The Head Girl by Amy_May

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Fantasy | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Domination, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Old Male, School, Submission, Teen Female, Voyeurism, Written by women

Prologue - Miss Kitten

The one thing that most makes my 18 year old body happy is to orgasm. I love to shave my little pussy smooth with foam and a sharp razor and then moisturise my inner pink cunt lips all over my mound so that it's so soft to touch. When you run your fingers down my stomach towards and over my vagina it feels like silk. I take such pleasure in my own pussy because, when you've been in education at an all girls boarding school since the age of 11, you have to learn how to have some fun. One has to find how to pleasure yourself just to survive the sexual frustration throughout school as us girls rarely had access to boys.

As our hormones raged throughout our teens the male teachers often became objects of lust. My dorm and I would often discuss these teachers at great length. While we're lying in bed in our shared dorm most nights just before we fell asleep, we'd debate which teacher had the biggest cock. Whether Mr Davies our Physical Education teacher had as fat and as long a cock as it looked underneath his sports kit. Did the tall skinny art teacher have a long thin pencil penis as his trouser bulge would suggest? What did Mr Jones our headteacher look like under his suit? Often I would also imagine the female teachers undressed too, consider whether they hard large or small nipples under their bras, whether they shaved their pussies just like me or whether they had a nice bush of curly hair hiding their slit.

When we lay there speaking so filthily it was obvious to me that all of us in the dorm would start becoming aroused, turning each other on as we discussed such sexual things with each other. In the night time shadows I would sometimes notice one or two of the girls duvet covers moving as they played with their own pussies. As head girl, I was in charge of the behaviour of my fellow girls but this situation always put me in a quandary. I considered whether I should mention it to them. They should be sleeping and instead their muffled, panting breathing could be heard by the other girls, keeping us awake. Keeping me awake. I would have been such a hypocrite if I had told the girls off for it, seeing as I would always lie listening to their movements while frantically rubbing my own swollen clitoris. I would find myself even closer to orgasm with each noise I heard from the other girls. I wonder if they ever heard my low moans into my pillow as I came thinking of them masturbating in the same room as me, at the same time as me.

Throughout school since age eleven till now at age eighteen, we stayed with the same dorm mates . As we grew older and developed we really got to know one another more and more intimately. We spent many late nights discussing our developing boobs, bra sizes, our crushes on boys and our sexual desires. I knew for instance, that Angela often liked to wear no underwear to feel the breeze on her pussy. They knew I shaved my own pussy and once or twice I'd been asked for advice by the other girls on how to perfectly shave their pussy lips smooth without missing a patch.

Lately things had really heated up in my dorm. My closest friend Jane had bought me a vibrator for my 18th birthday. When I opened it Jane made out that it was a joke gift and the whole dorm giggled. Lots of chests heaving with laughter and I couldn't help but glance at all my school mates breasts jiggle and shake. There was many mischievous looks passed between us.

We stayed up late on my birthday and luckily neither head teacher nor matron noticed the sounds. He could be a very strict head master and I would hate to get into trouble and endanger my Head Girl status. My parents were so proud of me. Our posh boarding school had such strict rules and regulations on how we should act and what we should wear. I have always been very good at playing to the rules, on the outside. I put on a good act, good enough to have been made head girl. But, Oh how I misbehave underneath the good girl act.

Later on my birthday, after the giggling from the vibrator gift had settled down we all sat in a circle passing liquor around. We were playing a game where each time you were passed the bottle to take a sip you had to admit to a sexual action you'd done. Jane admitted she'd fucked her 29year old boyfriend in the back of his car. Amanda told us she had already bought and used a vibrator. I'm sure the thought ran through all our heads about whether she's used it with us all in the same room. The eyes turned to me at that point and they asked me to get the vibrator present out, everyone wanted another look.

It was a huge 10inch bright pink cock. We passed the toy around. When Sarah took her sip of the drink instead of telling us about a sexual action she'd done, she preformed one for us and dared to suck on the big pink vibrator like it was a cock. By this point my pussy was so wet in my little lacy panties under my nightie. I do love wearing sexy underwear sets, if nothing but to please myself and to give the other girls something nice to look at when we get dressed together in the morning.

The drink went round a few of us and once it reached Angela, she requested to perform rather than tell us a story, she wanted give me a birthday kiss. The girls all giggled in nervous anticipation, I leaned over towards Angela and as our soft lips met our tongues entwined I felt my nipples stiffen and a shiver run to my pussy, this was turning me on far too much. I sneakily ran one finger up her thigh as she pulled away from kissing me.

When I sat back down Jane pointed out that I had stiff nipples pointing through my fairly sheer nightly. Jane was almost mocking me, but there was an undertone of lust in her tone of voice. As it was her sip of the alcohol next she requested tipsily that she would chew on my nipples if the other girls were comfortable with watching her, and from there things turned into ecstasy. The flick of her tongue on my hard nipple, then the nip of her teeth and suddenly her hands were running down towards my pussy, pushing aside my wet panties and roughly her fingers went inside my aching hole in front of everyone.

The other girls in the room watched as she slid her fingers expertly in and out of my wet pussy, then up circling my clit and back inside me. I imagine she was playing with my pussy in the exact same way she plays with her own.

From then on all the girls in our dorm have really opened up to each other, literally and metaphorically. Many legs have been opened wide and often bedtime has turned into very sexual lesbian experiences. We like watching each other play with ourselves and each other. Occasionally everyone joins in, all openly masturbating in front of each other at night in our dorm. My vibrator has been used over and over again in my tight pussy, pushed in and out by my dorm mates as they lick my clit and pull at my nipples. It's our little secret.

Mr Jones

"That will do!!", I bellow loudly and I fling the door to the girls dorm open, "this level of noise is intolerable!". As the male head master of an all-girls school, I have to excerpt my authority loudly to keep control occasionally.

"Miss Kitten, this is the 3rd time I have had to warn you about the noise from this dorm, and as head girl, it's your responsibility to keep control of the girls in your charge." I shout.

Miss Kitten, May, you are a slim, pretty girl of 18 years, one of our senior girls with straight 'A' grades, but an altogether outrageous naughty side. The noise stops instantly as the girls cover themselves and stop what they are doing. You are looking worried, you know that I don't take any prisoners when it comes to discipline.

I wait a few more seconds to let the gravity of the situation sink in, and before I have a chance to continue, you pipe up with, "very sorry sir, we were only having a bit of fun and..."

Before you can continue I shout, "FUN! You were only having FUN! You are not here to have FUN!" You stop talking and stand in silence. It's only now that I notice that you are stood there in only your underwear, a black lace bra that clearly shows the outline of your large nipples perched on top of your very perky ample boobs. The knickers are again black lace, which is very lacey and hardly covers your pussy, which is visible showing that your are shaved. I feel a twitch in my cock, and suddenly snap back to the situation, it would not do to have a hard on in front of the girls so I return my mind to the situation.

I look around the dorm and then return to you. In a much more calm voice I say, "I don't want to have to come back up here tonight and you, Miss Kitten, I expect to see you outside my office immediately after breakfast, is that clear?"

The whole room reply with, "Yes Mr. Jones."

This is followed by a quivering voice from you saying, "Yes Mr. Jones, it won't happen again Sir." You look down at the floor shuffling your feet.

Before I step back out of the room, I take one more lingering look around the room, this time noticing several other girls, Jane Goode, she is stood there with no top on and has a very nice pair of boobs, "how did I miss them?" I thought. There was also Angela Smith, half turned away with no pants on at all, exposing her bare ass cheeks. I step back and close the door, and as I walk back to my office my cock twitches again as I am thinking of the view I have just left. Thinking about you mainly though, my Head Girl little Miss May Kitten.

On the way back to the office, I realise once I sit, I have a hard on. The view of you with your shaved pussy is still clear in my mind, and I find my hand rubbing my cock through my trousers. Before long, I have my flies open and my cock in my hand. I am running my hand up and down my cock, whilst I picture you in your lacy underwear. As I slide my had down my cock, pulling the foreskin back exposing the head, I run my finger around the rim, imagining that you are sucking my cock and licking the head. Having been at the school since the start of the spring term, some 5 weeks without any sex, it does not take long before I can?t hold on any more and with a grunt my cock starts to spurt come. Spurt after spurt spills from my cock all over my hand and trousers.

After I regain my composure I take a couple of tissues from the box on my desk and clean myself up. At least that had allowed my hard on to subside, but I still need to decide what to do about you. I can just let it go, you are the Head Girl and must set an example to the other girls, but what should I do? As I climb into my bed, I am still pondering what exactly I should do, unfortunately, all I can think of is what I would like to do to you, which is a long way from what I should actually do. Whilst I am thinking about you, predictably, my cock starts to twitch and get hard. For the second time that evening, I find myself fantasising about you whilst I rub my swelling cock.

