One Stormy Night by itsasecrethaha

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The storm approached the small town at a high speed. The drought that had been cursing the Midwest was finally about to come to an end. It was an answer to all of the farmer's prayers. Rain came pouring down out of the sky, the sky lit up in the midnight hour with every flash of lightening, the thunder boomed, and the wind howled.

Jetski, Samantha's dog, had waken up and stuck his nose in Samantha's face.

"Jet, what are you doing," she asked her dog rhetorically.

Jetski plopped down beside her and cuddled her until falling asleep. Samantha could not sleep. There was something about the storm that intrigued her. She watched it through her window.

Every flash of lightening brought a new view of how far the trees were whipping around. The rain looked as though it was coming down in sheets. Samantha's heart beat a little faster.

While watching the storm, Samantha's mom came bursting into her room.

"Sam, I have to go to the hospital, Uncle Bob is in critical condition. I need you to stay here," she told Samantha.

"Okay, Mom," Samantha replied.

She watched her mom leave in the storm. The wind was really starting to pick up and with each flash, her anxiety grew.

It had been so hot for the last month. Could the storm possibly have a tornado? She swallowed hard as she thought about it.

"Stop it, Samantha," she said to herself, "you're scaring yourself. Everything is fine. Everything will be alright.

She went to the livingroom and turned on the television. The news was on every local channel. The screen showed a massive storm that covered Illinois all the way to Ohio. She hadn't even seen the worst of the storm. She sat down on the sofa.

Just outside of her house, a tree fell causing the power in Samantha's house to go out.

"Just friggin peachy," she said aloud, lighting a few candles.

The bright flashes were toned down by the curtains over the windows. The thunder didn't seem to be as loud as it was when she was in her room. In fact, the thunder seemed to sing her to sleep.

A frantic knock on the door woke her up. Samantha thought it was her mother and quickly opened the door. To her surprise, it was not her mother but a man. He forced his way into the house, apologizing as he did so.

He was not that bad looking, he was about 6'2", 180 pounds, stunning hazel eyes, luscious lips, and semi medium hair. How he would normally look would probably stop traffic, but he was dressed in a soaked T-shirt and cargo shorts.

"I'm sorry I forced my way in. Do you have a basement? We need to get to the basement," he said, "the tornado warning is out right now, heard it on the radio, I figured I'd be swirling around in the air if I stayed in my truck." He pointed to the driveway where his Dodge Ram 2500, 5.7 liter Hemi was parked. "Please let me stay."

She looked at him in the candlelight. He was cute, probably twenty-three or twenty-four, she didn't care about his age though. She shut the door behind him and picked up a lit candle. She took him by the hand and led him to the basement stairs. She told him to have a hand on her shoulder so that he wouldn't fall. He rested his masculine hand on her shoulder and followed her down the stairs.

Samantha placed the candle on a small card table and found two chairs. She placed the chairs by the table where the two then sat.

"Hey, I really appreciate you taking me into your house like this. Not many people would let a stranger in anymore," he started.

"It's not a big deal, I'd want somebody to take me in under the same conditions. I'm Samantha by the way."

"I'm Chris."

"How old are you," she asked.

"I'm twenty-two. How old are you?"

"I'm nineteen. You want a drink?"

"Sure, but aren't you a little young to..." Samantha got up and walked to the back corner of the basement where the wine was kept. She picked up a bottle and carried it back to him.

"It's on me," she said.


Chris sat there with the bottle. He thought this girl was too nice. He thought she was pretty too. Samantha had to be about 5'6" and 140 pounds, green eyes from what he could make out from the light of the candle, and a beautiful face structure. Her cheekbones complimented her face completely and when she smiled she sported teeth that looked perfectly straight. The clothes that she had on looked to be fairly new and they fit her body perfectly.

Samantha looked at Chris who was holding the bottle. He was staring into her eyes now. She didn't know how, but she felt as though there was a connection between the two of them. All hell was breaking loose eight feet above them, but it was peaceful in the basement with just the two of them.

"Are you going to open that," she asked, "or am I going to have to open it for you?"

