Coach John Part III by 3dzen

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Fiction | Ass to mouth, Boy, Consensual Sex, Male, Teen Female, Young

This one is a bit long and I will shorten up the next few, thanks for reading please comment on were I can do better or even ideas for where we can take the story.

All of the characters are fictional and have no link to real people, and they are fictional, I also do not condone this behavior in real life it's fictional.

Part III is in rough draft mode and will post here shortly.


June 12, Year-End High School Dance

After the team finished practicing John and Tori remained on the field to "work on her swing." John offered extra one-on-one tuition to individual players on the team, working with most of them throughout the season, making it a seamless ruse to enable him to talk with Tori alone.

Tori still had her game shorts on and filled them out nicely with her admirable gluts. Her top was a matching sports bra which emphasizing her cute developing apple sized titties and showed off he smooth, toned belly. She beamed a happy smile to be working on skills for the game she loved and was even more pleased because she and John could talk unimpeded.

John crouched on one knee… Tori in her ready batting stance… He softly tossed softballs in front of her. Her aggressive swings drove balls hard into the fence until the bucket was empty. John gave her some hitting technique guidance on her swing every so often... Typical coaching stuff.

"Good work... let's pick 'em up and do one more bucket," John suggested

As they walked the area picking up the scattered balls, it allowed them some much needed uncensored conversation.

"Let's take our time, I want the fieldhouse to empty out," John said mysteriously. The comment sent a flutter through Tori… She knew it meant John wanted to do more than a kiss in the equipment room… At least that's what she was hoping for.

After the extended practice had ended, they walked back to the field house and made their way to their accustomed equipment closet. Tori was filled with schoolgirl anticipation, she sensed moisture building between her thighs. John moved closer to the innocent young teen, gently pressing his lips against hers.

Reluctantly breaking the kiss, he carefully guided the naïve teen to the left and then sat on a stack of exercise mats. Positioning Tori to standing between his bent legs provided the perfect vantage point... His eyes were looking just above her cute navel.

John put his hands around her nubile waist, his fingers nearly encircling her tiny middle. He softly kissed her tone tummy... her skin had a salty-sweet taste that he enjoyed. Tori relaxed her hands on his strong, broad shoulders, wondering he planned for her next.

Deliberately and slowly, his hands moved to her slight hip and then around to her fine ass. Both hands were now firmly holding her round behind... Then he started gently rubbing and squeezing her perfect ass through her silky game shorts.

Tori stood eyes shut, waiting uncomplainingly for his next action. She felt his thumbs hook the elastic waistband of her shorts and white panties, then methodically pulling them down... Her lower garments slid over her ass and down her legs... stopping only when they reached her knees.

Tori let out a soft anticipatory moan. "You're getting me all worked up," she whispered, standing with her exposed belly in front of him, the excitement of being in the school fieldhouse with her naked pussy only inches from his mouth only enhancing her arousal.

Still kissing her midsection John gave her left butt cheek a firm slap with his right hand, causing Tori to let out a slight whine. He eagerly massaged her backside with both of his large hands. She slowly and seductively moved her hips, showing her approval of his sensual actions.

John roughly grasped her ass cheeks and spread them wide… Exposing her vulnerable anus and allowing his two middle fingers clear access to her backdoor. Slowly he began to stroke her tight pucker with his fingers, circling and pressing against her tight teen asshole. She gasped at the feeling, and her eyes shot open... He could feel her nervousness about this new sensation by way of the anxious grip she had on his shoulders.

Tori's breathing was now nervously rapid… This was another new feeling running through her young body… She was anxious… Was John going to put his dick in her ass?

It didn't matter she was turned on, he could do whatever he wished… Her young pussy was damp with anticipation… John could smell her sweet aroma, and his cock was rock hard, sensing her nervousness and excitement while anxiously playing with her perfect ass.

John gently circled her bumhole… The tip of his finger seeking to penetrate the young teen virgin ass hole. Slowly he eased the first knuckle of his finger in, she looked straight up to the ceiling and let out a short breath clutched his shoulders with more tension and wiggled her behind slightly… Desperately trying to deal with the new sensation.