The following morning, breakfast is finished by 7:45 as usual. The girls then have 45 minutes to get themselves ready for the first lesson at 8:30. As I turn the corner of the corridor, I see you stood outside my office as instructed. I notice you look different this morning, and it takes a few seconds to realise, the uniform is as per regulation today. The skirt is well below the knee and the blouse and cardigan are both done up. I find it hard to stop myself smirking as I wonder if you have the regulation large white pants on or your sexy lacy black pair. I walk past you without even acknowledging you and in to my office closing the door behind me. I have found over the years, its best to keep the young girls waiting for a bit.

After a while, I open the door, you are still stood there staring at the floor, "well come along, in you come," I say and you quickly walk into the office and stand beside the chair on the other side of my desk.

I sit and think for a while and then looking at you I command sternly, "sit down May." As you are sitting there, the underwear you were wearing last night is still on my mind and I find myself still pondering if you are wearing regulation underwear. I stare at you and after a few seconds in my best stern voice I ask, "you know as a head girl the school, I expect more from you don't you?" and before you have a chance to answer I continue, "and I can't have a head girl that cannot set a good example to the younger members of the school community."

I see my words are starting to sink in, "I know how proud you and your parents were when we made you Head Girl and it would be such a shame to have to remove that title from you, do you understand?"

I look at you and wait for a response, and with a shaky voice you say, "I am really sorry sir, it was just a bit of fun that got out of hand sir, won't happen again, I promise." You stare at the floor, I can see tears welling up in your eyes but you fight them back determined not to cry.

I speak softly, "OK Miss Kitten, I know how easy it is to lose control of a crowd of young ladies, I do, but as I have said before, that's exactly why we have a Head Girl, to show the others what is acceptable, and I am relying on you to do that, and if you let me down I will have no choice but to strip you of the position of Head Girl."

Fighting back the tears and through misty eyes you beg me not to do that so I follow up by saying, "If you can prove to me that you are worthy of the position then we won't have a problem Miss Kitten, but any more misdemeanours and there will be trouble."

You immediately reply, "Yes sir."

I remark "I am glad you have seen fit to wear regulation uniform this morning May, and I trust the entire! Uniform is regulation? Remember what I said about being an example?" I notice you fidget and pull you school cardigan closer together at the front. "Is there something you are trying to hide May?" I ask pointing to the closed cardigan. You immediately start to blush and look at the floor so I push the point a little more, "Please remove your cardigan Miss Kitten!?" I say sternly, and a look of horror crosses your face. "Now!" I say in a slightly raised voice and you slowly start to unbutton it and remove it.

As you pull your arms out of the sleeves, I realise why you blushed, I can clearly see your large nipples through the thin white fabric of your school blouse. "Oh dear Miss Kitten, I am not sure that that is quite regulation now is it??"

You look up from the floor, blushing bright red and sheepishly reply, "no sir?" I think for a while looking you up and down and spending altogether too much time looking at those lovely boobs and stiff large nipples poking through the blouse, and once again I realise I have a hard on.

"What am I going to do with you??" I say out loud, "this is not the behaviour I expect from the head girl you know!?" I look at you and I can see that you are upset at my comments, "So tell me May, why are you not wearing a bra??"

You blush a little more and quietly say, "the ones I have are uncomfortable and don't fit very well, I think my boobs have grown a bit?"

"I see?" I say, "and why have you not been to see Matron to request an new bra then??" I ask in a soft reassuring voice. You don't seem to have an answer for that, but it's then that I remember Matron giving me a bra that had been left in the locker room when the school closed for the winter holiday. I open my bottom draw and there it is. I look up at you, "well we can't have you running around the school without a bra can we??" before you have a chance to answer, I reach into the draw and pull out the bra, it's quite a large size so I am hoping it will be large enough, but still a little small for your generous chest and having those ample boobs spilling out the top of a bra would be a very nice sight.

"Please put this on immediately!" I say and hand over the bra. You are about to stand and I snap at you, "did I say you could leave? Sit!" You drop back into the chair and look puzzled, so I repeat slower this time, "put the bra on please!?"

You slowly start to unbutton your blouse and I get my first glimpse of your naked boobs and they are everything I thought they were, they are a nice size and have large nipples which are stiff and poking out. You reach and take the bra from me and quickly pull it over your boobs. I am right, the bra is a little too small in the cup size and your boobs are pushed up and over the top of the bra giving you a very nice cleavage.

My hard on if now straining against my trousers, I can't help but casually move my hand from the desk and to my cock to adjust it, to try and make it more comfortable. As I look up, I realize that you have followed my hand and probably know that as I shifted on my chair I was adjusting myself. You have a wry grin on your face.

You do the bra up and are just about to put your blouse on when I ask, "Is there anything else that is not regulation uniform??" This time you don't blush.

You look me straight in the eye and say, "umm, yes sir there is?"

"Oh and what is that??" I ask, wondering where this is going.

"I am not wearing regulation panties sir," you state.

I am a little shocked at your blatant response, so I decide to press you on the matter, "oh, and what are you wearing then? You better stand up and show me right this minute Miss Kitten."

To my surprise you just calmly stand and then slowly, bit by bit pull your skirt up, revealing your very shapely legs. I know I am staring at the top of your legs but I can?t tear myself away. As you pull the skirt up the last bit I gasp as your naked smooth shaved pussy comes in to view. As it does, my cock twitches, straining against my trousers again.

I look at you and ask, "why do you not have any pants on Miss Kitten?, you know I am going to have to punish your for not wearing the correct uniform don't you?"

You answer quietly, "I am sorry Sir, I forgot to put them on this morning. Please sir what are you going to do?"

I think for a while, finding it difficult to concentrate with you stood in front of me showing your naked pussy and your boobs overflowing your bra. Finally is comes to me, how I can punish you and get my hands on you at the same time. I look straight at you and say, "Miss Kitten, I am going to give you one spank for each infringement."

With that I rise from my chair and see your eyes immediately open wide at the site of my erection making a tent in my trousers. I walk slowly around the desk and push the chair behind you away slightly and sit down, saying "now, please lie across my lap whilst I give you your punishment. Slowly you lower yourself and lie across my lap, and as you do, your boobs push against my hard on and you stop for a second before you put your weight on me.

Your skirt is still covering you ass, so I reach down and holding the hem slide my hand up the back of your leg and over your ass to reveal your naked ass. You shiver as my hand slides over your ass which makes you rub you boobs against my cock, the feel of your boobs rubbing my cock immediately makes my cock twitch enough for you to notice.

"Are you ready Miss Kitten??" I ask.

You turn slightly to answer, "yes sir?" As you twist your boobs slightly rub against my cock again making it start to throb. I am sure you can feel it because you start to squirm a little and it feels to me like you are now rubbing my cock with your boobs on purpose.

For a few seconds I am lost in the feeling of your boobs rubbing my cock, but I clear my throat and say, "right then here goes." Holding your skirt up out of the way with my right hand, I raise my left hand and bring it down sharply on your bare ass, Smack! You yelp with a mixture of surprise and pain, although not a lot of pain as I deliberately did not smack you hard, but you writhe a bit which just rubs your boobs against my throbbing cock even more.

After the smack, I left my hand on your ass and as you writhe you push back against my hand a little. I am enjoying the sensation of your boobs rubbing my cock, that I am lost from a world for a moment. I realise that you have stopped moving and I clear my mind and concentrate on what I am doing. I raise my hand and again and bring it down sharply on your bare ass, only this time a little harder so you yelp again. This time it?s followed by not only you writhing on my lap but a low moan too. You are again rubbing you boobs against my cock with is now throbbing like mad and aching from straining against my trousers. The sensation is incredible, I can't help thinking that I should not have made you put the bra on, so I could have felt the soft skin of your boobs pressing against my hard cock.

I gently pat the impact area on your ass and say, "I hope that wasn't too bad and I hope that you have learnt a valuable lesson today May?". As I do, I slide my hand from cheek to cheek, feeling the smooth skin of your shapely ass.

You answer, "oh yes sir I have learn a lesson?, but I am not sure what the lesson you have learnt is? As you squirm further and are now clearly purposely rubbing your boobs against my stiff throbbing cock some more. After a few seconds of sheer bliss, I tell you that you can stand and put your blouse back on.

As you struggle to your feet, you place your left hand on my cock, giving it a squeeze before letting go and finishing getting to your feet. I cannot tell if it was deliberate or just an accident so I let it go unmentioned. As I stand my cock is still poking a tent in my trousers and I see your eyes looking at it and then back at me, and I notice a wicked glint in your eye and a wry smile on your face.

I return to my chair and sit, if for no other reason but to hide my erection. You are buttoning your blouse, and I am glad that I can still see those mounds of your boobs spilling from the undersized bra.

