Becoming a nymph #2: Waking up by sneakyPoet

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Fiction | Body modification, Masturbation, Reluctance, Solo, Teen Female, Transgendered

Everyday when I woke up, I always needed some time to think of who I was, where I was and what happened on the day before. But the first thing I remembered - if I remembered it at all - was the dream I had this night. And this night's dream wasn't something easy to forget.

'What a weird dream' I thought when I hadn't even realized what happened in it, rolled from one side to the other in my bed and groaned in fatigue.

Wait... when I groaned... there was something weird about it... but what..? I was too tired to open my eyes and I put my hand on my forehead, rubbing the right side of my face - which felt unfamiliar. More smooth?

'What a weird... what did I even..?'

I relived my nude walk through the temple... and my meeting with... Aphrodite! The Goddess of Love... what a beautiful woman... I remember that I once read that the brain never creates faces in dreams - but uses some it has seen in real life... Aphrodite was so incredible hot... Had I really seen someone like her before? I would like to see this woman in real life...

Oh my god, what was this night? It felt like all my muscles were sore... and stiff... Had I done some sports the day before? No, I went to school, visited classes - and PE wasn't among them - hung out with Elaine and Tommy and went straight home without doing anything productive the rest of the day. I didn't even wank or... 'Wait.'

Aphrodite... that's right! She wanted me to kiss her feet... and her legs... and then she sucked my cock! And I came right into her mouth...

Maybe this was a wet dream? Maybe this is why I felt so tired after sleeping for so long... I also didn't have a morning wood... and my crotch felt somehow wet...

'Oh shit, this will be a mess to clean up,' I thought.

I turned around again, I had to go to school today but... I was just so tired... Maybe I could just-

Suddenly I was all awake. I opened my eyes in shock when I realized how I the dream continued.

I remembered the voice of the Goddess and heared her words once again.

"I observed something weird about you!"

"A woman..."

"Your female potential is far more pomising!"

"Isn't it exciting how men and women complement each other?"

"A woman..."

"You have gotten quite thick and all crazed up, huh?"

"A woman..."

"What do you wish for in this very moment?"

"A woman... A woman... A woman..."

"You have become a nymph, a spirit of nature, sexuality and fertility, a loyal servant to my cause. You have become..."

'A woman.' I concluded her sentence with my own thoughts and opened my eyes wide. This had just been a dream, hadn't it?! It had to!! I sit up and looked down on my body, covered with my bed sheet, too confuse to tell how I looked. In reflex I put my hand on my chest and felt... a mountain. Well, for me it felt like a mountain as huge as it was. I put my other hand on the other side and felt the same, soft, huge funbag that was my other breast. No doubt, I had women's breasts. I threw my bedsheet away and run to my wardrobe which had a mirror on it. In the glass there was the same girl I had seen in the water in my dream, staring back at me petrified.

When I started to examine my looks I didn't feel anything. No pain, no fear - I just surveyed myself closely without any emotion. It had to be the shock.

The only thing that reminded of my old self were my shining blue eyes and my hair. It was black, rough and thick - but now it was uncut and reached down to my waist. When looking closely, I noticed some of my old traits in my face, but everything has gotten softer... my nose had become small and round, my cheeks didn't look as edged and straight as they used to and especially my chin was almost non-noticeable as it was flat, round and soft and perfectly integrated into my jawline. Looking down on me it only got better. I used to be average looking at best - too small, too lean, too tender - but now! I wore a cosy nightshirt that reached down halt to my knees but it couldn't hide anything. My curves showed at any point of my body - obviously my tits caused huge bulges in it, but also the fabric enclosed my tight waist like cling wrap, only to seek a contrast to my waist, which was now broader than my shoulders.

I never thought that a woman could look like this without experiencing plastic surgery multiple times - was this the "female potential" the Goddess spoke about? Thinking of her, maybe even she would be jealous about this looks? I only knew that if that girl in the mirror wasn't me, I would totally try to fuck her! Wait... But that girl in the mirror WAS me.

Suddenly I realized my situation and my feelings returned.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Holy fuck!" I cursed - or rather squealed.

"This doesn't make any sense!" I murmured and huffed hearing the high pitch of my voice. "It was just a dream! It was just a dream!" I heard a female voice speaking in my head and in my room - my voice, obviously. I instantly slapped myself with full power but of course I didn't wake up from it - as I would have to be asleep in first place. I looked around in my room and despite the lack of cheesy posters it looked like this of a teenage girl, all cleaned up with the exception of a skirt and some other piece of cloth lying on the ground , with a well-equipped make-up desk and - well, otherwise it looked like my old room. But... until yesterday I was a boy! I clearly remember how I lived my daily life for the last months and still this room looks like I had been a girl forever!

