Bing's new job 2 - her education continues by DrizzleWithHoney

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Fiction | Asian, At work, Drug, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Prostitution

1. Bing’s First Job

She didn’t try and resist.

Her first day with the people from the class had taught her that was hopeless.

Tuyen had worn some sort of rubber penis and insisted on having sex with her. Tuyen had put it on and they had made her suck it like she sucked on a man’s penis. It didn’t make any sense because it was rubber and already stiff. She didn’t need to get it hard like a man.

After they had taken a few minutes Tuyen told her to get on her hands and knees. She had put the tip of the rubber penis in the opening of Bing’s vagina, then put her hands on Bing’s hips, and started thrusting to work it inside her. For Bing, the rubber penis felt very different to having a man inside her, but after a while she got used to it, and even started to enjoy it.

But she couldn’t understand why Tuyen was doing it to her. It seemed that Tuyen liked it. She could tell Tuyen liked it because when she was lying on her back with Tuyen on top of her she could see her face and she could tell she was enjoying herself, not just doing it for the photographs.

Why did she enjoy it?

How did she enjoy it?

It would make much more sense if they made her do this to Tuyen.

To begin with they had to tell her what to do to Tuyen, but after a while Bing decided to make the most of the experience. Tuyen had a lovely body, and she took the chance to explore as much of it as she could. Those wonderful big breasts. That tight little ass. She even enjoyed kissing her.

They had been taking photos of them all the while that Tuyen had been having sex with her. They got her into so many positions, and made her taken all sorts of photos of her; even ones where they had spread open her vagina.

Then the guys had taken her. Three of them at once. There was no way she could resist them, so she just went along with what they had wanted. Oral. Anal. Vaginal. First it was one penis inside her at a time, then two, and then all of them at once. She had never done anything like that. She had never even imagined doing something like that.

The sensations were incredible. Three men using her at the same time meant that she couldn’t focus on the individual sensations. The feeling from her vagina and her anus were overwhelming. It meant she couldn’t focus on sucking the man’s penis that was in her mouth. But it didn’t matter. She wasn’t doing anything to them, they were doing it all to her. She was sandwiched between two of the men. She was straddling the man who was in her vagina. He had his hands on her hips so she didn’t move when he thrust up into her. The man behind her had his hands on her shoulders so she wouldn’t move when he drove himself into her anus. The man in her mouth was holding her head and thrusting in and out of her mouth.

Bing had never been the centre of so much attention before. Three men inside her all at once, and the rest of the class was watching. She wondered if the women envied her.

And again, all sorts of photos. They particularly wanted ones after they had ejaculated in her. They’d made her open her mouth so they could photograph the semen before she swallowed. She had spread herself so they could photograph semen oozing from her vagina and anus.

Then they had taken her to the party. It was being held in a hotel room, and afterwards Bing had decided it was okay.

They had made her do all sorts of things. First they’d made her undress and walk around serving drinks only wearing high heeled shoes and stockings. She was getting used to that now. She hadn’t been comfortable with being exposed like this to begin with, but once she had been naked in front of the class a few times, and after she had sex with different people from the class, she learnt it was okay.

Part of it was that the people seemed to appreciate her body. It gave her confidence that she would be alright. She had always tried to keep trim, but she had felt a bit embarrassed by her small breasts. Now she was walking around with them exposed she saw people looked at them, and touched them as she walked by.

They had also made her have some of their drinks, and so she was starting to feel a bit funny. The pills that Suzy had given her had helped a bit too. Finally she had ended up sitting on the lap of the person that seemed to be in charge of the group. He had fondled her a bit, kissing her, sucking on her nipples, and playing with her vagina. It had made her wet and she had felt his cock harden. She ground against it. She hadn’t meant to do things like that, but it was easier if she played along.

She had ended up sucking all their penises and swallowing their semen. They had laughed a lot and said how Bing needed the protein since she was skinny.

After she had sucked them all, she had sex with them. It was what she was used to and some of the men were much bigger than her husband. Now she had stopped minding them having sex with her, it had actually felt good to have them inside her.

When she was finished Suzy had come to the hotel room and escorted her back to the car. She had tried to get Suzy to let her go, but she hadn’t been able to convince her. So she had ended up in Suzy’s room for the night, and they had sex a couple of times. Suzy had made her do things she hadn’t thought about doing with women. They had kissed for a while, and Suzy had licked her clitoris and fingered her vagina. The orgasm had been great. Then Suzy had rubbed her crotch against Bing’s. Suzy had called it scissoring. It had given her another orgasm.

Suzy had given her some more pills to relax her, and then she had gone to sleep with Suzy straddling her thigh.

2. Planning the New Day

“So, Suzy, how did things go last night?” asked the professor at the start of the morning class.

“Pretty good,” said Suzy brightly. “No problems. The guys that hired her said she did a good job serving drinks, and then she did blow jobs and fucked everyone. I think the pills really helped. She’s much better when she doesn’t get angry or start crying. I picked her up when they were finished with her and took her back to the accommodation. She tried to persuade me to let her go, but she didn’t try very hard. Then she spent the night in my room.”

“Did you play with her too?” asked Tuyen.

Suzy went a little pink and smiled at Tuyen. “Just a little bit. After I saw her with you I couldn’t resist when I got the chance. When I left this morning she was still asleep.”

“I’m not surprised,” said the professor. “She did a lot yesterday.”

“Was she good?” asked Alison.

“Oh yes, lots of fun,” said Suzy. “You should try her.”

