Afternoon Surprise with Ava by graylover

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Seated in a comfy oversized lounge Ava and I chat easily over a glass of chilled wine. Pouring both a second glass Ava excuses herself explaining its time to prepare for today's entertainment. Pleased I wink eyeing her young tight ass as she sashays out of the room. Relaxing back into my chair my mind meanders thinking back to our last erotic encounter; a hot sexy couple of hours of mutual pleasuring with Heather. I feel the heat rise around my collared shirt and my cock stirs at the memory. Adjusting myself I sculls my wine and prepare myself to wait. To my frustration my anticipation builds, I can't get a handle on my expectations, I gets up for a drink of water hoping to break this obsessive thinking.

What can be taking so long I wonder? Closing my eyes I rest my head on the back of the chair. Images of her bare ass and breasts, her body succumbing to my sexual prowesses crowd in; I can smell her musky scent; even taste her sweet juices.

Finally the door creaks open and as she approaches I see she is dressed in black lace and a satin dressing gown covering her shoulders. Without uttering a word she clears the coffee table sheds her gown and lays down her body stretched out her knees bent resting her heels on the table edge. The lacey lingerie slides up a bit and from my vantage point I see she is wearing matching lace panties. Parting her knees slightly she traces the outline of her body with one hand and finding her breasts lingering, tracing circles around the nipples until they harden. Erect her nipples push the lace away from her skin, she continues her nipple play until a tiny wisp of pleasure escapes her scarlet lips. Her other hand finds her pussy and begins to rub at her soft lips through the lace, the extra friction a welcome sensation.

She reaches out grabbing the dildo and it roars into action. Spreading her knees wider she places the tip of the vibrator gently on her clitoris. Holding it there for a few moments she squirms with pleasure and begins rubbing it over the lace, back and forth exploring her pussy as if for the first time. Arching her back she lifts her ass off the table in an attempt to find an unexplored crevice as she grips the toy she finds an exquisite site the extra sensitive skin between her pussy and her hole and massages the spot. Her excitement builds and she amps up the little toy a notch moving it quickly and heatedly roaming over her pussy and pressing it roughly into her panties. Fuck, I'm cuming she says urgently and within seconds she bucks and reels her climax peaks and releases. Taught muscles slowly unwind and her body relaxes on the hard surface. A trickle of juice puddles on the table.

Fully aroused I move quickly over her; grabbing her hips sliding her to the table edge, slipping in her orgasmic fluid as she goes. She rests her feet up on my shoulders her heels digging into my flesh and I dive down licking the liquid up through her panties sucking on the lace mopping up all the moisture. I'm mad for her cunt; now ravenous for her I seize the fabric with my teeth try to bite through the panties. With sudden realisation I snatch up the scissors, settling myself and with the care and attention of a surgeon snips at the lacey crotch, to my intense pleasure the lace parts slowly revealing her swollen cunt; her engorged clit peaking out from thick pink lips.

Slowing things down I pull on the stretchy lace to expose her lovely breasts. Nibbling and tweaking her nipples as pleasure surgs through her. As the other nipple rises to the occasion I twirl it between thumb and forefinger pulling on it, a triangle of skin stretches taught from her chest. Sucking her hard I lift the nipple with my teeth. She groans in response, as my mouth cups her cunt continuing my attention there. She feels her excitement mounting she is on the verge of her second orgasm his tongue finds her soft folds and flicks in and out, I suck at her savagely finding her clit then I finger fuck her aching cunt deeply to climax. Loosing control she releases squirting her hot fluid over my face and hands. Pleasantly surprised at her I hungrily eat her taking all she's got and more.

Wild with lust and desire it is my turn to release my load. Dragging her off the table I lay her face down over the table edge, kneeling, her ass high in the air. Kicking her knees wide apart I finger her wet cunt sliding two fingers in and out, in and out enjoying the renewed pleasure response from my young playmate. Squeezing out a dollop of lube I cover a finger and the tip of the anal probe. Teasingly I slide my finger over her glistening wet slit and over the rosebud of her ass hole. She shivers and prepares for my onslaught. Inserting my finger into her puckered hole I fuck her there gently at first then with increased vigour.

She gasps and moans every fibre of her being is on high alert with the sensation of her throbbing pussy and her ass being finger fucked is insane. As I slide my finger out I insert the probe, the long thin member sticky with lube, slides in smoothly. She is loosing it again and at the point of no return I ram my hard thick cock deep into her cunt and flip the switch on the inserted toy. Waves of sensation ripple through her, deep within her core, she is lost, gone in a haze of unrelenting pleasure.

As I slide the probe deep into her ass and out again, I push my engorged cock deep into her pussy, simultaneously switching one for the other. With only a thin membrane between my cock and the probe the vibration sends a steady feel of pleasure and I feel my mounting orgasm pushing at the boundaries of her wall. I pant loud ramming my hot cock in and out until I shudder and yelling my releasing of sizzling jizz deep within her womb. I collapse over her my body heavy and spent. She loves the feel of my hot wet body covering her own, pressing her down, keeping her from floating away. After what seems like minutes I move off her and zip myself up. She struggles with her sheer dress and fixes her panties back into place.

She sits back against the couch and a smile slowly blooms, her face florid and pink from exertion her eyes clear and bright. Extending my hand I help her up and wrap my arms around her hugging her tightly; an embrace with benefits. Still clad in her lingerie she sits in the sun room soaking up rays in an attempt to make the spirit of this afternoons fuck fest last well into the evening.

Rating: 66%, Read 13569 times, Posted Oct 14, 2014

Fantasy |


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