The Jockey: 4, 5, 6 by Newmachine

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Fiction | BDSM, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Domination, Male, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Submission, Teen Female

In spite of its description as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a girl during my time on the radio. The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales.

IV. It was four past One O'Clock when I took the keys from the ignition and removed my handcuffs from Ashley's wrists, then laid them on the center console. I was working to re-cage my now dormant sex as I was aware of her rubbing her newly freed wrists in typical fashion.

I had driven us to a walking park in a lightly wooded forest outside of town, directly off the four lane. While it was right on the main road, I knew the park got no traffic at night, and I knew a hill in the park where we could be concealed while we were able to effectively spot any vehicle entering, with plenty of time to recover from whatever we were doing to achieve some semblance of normal appearance. Anyone that found us would know that we were up to no good, but all evidence would be gone before they could get close enough to see.

As I opened my car door, I noted that she was, indeed, fixing her makeup. I retrieved my digital camera from the trunk before walking to the front of the car and sitting on the hood, facing away from her. I stuffed the camera into a cargo pocket and smiled to myself, contemplating her vanity. She had to know how good she looked; how could she not?

A short while later, I heard her car door open, I turned my head to her, watching her exit, purse in hand. When she pulled the hem of her dress back down from her waist, I remembered the mess she'd made on my seat. I stood up to face her, and reminded her of the mess, and suggested that it would only be fair for her to clean it up since she made it. I thought she would just use the t-shirt I'd returned to her to sop up the mess, so I was rather stunned when she smiled seductively at me, bent over at the waist, and began licking up the evidence of her surrender. Holy fuck, she was dirty, filthy, hot.

I kept my car immaculate, so without care I watched in amazement as she left a sheen of saliva anywhere a trace of her juices could've been detected. My sense of humor momentarily got the better of me as I commented, "Or, you could just lick it clean."

She happened to be finishing her task at that very moment, so she flashed that bright smile at me again. "Happy to be of service!"

I laughed, still trying to figure her out. "Okay, Ashley, let's go.

She joined me at the front of the car and I took her hand, leading her into the park. The moon was high and bright, so we had no difficulty navigating. In no time we reached our destination at the top of the small hill. It was obviously an artificial hill, as its shape was too perfect and its location too singular to be natural. Here, there was a clearing with a circular plateau covered in lush, manicured grass, and sparsely outlined with concrete backless benches mounted to concrete pads.

I had let go of Ashley's hand. She instead hugged my arm as she'd done the night before, and I happily accepted her. After surveying our surroundings, we stared for several moments at the moon, and I was at peace. I then looked at her and she at me. I kissed her softly and slowly, and she accepted me.

What the fuck are you doing? Are you fucking crazy? I couldn't help myself. She was just so fucking adorable on my arm and I got lost in the moment. I pulled from her slowly, and again she flashed her knowing smile at me.

As I turned back to the moon, the storms started churning in my head, and I knew I had to act quickly.

"Okay, Ashley," I said, "Take off your dress and hand it to me."

The mischievous smile again as she tossed her purse to the side, then she reached down and gathered the hem of her dress and slid it up over her athletic form, and I was again entranced. Once she was free of the garment, she offered it plainly to me and asked matter-of-factly, "Boots, too?"

"No, keep the boots." Steady, boy.

She just smiled at me as she stood there in the moonlight, arms at her sides, legs slightly parted, watching me take her in. She didn't fiddle, and her chin was high as she presented herself to me. She hadn't been wearing a bra, tonight, so she was now a clean, unencumbered form, glorious in her perfection. My loins were already stirring again.

God, she was magnificent. The moonlight was bright enough to show off every line and curve of her body. She was curvy but firm, somewhat muscular, but still completely and utterly feminine. She was perfect. Her medium breasts held themselves in place, two perfectly proud mounds, perfectly fitted with perfectly hard nipples. Her hips were breathtaking, framing perfectly her impressively sculpted belly, and reaching down to her gorgeous, muscular legs seamlessly.

"Turn around," I commanded. "Slowly." She complied without hesitation.

As she turned, I was in awe of her fantastic beauty. She was a creature shaped by the hand of God, if there were such a thing. I was in the presence of greatness. When she had turned ninety degrees, I instructed her to stop, and I noticed that her back was arched ever so slightly, pushing her breasts and ass outward in her presentation. I began moving around her, admiring her in at my own pace. Her bottom was round and undimpled.

