fake.

Then it was Jade’s turn. She bounced out and onto the stage as the DJ announced their second amateur, Candy. Jade gave a little wave to the audience then her music started.

The contrast between Janet and Jade was amazing. Eva had seen Jade dance before but she was really getting into it like she’d had lessons into how to strip for your boyfriend.

Jade ended on her spread knees rubbing her clit with the fingers of one hand and the fingers of her other hand going in and out of her vagina. Her orgasm was very real.

As Eva was going out for her turn, Jade was returning and Eva said,

“That showed them Jade, well done.”

Eva was a little surprised that she wasn’t nervous as she stepped onto the stage. She was horny, but that’s the norm for her these days. She tried to look around the audience to see if she recognised anyone. She could see a few faces but the bright lights blinded her when she looked certain ways.

She started dancing and swaying to the music, using her hands to tease her body and lift her skirt a little to flash her covered slit to the audience. Then Eva concentrated on her tits, playing with her nipples and lifting her top to reveal the slight swell of the bottom half of her tits.

Finally, she turned her back to the audience and lifted her top right off and threw it to the back of the stage. Eva turned around letting the audience see her bralette covered tits. She pushed her hands up under that bra and held her tits before turning again and pulling the ends of the bows holding the bralette on her.

Eva caught the bralette as it started to fall off her and threw it towards her top.

With her hands over her tits, Eva turned to face the audience again and opened and closed her fingers letting her nipples pop out before closing her fingers to cover them again.

Slowly, Eva moved her hands back revealing more and more of her tits until they were fully on display.

Eva was into her second song when she started slowly taking her skirt off, teasing the audience by lowering part of it then pulling it back up and revealing more and more each time that she lowered it. When it got low enough to reveal all of her G sting she dropped it to the floor and kicked it to the back of the stage.

To the end of that song Eva danced wearing just her G string, slowly turning and bending over letting the audience see where the string came out of the bottom of her butt crack and joined the flimsy triangle of see-through materiel that covered her labia.

As soon as the final song started she reasonably quickly teased the G string down and off leaving her totally naked except for her shoes and the G string in her hand.

She continued to gyrate and thrusting her hips forward for a few seconds, using her empty hand to caress her pussy then rub her clit and inserting a finger in her vagina a couple of times.

Her fingers concentrated on her clit for a few seconds then she got down on her back, spread her legs wide and continued rubbing her clit.

Then Eva brought the G string to her pussy, rubbed it along her slit then pushed it into her vagina, all whilst rubbing her clit with her other hand.

Eva had been quite aroused before she got onto the stage and the whole experience increased her arousal so much that it didn’t take much longer for her to reach an orgasm.

It arrived and left but Eva kept rubbing, even when her third song ended, and soon came to a second orgasm to the sounds of only the cheers of the audience.

Finally, the DJ went onto the stage and thanked Lolita (Eva) and telling her that her time was up. That got a couple of boos from the audience who obviously wanted her to keep going.

Eva got to her feet and did a little curtsey, revealing a bit if her G string hanging from her vagina.

Back in the ‘dressing’ room the professional girl was smiling and said to Eva,

“You were a bit keen weren’t you?”

Eva just smiled.

A few minutes later Jim entered the room, Eva still hadn’t got dressed but she didn’t care,

“Where’s the other amateur girl what’s her name err Janet?” Jim asked.

“She’s already left.” Janet replied.

“Okay,” Jim said, “she wasn’t very good anyway. You 2 however, were quite good for amateurs, you’d need a bit of coaching, but if you want a part time job it’s yours.”

“Thank you.” both Eva and Jade said.

“Think about it girls and if you decide that you want the job come and see me, you know where my office is. Go to the bar, have a free drink and talk about it. Maybe see you later.”

Eva put her skirt and top on and they went to the bar for their free drink. As they stood drinking they tried to work out if they wanted to become strippers, and then when the wanted to work. They already had swimming on a Monday evening and keep fit on a Thursday. Tom always seemed to arrange his parties on a Saturday. On top of that Eva had signed-up for Spanish classes on a Wednesday evening and she’d told Jade that she was about to start driving lessons.

“Maybe we should become topless waitress’ instead,” Jade said, “I’ve just watched a couple of them standing at tables and guys have put their hands up their skirts. Neither of them even flinched. I bet that the guys were fingering them.”

“That sounds nice but I think that I’d rather be naked on that stage and be fingering myself to an orgasm or two with lots of guys watching me.” Eva replied.