"You want me to stop?" John asked in a whisper.

"No," she sensually purred back... aroused by the intrusion.

John pushed his finger in another inch... Her back arched and her anus clenched around the intruder. Tori continued to wiggle her hips artfully to help the process along.

John pushed deeper, his finger now halfway consumed by the unbelievably tight ass… He methodically shoved a little deeper… Tori let out a high pitched whimper, tightening her hold on his shoulders even more.

He slipped his finger all the way out for an instant allowing the teen a moment to relax, then plunged it back in as far as he could manage… Tori eyes closed and she let out an arousing squeal. Then her head slumped between her arms, and she started breathing heavily as she lost herself to this new sensation.

His finger went in and out at a steady tempo like a piston …

Tori rolled her hips in a corresponding rhythm, assisting him finger fuck her tight little ass. John's finger felt massive inside this forbidden place...pushing in and out of her opening.

John could not believe the clasping hold her asshole had on just his single finger, making him fantasize for an instant what it would feel like to thrust his dick into her small rear opening. Minutes later, her clenched opening had adjusted to the invasion, and his finger was sliding effortlessly in and out of her now twitching ass. He could sense she was close to orgasm. "Cum for me," He prompted.

"Mmm-hmm… feels so good," was all the out of breath teen could reply while wiggling her hips faster.

Tori let out a loud moan of pleasure and started to shudder… Her eyes shot wide open… Her mouth gaped like a fish... And a beautiful expression of pain and pleasure came across her face as a massive orgasm surged through her nubile body. She attempted to control her scream of pure lust, but it was a futile attempt once her craving let loose. She stopped moving, and John stopped pumping his finger but left it buried in her anus as the teen to recuperated from her first ever anal orgasm.

He eventually slid his finger out, stood up, and kissed her... Moments afterward, John moved his finger up to her mouth … She opened her lips and submissively started sucking it without instruction… Her sexy lips were going back and forth over his finger until it was spotlessly clean.

"Good girl," John said.

Tori's hands moved towards John's pant zipper, but he stopped her. "We have to get you home, I can take care of that later," he winked.

"But I want to make you happy and taste your cum, I've been doing more research she looked at him with pleading eyes." Naughty Tori remarked.

"I'm happy, and next time we will make sure you get your salty treat," John insisted as the two head to the car.

They made their way to the parking lot and got into John's car.

"So,... the school dance is Friday, you're going I hope," John asked assumingly.

"Yeah, should be fun. Want to be my date?" Tori joked and smiled slyly at him.

"Ha, I do, but I can't. I want you to go with a boy your age. I am sure you have had many offers," John assumed.

"Yeah, but I don't like any of them," Tori answered.

"Please... let one of the boys take you… experience it." He insisted.

She did not comprehend this part of the 'plan' and John's insistence on her dating boys, did he want to her to find someone else she thought.

"Why do you push this... I am happy the way things are... I am fine going to the stupid dance and hanging with the girls." Tori said with teenage angst and attitude, one last stand to try and get John to reconsider.

"It's hard to explain and harder to understand from your point of view. I get that. If you don't experience your high school social events in two years or five years… at some point, it will end our relationship." John reasoned.

"Fine!" Tori with a bit of anger, responded.

They didn't talk for the last few minutes before arriving at Tori's. Before she got out of the car, her demeanor changed, a smile came across her face. "I really liked that today."

"I know," John said with a grin and a wink.

The Pre-Dance

As promised Sydney had made a not so subtle introduction of Chris to Tori, he was more than happy to take Tori to the dance… Any boy in school would have been.

The group met at Kelly's house for pictures. John, Kelly, Jen, and even Mike were there, the boys' parents and a few siblings were there, and it was quite a hectic scene.

Sydney and boyfriend Jeff, Riley with her latest fling Bill, who was Jeff's friend and a senior, along with Tori and Chris made up the three couples.

Jen, Kelly, and John had split the cost of a Limo to get the six to the dance safely, and later the equally important after dance party at Lauren's.

Tori was not her usual bubbly self… She still smiled and talking friendlily with everyone, but this entire situation was bothering her … She'd have happily headed back to John's house with him after the pictures with no regrets... and John could see Tori was putting on an act.