Once you are dressed and have flattened out your skirt and done your cardigan up, you look at me and ask, "will that be all sir?"

I look at you trying to look stern , "yes for now" I reply, "but let's not have to have this conversation again, you have been warned, now off you go and put your school pants on and get to your first class?"

You smile at me, "Yes Sir," turn and head for the door.

Before you reach the door I am already rubbing my cock through my trousers. There is a click as the door closes, and I immediately unzip my flies and pull my stiff throbbing cock from my trousers. As I grasp it and start to pull back the foreskin, the head is already oozing pre-cum as I slowly start to pump my fist up and down my shaft. I close my eyes and all I can see is your shaved pussy, your sexy ass and those large stiff nipples on those large boobs. I soon start to feel the cum bubbling up in my balls and I know I will cum soon. After a few more pumps of my fist on my stiff aching cock I explode all over my hand and trousers again, and again, I reach for the box of tissues to clean myself up. As my erection starts to soften, I push my spent cock back into my trousers and sit back in my chair and wonder what am I getting myself in to.....

Miss May Kitten

As I made my way from my head teachers office, I was in a state of confusion. My pussy was pulsing sending shivers through my body as I walked back to the dorm.

I was in big trouble. As Head Girl I should not be receiving noise complaints for my dorm. What was even worse was that, he had just interrupted us girls during a session of sexual play. I had been wearing nothing but a set of black lacy underwear when he walked in. I'm sure I had seen his eyes rake my body up and down taking in every inch he could see, and there wasn't much of me covered up. I had been licking Jane's pussy only moment before he came in to tell us off for making too much noise.

I hadn't thought I would have such a severe thrilling grilling from Mr. Jones. He has been a strict yet very caring and approachable Head Teacher. I had not expected the spot check uniform inspection. Intentionally I had chosen to wear no underwear that day. Angela's advice was right, it does tingle to feel the fresh breeze on your naked pussy - especially if you are very wet and already horny. I was shocked where Angela's advice had taken me, yet the most aroused I had ever been.

As he asked me to open my cardigan a small part of me was scared. I knew my top was fairly transparent and I was waearing no bra. I could barely believe it when Mr. Jones produced a bra from his desk draw. Oh how turned on I felt as I undid my clothes and put the bra on for him, even though it was too smalln ad pushed my tits up so that I looked like a whore. All of this in front of an old man, my Head Teacher, I was liking it though. I had never exposed my body so openly to a man of such age. I looked at his grey hair as I slipped my cardigan off and my nipples were standing to attention for him. I wanted to comply. When had he last seen eighteen year old breasts in the flesh? I admit, I was extremely turned on.

I suppose it was due to how highly sexually excited I was feeling that I found myself wondering to myself how far II could push it. So when asked, I decided with my heart punding in my chest and my pussy throbbing to admit hthat I admitted I was not wearing the regulation underwear. I would never have predicted that he would ask me, and then if he doubted ask me to show what exactly I was wearling, so I boldly admitted I was wearing absolutely nothing. I had really taken on board Jane's advice but I was not about to tell on her, so I lied and told Mr Jones I had just forgotten to put a pair on today. He seemed to buy the lie, demanding that I show him I was wearing nothing and I imagine distracted already by the sight of me so exposed in front of him

I looked up at Mr. Jones and I could see in his eyes that he was very serious about this, and I could feel the undertone of his lust as he spoke which aroused me even more. The whole situation was arousing me so much, I really wanted to show my Head Teacher my pussy. It felt so naughty, so horny so bad, yet so right. I slowly lifted the hem of my higher, purposely lifting it slowly to tease Mr. Jones. I'm sure he didn't expect such a treat. There for his eyes was my shaven pussy, the pink lips glistening a litte from how wet I had become from the situation he had created.

When Mr. Jones demanded I was to lay across his lap and be spanked for each misdemeanour at first I admit I was scared, I am not a fan on pain. It was only when I went to lay across his lap did I realise the reaction I had on him. I had never seen such a large tent in his suit trousers, all I could picture was his stiff cock underneath. I didn't expect him to slide his fingers up my ass to lift the skirt so he had me fully exposed to be spanked. Knowing that it was me that made his erection so large had made my shaved pussy lips becoming slick with my juice. Why was I so turned on, when I was about to be punished? I wondered can he see how wet I am?

As I bent over his lap, I purposefully placed my boobs over his crotch. I'll admit this was mainly for my own pleasure. The sensation of my stiff tender nipples rubbing against his legs and crotch was so erotic. Every time I moved a little to answer his questions, I made sure to subtly rub my nipples against him sending further shivers through my body down to my pussy.

I felt as though I was going to die with sexual frustration, and then came the first "smack!" It was much gentler than I expected, and felt far more erotic and sexy than like punishment. I'm sure I felt his cock twitch as he touched me. This was all getting out of hand. We both knew we really should stop, but yet it was clearly obvious to each other how we were both enjoying the situation.

As the second harder smack hit my bare ass cheeks, I'll admit my little cunt started to ache. I was desperate to touch myself, to play with my now dripping pussy and orgasm to release the frustration. I knew there was no way I could do this until I was free from his room. I couldn't help but squirm a little under his touch, and I could sense that Mr. Jones was getting even more turned on by this situation too.

Then all of a sudden the punishment was over. It was all caught short just before it boiled over and crossed te line, I thought to myself. was buttoning up my shirt and quickly went ba ck to my dorm. Straight away I was in my bed rubbing my swollen wet pussy and imagining Mr. Jones erection under those trousers. Fantasising that I was completely naked as he spanked me, and wisshing his cock had been exposed and rubbing on my bare breasts.

When I returned to the dorm, the girls were all curious to know what Mr. Jones had said to me. I put it simply to them, "Well we were all making far too much noise, and we got caught. We all know how strict Mr. Jones can be when it comes to abiding by the school rules. As we are all in our final years at this school it really is in our best behaviour to stay out of trouble, to not get caught. I guess girls we'll have to calm it down in the evenings, as much as it may frustrate us. None of us want to have bad references when we leave here, and I certainly don't want to be told off for all of our behaviour again."

For the next few days we really did do our best to behave. In the evenings we resigned ourselves to our individual beds and kept conversation to a minimum. However, this lack of expressing our sexual desires eventually boiled over. Around a week after my punishment, we found as the evening settled in that our conversation had drifted back to sex.

It was one of the quieter girls in the dorm that started it this time, a sweet girl with Brazilian parents called Sophia. She had asked us advice on how to give a blow job. Sophia eplained she had recently met a boy in town on one of our routine weekend day trips into town and she was planning on meeting up with him again the following weekend. Of course I was more than willing to give her some advice on this matter, and the rest of the dorm got drawn into our discussion.

Mr Jones

After a long day all I feel like doing is watching some TV quietly on my own. I get settled in front of the TV to watch my favourite program, Sexsectra, I do like Kira Reed, she will use any excuse to get her kit off on TV. Out of nowhere the quiet is interrupted, once again by the noise of giggling girls coming from the senior dorm room. I resign myself that I will have to go and have a word again. Miss Kitten is going to get a piece of my mind.

I make my way to the dorm door quietly, and stand outside. I listen to try and work out what is going on. I hear a voice I recognise, oh how I am not surprised that it is the voice of Miss Kitten, but I can't quite hear what you are saying.

Soon the background noise level lowers and I can hear better, I hear you say, "you have to be very careful Sophia not to touch the head with your teeth because that will hurt, keep your teeth covered with your lips."

It takes me a second or two to work out that you are giving the girls a lesson on how to give a blow job. I listen some more, but as I do my mind wanders and I imagine that you are doing the things that you are saying to me, "gently pull back the foreskin, open wide and take the head into your mouth, close your lips around the head and then run your tongue around the head very gently. Pay particular attention to the bit on the underside of the head where the foreskin is attached."

At this point I realise that I have an erection that is straining against the material of my trousers. I so want to pull my cock out and rub it as you are describing a blow job, but I know I must deal with what is going on in the dorm room. I take a deep breath and think about something, anything else to get my erection to go down. After a minute or so it starts to soften and I decide it's time to stop the lesson.

I noisily open the door and am amazed at the site that is before me. You are sat on the floor with all the girls around you, most of the girls like you are in either just underwear or PJs. You are sat cross legged on the floor with a large pink dildo in your hand.

As you hear the sound of the door opening, you look up and see me standing there. An expression of horror on your face, you know you are in big trouble this time. I stare at you and in a loud voice say "Miss Kitten, My office NOW!"

I turn and walk off in the direction of my office. I sit at my desk and wonder what I am going to do. No matter how hard I try, I cannot get the image of you stood before me with no pants on, and the words you used to describe sucking a cock, out of my head. Predictably, these thoughts cause my own cock to stiffen in my trousers.