"Do you work out? You're in excellent shape," I complimented.

Her response came easily, without hesitation or pride or shame, and seemed almost calculated. "Thank you. I work out a little, but I play soccer and volleyball on my school teams. I used to be in gymnastics and had a couple of years of ballet when I was younger. Also, I like to swim a lot, but that's just for fun. And I was a cheerleader last year, but I quit because of the drama."

I chuckled quietly. Oh, is that all? How fucking perfect are you? For the first time ever, I wished I was a better man, just to not disappoint this one woman.

From behind her, I reached my hand between her legs, and gently stroked once across her labia, and she twitched. I smiled greatly at this as I pulled back a finger moistened with the juices apparently flowing from her. I came around to her front, presented the finger to her, and told her to carefully lick up the drops so as not the mess her lipstick. She did exactly that. I believed I could tell her to do anything, and It would be done. I wondered what lines she wouldn't cross.

I ran my hand slowly, lightly down her exposed form, from her shoulder down the inside of her firm, shapely breast, down her firm, toned abdomen, and down the front of her inviting pelvis. When my fingertips glazed over her clitoris, she flinched again, and I finished my journey at her opening, running one finger purposefully between her still moistened labia. This elicited a gasp from her, and I smiled again as I withdrew my hand from her and brought it this time to my own mouth. I had to taste her.

She was sweet, and she intoxicated me with her flavor. I could hear my heartbeat in my head again, and feel the increasing dissatisfaction in my loins. I dropped her dress to the side, and swiftly wrapped my right arm around her waist, taking the small of her back in my hand. I laid her down upon the trimmed grass, positioning my still fully-clothed body between her legs.

I leaned over her, reaching my hand up to touch her face. When my finger passively touched her lips, she opened her mouth, taking it in and sucking gently. I withdrew my finger from between her lips, which she then left parted, and I began exploring her body more earnestly.

I reached first for her right breast. I drew my hand down her elegant neck, carefully down her chest and traced gentle circles carefully around her nipple several times before gently and firmly taking her breast in my hand. She was impossibly firm as I scoped the topography of her mound, coming to rest with her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I squeezed gently, eliciting a soft moan from her now heavily breathing mouth, and lightly rolled her nipple back and forth. When I released her nipple, she sighed.

I moved my hand to her left breast, cupping her straight away. As I did this, I lowered my mouth upon her right nipple, and gently took it in. Ashley gasped again as I rolled the nipple with my tongue while I tenderly massaged her other breast. I let the nipple fall from my mouth, but let my tongue explore its intricacies further, circling and gently flicking as I began work on the other nipple with my fingers.

After a short while, I sat up from her on my knees, taking her in again. Her arms were stretched to either side of her, palms down, and her eyes were closed. She was so fucking beautiful, I could barely contain myself. I wanted to worship every inch of her body, and I knew I'd want to do it again and again.

I leaned forward and positioned my hands on either sides of her, and centered my head above her breasts, then moved to place a soft kiss directly between her mounds. Keeping my mouth open, I glided my face down along her flesh, teasing first one side of her stomach, then the other. From there, I planted kisses, tracing a line down the front of her pelvis to the top of her left thigh, then continuing down almost to her knee. I then raised her left leg into the air, and began tracing kisses up the inside of her leg ever so slowly toward her dripping sex, stopping just as I reached it.

I spread her legs far apart and raised them into the air as I positioned my arms under them, then let them come to rest on my biceps as I curled my arms over her. My face was almost touching her, and my breath pushed hard against the fury before it. As I began planting kisses above and to the sides of her entry, I could hear Ashley moaning again, pleading again. I teased her relentlessly, enjoying fully this conquest splayed out before me.

She belonged to me. I'd done this countless times before, and it always happened the same way. I would ask her what she wanted, and she would say something generic, like, "I want you." I would tell her to me more specific as I continued to tease her. She would say something like, "I want your tongue," and I would again tell her to be more specific. This would go on, back and forth, until I got an answer that satisfied me, and then I would satisfy her. This, or I would grow tired of asking, and decide to just fuck her. Always the same.

"What do you want?"