He tried not to stare at Tori, who was dressed in high heels and a black mid-thigh high dress, with her hair, and makeup done professionally. She was nothing short of stunning. He had never had the opportunity to see her like this before, and it put her on a whole new level of attractiveness.

John's twins looked stunning as well, Riley wore a Royal blue conservative dress that was sexy none the less. It flowed to her knees, clung to her full round C Cups that looked perfect on her body and brought out her ice blue eyes.

Sydney had on a tight Red dress… John jokingly called her the devil in disguise and got a laugh from the crowd although Sydney looked a bit peeved at the comment. Her dress was shorter than Tori's by a couple of inches and designed to show off her tits... that are a bit smaller than her sister's... With her calculated push-up bra enhancing her cleavage, it left little to the imagination.

Despite his best effort, John could not keep his eyes off Tori... her dress emphasized her developing sixteen-year-old breasts that were now just big enough to draw attention, her tight waistline and her rounded pear-shaped ass. It caused his mind to wander, envisioning fucking her from behind with the dress rolled up to her waist and the top pulled down, exposing her tits.

John glanced over the tempting MILF Jen, who was currently standing next to Tori wearing a short skirt and, as always, a tight top to show off her perfect mounds that were clearly more fully developed versions of Tori's teen tits. Looking at the pair, they looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. He sensed his dick start to rise and decided to head into the house too, "grab a drink."

"Hey John," Jen joyfully greeted him as she entered the kitchen five minutes after John had retreated there… closely followed by Tori.

"Oh, hi girls," John responded with his positive tone.

"I need to fix Tori's hair, one of the bobbies popped out," Jen said as Tori smiled at John.

"You look stunning," John commenting to Tori.

"Oh, thank you," Jen replied, self-confidently intercepting the comment.

John laughed, "Yeah, you look good to Jen, but I was talking about your lovely daughter."

"Thanks, coach," Tori smiled shyly.

"Want to grab a drink after the picture session and have a little fun, just us adults? I can't stay out too late because I have a big open house tomorrow," Jen suggested flirtatiously with a wink and a smile.

"Mom! SERIOUSLY." Tori admonished, visibly annoyed at her mom suggestively hitting on her coach. Caught off guard Tori's eyes widened, her jaw dropped, and she looked at John with her head tilted to the side.

"Oh, thank you, Jen, but no. I have a project due at work and really can't," John made up an excuse on the fly.

"Suit yourself, but one of these days you are going on a date with me, "Jen predicted confidently as she walked down the hall. Following behind, Tori turned her head to with a shocked look on her face. John smiled and blew her a kiss.

The Limo pulled up, Tori announced she had to pee one last time and headed into the house. John made up an excuse a moment later to likewise head to the house, the two had a fleeting moment to themselves.

"That was weird," Tori said.

"Jen," John assumed.

"Yeah, she hit on you... I think she wants you as her next boyfriend... You better watch out," she half-jokingly stated.

"That would be an awkward situation, don't you think?" John said.

Tori shrugged, poked her head cautiously out the window… making sure everyone was out by the Limo then leaned towards John and kissed him. "I'm wet, I liked what you did to me... You know the finger thing." She whispered.

"I have been super horny looking at you the past 30 minutes… You look amazing," he whispered back.

"When can we be alone again?" Tori asked.

"Not soon enough," John responded vaguely.

With that, they smiled at each other and kissed again before Tori made her way to the Limo, John observed her from the window rubbing his bulge.

The Dance

The girls spent most of their night on the dance floor flaunting their dance moves and having a great time. When slow tracks were played, the boys would seek out their dates like a pack of hungry wolves... Knowing they had a chance to hold their teen dates close and get an occasional kiss.

Sydney and Tori chatted during a moment of downtime.

"Hey, Tor... what's up with you and Chris... did he say something or do something wrong... do I need to punch him?" Sydney laughing asked her friend.

"Oh, no, he is nice, why?" Tori replied.

"Show him a little love girl. He is feeling down thinking you hate him," Sydney laughed.