And that although I am - I am... Oh what the fuck? I couldn't remember my name!

My name... after all.. was this real? Had I actually become a girl? It seemed like it.

Did I even want to be a girl? I mean, not that it had much impact on my life, I never used my dick for something else than pissing and masturbating, but... I have never wanted to be a girl, I haven't even thought about that I could become one. So why did the Goddess think she had to transform me?

"I am the Goddess of..."

"...cute little sluts like you!"

The pieces of what Aphrodite said flooded my brain again! That's right! She told me that I was a slut and in my dream... I had this feeling of... I wanted to...

I slowly lifted my nightdress and stared at my crotch. It all made sense now. Of course I didn't feel a morning wood and I was all wet. It was my pussy that soaked my panties that much that I could see the 'camel-toe' through them. My mind was flushed with the picture of how my dick and my balls shrank and how my skin opened where my balls had been, my dick withdrew and shrank further to become my clitoris. As I relived this scene I felt my belly prickle, and I knew this feeling very well. It was lust. My nightshirt felt to the ground and I swallowed as my hands pulled down my soaked panties to reveal that shaved, smooth, wet, glistening, pink rift that led into the center of my body. My mouth was wide open and I didn't notice how my mouth filled with saliva and I drooled onto my bra as my fingers slowly enclosed my pussy. My pussy. They trembled an it felt like the heat of mother earth welcomed them when they passed through my pussy lips and touched the pink skin that was my new sex. My little finger was right at the dripping hole, it became all wet, it looked as if I held it under a faucet that was turned on just a little and the water ran over them - only that this was not water, but me. Were all girls as wet as this? I wouldn't think so...

Or maybe it would stop if I..? I held my hand a little lower so my index finger would point right to my inside. I pushed it in just a little and...

"Tessa! Why are you taking so -"

When I heard the voice of my mother, I instantly turned around. Oh fucking holy shit! Although she had to have made her mind even before, when I looked her into the eye, almost naked, with my panties down to my knees and my fingers soaked in pussy slime, I gave an unmistakable picture.

For a second, I even feared that she would have expected to see her boy, but then I realised - she had called me Tessa.

I completely blushed and as soon as I awoke from my shock I pulled my panties up again. Mom blushed as well and continued to stumble,

"Oh- sorry- I didn't- I didn't know- just- just hurry, okay? You are late for school!"

When she was gone, I felt my heart pounding like a marching drum. I have never been caught masturbating all the years and now of all times it happens to me in this state! What do I mean, in this 'state'?! It doesn't seem like I will ever go back to normal right now, right?

"Oh my god, I will be staying like this forever, won't I?" I wailed and pressed my back on the mirror.

Hearing my female voice just made me desperate even more and as I slid down onto my butt I buried my face in my palms, crying and sobbing. My life was a little somber, boring and empty, but I was happy with it! I didn't want anything to change about it! Especially nothing like this! Aphrodite had said she would show me love, but I don't want this! It is obvious: she had called me a slut! And she said that I should be to her service! There is only one thing how a slut can be to someone's service...

Did she want me to be some kind of prostitute to her? I always was a straight man and right in the moment I still didn't feel like having sex with other men. I mean, what the fuck, this would mean that I had to take dick! Just no! I would not let a man put his dick into my precious spot!



Holy shit, school! If there was one thing frightening me more than my current situation was what my mom would do if I would not get the fuck into the kitchen right now.

I had no time left to take care of anything but to get dressed. I grabbed the skirt and the other piece off the ground and tried to put it on. It turned out to be a white short arm blouse that would have fitted me perfectly if it wasn't for my tits. Wow, I heard the stories, but I hadn't thought they were already starting to suck now. I somehow managed to stuff the blouse into my skirt so I wouldn't run belly-naked. That however caused it to be unpleasantly tight and I feared that I could look like a slut - the short purple skirt wasn't helping.

As for my face - it was so obvious that I had cried. My eyes were completely red and I looked totally wasted. My gaze wandered to the make-up-desk - but I had neither any time to nor any clue how to use it.

So I guessed I should just run down right now and - and I noticed that my crotch still was a swamp.

"Fuck!" I hissed. I would need new panties, but that wouldn't do it. I opened one of the drawers of my desk and I made a find. Maybe it was luck, maybe the location of the panty liners was saved into my new female brain. I didn't know if it was right to use these things to cover your wetness, but it sure was better than walking with dripping legs for the day. The last thing to do was to put on some short white socks and NOT getting stuck staring at those perky little feet which couldn't stop twitching excitedly and then finally grab my bag and run down.

