Driving to Texas by StoryTeller19

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Diary | Cheating, Consensual Sex, Incest, Male, Old Female

It was hot, and we were barreling down the Interstate in the biggest U-Haul truck I was able to get. My mother-in-law was riding with me, my wife and two sisters-in-law were driving in a car as we drove from Chicago to San Antonio.

It wasn't our intention to keep the two vehicles in close proximity during each day's drive. Instead, we had agreed upon the end-of-day stop where we'd all have dinner and spend the night.

The passenger distribution was determined by the fact that I like to travel early--on the road each day by 5:30. My mother-in-law, Sharon, is the only other "morning person" in the group. So we left early, expecting to get to the stopover location about three o'clock ... we'd probably be about three hours ahead of the car.

Riding with Sharon was OK with me. I like her better than any of the others, including my shrew of a wife.

Yes, shrew! I thought I had found a great potential mate when we were dating, but soon after we married she turned into the most demanding, most selfish person I know. I hated staying with her, but--frankly--didn't want to begin my financial life anew ... she'd find a way to "get it all" if we divorced.

Sharon and I stopped for lunch about 11. She phoned her youngest daughter, Marcy, and found that they had just gotten in the road--they were over five hours behind us. I heard Sharon say, "Well, we'll see you at the motel this evening, but you're getting in late enough that Paul and I aren't going to wait to have dinner. It's hot, we'll need showers when we arrive and we'll be hungry long before you get there."

When she got off the phone I said to her, "Boy, I'd never get away with saying that to Nancy." Sharon responded, "Nancy's my daughter, Paul, and I love her. But she's not a very nice person. You're a great guy. Look at you driving this truck so we can move Marcy from college to her first real job; a half-continent away." She paused and then continued, "Yes, you're a great guy and--frankly--you deserve better." I was amazed that Sharon would say that ... Not amazed she might think it, but truly amazed she'd actually say it to me.

That began a conversation that continued over the next three hours or so. I shared my frustrations about Nancy, Sharon shared her frustrations about my father-in-law, Alex. The words just kept tumbling out and pretty soon we each mentioned our sexual frustrations. "Love making is never as good when you don't respect your partner, is it Paul?"

And I'm thinking, "Too bad I didn't marry the mother!"

We got to the motel and each headed to our respective room for a shower and change of clothes. We agreed to meet in the bar in an hour.

In the shower, I kept thinking of Sharon's comments about sex. She's right, far better when you respect your partner. Then I began thinking about Sharon in another way. I thought about her great body.

Sharon is only 11 years older than me. She works out every day and has maintained her figure. And, she has the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen.

I thought about what it would be like to cup one of her breasts in my hand. How it would be to grab her ass and pull her to me as we kissed. Wow! What thoughts were these? Did I really just stroke-off to the thought of my mother-in-law? Yup, and I enjoyed it.

When I walked into the bar it was such a nice surprise. There sat Sharon in a yellow sun dress. She was beautiful.

"I brought this along to have something to wear out for dinner after we got settled in San Antonio. I love the Riverwalk there. But after today's conversation I thought I'd dress in something a bit more special than jeans and a T."

Although I'm still not sure why I did it, I leaned in and kissed her--tenderly on the lips, with my own lips parted just slightly--then said, "You are gorgeous; and I'm lucky to be with you."

We each had a drink. Sharon ordered a white wine. I ordered a Scotch, neat; with a club soda on the side. As soon as I ordered Sharon decided to switch her order to the same as mine. The first drink, was followed by another, then one more. There wasn't a lot of talk. We just sat next to one another and enjoyed the closeness.

As we neared the end of the third drink I put my arm around Sharon's shoulder and said, "Thanks for this, I'm enjoying it."

Sharon looked at me and then leaned for another kiss. This time her tongue flicked against my lips.

She whispered, "Paul, let's go to my room and make love."

I couldn't believe my ears, then I decided I'd heard correctly. I asked for the check and paid for the drinks as quickly as possible.

On the way up to the room, we kissed in the elevator. No longer sweet, gentle kisses. Needy, passionate, body-grinding kisses where we became almost ferocious in our desire for one another.

Damn these electronic door locks. Half the time it takes me several swipes of the key to open the door ... yes, it happened now. Sharon had gotten her key out and I took it to open the door. It didn't open; it didn't open, again; or again. Sharon grabbed the key and tried and it worked. She looked st me with a smile and said, "I must want it more than you."

We tumbled into the room. Kissing, caressing, and mutual exploration led to shedding of clothes. Almost immediately we were naked and in the bed. Then time seemed to stand still.