“Yeah, me too.”

“So Jade, what are we going to do?”

“How about asking Jim if we can work just on a Friday night?”

And that was what they did. Jim would have preferred them to work Saturdays as well but he understood their position. Jim reminded both girls that they needed some coaching to improve their performance and asked them to go in early the next Friday for a session with one of the existing strippers.

Jim also added that he liked Eva stuffing her G string into her vagina but suggested that if she did it again she leave a little bit sticking out so that the punters get a visual reminder.

Both girls left feeling quite happy.


On the Saturday, both Eva and Jade managed to get on top of their course work and were sat on one of the sofas totally naked and with a bottle of wine. They were discussing where they were going to go that evening when Tom and a few of his mates arrived carrying bottles and cans of beer.

“We’re going to have an impromptu party, you will be staying and joining us won’t you girls.”

It wasn’t a question but Eva bounced back with,

“No, we were just deciding which club we were going to. Sorry to spoil your fun.”

“Come on girls, clubbing can wait, we’re here now. Besides, fun here will be a lot cheaper than a nightclub. You’ll cum more times here than in a club.”

“How do you know?” Jade asked the lied, “the last time that we went clubbing we went into the guy’s toilets and had a constant stream of guys cocks to suck and put in our pussies.”

“I hope that you used condoms.”

“Of course, we bought a box of 50 on the way there, and we didn’t have any when we got back here.”

By that time both girls had weighed-up Tom’s mates and both girls knew that they would be staying.

“I can get another 40 guys if you want a gang bang.” Tom offered.

“Err, no thanks Tom, if we’d wanted a gang bang we’d have gone out and found the guys that WE wanted to fuck us.” Eva replied.

“Tell you what girls, how about you both take a ride on that sybian thing then decide if you are going clubbing?”

“We’ve already decided.” Eva said, “but I guess that one ride on the sybian won’t delay us that much, what do you think Jade?”

“I guess that one ride won’t do any harm, it would get us all horny for when we get to the club after we’ve got bored with your party.”

With a big grin on his face, Tom went and carried the sybian to the middle of the room and plugged it in.

Just as Jade knelt over the sybian Eva saw Jason standing in the background and she went over to him, all other eyes being on Jade as she lowered herself onto the sybian.

“Jade and I are going to put our vibrators in later on, will you control them for us?”

“Sure, how far do you want me to take you?”

“All the way, let these idiots think that we’ve totally lost it.”

“You will have won’t you?”

“Probably, but we’ll know that you will stop it before something goes seriously wrong but those guys won’t.”

“You can be a devious bitch at times Eva.”

“I now, and that’s why you love me.”

Jason smiled.

Eva went and stood behind Jade and reached down and played with Jades tits as the sybian started to work its magic.”

“Can I do that?” One of the guys asked.

“You’re not sitting on that thing,” Tom said, “I’ll never get the girls to use it again.”

“No dick head, I mean play with her tits.”

“Sure, I don’t suppose she would object if you asked her but she’s not in any state to give a coherent answer at the moment. Just do it mate.”

The young man went and knelt next to Jade and took over the tit caressing from Eva who also didn’t object, hoping that one of the guys would do the same for her when Jade finished.

The nipple pinching and pulling helped Jade to get first orgasm of the evening then she relaxed, opened her eyes and saw Eva standing beside her. Then she looked down to her chest and saw the 2 hands still manipulating her tits.

“Err, thank you, but you can take your hands off me now.” Jade said.

The young man complied.

“Your turn Eva.” Tom said.

“Eva was a bit pissed that Tom had said that because she was eagerly waiting for Jade to get up.”

Eva was soon lowering herself onto the sybian and Tom was ramping up the vibrations.

Eva didn’t see it but a different young man went behind her and started playing with her tits. The moans soon started and everyone watched as Eva’s orgasm arrived quite quickly.

Tom must have thought that the orgasm was faked because he kept the sybian on full throttle and Eva’s orgasm kept her up there for so long that she started sweating. When he finally reduced the vibrations and Eva started to return to normal she glared at him, not knowing whether to berate him for leaving the sybian at full throttle for so long, or to praise him for giving her such a long, wonderful orgasm.

Tom was more interested in moving on to the next highlight of him bragging to his mates about what he could get Jade and Eva to do than what Eva’s well-being was. He told his mates to move away from the wall that the 2 girls had been doing their handstands against then looked at Jade.