"The last time you were so late you were 13 years old!" My mother complained with a pinched voice and shook her head - I didn't know if she wanted to underline her anger or cover her insanely blushed cheeks, but she managed neither. If I wasn't in a hurry, it would be nice to take a picture of her like this. I got my eyes as well as my hair color from her, only that her hair was curled and she didn't wear it as long as I seemed to do. Oh, and since today we also had the same nose, cool. She wasn't as curvy as me, but still in no way flat. Probably she was even very attractive for her age. And now, with this shy and embarrassed look on her, it looked like a perfect picture for the family album.

Oh god, why was I even thinking about stuff like this? It's not like there wasn't something more important...

"I- I'm sorry..." I snuffled, still having this whiny expression on me. Damn, I had to get rid of this.

"Hey... Hey! It's okay!" Mum hugged me lovingly. And I really needed that right now, so my hands grasped her tightly and I pressed myself on her, my face on her shoulder.

"It's okay... I won't be mad at you, I promise," her soft voice tried to calm me. "You know, sometimes I do this too..."

Eww, gross.

"No!" I protested faintly, "No, it's not because of..."

"So what is it?" she asked back.

But there was no way I could explain this to her. "I... I can't tell you..."

She took her arms off of my back and placed them on my shoulders, when I raised my head I looked her right into the eye, facing the loving smile I hadn't seen for so long.

"Well, whatever it is... you are the strongest girl that I have ever met. And I'm not just saying that because I am your mother. You are strong, independent and determined. I've seen you going through so much, so you will tough this out, as well."

I snuffled again, "Thank you Mom."

"And now, hurry! If you skip breakfast, you might make it to the bus in time. I was so nice to make you some sandwiches today."

I had the strong urge to say something like 'Wow, I feel like thirteen years again' or 'I should be late more often' but in this situation it seemed wise to not be ungrateful. So I spoke,

"Thank you mom." This time I sounded like the strong independent girl my mother had described. (It still would take some time to get used to this voice.)

When I ran to the bus, I met another of the well-known issues with big tits. I think you might figure this one out by yourself. Bob, bob, bob... Ouch. At least I wore normal sneakers and not some fucked-up high heels or something. I mean, why would I, but still - my outfit was already too sexy for my taste. Especially ONE thing. It was very awkward to feel the wind caress my legs at the height of my crotch. Damn it, short skirts..! I was never an exception in liking to look at girls wearing them, but now that I wore one myself - couldn't basically everyone see my ass? Every guy - what am I saying - every MAN I passed made me wonder if he would stare at my ass. Yup, being stared at by 50 years old men was as unpleasant as I thought it to be.

Or was it?

I shuddered at this thought crossing my mind. Just for a moment, there was this feeling again...

It was a close call on the bus and I was panting heavily as I walked back to the last row of seats where I was alone. As soon as the bus left the station, it started to rain. Good. As it tapped against the window where my head rested, I had time to think.

So... I now was a girl. Was this a good thing? Was it a bad thing? Did it even matter? I sure liked my new body, but... I don't know, it was just weird like - masculinity is a good thing isn't it? Did this mean that I was not worth to be a man? On the other side... femininity is not bad either, and if I am a girl, I am a girl, there is nothing wrong about it. The world around me has changed with me, so at the will of the Goddess, I was meant to be like this... right? Maybe it was the best to just believe in that she knows what she is doing and accept this... gift.

Was it a gift? Maybe this was an opportunity to start all over and to - find love? Wasn't that what she wanted? Maybe I had gotten this all wrong. Didn't she say, she wanted me to live my life and follow my desires? If I just lived a good life, like - a better live! I could just amend myself. If the Goddess corrected my body, wasn't it my turn to correct my mind? Maybe I had already started doing this. This morning... the way my mother looked at me... she didn't look at me that lovingly for years. And I doubt she would have been that forgiving with my former self. The way she talked to me changed just because I changed myself. Maybe this was what Aphrodite meant? Is this all this was about?

'I want cock! I want to get fucked!'

Ugh... that's right, there was that part of my dream. The memory of me saying it echoed through my mind and it hurt a lot. Eww... why did I say this to the Goddess? I do feel nothing like this right now.

Although... I had been wet all day and this didn't come from nowhere... There was this tickle in my belly and that heat in my crotch - now when I thought about it, it was all over my body.