Ashley's response, "I want to feel your tongue carving tunnels into me. I want to feel your mouth sucking on my clit. I want you to draw your name along the inside of my pussy."

I went mad with furious, passionate, needy confusion, and drove my tongue into her like I'd never done to any woman before, and was rewarded with a small yelp. I couldn't get deep enough. As deep as I got, I needed more. I began writhing my tongue inside her, and was motivated by one simple word, over and over again: "Yes." She didn't scream it, but merely spoke it, and did it with such satisfaction, such command, that there was no mistaking that I was serving her completely. She knew that I was the one with the need, not her. I needed her to praise me for pleasing her, as surely as I needed food or drink or air. She was all that mattered to me in that moment, and she knew it.

My erection manifested fully again as I continued on her, in her, for I don't know how long. My face was bathed in her juices. I alternated between slipping my tongue into her, and sucking and flicking and biting her clit. All the time I kept kissing her. All I felt was need. I was compelled to satisfy her. After a while, I retracted my right arm from under her, and introduced two fingers, working them in a curling motion as I repeatedly stroked them in and out, all the while working her button with my tongue. I could feel her excitement building, as I heard her breathing go shallow and her leg muscles start to shake on my arm. Soon, I will be rewarded.

Almost immediately, Ashley started to shake violently, and I could hear her calling out softly and shakily. The shaking kept intensifying until I knew she would break under the stress. Finally, she went silent and locked up, squeezing my head mercilessly between her powerful thighs. I continued undeterred and unabated until I felt her body start to go limp. Even then, I did not stop. I removed my fingers from her and began softly, painstakingly, and lovingly licking her down from her climax, and I continued this until I felt her hands reach down to retrieve me.

With both hands, she softly pulled my face all the way up to her own, where she looked me deep in the eyes and kissed me passionately. I did not resist, and I was not afraid. I was engulfed in her rapture, and all was right with the world.

Finally, she released me from the kiss and said, "Thank you."

V. I sat up slowly, troubled by the feeling that something was amiss. I was concerned that I was so caught up in her already that I would lose myself, and I simply could not allow that to happen. I looked at her as she propped herself up on her elbows to smile at me. I just smiled back at her, as if in some kind of trance. After a few moments of this, I decided to take her home.

She spoke before I could, "Wow, that was great. You were awesome. Now come here, I want to try something." She leapt from the ground effortlessly and began walking to one of the nearby benches.

You want to try something? No more than two minutes before, she had been flooding my face with her sex, shaking and sweating to my touch and tongue. Now, she was up and about like nothing had happened. I tried desperately to understand her angle. In one moment, she was a boiling hot sex object (or predator, I still couldn't figure out which), the next she was a bubbly high schooler, capable of breaking out into cheer at any moment. I simply could not figure her out.

"What do you have in mind?" Way to tell her the plan, Dude.

She motioned to one of the benches and said, "Here. Lay down here."

"Okay." I wasn't about to correct her grammar; I was simply complying with her instructions. I was still feeling more and more like this was a bad idea, but I couldn't help myself. My imprisoned erection was hurting, and my head was beginning to.

"Wait," came Ashley's voice as I reached the bench. "Take off your clothes before you lay down," she commanded, without really commanding at all.

"Oh really, now?" I was still playing the part, still trying to look like I was composed.

She started doing that fake shyness thing again, where she twisted her body back and forth. Had I been altogether there, it might have occurred to me that such a demonstration was a ridiculous picture, since she was strutting around in nothing but combat boots, and not shy about that at all. "Yup, I think you really kinda should."

"If you insist," as I started taking off my shirt. I'd gotten down to my underwear and was in the process of removing them when I watched her retrieve something from her purse, then quickly hide whatever it was behind her back. "Is that a condom?"

"Nope," she happily chimed.

"Do I need one?"

"Probably," she playfully, yet cryptically surrendered.

Here we go. I retrieved one of a few from my shorts pocket, and suddenly remembered my camera.

When I started to open the package, she jumped at me. "Wait! I wanna do it. I've never done it before, can I?"

"Sure," as I handed the package to the free hand she offered, as her other was behind her back. I then finished stripping and began to lie down again as I noticed her returning to deposit the unidentified thing back into her bag. She quickly returned to me as I had reached a comfortable position.

Ashley was absolutely beaming, now. "Okay, ready?"

"Lemme have it."