“The website has gone well,” said the professor, changing topics. “Lots of hits, and lots of enquiries about hiring Bing. We’ve had one special request though. Someone wants to get Bing to do a video.”

“Is it financially attractive?” asked Tuyen.

“Oh, yes,” said the professor. “But can anyone suggest another reason for us to get Bing to do the video?”

“Promotion?” suggested

“That’s why we’re doing this practical session,” said the professor. “To see how well you go getting new recruits ready to work in the Asian tourism market. You’re doing well with Bing so far. After this there will only be a couple more things to get you to do.”

3. Time for Videos

The start to Bing’s day hadn’t been too bad.

When she woke up Suzy was gone, but she was locked in Suzy’s room. Even if she had gotten out somehow, there were no clothes for her to wear, and she didn’t want to walk around the campus naked.

So instead Bing just lay there thinking about what she had done over the last few days. Her body was aching a bit from all the times she had sex in the last three days. So many men had taken her, and she had never had oral or anal sex before. Her vagina ached. Her jaw ached. Her rectum ached.

She had never imagined having sex with a woman before now, but now she had. Tuyen’s breasts had been great to touch. They were so big and soft, and she really enjoyed sucking on Tuyen’s lovely brown nipples, feeling them get hard in response to her lips and tongue. Bing had never understood why men liked playing with women’s breasts until now. Just playing with Tuyen’s breasts had gotten Bing wet. The big dildo had been a shock. The size of it probably contributed to her aching vagina. It was hard to fit it in to begin with, but she had managed. She felt satisfied in herself for having taken it all the way inside her.

It had been different with Suzy. She was slim like Tuyen, but her breasts were small. She still enjoyed playing with Suzy’s little breasts, but this time it had been about doing things that made them both feel good.

When Suzy had come back it was with someone new. It was another man. She was ready to have sex with him, but he hadn’t wanted to do anything to her. Instead Suzy and he had brought some clothes with them for her to wear. Fortunately they were her normal clothes, not the sort of slutty, revealing things Bing had been made to wear yesterday.

The two of them had watched her get dressed, but she didn’t mind. Suzy had seen her naked, and she had been with so many men in the last few days that it didn’t matter for another one to see her naked.

Suzy gave her another pill before she left. They made her feel good, and helped her enjoy all the sex she was having.

Suzy drove her in a van to meet some more men. When they got there the new people got in the van. Suzy explained that the men had hired her for the afternoon, and that they were going have sex with her and film her at the same time. It didn’t matter to Bing. She was getting used to different people having sex with her, and she had been filmed the day before. It was just more of the same.

Two of the men had cameras and they filmed her as they drove her around for a bit. While they were driving they made her drink and they talked to her about all sorts of strange things, mostly about sex. She normally wouldn’t have answered those sorts of questions, but for some reason her inhibitions were lowered.

Then the sex started. It was strange having sex in the van. They didn’t take off their clothes, just undid their trousers and pulled out their penises. The filmed her while she sucked on them. They made her look up into the camera lens while she sucked on the cameraman’s penis. Sometimes she was sucking on one, and stroking the other penises. They even managed to get two of their penises in her mouth at the same time, but they never let her suck one man for long enough to make him ejaculate.

After a while they had pulled her skirt up, and ripped her panty hose so they could pull the crotch of her panties to one side. They filmed up close while they fingered her vagina, and then one of them started licking her clitoris. It felt so good. She couldn’t help but get excited from what he was doing to her. Finally Bing orgasmed, her body arching at the intense orgasm she experienced.

She lay back in the seat for a few moments, recovering from the experience, and finally she said to him “Thank you. That was so good. It was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Can we have sex now?”

It was difficult in the van. She couldn’t lie on her back because the seats got in the way, instead she had to straddle the man while he was sitting on one of the seats. The filmed while she slid up and down on his penis, and they made her go with the different men.

Having sex in public felt strange, but at least they didn’t make her take off all her clothes. Anyone that saw them might not realise what was happening in the van, though a couple of times when they stopped at traffic lights she heard people from other cars calling out to them. It didn’t seem to worry the men, so Bing kept on going.

She kept waiting for them to ejaculate into her. Bing could tell that they were holding back, but couldn’t work out why.

Then finally they stopped in a park and made her get out and kneel on the ground. One of the men stood in front of her and started rubbing his penis. She sucked on it a bit to help him finish, but at the last moment he pulled out of her mouth and pulled her head back. She had to watch him ejaculate. She had never seen it before, not close up like that. She watched the white semen shooting from the tip of his penis. One, two, three shots came out. She had to let him ejaculate over her face. Some of it even got in her hair.

“What are you doing?” asked Bing, confused by the experience.

“We’re giving you a new look,” laughed one of the men.

The second man stood in front of Bing and did the same thing. Bing could feel the semen running down her face, and tried to wipe it off.

“Not yet,” said the man that had just ejaculated on to her.

The final two men stood in front of her at the same time. This was why they hadn’t ejaculated into her she thought. They wanted to do this to her, but why? And why get it into her hair? It was going to be hard to wash it out. She felt special though because of all the men that were having sex with her, and because they wanted to film her too. Bing had never been the centre of attention like that before.

The third and fourth man shot on to her face at the same time. One got it all over her cheek and onto her glasses. The other made a point of shooting it on to her forehead, which meant it oozed down her face, behind her glasses and into her eyes.

“Perfect,” said a man that was taking a close-up video of her semen covered face.

Rating: 77%, Read 5929 times, Posted Aug 01, 2018

Fiction | Asian, At work, Drug, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Prostitution


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