A few minutes after I get to my office there is a knock at the door. "Come in!" I shout and the door slowly opens and you walk slowly in, closing the door behind. You are wearing a very sheer nightie. It is so see through that I can see your lacy pants and bra through the material.

You and standing beside the chair in my office. "Sit!" I bark at you and you instantly comply. I sit there in silence racking my brain as to where to start then eventually I ask, "what on earth were you doing May?"

I wait a long time for you answer and eventually you look up and say, "I am sorry Mr. Jones, I was just trying to teach them something."

I look at you and without thinking and say, "what gives you the right to teach the girls anything? Have you been to university and gained a degree in teaching, have you spent years of testing and being assessed to prove you can teach? Well, have you?"

"No sir" you reply.

I continue, "we already have an approved sex education curriculum so what makes you think you can do a better job?"

I can see you thinking about your answer so I give you time. You look up from the floor and reply, "well, the thing is Sir, the sex ed class is all about the biology and pregnancy etc, there is nothing, practical that actually shows or teaches us girls what to do." You pause for thought, so I let you continue.

I am doing a lot of thinking too, and actually realise you do have a point. You break my thought as you continue, "I had to learn from my sister, but a lot of the girls don't have sisters so have no one to teach them. Sophia has a boyfriend he asked her for a blow job, Angela and the rest were also curious about technique," you pause for a second as you say the words.

The image of Angela from the night before pops into my head and instantly my cock twitches at the thought of her giving me a blow job, being new to it and following Miss Kitten's advice. It?s just as well that I have my hands in my lap already, I am being careful not to move too much, but my hand is rubbing my cock through me trousers and boxers, slowly running my hand down my shaft and back to the top, running my finger around the head, just as I imagine you doing to the dildo. I can feel the head of my cock is getting sticky from the pre-cum oozing out of it as I rub it.

You start to talk again and I come back to reality and let you continue, "Sophia said she panicked and they had a row but she panicked because she didn't know what to do. She asked me quietly about it, but some of the other girls over heard like Angela. So that Sophia was not embarrassed I turned it in to a group session. I was only trying to help Sir." You stop talking and can see from the look on my face I am thinking so you sit there in silence waiting.

I have been thinking, on the one hand, that is the roll of the Head Girl, but on the other hand I am not sure I can just let it continue unmonitored. After a lot of thought and thinking back to what I saw this morning and heard from outside the door, I have an idea, a very wicked idea.....

"Ok" I say in a calm voice, "I understand your reasons, and I can see that you are taking your role as head girl seriously, but I am still unconvinced that you are qualified to teach." You look a bit surprised and confused by my comments but continue to listen intensely, "you see as I said, teachers have to go through a continual process of assessment where our performance is monitored to make sure what we are teaching is correct. After all, how am I, as Head Teacher, to know if what you are teaching the young ladies is correct?".

You take a long look at me, I guess you are trying to work out If I am being serious. After a while you clear your throat and in a confident voice say, "Yes Mr. Jones, I do take my responsibility as head girl very seriously. If the girls need someone to turn to ask questions, I want to be able to answer them honestly and with your backing. If that means that I have to do some extra work to prove to you that I can teach the girls the things that the school doesn't then I will do whatever is required."

I think for a while and then say, "Ok, if that's what you want then that's what we shall do, but don't forget, that you will be required to do a practical assessment of anything you want to teach the girls, and that does mean anything!" I leave the comment hanging and can see the expression on your face as you process it.

After a minute or so your eyes widen and you look at me and say, "Oh! You this case, you want to make sure I know how to, before I teach the others?"

I reply "yes, is that going to be a problem?"

You look a little shocked by that, but it doesn't take you long to say, "Ok, I will do it"

My cock was already erect and straining against my trousers, but on hearing you say you will do it, my cock starts throbbing in anticipation. I stand from my chair and walk around my desk, as I do your eyes are transfixed on my erection poking a tent in my trousers and the small damp patch on my trousers from the pre-com that has soaked through my boxers. I lean against the edge of my desk just in front of where you are sitting, still staring at my erection. "So when do you want your practical assessment then?" I ask.

You blush and look up from my trousers with a look of shock on your face. I suspect you did not think that I would push for it that quickly. "Are you serious sir, you really want me to show you how I do it?" You ask.

I reply matter of factly, "how you do what?"

You blush again and quietly say, "show you how I give a blow job?"

I show a slight smile and say, "well if you want to teach the girls how, then yes."

"But sir, really?" You ask.

"Well it's up to you, you either prove you can teach it or you will be punished for teaching the girls inappropriate things, which will have severe consequences. Your choice" I reply. I feel a little mean, I can see that you are worried, and I am wondering what you will decide to do.

From the description I heard through the door, I cannot make up my mind if you have been told how to give a blow job by your sister or if you have actually given a blow job. I guess if it's the former then that may explain you reluctance to suck my cock. The thought of you taking my cock into your hot wet mouth, running you tongue around the head as you described is driving me wild, my cock is throbbing with anticipation.

After a little while I ask, "Well which is it to be Miss Kitten?"

You look up from the my erection that you have been staring at again and blush, your eyes a little puffy like you have been fighting back tears, "Could I not demonstrate on a dildo like I was in the dorm room?" You ask in a mumbled apologetic voice, but I am not about to let you off that lightly.

"Now, now May, I don't think that would be much of a practical assessment do you? That would be like me being assessed teaching a class of crash test dummies don't you think?"

There is a resigned look on your face as you agree with my point. "I guess," you reply begrudgingly through increasingly sad looking eyes.

"Look this is getting us nowhere" I eventually say, "you tell me you want to teach the girls and I have given you the terns upon which you may, it's now a simple choice of whether you accept those terms or face the consequences of you actions."

"What are the consequences of my action Sir?" You ask with a voice full of dread.

"Well I would imagine when the governors get to hear what I heard and saw going on in the dorm room, what do you think they will say? I imagine that loosing you title of Head Girl will be the least of your worries Miss Kitten. " I reply.

No sooner do I finish you burst in to tears, sobbing loudly you mumble through you sobs, "but I like it here and I like being Head Girl, do I really have to Sir?" you plead.

Coldly I simply reply, "you don't have to do anything you don't want to, the choice is yours."

Miss Kitten

Once again having been caught misbehaving in our dorm late at night I find myself sat on a chair in the Head Teacher's study, shaking a little in worry and anticipation. Mr. Jones is stood here in front of me, his belt and crotch at the height of my head. There is such a large bulge in his trousers and it's only centimeters from my face. I am caught in a dilemma. Tonight he caught me showing Sophia and the other girls a demonstation on how to give a perfect blow job using as a prop the nice pink vibrator I was bought as a birthday present.

He had ordered me straight to his office. I had no time to put on a dressing gown or cover up my nightie. It was more of a negligee, a matching sexy night wear set with very transparent material. Last tima we we had resolved the issue with Mr. Jones giving me a spank for each rule that was broken. I felt so exposed once again in his office. I expected he had called me in to give me the same punishment again. Especially as he had clearly taken a very close look at what I was wearing when he walked into the dorm. Although I knew I was in serious trouble once again I was trembling in sexual anticipation. I had seen the look of lust along with shock and anger cross Mr. Jones' face as he told us off. I felt my pussy quiver when he walked in to shout at us at the thought of what punishment may be to come. Yet, I had not expected to end u in this situation.

As I had been advising the other girls on how to give oral sex, Mr. Jones had challenged me to prove that I knew enough to be qualified to speak and advise on the subject. Lucikily I did have some level of expertise on the subject. Last summer on our visit to our summer house in Spain, one of our neighbours and a good friend of Daddy's had taught me. One day by chance I was left alone in the pool of the villa with him, the rest of the group all had headed into town to purchase food for the evening meal. He was laid on a sun lounger reading a novel. I was diving in the pool, and on one of the dives I rose out from the water and realised the cups on my bakini top had slid down exposing my tits to him. I looked up in shock and horror and we had direct eye contact. He immediately slid his swimming trunks down and showed me the thick erection I had caused him. He then proceeded to show me just perfectly how to satisfy the erection I had given him. At no point that holiday did I have sex with him. I suspected he didn't want the guilt of cheating on his wife completely, or perhaps the blow jobs were just so satisfying he never needed to fuck me.

My mind came back to the situation in front of me. My Head Teachers erection. My desire and need to comply to his demand for a demonstration of a blow job. I looked up straight into his eyes, as I slid a hand up each thigh stopping just before the tent in his pants. I then ran my hands down his stomach towards his belt, undoing it swiftly and unzipping his flies. He had closed his eyes and was looking towards the ceiling when I lightly ran my finger tips up from his balls along the shaft of his cock through his boxers.