After a few seconds of silence Jade said,


“What?” Tom replied.

“Are you expecting me to do something?”

Tom got the message and said,

“Jade, please will you do a handstand so the we can fuck you with a beer bottle?”

“No pretence of drinking beer through a straw when I’m upside down then Tom? Just straight into fucking me with the bottle?”

“That’s what you really want isn’t it Jade?”

Jade didn’t answer, she just raised her hands then stepped forwards, bent over and continued into the handstand position, her legs going straight up the wall.

“Jade, please will you open you legs wide so that I can fuck you with this bottle?”

“No Tom, but if you pass the bottle to one of your new mates they can fuck me with it.” Jade replied as she spread her legs wide.

What Eva couldn’t see because she was still on the sybian was that Jade’s pussy was swollen, slightly red, and very wet.

“Arrgh.” Jade said as the bottle entered her and was gently pushed down until the wide part stopped it from going any further – unless more pressure was put on the bottom of it.

By then Eva had got up off the sybian and moved to a place where she could see the young man bottle fucking Jade.

This time was slightly different to the other parties in that Tom limited each of his ‘friends’ to 2 minutes of bottle fucking, then he told the guy doing the fucking to stop and pass the bottle to another guy.

Those pauses in the bottle fucking stopped Jade from cumming quickly but she did eventually, and managed to stay up on her hands, but she dropped her legs during one of the change-overs and the bottle dropped out of her and bounced on the floor.

“Your turn Eva.” Tom said.

“Pardon.” Eva replied.

“Your turn to stand on your hands and get bottle fucked please Eva.”

“That’s better Tom.”

As Eva took Jade’s place, upside down, against the wall and spread her legs wide, everyone could see that she too had a slightly swollen and red pussy that was covered in her juices.

The bottle fucking started again and again Tom limited everyone to 2 minutes. After the third guy had had his 2 minutes Tom stopped the next guy and told everyone that there was to be a change of bottle, and that whoever was using that bottle was to use their other hand to rub Eva’s clit, saying that it was nearly big enough to fuck a bottle with.

The bottle that Tom produced was a foreign beer that was in a bottle with a longer and wider neck. He took a last swig of the beer in the bottle then put an index finger over the opening the shook the bottle a couple of times.

Then he put the back of that index finger over Eva’s vaginal entrance, held the bottle with both hands then pulled his index finger free and plunged the foaming bottle deep inside Eva’s vagina.

Eva gasped then orgasmed.

As she moaned and groaned, she managed to stay on her hands and the next guy in the sequence took old of the bottle and continued the bottle fucking. Although this time the top of the bottle was banging into Eva’s cervix each time that it fully penetrated her.

”You’re hurting me.” Eva shouted, and fortunately the bottle wasn’t thrust as deep into her until Tom took ever again.

The bottle hit her cervix twice more then, then she had another orgasm. As it subsided Eva said,

“No more, you’re getting too rough Tom.”

Tom didn’t apologise, instead he got another beer bottle and put it upside down over her clit. One hand was fucking her with a bottle and the other was moving her clit around inside the other bottle and pressing it down all around the base of her clit.

Those 2 movements were too much for Eva and she had yet another orgasm during which her arms buckled and she collapsed on the floor.

“Want more?” Were the only words that she heard from Tom when she started to get her wits about her.

“No, no, I can’t take any more of that you were hurting me too much.”

Jade went over to her and helped her to one of the sofas where she half sat, half lay with her legs spread wide.

“Hang on a minute Eva.” Jade said then she disappeared leaving some of the young men looking down on her.

On her way back, Jade let Jason see what she had in her hands and he nodded.

Back at Eva she held up Eva’s vibrator and saw Eva smile and hold her hand up to receive the vibrator.

Eva was still smiling as she held out the vibrator to the nearest young man who guessed what she wanted. Eva opened her legs a little more and the young man presented the ball part of the vibrator to her vaginal entrance. As it started to go inside her she used her muscles to pull it in even quicker than it was being pushed.

“Fucking hell, did you see that?” The young man asked no one in particular and got no reply.

Meanwhile, Jade was doing something very similar with another young man.

Both vibrators comfortably in place, the girls relaxed with their legs wide open and all the young men looking down on their bodies. They both eagerly awaited the onslaught that they were both expecting.

“Is that it?” Tom asked.