Chris looked back at the bottle and popped off the top. This wine did not smell cheap. It wasn't cheap. Samantha had grabbed the most expensive Chardonnay that her mother owned. He pointed the bottle at her as to offer a drink. Samantha took the bottle and took a few good chugs of the wine. Chris thought it'd be okay so he did the same.

The two passed the bottle back and forth as right above them, the wind picked up and the rain fell harder. The rain was overflowing the gutters and hit the ground like a waterfall. Samantha stumbled to the window well and tried to look up, she couldn't see anything. She made her way back to Chris in the dark.

"You look very pretty," Samantha told Chris.

"You look pretty too," he replied.

"You wanna make out?" Samantha asked Chris.

"Sure," he answered back.

Samantha sat on Chris's left knee and ran her fingers up the side of his neck slowly to his ear. She played with his ear, flipping his earlobe. Chris's biggest erogenous zone was his neck. He tried not to get a boner with this stranger, but then she kissed him and he couldn't help it.

Samantha teased Chris with her lips, opening them a little bit to close them. She playfully bit his lip and tugged away. He realized he wanted her so bad. Chris had never felt this way about a stranger in his life. She finally slid her tongue into his mouth, finding his and dancing with it.

They kissed for what seemed like a good portion of the night. Both of their hormones were raging just as the storm was. While sitting in Chris's lap, she felt something squirm on her leg. She looked down, but could barely see anything due to the candle getting close to the end. She used her hands as eyes and felt what had been on her leg. She felt his hard on and he let out a small moan. His moan was sexy as hell to her and she felt a pang from within herself.

Samantha dropped her lips to his neck, licking and nibbling all over it. Her hands moved his shirt up. Chris lifted his arms and she broke her neck kiss to pull his shirt off. Once she got his shirt off, she dropped to her knees in front of his chair. She kissed and licked his chest to his stomach. Everytime she kissed his stomach, she could feel his erection touching her breasts which made her want him more.

Chris was in ecstasy. Never before had any girl pleased him the way she was, and she wasn't doing much. He wanted her to go further. He wanted to go all the way. Hw decided to make the next move.

He pushed her lightly off of himself and back on the floor. She lay there in the darkness. Chris took her blouse up and instantly brought his face to her stomach. He tickled her stomach, just lightly touching and tracing patterns with his nose. She jerked each time she couldn't stand the tickles.

Chris took off her shirt and reached around to undo her bra. He slid his hands around her ribcage to her back, making her arch her back. He found the contraption and unhooked it carefully. The two parts of the bra snapped to her front with the release of all the tension they had holding down her 34C breasts.

He tugged at the bra in the front and removed it from her. She let out a giggle as she felt him kiss his way to her nipple, which was already hard from a mixture of the air hitting it and her excitement. Chris found Samantha's nipple and licked it. She arched her back so it was pressing to his face. She was nonverbally begging him to take it into his mouth, and he took the signs and followed her lead. He sucked her nipple right into his mouth, teasing it more with his tongue. He left it only to blow cool air on it as she let out a sigh.

Samantha loved the attention on her breasts but thought she should be doing more. She rolled Chris over and fumbled with his belt. She finally took it off and moved to the button on his shorts. She unbuttoned his shorts and reached for the zipper but was interrupted by Chris's hands.

"You don't want to do that, I'm not wearing underwear," he told her. She gave his hands a small slap and unzipped his shorts. As the zipper came all the way down, his dick sprung up. It was relieved to be out of confinement.

She pulled his shorts off and pushed them aside. Chris was completely naked and the candle was out. The only time she got to see him was when the lightening crashed, which seemed to be more than usual, so she was fine with it. A flash of light burst through the small window and she saw his dick. It had to be nine inches long. She quickly ran her nails from the bottom of his legs up to his thighs. She traced around his cock but did not touch it, teasing him more and more.

Samantha closed in on his dick. She breathed on it, sending chills up Chris's spine. She licked the tip noticing the extraordinary amount of precum that he had leaked. She moaned and too the head into her mouth, sucking it and swirling around it with her tongue. Chris let out a moan and she went further, taking about four inches of his member into her mouth before it hit the back of her throat. She pushed her face to him deeper, swallowing his cock. Her nose touched his belly and she contracted the muscles in her throat.