With that, she tore upon the wrapper and extracted the prophylactic from its package. She handled the thing cumbersomely but confidently as she examined it closely. As she approached me, I realized that I had probably never been harder in my entire life than I was at that moment, and an electric shock ran through me as soon as she wrapped her left hand around the shaft to move it into position.

She'd said she'd never done this before, but she was proceeding like a pro. She had me expertly dressed in less than thirty seconds, at which point she gingerly exclaimed, "Done!"

I had to laugh at this. Somehow, I was starting to relax. I just kept telling myself to go with it and stop thinking so much. Perhaps I was beginning to listen.

"Are you ready," she asked casually, as if we were about to watch a movie.

"Come here," I answered.

She swung a leg over me, and it was clear that with the height of the bench, she was not tall enough to reach the top of my shaft to take me in. Apparently quite the problem solver, she slid upward on me, my manhood pinned under her to my belly, until her entrance was even with the tip. Then she stood as high as she could, leaned forward with incredible poise and balance, reached back to take hold of me, and guided me into her as she moved slowly backward. She did this without ceremony, but certainly not without grace.

As I felt Ashley's sex slowly take me in, I was amazed by how tight she was. Had she not been so wet, this surely would've been painful for her. It may have been painful anyway.

Then I stopped thinking, and allowed myself to be mesmerized by the experience unfolding over me. I realized that since she'd first straddled me, she'd been looking me in the eyes. It wasn't for guidance; there were no questions in her look. Only concentration. It didn't matter, anyway. As her warm folds enveloped me, I understood that there was nowhere else I'd rather be. She was perfect, and, right now, she was mine.

The process seemed to take forever, and I desperately needed to fill her. Finally, I felt her smooth mound touch my pelvis, and I knew that she'd taken all of me. She stopped here briefly, then slowly began to rock back into a vertical position, putting more pressure on me and forcing more of my manhood into her. Her eyes still on mine, once she was upright, I felt her shift all of her weight onto me as she lifted her feet from the ground, and my hands came to rest on her thighs. Once she'd established the balance she was comfortable with, and she was using her hands on my abdomen only to maintain that balance, she closed her eyes.

"Oo, isn't this nice," she cooed. I bathed in her beauty. She was surely the most lovely creature I had ever seen. She sat motionless, impaled on top of me. This was, quite possibly, the greatest moment of my life. After a few minutes of her balanced atop me, she opened her eyes.

"Okay," she chirped, "Ready to try something new?"

"There's more," I asked, genuinely perplexed.

"I'll be right back." Then, after all the effort she'd just put in to getting herself into position, she reversed the procedure, sliding upwards off of me. When she'd finally cleared me, she shifted her weight to the side and swung her free leg back over, and she was off me. "Don't go anywhere."

"Don't worry." I meant it. I smiled as I tasted her on my goatee.

She went to her purse, and recovered the thing I'd forgotten about, then started playfully swaying back to the bench.

"Okay, what have you got there?" I was actually eager to find out.

With fiery excitement, "Your handcuffs!" She swung them around to display the cuffs I'd absent-mindedly left on the center console, which she must have picked up when my back was turned.

"What do you want with those?" Of course, I knew the answer, but that couldn't be right. She had submitted to me, hadn't she? Even if she hadn't, it still looked like she had, didn't it?

"I want to cuff your hands behind your back while I ride you."

Oh my god. Somehow, she had just uttered the most beautiful words ever spoken, and they sounded wrong. She was telling me to submit to her. This teenage girl was taking control. I couldn't stop it. I couldn't say no. I didn't want to say no. I was hesitant and eager and confused and utterly certain. This was not what I wanted ten seconds ago, but it's what I wanted now.

Apparently, I was taking too long answer. "Oh, please, can I?" My god, she was so damned cute.

Still trying to be cool, "Sure."

She actually jumped with joy. "Yay! Okay, put your hands behind your back." It was difficult, as the bulk of the bench made wrapping my arms around it backward nearly painful. Once the cuffs were closed, however, and I was able to relax my arms, I became quite comfortable.

"Comfy?" She was precious.

"Yup," I answered truthfully.

"Good." Ashley started walking toward her dress, and I began to panic. "Okay, I'm just going to run down to your car for a sec and I'll be right back, I promise."