“You have no patience Tom.” Eva said. “These things use A.I. to tell when the host girl is ready for the vibrations, just how strong those vibrations need to be and how often the girl needs them.”

Both Eva and Jade smiled to themselves knowing that Tom had just fallen for a big dose of bullshit.

It was a full 2 minutes before Jason sent messages to the vibrators to start vibrating and both girls gasped and jumped a little.

“There Tom,” Eva said, “I told you that these things have a mind if their oooooown.”

The next 15 or so minutes were good entertainment for the horny male students as well as being a mixture of, torture, pleasure and exercise for the girls as Jason caused their bodies to jerk about, scream, gasp, moan, mentally plead with Jason to both stop and keep going, and of course, have a couple of orgasms on the way.

Both girls were intermittently squeezing their tits and grabbing their pussies to both try to lesson the torture and enhance the pleasure that the vibrators were giving them, and during one lull in the action, Eva waved for one of the young men to come over and help with the manipulation of her tits and pussy, and before they knew it, the girls were enjoying the feeling of many male hands caressing and playing with their bodies.

Needless to say that those hands increased the pleasure that the girls were having, and increased the number of orgasms that they had.

Finally, Jason switched the vibrations off and both girls just lay there, totally exhausted and making no attempt to cover their bodies.

After about a minute both girls screamed as Jason gave them a few seconds of maximum vibrations before switching the vibrations off again.

“I guess that the computers in them wanted to remind us that they were still inside us.” Jade said, knowing that Tom was stood my her feet looking down at her pussy.

Both girls smiled to themselves knowing that Tom was gullible to believe anything that they told him about girl’s bodies and toys.

Eva started to get back to normal and pulled herself up into a proper sitting position then helped Jade up as well. Just as they were thinking that their show was over Tom said,

“How about a 69?”

“Fuck off Tom, I’m not going down on you and there’s no way that I’m letting your face anywhere near my pussy.” Eva replied.

“No, I didn’t mean me, you two.”

The rest of the guys had been listening, and after a quick laugh at the way Eva had shot down Tom, they liked his full suggestion and started chanting 69, 69, 69.

Both Eva and Jade were thinking about it. It wouldn’t have been the first time that they’d 69 and they both started to like the idea of being watched as they enjoyed each other’s pussy.

“Okay,” Eva said as she moved her right hand to the antenna of her vibrator, “but someone will have to take these out of us first.”

Unsurprisingly, numerous hands came flying down 2 lucky guys ended up with the slippery vibrators in their hands.

“Put them on the table.” Eva said, and watched as the 2 guys did so.

Just as they let go of them, Jason gave both vibrators a quick blast of vibrations and the 2 guys jumped back, one saying,

“What the fuck!” quite loudly.

“They’re complaining because they’ve been removed from their host pussy.” Eva said, expecting that at least half of the guys there would believe her, including Tom.

Joke over, and not understood, Eva turned to face Jade and then kissed her on her lips. Jade responded and they were soon making out in front of the guys. Quite a while back, both girls had discovered pleasure of girl-on-girl, and that men like watching two girls making out, especially naked girls, and they weren’t going to disappoint themselves or their audience.

Tongues started fighting each other and hands started caressing the other’s body as both girls showed their love for each other.

Mouth to mouth soon changed to mouth to pussy as both girls ignored their audience and enjoyed each other’s body, taking the other to multiple orgasms before the girl on top finally collapsed through sheer exhaustion.

The audience realised that the show was really over and got back to their talking and drinking. Tom’s only acknowledgement and thanks to the girls was,

“Same again next Saturday girls.”

And the tone of his voice was that it wasn’t a question.

Neither girl answered him, just laying there recovering.

Tom and his mates soon realised that there would be no more action from the girls and decided to leave and find a pub. Shortly after that Jason went over to the girls and asked if they were okay.

“Hell yes.” Eva said, “that was fantastic. I may not have said that we’d do it again next Saturday but I really do hope that the flat’s resident idiot brings some more guys next Saturday.”

“Me too.” Jade added, “that was awesome.”

“Come on girl’s,” Jason said as he put out his hands for the girls to pull on to get up, “you both need a shower. Are you really planning on going clubbing?”

“No, that was just to wind Tom up.” Eva replied. Then added,

“Can all 3 of us fit in your shower Jason?”

“I’m sure that we’ll find a way.”

Rating: 87%, Read 5037 times, Posted Apr 29, 2020

Fiction | Exhibitionism, Female, Written by women


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