The next opportunity to slow dance Chris found Tori and politely asked her to dance, Tori smiled he held her hand and led her to the dance floor. He had his right arm around her waist and rested his hand on the rise of her butt, his other hand held hers raised up near his chest, while Tori put her head on his shoulder, her left arm around his waist.

"Tori, did I do or say anything to upset you?" Chris asked.

"No, not at all, you have been nice... I'm sorry, I'm not a good date." Tori responded.

"You're a great date, I'm thrilled we are here together," Chris countered

Tori felt guilty about not putting the effort in and doing her part on the date. Chris was a nice boy and deserved a date that was going to make this special night one he could remember in a positive light... She thought to herself.

As they danced, her tits and thighs rubbed against him, causing his cock to rise, trying to hide the developing erection, he awkwardly moved his hips from hers.

"You ok?" Tori asked, noticing his awkward attempt to hide his boner.

"Yeah, you're really sexy, and that's got me stirred up a bit." He said embarrassed and blushing. "Can I kiss you?" Chris meekly asked fearing the worst.

Tori felt awful... Chris has been a gentleman all night, now he felt compelled to ask permission to kiss the girl he came to the dance with. Tori smiled, and she put her mouth over his, he felt Tori's lips soft and warm… Tori gave him a full effort kiss, tongue and all for almost a minute.

Riley and Sydney noticed the kiss, and both gave a shout out to their best friend. "Yeah Tori, go, girl!" causing her and Chris to stop and blush abruptly.

They lightly kissed again as the music stopped.

As the dance came to an end, the group planned to head to Lauren's house for the after-dance party.

Lauren was the senior captain and pitcher on the softball team. Her mom was from Sweden, and she got her blue eyes, platinum blond hair, fair skin and tall, slender body from her mom.

They all hopped into the Limo. The six of them had a 20-minute ride before they got to Lauren's. Sydney broke out the Vodka shots she had stashed in her purse, 6 in all one for each member of the Limo Gang... as she called the group.

Passing them out to the others telling them the night was just starting… They all open them and toasted to, "Good times," and in one gulp, they all did their shot.

It was Tori's first experience with alcohol, and she wasn't ready for the burning taste of straight vodka. "Holy shit!" She yelled… Causing everyone else to burst into laughter.

The After Dance Party

There were 20 couples at Lauren's, the house was enormous, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a built-in pool in back with a guest house. Plenty of space for the large group of teen partiers.

A fair amount of alcohol and pot was floating around the party. Tori and Riley were not interested in any more than the shot Sydney had provided and instead opted for bottles of water. Always the wild one, Sydney was high and had worked her way through the beer bottles all night.

Tori methodically scanned the room, Sydney was on the couch with Jeff the two lip-locked his hand on her thigh. Her dress had been pushed up far enough that everyone looking could clearly see Sydney's white panties and the obvious the wet spot forming at her pussy.

Another intermingled couple off to the side dining room was tucked in a corner lip-locked as well, the girl's back was to her, but you could tell her hand was down his pants. She wondered if this was what John means by experiencing high school stuff – If it is she was ready to answer with a resounding no thanks.

Chris found Tori, approached, and put his arm around her waist. "Having fun?" He asked.

"Yeah, I am not a drinker or smoker, and that shot was, WOW!" She admitted, and they both chuckled.

"Yea, me too, to be honest, I'd rather fake it," Chris admitted.

Tori looked at him, confused and asked what he means by faking it.

"Well, in the Limo I swigged the shot… can't fake that... But since then, I've been nursing the same beer in my hand all night. In fact, I dumped half out in the bathroom." He admitted.

"Oh, tricky, I really don't care what people think... proudly raising her bottle of water," Tori rose her bottle to make a mock toast.

"Hey, can we talk in a quieter place," Chris led her by the hand to a side room off the hallway.

"I really like you, and umm… would love it if we could maybe date more... You know after tonight," Chris asked nervously.

"I like you too Chris… Sure we can go on another date, I want to be honest though… I am not in a place to commit to boyfriend/girlfriend thing right now," Tori asserted.

"I get it, and that's fine, we can just hang out when you want," Chris suggested.