As I released his cock from the restraint of his underwear it sprang out forwards so that it was almost touching my face, I thought to myself,"I need to prove myself here, I'm going to really tease, really build him up so he explodes with an A* grade orgasm.

I wet my lips and slid my warm tounge around the head of his cock, which was so hard andswollen the foreskin had slid back already exposing its smooth surface. I ran a figure of eight with my tongue over his head, and then circled around a few times, flicking the end of my tongue on the tender underneath part. I think by this point Mr. Jones was already finding it hard to stand, his legs were shaking slightly and I had hardly started.

I then cupped his balls in my hands and lowered my mouth to lick between the balls up the entire length of his shaft, back to the head.

Oh how I was holding myself back from rubbing my own wet pussy when I finally wrapped my warm wet lips around his stiffness and slowly sucked him deep into my mouth. I was still wriggling my tongue gently against him as I moved my mouth up and down pumping his cock in and out my mouth at an increasing pace.

I could sense his balls tense and realised it was not going to take long to make my Head Teacher cum, so teasingly I slowed right down. Taking special effort to look up and slurp on his cock. This was turning me on so much, just letting him see me kiss his cock and rub the tip around my wet lips. By this point clearly Mr. Jones had come to the point where my teasing became all too much.

He grabbed my hair lightly and started to thrust his cock deep into my mouth at the pace the he wanted to go at. His cock was sliding deep into my throat as I breathed through my nose, so I could continue sucking and taking him at the depth and pace he clearly desired. Suddenly I felt Mr. Jones shudder throughout his body, and the first shot or warm cum filled my mouth. My pussy ached, He pulled his cock out, and while I was swollowing his cum and licking my lips he shot further spurts of cum all over my chest. My tits were covered in his spunk.

Mr, Jones took a moment to regain composure, and within moments his cock was away and he was leaning on his desk as if nothing had happened. "You better clean yourself up May," He said looking me up and down, taking in my tits covered in spunk. Handing me his box of tissues, he gently patted me on the ass which a month ago would have felt inappropriate but now just felt so erotic. "Now go back to your dorm and ensure the girls all behave, yours and their reputations depend on your behaviour these last few terms. When I write your letters of recommendations to the Universities you apply to I'm sure all of you want to be highly commanded, with no misdemeanours at all. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir," I replied, as I wiped the last drop of cum off my breast with his tissue and put it in his waste basket.

"No go Immediately," Mr Jones commanded. I left hastily. I had enjoyed the whole experience far too much. My own body ached for an orgasm after giving him one.

I almost hold my breath as you sat there trying to decide what you are going to do. Finally you reach out and run your hands up my legs towards my aching cock. Within seconds you have my trousers undone and my cock free from my boxers.

You run your fingers from the base of my balls right up to the tip of my hard cock. I close my eyes and savour the feeling of your hands on my body. You lick the head of my cock, running your tongue around and over the head. The sensation if so intense that my legs almost give way under me. I have to grip the table tightly just to stay standing

The feeling of your tongue circling the head of my cock is incredible. I immediately realise that you know very well how to give a blow job. As I am perched on the edge of my desk with you sucking my dick, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to fuck such a lovely young lady. You start to slowly slide my cock in and out of your hot wet mouth, gradually increasing the pace. With the job that you are doing, I know I am not going to last long, but I want to enjoy the feeling as much as possible for as long as I can last.

You suddenly slow and pull back off my cock, looking into my eyes as you do, your eye full of pure lust. You lick and kiss the head of my cock, but as nice as that is, I want you to take me deeper and faster, I have an urgency to have my cock deep in your mouth. I place my hand gently on the back of your head and push you a little faster and a little deeper, and you comply without a struggle. My cock is now rapidly sliding deep into your mouth, I can feel it banging against the back of your throat with every stroke. I am amazed that you are not gagging as it enters you. I notice that you are quite relaxed and breathing through your nose. I wonder if I should warn you about my impending orgasm.

I can feel the cum bubbling up in my calls and with you doing such an amazing job, I know I am going to cum soon. After several more deep strokes I start to cum, pumping the first few spurts of my cum into your mouth. I let my cock slip from your mouth as I see you swallow the mouthful of cum, whilst I continue to spurt cum all over those lovely boobs. The sight before me is so hot, I don't want to stop. All I want to do is to stand you up and push you over the desk and fuck your tight wet pussy from behind. I know that would be wrong, but the urge to do so is almost over whelming. I make a conscious decision to let you leave my office before I really do something that I know I would regret after, no matter how good it would feel at the time.

I stuff my still stiff cock back into my trousers and do them up, and pass you the box of tissues off my desk. I tell you to clean yourself up, after all I can?' have you leave my office with my cum dripping off your boobs. As you are standing there, I can?t help but gently smack that great ass of yours, and I notice that you don't seem to mind at all. I am still thinking about bending you over the desk and fucking that gorgeous pussy, but I know I shouldn't. I tell you that you had better get back to the dorm, and give you a reminder that you have to control the behaviour of the girls in your charge.

As you leave my office I sit at my desk, I can get the image of you staring up at me, your eyes full of lust with my cock buried deep in your mouth. God, I so want to have you suck my cock again, you really do know what you are doing. I can imagine that there will be a whole dorm of girls that are all as expert as sucking cock as you are, wow, what a thought. No matter what I think about, I always seem to come back to thoughts of fucking you. I imagine how I would have push the items on my desk aside and made you lie across the desk, with your pretty ass pointing up at me revealing that clean shaved pussy. Standing behind you I would gently push two fingers in to your pussy to make sure you were nice and wet, before placing the head of my cock at the opening on your pussy. I place a hand on each side of your hips so I have some leverage to push my cock into your pussy. You would gasp quietly as you feel my cock in your opening and feel me gently pushing as my head stretches your hole wider to accept the head of my cock. You moan a low primal moan as the head slips in to your pussy, as I push deeper into you.

Once I am all the way in, I hold myself there just for a second to let you get used to having a cock buried deep in your pussy, before I slowly pull out until just the head is still in you. This time I push a little harder and a little faster, until again I am deep in you, where I stop for a second. On each stroke I push a little harder and a little faster, and stop for a little less time. After several strokes, I am pushing deep into you in a slow rhythm. You moan loudly as I fully fill you each time I push my cock deep into you. I can feel your pussy muscles tensing around my cock, trying to hold on to it. I slowly start to increase the pace, and before long I am slamming my cock in and out of your pussy that is dripping wet, coating my cock with your pussy juices as I fuck you as hard as I can.

Your moaning is getting louder and higher, and your pussy muscles are gripping tighter, I can feel the orgasm starting to build. I keep pushing in and out, pushing against those tightening muscles, deep in your pussy. I feel you start to tremble and know tou are starting to orgasm, you muscles clamp down tight on my cock, but I continue to push in and out of your hot wet pussy. You tremble uncontrollably and your screams turn in to a deep primal moan as the orgasm washes over you. The muscles in your pussy are now tensing and releasing sending pulses of pleasure down my cock which is too much for me to stand and I can hold on any more. As I cum, I bury my cock deep into your pussy, your pussy muscles milking me of my cum which I am pumping deep in to your pussy. After a moment, I come back to reality, and realise that I have my cock in my hand, and my hand and trousers are covered with my cum once again. I take some tissues and clean myself up and stuff my cock, which is rapidly softening, back in to my boxers and do my flies up.

I sit in my office for a while, wondering how I got myself to this point, and what am I going to do. The thought of fucking Miss Kitten fills my mind, and I can almost feel my unconscious self, plotting a way to make it happen.


I found it so hard not to think back to my meetings with my Head Teacher, how erotic my 'tellings off' were. They just excited me too much I found it hard to concentrate. I spent many boring lectures fIantasising back to sucking on his cock in his office, while he looked down on me. I felt such lust. I don't think I had ever felt so aroused. Although I do love the sensation of other girls fingers, tongues and bodies on mine, I had realised that there was an extremely exciting kick to misbehavie so much with a man, and not just any man but Mr. Jones my Head Teacher. As I heaaded back to my dorm that night I was so turned on imagining if we had gone further, how would it have felt if Mr Jones would have dared to have fucked my willing pussy?

My dorm consisted of six girls including me. Angela with her fetish for wearing no underwear, and who I kissed that fatal night Jane bought me the pink vibrator for my birthday. Jane has the most amazing pair of DD breasts and slim waist, and oh I've not yet tasted a girl whose pussy tastes so sweet as hers when I licked it. Sophia, the more timid Brazlian girl who prefers to watch than join in. Then there is Katie, a petite blonde girl who has almost no breasts at all. Under her bra her boobs mainly consist mainly of pale pink nipples on the small mounds. Lastly we have Becky who is a tall beauty, she loves to pleasure others and plays a submissive role when we get into a group session.