My hand, that I had put on the window in front of my face, was shaking visibly. I took it off the glass and turned it around, gazing at my delicate fingers, the worn out purple nail polish.

'I... I guess I like my body that way after all...'

It was there all the time but only now I noticed it - this pull in my crotch making my hand go down, until -

No! I couldn't do this! Not here in public! Oww... I was so horny it started to hurt. I wished I had finished what I started at home! The more I tried to avoid it, the more my hands pressed themselves on my crotch. Maybe if I just rubbed it a little? The backside of the bus was almost empty after all. There was another girl two rows away, but she fell asleep... Noone would notice...

I bum shuffled and got my hands under my skirt, running along the folds of my crotch, gently pressing against them. What arrived at my pussy was the feeling of the thick fabric pressing against it, it was not much, but strong enough to make me close my legs. Oh yes! I needed more of that... and more... As I run my fingers, then my fingertips along my crotch, I knew that this wouldn't be enough. I had to -

Before I finished my thought, my ass was on the edge of my seat and my panties down to my knees. Without the panty liner, my wetness was free to run down, filling my ass crack and dripping from the seat onto the ground. I was leaving a mess, but did I care? My fingers didn't and while one hand started to encircle my clit like I've seen it in porn, the other was ready to ram fingers into my slit! It circled around my fuckhole - yeah, fuckhole - until my hand was so wet, I just had to slowly push my middle finger into me. Oh yesss... A faint sigh escaped my lips as my finger was the first thing to penetrate me, right here in the bus, where everybody could watch.

My other hand was having fun with my clitoris, which hid right between the upper ends of my pussy lips. Playing with it wasn't much different than playing with your cockhead, encircling it, squeezing it, making it happy with all the pressure and the fast movements... This was not a wonder though, I had seen how my dick shrank and shrank and became this thing as it finally hid where it was to be found now.

'Yeah you little pathetic thing!' I thought as I rubbed it more furiously, 'I like you much better like this: just a small side note to the real action - you like to be pleased like before right? But it doesn't matter... if I want to fuck, I'll use my fuck hole!' With this thought, I buried my index finger into the very same fuck hole, now penetrating it with two fingers at high speed, pressing my lips together and feeling my upper body twitch.

'Yeah, clit, do you feel this? Masturbating wasn't half as fun when you were the main attraction! I'm sorry for you, but it seems like I am just better off as a gi- gi-'

I couldn't finish my thoughts but was stuck on this for a while as my body twitched in the rhythm, all the heat, all the pressure gathered in my womb just for a moment - and were released all over my body. I blacked out for a moment and when I could think again, I was still panting from the strongest orgasm I ever had. At least I thought so.

I still was horny in the aftershock of my orgasm but I was pleasured and sane enough to pull my panties up again and tidy my skirt. Perfect, I looked like when I entered the bus. Only on the ground between my legs, there was a large puddle of... pussy juice, with a sweet smell rising from it. No way it was normal to be that wet. Or to squirt that much. Or to smell that sweet? Maybe this had something to do with this - nymph thing? Aphrodite had said something about 'something truly rare'. What had she called me? Wasn't it:

'a spirit of nature, sexuality and fertility, a loyal servant to my cause!'

I wonder what this could mean. Maybe my transformation had given me some super powers or something like that?

Ugh... sexual super powers.

I still wasn't all too fond of the idea of having sex with men. Although, I already had two fingers inside me... it wasn't too bad...

"Next station: Chornewhill High School," the bus driver croaked.

Yup, no more time to think about things I don't want to think about anyway. I grabbed my bag and threw a last look onto the spot I had left on the ground. I grinned - I was so fucking naughty right now. As I came across the sleeping girl, I started to wonder. I didn't recognize her, but she looked like a school girl as well. Could I leave her to miss her station? This made me look down to my fingers. I had tried to smear my pussy juice off on my legs but there still was something left on my fingertips. Naughty, naughty. I took the fingers that were just deep inside of me and let them run over her lips, wetting them with my juice.

"Huh - what?"

She didn't seem to notice, but she definitely woke up from it.

"We're at the High, sleepyhead!" I laughed back to her almost from the door.

"Oh, no no no no!" she shouted and got her stuff together. Whatever, I've lost her.

I gulped. So there was no turning back now. I would go to school as a girl.

"Don't worry, you've got this," I murmured to myself,

"Don't worry, you will make this... Tessa."

Rating: 91%, Read 12684 times, Posted Aug 22, 2018

Fiction | Body modification, Masturbation, Reluctance, Solo, Teen Female, Transgendered


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