Fears of my car, my clothes, my wallet, and everything else I had here being stolen and me being discovered in this most immodest position were diminished only slightly by the fact that she'd just voluntarily reassured me, rather than called me a sucker. My erection was fading rapidly, though, a fact that did not escape her attention.

She made her way back to me while redressing, and began lovingly massaging my softening manhood. "Oh, don't be worried. I promise I'm just going to your car, then I'll be right back. Trust me?"

Like I had a choice. Best to not antagonize her. "Okay, I trust you."

"Good." With that, she gave my shaft one good squeeze, then reached into my shorts and retrieved my keys before sauntering off. "Be right back!" Then she disappeared from sight, and I felt a little like throwing up.

VI. I heard some talking, but only Ashley's voice, and I couldn't make out the words. Did she have a cell phone? I then heard my trunk open and close, and a few minutes later, Ashley reappeared carrying my bag of tricks, and I got a little dizzy.

"Told you I'd be right back," and she dropped the bag next to me. "Okay, after you were so assertive that you don't mess around with kids' stuff when I asked you about your handcuffs, I figured that you might have more stuff with you. So, I looked in your trunk and found these."

She must have seen the fear in my eyes, because she continued. "Oh, hey, don't freak out, okay? Right now I just want to put these ankle cuffs on you, too, and that's it, I promise." My hesitation was apparently obvious. "Please? It's just to complete the… Scene? You're already handcuffed, so adding the ankle cuffs doesn't really make a real difference. It just completes the mood." She pulled my condom off and started stroking my utterly defeated manhood again. Pouting at me, she added, "Please? You'll enjoy it, I promise."

Fuck it. "Okay, sure."

Ashley didn't say anything, but her uncontrollable giddiness reappeared in full force. She had to know I was uneasy, and she winked at me, then started sucking me. It took only a few moments of her attention to return me to full hardness. Once she'd achieved her goal, she withdrew and smiled at me before again removing her dress, and her boots this time, too. Then she took out the leg irons, and fastened them together under the bench. Again, once the fastening was complete and I relaxed, I was comfortable.

She simply beamed at me. This stunning girl was paying me more attention than I thought I deserved at this point. She leaned over my face before kissing me long on the lips. I reciprocated wholeheartedly. She then stood up and said, "Okay, here we go."

I became a little concerned. "Okay, did you get another condom?"

"Oh, Sweetie," she said, "I won't let you come in me."

Had it been any other day, I'd have flipped my shit. Right now, all I could manage was, "Okay." Well, at least I'll really feel her. I had to take comfort where I could find it.

Though I paid it no attention, I was vaguely aware of something concealed in her hand as she repeated the process of mounting me. She lost a full inch of clearance when she had removed her boots, but still had legs just long enough to make clearance and maintain traction. Apparently having done it once before helped because this time the mount went a little bit more quickly. She still took her time sliding me into her, apparently relishing the experience. I couldn't blame her, because her slippery sex accepting my uncovered manhood seemed the very definition of bliss, and she was more slippery than I ever could have imagined, and so, so hot. Again, she was watching me through the process, but this time she had a smile on her face. Her smile seemed to say, "I own you now, you know?" I certainly did know.

Ashley continued back as far as she could, and again rocked herself slowly upright until I was fully sheathed in her glory. This time, however, she did not lift her legs from the ground. Instead, she just sat there, impaled on my naked manhood, and said to me quietly, "Perfect." She really was.

We were like this for only a few moments before she lifted her left hand, and I saw what she was concealing. It was, in fact, a cell phone. It wasn't a big, flip job, either; it was one of those new smaller ones that fit in your pocket. Money.

She began dialing a number. I didn't immediately panic, because I expected she was calling a friend to tell about how she was riding "that Deejay." I'd never had it happen mid-coitus before, but there's a first time for everything.

"Hey!… Yeah,… I'm on him right now!… I know!… Find out for yourself."


"I know!… I KNOW!… No… Oh, I haven't told him yet…"


"Okay, how long?… Twenty minutes, got it… Oh, I'm pretty sure I can keep him entertained… What for?… Okay, so long as you remembered the camera…"


"Okay… Okay… See you soon… Mwah!… Bye!"

Out loud this time, "What?"

Ashley tossed the cell phone to the grass. "Okay, that was Kim, she's my best friend, and she's on her way here, and she might want to ride you, too."