It was the best blowjob Chris had ever gotten. He let her do all the work as he laid back and enjoyed it all. He was so close to cumming but he wanted to savor the moment, he held back a little more until he couldn't handle it.

"I'm gonna..." he started but couldn't finish the sentence before spurting all of his cum down Samantha's throat. She was ready for it and swallowed every drop.

"Your turn," Chris assured Samantha. He rubbed her breast, springing her nipples back to life. He ran his hands down her sides and pushed her jeans down along with her thong. He cupped each cheek in his hand and squeezed her firm ass. Samantha moaned in delight and pressed herself to him. He wanted to make her cum, he wanted her in every single way.

He laid her on her back and spread her legs apart. He licked the inside of her thigh to where it and her pussy met. He bit down and she squealed in both pain and pleasure. He ran his tongue from there to the top of her mound, avoiding her clitoris. She bucked her hips to meet his face and he licked her clit.

Her clit was particularly small comapared to the other girls he had been with. The other girls' could be found without any help, but Samantha's required extra care to find, he was proud that he found it.

Chris sucked on her clit and brought two fingers to her pussy. He ran them over the top of her opening to lubricate them before sliding his fingers deeply inside her. She writhed underneath him and he sucked harder. Ten minutes and she was a goner. Her pussy clamped down on his hand, contracting and releasing, contracting and releasing. He pumped his fingers harder and faster and she squealed out in delight. When she came down from her climax, she thought she was going to have a heartattack by how fast her heart was beating. Her breathing was rapid and yet, she wanted more.

The thunder shook the house and everything upstairs chattered. Samantha heard something fall but didn't really care to go investigate, she wanted Chris.

Chris was hard yet again and Samantha wrapped her hands around his dick and gave it a little tug. She pushed him down to the floor and climbed on top of him. Positioning herself over his member, she slid down it with ease. She rocked her hips back and forth, back and forth. Each time he met his body with hers, going faster and deeper. He bottomed out but he wanted more. He pushed deep inside her and she moaned louder and louder. Her orgasm was building and so was his. They went as hard as they could go, sweat dripping from the two of them, their rythym and breathing in unison.

Samantha jerked on top of him, her pussy convulsing like it had a mind of it's own. It clenched and squeezed Chris with quite some force, milking Chris for everything that he had. Their moans and squeals overpowered the sound of the thunder. Samantha rolled off Chris with a deep sigh as she laid next to him.

"You are the best I've ever been with," he complimented her.

"Thank you, you're not too shabby yourself."

Chris wrapped his arms around her and the two fell asleep in eachother's arms. As they slept, the storm passed. When they awoke, it was daylight. Samantha moved from Chris's arms slyly and went upstairs. She was relieved to find that her mother was not home yet. She looked out of the kitchen window, there were a couple of trees down and a whole mess of limbs in the yard. The power was still off so there was no need to try and make breakfast. She grabbed an apple and walked to her room. She put on clean clothes and walked back to the diningroom. As she sat down, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

Chris walked up the stairs dressed back in his clothes. He opened the door to find Samantha eating an apple at the diningroom table. He smiled at her, she smiled back. Samantha's phone rang; her mother was calling.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Sam! Oh good, you survived. I'm going to be here for a while, Bob needs surgery. How's everything?"

"Everything is great, the power is out, but that's not a big issue," she told her mother. Samantha shot Chris a smile. He reached out and held her hand.

"Okay, let me know if you need anything. I'll be here though so there's not much I can do," she told her daughter.

"Okay, I will. Bye, Mom."


Samantha shut her phone.

"So, how'd you sleep?" Samantha asked Chris.

"Pretty well, I had this gorgeous girl in my arms but she wasn't there when I woke up," he shot her a smirk, "I guess she wanted an apple. She smiled.

"No, I have to get going, I have work at noon. I'll leave you my number and you better text me, or else. I know where you live." He winked at her.

"I'll text you, but what if I'm curious about this 'or else'?" She asked.

"I guess you'll have to find that out," he gave her a piece of paper with his number on it then opened the door and left. She held the paper and smiled. She knew he'd be fun again.

Rating: 90%, Read 17367 times, Posted Jul 19, 2012

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Oral Sex, Written by women


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