This evening we had finished lessons with physical education. It was a trampolining lesson with Mr. Davies. Although we were all decked out in our regulation school sports bras, it was hard not to watch each others breasts rise and fall as we bounced through our practice routines. It was a common joke that Mr. Jones loved teaching us trampolining more than any other sport as he got to enjoy the view of us bouncing, twisting and moving upon his instruction.

The girls changing room consisted of a large communal shower area, rows of lockers and benches to rest our bags on and get changed. Some of the girls headed straight back to the dorms preferring to shower and wash in the dorm bathrooms where the majority of their beauty and wash products were kept. Becky, Jane and I however had opted to shower straight after the lesson. The other two girls having appointments to keep with various tutors shortly after, while I was tasked with hosting the weekly meeting the Head Prefects from the years below mine.

Jane had walked into the shower first, and she was completely naked under the jets of water. I watched as she rubbed soapy body wash across her generous chest, then I stepped under a seperate jet of water myself. Jane came over towards me with the body wash. She chose to squeezy the liquid all over my own chest and then to thrill me further, she raised her hands up and cupped my breasts then started rubbing all over my body. Jane missed no spots, she slid her hand down my back and between my ass cheeks. She soaped up my ass hole and my shaved pussy really well. I couldn't help but let out a low groan as she did this to me. It was at this point Becky walked into the shower room.

As a naturally generous lady with very little inhibitions, Becky headed straight over towards us. She ran a hand down Jane and my bodies. She swirled her fingers around our stomachs towards our pussies, and then at the same time she slid three fingers down each of our wet pussy slits. Now Becky has amazing technique with her fingers. With three fingers she takes the inner labia between her outside two fingers and uses her thrid middle finger to slide right along from your clit to the enterence to your vagina.

It impresses me Becky can manage to do this to Jane and I at the same time, and as my body shudders in response to the intensity of her touch I hear Jane moan out in a low voice "Ooohh, yes, Becky more... Please."

I immediately feel a bit envious of Jane and Becky. I was originally here with Jane, and now she was enjoying Becky more than me. I gently guided Becky's hand from my own pussy and placed it on Jane's chest. I wanted to be more involved, so I knelt down behind Becky. She was too focussed on pleasing Jane when I took control of the situation by running my tongue down from her ass hole, around her cunt opening and then sucked on her swollen bud of a clit. Oh, Becky's pussy was dripping wet. She was clearly extremely turned on, so I pushed two fingers deep into her cunt as far as they would go and then I swirled and moved my fingers around inside her, before starting to push them in and out at an increasing pace.

Becky was moaning in pleasure along with Jane now. Becky whispered out to me huskily, "May, you're going to make me cum soon if you carry on like that... you're distracting me from Jane's pussy."

"Oh Becky" Jane said in a breathless voice, "I'm so close myself, cum for me Becky and take me over the edge."

I carried on plunging two fingers into Becky's cunt as she cried out as she rubbed Jane's clit. She was increasing in the speed that she rubbed Jane as I was increasing the speed that I was licking firmly from Becky's clean ass hole and down to her cunt. I could feel Becky shudder under my touch as I pushed my tongue a few centemeters inside her pussy. Jane was moaning out loud swearing by this point, clearly about to cum herself. I focussed on Becky's clitoris, gently pulling on it with my lips and flicking my tongue and then when I slid fingers in and out her pussy, it took only a few moments for me to feel her warm pussy tense with it's wettness pulsing around my fingers. I moved my head away from her quivering pussy and looked at Jane, who must have cum hard as she was writing around on the floor pulling at her nipples under the jets of water from the showers. She was still clearly in the last waves of her orgasm. I personally, still hadn't cum myself.

Once my two beautiful naked housemates regained some of their composure, they both set upon me. Jane spread my legs and held them apart, as Becky crouched infront of my shaved pussy which was wet with my own juices more than the water from the shower. Becky ran her tongue up the inside of each of my thighs, followed by her finger tips. She chose to focus her finger completely on my clit, twisting and pulling at it as she lent over me now sucking on my erect nipples. Taking each nipple into her mouth and expertly rolling it around with her lis and tongue. Becky sure knew how to give, and my body was giving in. Jane was holding my feet, clearly enjoying the view. I imagine her pussy was too tender from what was clearly an instense orgasm that she had moments ago.

Then suddenly I felt both Jane and Becky's tongues on me. They were licking down from a nipple each side, down my ribs and stomach towards each thigh. Their tongues came at my pussy from each direction and I was over whelmed with the feeling of both their warm tongues flicking at my cunt lips and pulling on them with their teeth so gently. As Jane tugged at my nipple with her fingers it was the final sensation to send me over the edge myself. My hips bucked up, pushing my vagina completely into Becky's face as my body shook with the waves of orgasm. Oh my GOD that was good.

Although it was truely an amazing session god only knows how long we'd been in the shower. We really needed to rush out and get on with our tasks. Hoping we weren't running too late, we all left the changing room with our pussies still pulsing a little from the orgasms we'd given eachother.

It was then I realised it was already 6.15pm, and I had to be at the Prefects meeting by 6.30. Numerous senior members of staff often attended our discussion sessions to understand what the current issues or problems may be happening at the school, and how to solve them.

Mr Jones

I hurriedly walk down the long corridor to the common room, where the prefects meeting is to be held. This is the monthly meeting where the prefects have an opportunity to discuss issues with the senior staff to ensure that we are all getting along. I am in a hurry because its almost time for the meeting and I don't want to arrive late, that just would not do. I am especially looking forward to this meeting, because my favourite prefect and Head Girl is hosting the meeting.

I arrive at the room with a couple of minutes to spare, the door is open so I walk in. There are the prefects from all the years present and most of the senior staff. I immediately scan the room and am surprised to see that Miss Kitten is not here. I have to say, that is a very poor show, considering she is hosting the meeting. Mr. Davis arrives a few seconds after me, and immediately apologises for being tardy. I find myself saying?no need to apologise Mr Davis, it is I that has to apologise on behalf of Miss Kitten who is yet to arrive?. The girls all have a worried look on their faces. They know only too well that I am a stickler for punctuality and your lateness will not go unpunished. There is a very uncomfortable feeling in the room as everyone waits for you to arrive. The girls have all noticed me looking at my watch at regular intervals. You are now 7 minutes late. I plan to give you until 18:40 to arrive before I cancel the meeting. I hope that you arrive before that happens, because the consequences for that would not be good.

Finally, I can hear the sound of school shoes walking quickly down the wooden floor of the corridor. You rush into the room, and seeing everyone looking at you, immediately blush spouting," am very sorry to have kept you all waiting."

I look at my watch and you have arrived with about 30 seconds to spare, "That was very close Miss Kitten." I think to myself.

After sorting the refreshments, home made fairy cakes and lemonade, you get sat down, and prepare yourself. Finally you look at me to let me know that you are ready to start. Today it is my job to open the meeting and thank the host, and then pass the floor over to the prefects conduct the meeting.

I take a deep breath and looking at you I start, "Welcome everyone that made it on time, and thank you Miss Kitten for finally turning up to your meeting." Then looking directly at you, "Can you please stay behind after the meeting, I would like a word with you," I can see from the look on your face that you are worried. I continue addressing the reminder of the room, "Now, once again, we are meeting in an open forum, you young ladies have an open forum to discuss anything that you feel needs to be brought up, no matter how large or small. Whatever is discussed in this room with be strictly between us, and any action that is taken based on what is discussed with not reflect on you. This is deliberate to ensure that you all feel free to discuss whatever you feel needs to be discussed.", I wait a few seconds for that message to sink in. "So, with that in mind, I will pass the chair over to Miss Kitten to open the meeting, Miss Kitten, the floor is yours."

You smile at me, turn to the room and say, "Thank you Mr. Jones, and may I take this opportunity, to once again apologise for being Late, and to thank you all for coming."

You open the discussion to the floor, and I watch and listen with interest at the topic being discussed. I am impressed with the way you act as the facilitator for the meeting, making sure that everyone has an opportunity to talk and from time to time ask the opinion of the senior staff to keep them included. You stop the meeting going off track very well. At times I have missed some of what is being said, because my mind is elsewhere. Having asked you to stay behind because of your tardiness, I need to come up with an appropriate punishment but my mind just wants to replay the fantasy from a week or so ago, where I fucked you over my office desk.

I realise that I have an erection and its quite uncomfortable, so without thinking where I am I adjust the way I am sat in my chair and as I do the chair creeks. The room falls silent and everyone looks up. I apologise and the conversation continues. I look at you and you have the wry smile on your face, I wonder if you know why I adjusted my position? As the meeting comes to a close, you and the meeting back to me. I look at you and say, "Thank you Miss Kitten, I think that was a very useful meeting."