Chris leaned closer to her and closed his eyes...His lips found hers, his tongue probing the sweetness of her mouth as he ran his hands over her hips and petite midsection... More passionately than the dance kiss.

She could feel Chris's dick against her getting excited again, that prompted her to open her eyes and slowly pulled back not comfortable going further than the kiss.

"Wow, that was amazing," Chris said

"Yeah," Tori replied meekly, then continued abruptly, grabbed Chris' hand and walked him swiftly back to the main party area. "Hey, my mom is going to be picking me up soon, so I better keep watch."

One of Chris' hockey buddies grabbed him by the arm. "Let's go, pleb, time for some Quarters," Chris looked at Tori for approval... She smiled and nodded as he was taken off to the kitchen for the drinking game, she wondered how he would fake that.

Tori scanned the room, Riley was talking with Lauren, but she could not find Sydney or Jeff. She walked over to the two and asked. "Hey, where is Syd?" Tori asked Riley.

"I think they went off to find a bedroom," Riley said, rolling her eyes.

"Oh...umm, what time are you planning to head home?" Tori asked as the Limo ride had only been arranged for the dance and after party. People were either crashing at Lauren's or calling parents for rides home.

"Well, if Syd is just going to give Jeff a blow job, then I would say two minutes, but if she is as horny as I think, then it may be closer to an hour," Riley laughed.

"Hey, are you going to your Mom's tonight?" Tori inquired.

"Yeah, we need to finish opening the pool tomorrow, and mom wants to start first thing in the morning," Riley replied.

"I thought you were sleeping over," Lauren asked with a slightly concerned look.

"Right, we were going to crash here and have mom pick us up in the morning," Riley said with a grin.

Lauren clapped and announced, "I like that idea."

"Actually, I think I am going to call my mom and get going soon. I am exhausted." Tori said.

"I don't blame you; it's almost midnight," Riley replied.

Tori walked outside, took her heels off, and sat on the front steps.

TEXT TO JEN: Hi Mom, ok to stay at Laurens tonight?

TEXT TO TORI: Hey, are you sure, I can come to get you.

TEXT TO JEN: Yea it's ok were having fun, it's just easier

TEXT TO TORI: ok, TEXT me one more time before you go to sleep, love you

TEXT TO JEN: ok will do, love u 2

TEXT TO JOHN: hey can you pick me up

Tori waited for a reply after a few minutes passed.

TEXT TO TORI: Hi, everything ok?

TEXT TO JOHN: Yea, I just need a ride

TEXT TO TORI: ok address?

TEXT TO JOHN: 40 maple street

TEXT TO TORI: 10 minutes


John had fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie early as he also planned to open his pool the next day, or at least start the tedious process. It was almost midnight when the incoming text woke him...


Sydney and Jeff had found a vacant bedroom... They snuck in, quietly shut the door and Sydney pressed the button lock just in case anyone ventured near to their hideaway.

Jeff was well built for a high school kid, played hockey and football stood five foot eleven inches, and hit the scales at about 180 pounds. Sydney and her petite 110-pound frame was tiny compared to him.

Once inside the room, Jeff had Sydney pinned against the door... His hands were wrapped around her tiny waist as the two kissed, their tongues meeting each other passionately.

She broke the kiss momentarily and focused on undoing his belt. Once loosened, it only took her a matter of seconds before she had a comfortable grip on his cock and was stroking his hardon.

Jeff lowered his head and treated himself to her, inviting cleavage, moving the fabric aside with his hand to expose her tits. Then he moved both hands to her firm ass cheeks, nearly covering them with his large hands.

"I need you in me!!!" Sydney whispered lasciviously.

His tongue circled her exposed nipples that were now erect and standing off her firm tits. She hadn't stopped stroking his thick six-inch cock once, and now it started emitting sticky pre-cum.

Jeff lifted the bottom of her dress waist-high to expose the sensual teen's bottom half... his hand sandwiched between her legs... he pushed her white panties to one side with his thumb and plunged two fingers into her wet pussy.

Sydney had her hands on his shoulders now, the top of her head rested on his chest as she looked down watching his hand invade her privates... moving her hips while Jeff forcefully fingered her tight pussy.