All movement stopped. We kissed as though we'd never kissed before. A long, luxurious kiss; I caressed her face, ran my hands through her hair, and gently explored her neck. She moaned and then softly said, "Oh my God, Paul, I've wanted this for so long. So very long."

My hands were now on her body. Yes, cupping those breasts I'd fantasied about only an hour earlier. My hands, everywhere. Followed by my lips, leaving a thousand brief kisses.

I pulled the small of her back to bring her closer to me, and she arched to get even closer, as though we were trying to become one.

My hands then trailed down her legs to her feet and then back up her inner leg. As my hands--and lips--continued their journey up, Sharon spread her legs, opening that treasured spot. Oh, that wonderful slightly perfumed smell; so very enticing!

I was as excited as I'd ever been as I rubbed the outside of those beautiful pussy lips. Sharon squirmed then opened her legs fully and thrust her pussy toward me. When my tongue hit her clit, she bucked like nothing I'd ever experienced. She continued to thrust; seven, eight, nine, ten times. She grabbed my head and pulled my face into her heat, alternatively groaning, moaning, screaming, crying. With a final huge thrust she began to squirt and I let her drench my face.

It took Sharon a few minutes to come down from that incredible climax. I held her as she wept. I dried her tears as she sobbed that she'd never before felt so good.

Then, she disentangled from my embrace, smiled and said, "It was too good … we can’t just quit now," and she grabbed ahold of my stiff cock.

"Oh, yes," she said, "this is exactly what a woman wants ... it's a perfect size. It will fill me, but I can still get it in my mouth."

With that Sharon took my cock in her mouth. Slowly at first. So slowly that I thought she might not take much; that I’d be disappointed. Not so. Slowly, Sharon took every bit of me. Her faced pressed into my pubic hair as she relaxed her throat to engulf me. I could feel her throat muscles working, fighting to allow my presence. She looked me in the eyes and began to move up and down. In and out. Shallow one moment; incredibly deep the next. Always looking into my eyes.

Just when I thought this couldn't get better, she added her hand, stroking me as her mouth moved up and down. Then, she began to hum. I was so close.

As Sharon sensed I was close to cumming she sped up, adding more suction. I was in heaven. A beautiful woman sucking my dick, deep-throating me.

I was at the very edge. Then, I felt something else. Her finger at my asshole. Circling, then pressing slightly. I moaned to show my pleasure and she drove that finger home. That did it. I shot four huge ropes of cum down her throat.

After Sharon came up for air we continued our kissing and caressing. I can't imagine how but I remained hard.

I heard her whisper in my ear, "I can't imagine anything in the world that would feel as good as having you inside me. Please fuck me." I didn't need to be invited twice.

I rolled over onto her and mounted. Her cunt was incredibly warm and velvety soft, like nothing I've ever felt before. She lay there, legs spread wide with feet in the air while I thrust, and she responded to each and everyone of my moves. Then, I withdrew and rolled her over, entering her doggy-style. I cupped those beautiful tits, slapped one gently and then gave her ass a good smack. One good smack fallowed by another, followed by another. With each she grunted in slight pain. I was pretty sure she liked it, and became certain when I heard her say, "do it again," and "again." She did like it!

I pulled her to the side of the bed and had her put her feet on the floor. Then standing behind her I began to pound her ... hard. After a few minutes, I stood her up pulled her to me and began to fuck her standing up. We made our way to the wall for a bit of support and I pounded her as hard as I've ever down anyone ever.

We came at exactly the same time. Sharon screamed, I just grabbed and pulled her close? Holding her until we each recovered from our climax.

Then we kissed, gently and sweetly like the first time.

We'd been in the room for an hour. It smelled like sex and each of us feared that one of Sharon’s roomies for the night would be suspicious. So we decided to get another room for Sharon and the two daughters with whom she was sharing. We then each went to our rooms and reshowered, then met for dinner.

Sharon and I held hands going into the restaurant. We ordered. I offered a "toast to our new relationship." And my phone rang. It was Nancy, my shrew of a wife. She told me that they were about two hours out and asked if the hotel was OK. Talk about a damper.

After I got off the phone, Sharon again took my hand and thanked me for the afternoon. "I never in my life felt this good."

"You don't need to thank me," I said." "I loved it, and I love you." Sharon responded with, "uh, now what are we going to do?"

"Well, I said, we've got about two hours ..."

Rating: 94%, Read 155548 times, Posted Aug 08, 2017

Diary | Cheating, Consensual Sex, Incest, Male, Old Female


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