Turning my attention to the whole room, I continue " I have taken on board the things that have been discussed. Any topics that require attention will be discussed at the senior staff meeting, and any responses will be fed back to you via Miss Kitten." Returning my attention back to you, "On behalf of the girls and the senior staff, I thank you Miss Kitten for hosting the meeting and providing the refreshments, which I am sure have been enjoyed by all?" Then to the whole room, "I look forward to the next Prefects meeting next month. However, as always, if there is anything pressing that you feel cannot wait until the next meeting, my door is always open."

With that the girls all start to pack up their things and helping you to pack up the remnants of the refreshments. Eventually, the staff members and the girls have all gone and it is just you and I that are left in the room. The room is at the end of a long corridor on the far side of the school, so I know that there will be no one else around. You are sat quietly with a concerned look on your face. You, like the other girls know my thoughts on punctuality, and you know being late to your own meeting will not have impressed me in the slightest.

Once I am sure that we are alone, I get up out of my chair and walk slowly to the door, I take a quick look down the corridor, which is empty and then close the door. As I walk back to my chair, I look at you more closely. I had not noticed before, but you are looking like you dressed in a hurry, not at all how I expect my girls to present themselves. After I sit, I look at you, clear my throat, which gets your attention.

"Well! Miss Kitten, what do you have to say for yourself?" I ask, but before you have time to answer I continue, "you know what I think of people being late don't you?"

This time I give you a chance to reply, "I am sorry Sir, I was talking to some of the girls about things that I planned to discuss in the meeting and we over ran a little."

I can see from the look on your face that you are not quite telling me everything, so I ask you "and where were these discussions taking place?" I notice that you blush slightly.

"In the changing rooms Sir, after PE, after we had showered Sir." You say. I am sure you say these things on purpose. My mind immediately goes in to overdrive and I have a vision of several of the girls, still dripping, naked, sat on the benches talking. This has a predictably effect on my cock, causing it to swell and harden, straining against my trousers.

I shift position in my chair again, and when I look at you have the knowing wry smile on your face again. I shake the image from my mind and get back to the matter at hand saying, "well you kept us all waiting for 7 minutes Miss Kitten, what do you suppose I do about that?"

"I am sorry Sir, I don't know what you should do Sir?" you reply. I think for a minute, but the image of the girls in the gym changing room keeps appearing in my mind, mixed with the thoughts of fucking you over my desk. My cock is now aching as it strains against my trousers. I wonder if I could get away with giving you 7 spanks, but I wonder if that might be a bit too much, but it would give me a chance to feel that lovely ass and have you lay on my lap again, rubbing against my throbbing cock.

I realise that I have been thinking for a long time. "Well Miss Kitten, I think I might have to keep with the ratio I have used before," before I can continue, you have already worked out that you could be in for 7 spanks.

You have a horrified look on your face and you blurt out, "Seven spanks! Really Sir!"

I reply calmly "Well Miss Kitten, we will have to see, but you did keep us all waiting, you could think yourself lucky that I did not multiply the number of minutes by the 9 people in the meeting, I am sure you don't want me to do that, do you?"

You look at the floor and reply, "No Sir." Your voice sounds like you have resigned yourself to the spanking.

As I think about how to do this I decide I want a better look at your ass. If I get you to bend over the desk, just like when I imagined fucking you, I would get a much better view. "Right Miss Kitten, please come here and bend over this table" I command.

You have a strange quizzical look on your face, "Over the desk Sir?" You ask.

"Yes, that's right, on your feet, and bend over the desk so I can administer your punishment," I reply. You stand up and move slowly to the desk and slowly bend over so that your legs are straight, your ass is pushed out and your boobs are resting on the desk. Calmly I say "I am just going to move your skirt out of the way" and grasp the hem of your skirt and lift it up and over your ass, revealing your lovely white panty covered ass.

You gasp as I do, and I soon notice why you are concerned. There is a visible wet patch on your panties. The sight of that makes my cock twitch and throb in my trousers. I am a bit confused as to why your pussy is so wet, and can only assume that there was more than talking going on in the gym changing rooms. I pretend I don?t know why and ask "Miss Kitten, your pants appear to be wet, did you not dry yourself properly after PE"

Your face is turned slightly to one side and I can see your face is flushed red from blushing, "No sir, I was in a hurry Sir," you reply.

At this point my cock takes control of my brain and sees a way to get another look at that shaved pussy, only this time up close. I say "well you can't wear wet clothes, take them off at once!" you don't move for a second, so I repeat "Now! Miss Kitten!" Slowly you stand and pull down your pants. "put them on the table next to you and bent over again." I command and you comply, placing the panties in a crumpled heap on the table and then bend over again.

I have a perfect view of your puffy swollen pussy lips glistening with your pussy juices and the air is filled with the smell of your sweet pussy. It looks so good, I just want to dive right in and start licking up those lovely pussy juices. The images of me fucking you pour backing to my mind, and it takes all my will power to stop myself from placing a hand on each side of your hips and slowly pushing my cock deep in to your waiting pussy. Once again I shake of the images and concentrate on the punishment I have to administer. "Are you ready Miss Kitten?" I ask.

In a shaky low voice you reply, "Yes Sir." I stand beside you, and raise my left hand and bring it down sharply on your bare ass,Smack! You yelp. I don't waste any time and bring my hand up again. Smack! You yelp again a little louder this time.

You snivel a little and I wonder if you are crying. "Are you ok Miss Kitten?" I ask.

In a very low lustful voice you reply, "Yes Sir." with that I raise my hand again and Smack! After the third spank, I notice your ass check is starting to go red and I can feel the heat off it. I rub your cheek gently and as I do, you moan softly. I am surprised by that, and the thought that you like the spanking on your bare ass crosses my mind. As I rub the red patch on your ass cheek, I rub in a wider circle and bump your outer pussy lips, and as I do you moan again a little louder, and I notice my fingers are wet from touching your dripping pussy.

I can't stand it any longer. My will power is gone and without thinking, I drop to my knees behind you and gently place a hand on each cheek. As I do you flinch, wondering what is going on I imagine. Without a word, I spread your ass cheeks and lean in close you that amazing pussy.

You moan softly as you feel my breath on your wet pussy lips. You jump a little with the surprise as you feel my tongue press against your anus and slowly run down over your swollen wet pussy lips. You taste as good as you look and smell. My tongue circles your swollen clitoris before I slide it back up you slit and push it into your pussy hole. You moan deep and loud as I do and I feel you pushing back against me. I push my tongue in and out of your pussy a few times savouring the taste of your juices. I pull my tongue out of your pussy and continue up to your anus, where I swirl the tip around the hole before probing it gently.

Again you moan and push back against me. I then slide my tongue down across your pussy hole and down towards your clit again, this time capturing your outer lips between my lips. I pull gently before releasing and continuing to your clitoris. I circle is gently with the tip of my tongue before flicking at it several times. With each flick of my tongue you moan and push back trying to make more contact.

After a few seconds, I place my tongue flat against your pussy rubbing up and down against your clitoris, eliciting another longer, loader moan. I stop and pull my tongue off your pussy and then plunge it deep into your pussy, flicking it around inside you, licking the walls of your pussy. I can tell that you are enjoying that, as you push back and moan loudly.

Again I pull back from your pussy. This time I swirl my tongue against your anus, which causes your jump with surprise. I probe my tongue against your anus and listen to you moan as I do. Again I pull back from your pussy for a second to look at what a gorgeous pussy it is, before I suck your swollen clitoris, making you moan loudly. I capture it between my lips and start an all out assault on it flicking it wildly with my tongue, sucking noisily on it. This is driving you wild, you moan loudly, and buck your hips back at me. I keep this up for a long time, gradually increasing the speed and pressure. As the pace increases, your moans change to panting and screams. You are almost shouting "Yes! Yes! Yes!" while you are bucking your hips and slamming your pussy back into my face.

I stop and stand up, you turn your head and look back, wondering what is going on. "Turn over and sit on the desk" I say, and you instantly comply. You lie back on the desk and spread your legs wide. I marvel at the sight of your shaved swollen deep pink glistening pussy, before I drop to my knees and start licking up and down your pussy. At the top of each stroke, I press my tongue against your clitoris, and rub it hard and fast, before sliding down you your vagina opening and plunging my tongue deep into you and swirling around the inside licking your inter pussy wall, before pulling out and carrying on down to your anus and swirling my tongue around it before probing at it with the tip of my tongue. I then repeat the sequence on the way back up to your clitoris. After a few strokes, I again, concentrate on your clitoris, I am determined to make you cum.

I capture your clitoris between me lips and swirl my tongue back and forth over it, rubbing it in an ever increasing pace. You are screaming, "Yes! That's it, just like that, Mr Jones please don't stop, I'm so close... ahhhhh!" I can feel your body starting to tremble, your hands are now on the back of may head pushing my face harder and harder against your pussy.