His dress pants were now around his ankles and his dick waving in the air - Rock hard in anticipation of the hard fucking he was about to deliver to his horny teen girlfriend.

Sydney turned around, her hands and chest pressed against the door, moving her flawless ass side to side… teasing him. Jeff took his hands and spread her ass cheeks, exposing her cornhole... He placed the tip of his head against her backdoor opening, smearing his pre-cum as a would-be lubricant around the tempting opportunity.

No!" Sydney protested... twisting her torso and head placing her palm on his muscular chest... as if to push him away. "Not ready! Fuck my pussy, baby." She directed.

Jeff had been wanting to reem Sidney's perfect ass since they met, and with good reason, it was tight, round, and no doubt had the ideal depth to it… The best ass in school, most of the boys claimed.

The only thing Sydney was afraid of in life seemed to be anal sex... She'd never consented to it with anyone, Jeff was persistently always trying to fuck her backdoor whenever the opportunity presented itself, but she never gave in.

Sydney turned back around startling his rock hard member she started grinding her lubricated pussy on his shaft. "Put it in me," she whispered with a seductive tone.

Jeff complied with her direction after his failed anal attempt... bent his knees... his cock head aligned with her wet waiting pussy... He pushed into her waiting gash and slipped into to the teen with no resistance, her sex was tight but thoroughly lubed with her own juices. Sydney gasped with pleasure as his meat filled her warm pussy.

He took his two hands and wrapped them around her tiny waist and started slamming into her welcoming pussy. He thrust his stiff cock into her deep and hard... each entry ended with their flesh slapping. Sydney was pushing off the door into his incoming thrusts to get his cock as deep in her as possible.

"Oh fuck, it feels so good... Fuck me. Hard!" she said breathlessly.

Staring at her perfect ass as his cock continued its relentless pounding. His thick meat was slamming in and out of her warm slippery eager teen pussy.

Jeff was close, and Sydney knew it... She felt his shaft throbbing inside her... His balls tightened... Thrusting into her as deep as he could get one last time, he grabbed her hips, held on tight, and let his cum flow into her spasming vagina.

Sydney felt the warm sperm shooting inside of her, and it pushed her over the edge. She squealed and burst into orgasm.

Jeff held her motionless with his cock buried in her tight pussy, pumping cum into her. Sydney tried to move, but with the grasp, her boyfriend had on her waist, she could not move, and that feeling of utter helplessness amplified her orgasm massively.

After a minute Jeff's now limp cock slid out of her dripping pussy... cum ran down her inner thighs. She turned around, and they kissed again. Sydney slowly pulled away with a smile, then pulled her skirt back down from her waist and fixed the top half of her dress.

"Well, I needed that! Thank you very much honey," Sydney exclaimed.

"I have to find Riley and get going, I will see you this weekend, maybe." She waved and left the room to look for Riley.

The Plan

High heels in hand, Tori was waiting outside 40 Maple Street, 10 houses down from Lauren's as she did not want to take the chance of Riley or Sydney seeing their dad's car picking her up.

John pulled up, and Tori hopped in.

"Hey, sweetheart, is everything ok? I didn't expect a call tonight," John asked.

Tori leaned into John and kissed him hello.

"Yea, everything is fine. Don't drive me home, go to your place as I'm spending the night with you!" Tori instructed confidently.

"Wait, Jen, the twins, we can't…" John spluttered.

"This time I have a plan," Tori interrupted. "Mom knows I am staying at Lauren's Friday night and I did... technically. It's Saturday now after all," she continued, pointing to the clock which read 12:15 AM, Saturday morning.

"She has an Open House tomorrow morning until early afternoon" Tori continued. "I spoke to Riley and Sydney, and Kelly is picking them up to finish opening the pool tomorrow morning, or they may stay at Lauren's," Tori said with confidence. "So, you're stuck with me tonight!"

"Well done," John said with a smiled as he headed back to his house.

To Be Continued.

Rating: 94%, Read 94138 times, Posted May 21, 2019

Fiction | Ass to mouth, Boy, Consensual Sex, Male, Teen Female, Young


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