She was so damned cheerful about the whole thing I just let it slide.

"Also, she's bringing a digital camera so we can take pictures."

"Oh, Ashley, you have got to be shitting me." Before I could protest further, she started rocking back and forth on me, and I lost some composure.

"Come on, it'll be fun," Ashley assured me between heavy breaths.

"No, it won't" Her motions on me were making it more difficult to reason effectively.

"What are you going to do about it?" She smiled triumphantly. "Just let it happen. Like I said, you'll enjoy it."

I capitulated utterly, losing my ability to object in the waves of pleasure she unleashed upon me. "Okay."

Ashley started riding me in earnest, eyes closed, rocking back and forth and side to side and round and around. I laughed to myself as a thought occurred to me. I'll bet she's had sex before.

She was really working now, losing herself in the sensations. Honestly, I was right there with her. I was a passive participant in this event, but she was stimulating me, and doing a damned good job of it. She had shed a most beautiful layer of sweat. It dripped down her temples, down her breasts, down her taut abs. And I could feel her juices pouring out over me. The sloshing noises coming from our sex was disgusting and dirty and beautiful. She was so fucking hot I couldn't stand it. Harder and harder she rode and after several minutes, I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

I summoned the strength to speak. "Ashley." She didn't acknowledge me. Louder, "Ashley."

Finally, without looking at me, she responded almost as if I was annoying her. "Yeah?"

"I'm gonna come soon… You gotta stop now."

Again, she failed to respond. "Ashley,… YOU HAVE TO STOP NOW…"

A few moments later, and punctuated by labored breathing, "Okay,… But I gotta tell you… Something first… Might freak you out a little…"

I knew I had only seconds left. Urgently, "Ashley,… Okay what?…"

"I'm only sixteen…"

I came right there. I came so fucking hard. And I came forever. And I poured what felt like gallons of my sex directly into her. She felt my flood as she started flailing wildly on my uncovered and violently erupting manhood, her pussy spasming around my bare cock, milking me for more even as I delivered more to her. From the start, she began repeating, "Oh my god oh my god oh my god," until I lost track of her speech. I came into her until I knew I couldn't come any more, and then I did just that. Still, she bucked on me, repeating, "ohmygodohmygodohmygod…" I almost passed out from the sensory overload just as she collapsed on my chest with a final, almost inaudible, "Oh my god."

We laid there for however long it takes for life to be reignited, and she began to stir, sitting up again as soon as she was able, ensuring that my now softening cock would remain locked in place.

Very conscious of my position inside her, I spoke. "Only sixteen, huh?"

Her response was slow. "Yeah, just last month. Told you I turned eighteen. Really sixteen."

I stared at her blankly. "Nice." Real fucking nice.

She offered coolly, "Not nearly as nice as the look on your face when I told you." She giggled a little.

"Fuck, Ashley..."

"Oh shut up and relax. I won't tell anyone." Even now, she was smiling at me.

"And I came in you. I mean I really, really came in you. A lot."

Her smile grew wider than I thought possible and she said dreamily, "I know."

"You said you wouldn't let that happen." I was really trying to cope.

"I know."

Getting a little angry now, and still inside her, I waited for an explanation. When it became apparent that none was forthcoming, I asked, "So what the fuck, Ashley?"

"I lied." I waited for more, but that was apparently all she had to say.

"You lied."

Still smiling cheerfully at me, "Yeah."

I was really starting to get pissed, now. "Goddamn it, Ashley…"

"Relax, I'm on the pill. I was just messing with you. Everything's fine."

I was dying. At least, I wished I could die. "Everything's fine? Everything's fine? Everything is not fucking fine, Ashley."

"Yes it is."

"No, it's fucking not."

Then she looked down at me with a new look that terrified me. Her eyes spoke of control, consequence, punishment, obedience. "Yes, Vincent, it is," and I knew I was done. I was now properly frightened.

"Okay." I had officially given up. Then I heard the car pull in, and Ashley changed right back into cheeriness, which seemed to be her mode of default.

Without removing herself from my cock, and now back at full perkiness, "Yay, Kim's here!"

Yay, Kim's here. Fucking A right, Kim's here.

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Fiction | BDSM, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Domination, Male, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Submission, Teen Female


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