My tongue is frantically running and licking your clitoris. You are thrashing around on the table and I am having trouble keeping up my assault on your clitoris so I have to grip your hips tightly. Your whole body starts to convulse and your orgasm washes over you. Your juices are pouring from your pussy and are running down the inside of your legs and dripping on to the table. I keep up the assault on your clitoris, as you scream out in ecstasy as you are consumed by your orgasm. You clamp your legs tightly around my head and try to push me away, but I keep going for as long as I can, until you are almost crawling across the table to escape my tongue. I release my grip and slide out from between your legs, as you curl up on the table panting and moaning loudly.

I sit back, a survey the image before me. I take a clean tissue out of my pocket and wipe my face, which is covered in your pussy juice. I use the same tissue to wipe up the pools of pussy juice that had dripped onto the table. Slowly your breathing slows and you sit up, you have a mixture of a smile and concern on your face. As I look at you there, on the table, your pussy dripping, I so want to pull you toward me get my cock out of my trousers and fuck you, just as I imagined after you gave me a blow job, but I know what the time is and I know that the cleaners will be coming round any minute and it really would not do to be caught with one of the girls in this position. I smile at you, reassuringly and say, "I hope that teaches you a lesson Miss Kitten, that lateness will not be tolerated?"

"Oh yes sir, it does," your reply almost purring.

"Well you had better be off May, the clearers will be here any minute." A look of panic flashes across your face as you climb off the table and quickly put you panties back on.

Once you have made yourself respectable again you turn to me and say, "Thank you Mr. Jones," in a very low lust filled voice.

I smile at you and watch as you collect your things and head for the door. As I hear you walking off down the corridor, my thoughts once again return to the images in my head of me fucking you, only this time you are lying on your back on the table after I have been eating your pussy. All this time my cock has been oozing pre-cum and straining against my trousers. It is aching and I desperately need to cum. I know that the cleaners will be here soon, so I hurriedly stand and start to gather my things.

Out of nowhere, the door opens, and a cheerful voice rings out, "Good evening Mr. Jones." I look up a bit startled, to see Mandy, one of the cleaners coming in through the door, with her bucket and mop in hand. As she enters I see the expression on her face change and she sniffs the air. "Oh my, it's a bit musty in here! I wonder what the girls have been up to this time? Don't mind me Mr. Jones, I can clean around you. Those girls and their hormones, it smells like?"

I look up, wondering why Mandy has stopped talking, only to find her staring at my trousers with my cock pointing straight out. "Oh Mr. Jones, what have you got there?" she says.

I look at her and wonder what she is thinking, did she see May leaving the room? As I look at her I take in her appearance, I have never really looked at Mandy in that way before. She is of average height and quite attractive, probably mid 3'0s, with a trim figure and smallish boobs that fit her frame nicely.

Before I have time to think of an answer she says, "I can imagine that it gets quite difficult being a male teacher in a school full of hormonal young ladies!" As she speaks, Mandy moves closer, still staring at my cock, "Some of the sights I see are enough to turn any woman into a lesbian working in this place." She chuckles at the look of shock on my face. She is now stood right in front of me, and as she leans closer and sniffs, her nostrils flaring as she picks up the scent of Miss Kitten?s pussy juices on my face.

Mandy backs off a little and look me in the eye, "What have you been doing Mr. Jones?" She says, but before I can reply she leans in and licks my face, "Mmmmm tastes like teen pussy to me, you are a naughty boy, aren't you Mr. Jones?"

I start to panic, this could not only loose me my job, but probably get me locked up. She must have seen the look of panic on my face, "Now now Mr. Jones, no need to worry, this can be our little secret. But you are going to have to do something for me, in return for me keeping your secret?"

This only increases the panic, what is it she is going to want, a pay rise, a promotion, a... "what the Hell!?" I exclaim as she grabs my cock through my trousers.

Mandy smiles at me, "I don?t get enough of this at home, and working here with all these young girls wearing next to nothing in the dorms, gets me so hot. If I am to keep your secret, you are going to have to fuck me whenever I need it, Ok

I am a little shocked at Mandy's response, but as I have already thought that she has quite attractive and have a fit body, and if it means that she keeps quiet, this seems a fair trade. "Well Mandy, if that's what you want me to do, I am sure we can come to some agreement?" I can feel my cock throbbing in her hand and she starts to run her hand back and forth through the material of my trousers.

I lean in and kiss her, my tongue forcing its way into her mouth. Mandy moans quietly, I am sure she is tasting Miss Kitten on my tongue. Mandy is now rubbing her hand up and down my cock quite vigorously now, so I take the opportunity to feel the size of her boobs, I gently squeeze and need her left boob and as I do, I feel her nipple getting stiff and pushing into my palm through her very thin bra and white coat.

I pull at the press studs that hold her work coat closed and as they start to pop open, I gasp at the site. All she is wearing under the coat is a black bra and matching pants, not unlike Miss Kittens. I slide my hand in side Mandy's coat and down her back until I have my hands on her shapely ass. I pull her towards me which grinds my leg against her pussy, which makes her moan and push harder. I release my grip and slid my left hand around and down between her legs, and as I run my hand over her panty clad pussy. The material is soaking wet with her pussy juices, she is obviously very wet. I run my middle finger back and forth over her slit making her moan loadly.

All of a sudden she steps back and in a deep lustful voice says, "Stop messing about and fuck me already!" I am a little shocked but don?t have time to think about it. Mandy has already pushed my things aside on the table and is lying on her back looking up at me. I hook a finger of each hand into the side Mandy's panties and swiftly pull them off and place them on the table beside her, just where May's had been not 15 minutes before. I stand before her and undo my trousers and push them and my boxers to the floor. As I do my stiff, swollen cock sticks out in front of me.

Mandy purrs at the sight and then commands, "stick it in me, fuck me Now!" I step forward and push the head against the opening of her pussy and slowly push the head in. In my head I have the mental image of me fucking you, Miss Kitten, on the desk in my office, but in reality, I have Mandy, the cleaner, lying on her back on the table impaled on my cock.

I bury my cock deep into her and then pull almost all the way out, copying the way I fantisised fucking May. I am snapped back to reality, when Mandy says, "For fuck sake, will you get on with it, I want you to fuck me hard and fast now!" Again I am a little shocked by her comments, but I comply and start a steady pace of pumping my cock in and out of her. Her hand is between her legs franticly rubbing her own clitoris and I am fucking her. She is moaning and thrashing about, her fingers a blur on her clit and her other hand has pulled her bra down and is pulling and twisting her left nipple. It really is an erotic sight, which is turning me on, so I don't think I will last long, but the way Mandy is thrashing on the table, I don't think it will be long before she comes either.

I continue to ram my cock in and out of her dripping pussy. I feel her pussy starting to grip my cock as she starts to moan loudly and thrash even more. I have to hold on to her hips to steady her so I can continue to slam my cock in and out of her. I can feel the orgasm building in Mandy's pussy as she screams and starts to shake as it washes over her. Pussy juce floods around my cock as I bury it deep into her as I feel my own orgasm arrive and I start pumping my cum deep into Mandy's hot dripping cunt. The muscles milking me for all they are worth.

I collapse on top of her and her bear left boob is just in front of my face, so I open my mouth and suck gently on it, running my tongue around the stiff nipple before flicking at it with the end of my tongue. We stay like this for what seems like ages before I feel her shifting under me, so I stand back up, pushing my stiff cock deeper into her as I do.

This makes her moan, and close her eyes for a second. When she opens then , she looks up at me and says, "Now that was nice, I am sure that will keep me going to a little while, but don't forget, whenever I want it, OK?"

I look at her and as I push a little harder, I say, "Yes, Mandy, I understand." I smile and slowly pull my now shrinking cock from your hot pussy that is dripping with a mixture of your pussy juices and my cum, you moan softly as I do. I step back and admire the sight of her, with her legs still spread open, the bright pink of her inner lips still swollen and puffy, with the mixture of juices dripping from her. I slowly pull my boxers and trousers up and do them up.

All the time I am watching Mandy, wipe up the pool of pussy juice and cum from the table and from her pussy with her pants and then stuff them into her pocket before standing up and adjusting her bra and doing up her house coat.

Once she is presentable, she leans in and kisses me softly and says, "Thank you Mr. Jones, now run along and be a good boy until next time a need a good fuck."

I smile, gather up my things that are spread about the table and head for the door. As I leave the room, I look back and Mandy is going about her business of cleaning the room and if we had just passed in a corridor. I walk slowly back to my office trying to get my head around what just happened, part of me enjoying the fact that I just had sex with the cleaner, and part of me disappointed that it was not sex with Miss Kitten, and part of me looking forward to my next encounter with either of them. What was I getting my self into?

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