Retelling The Karate Kid Chapter 1 by apollo.greed

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"Hurry up, Daniel, we have to get on the road. It's a looong way to Cali-forn-i-a!!"

Daniel was putting the last of his stuff that he could cram into the back of his mother's station wagon and checked one more time to make sure his bike was secured on the roof of the car.  

"Here is one last box of my stuff. Can you find room for it??"

"Sure, ma" Daniel said as he took the shoebox from his mother. It was light and he couldn't help peeking at its contents. The box contained some video cassettes and two dildos. Daniel was not shocked at the contents of the box. His mother is not the shy type and is open about her sexuality, as well. Many nights Daniel would stroke his cock while listening to the loud, passionate moans coming from her bedroom and echoing down the hallway. Daniel stashed his mother's shoebox into the car, they said one last goodbye to New Jersey, and started their voyage West.

Daniel hated the idea of leaving his hometown, he dreaded leaving his friends and dreaded being labeled the "new kid" even moreso.  "We will stay at the Grassland Inn tonight. It's coming up in another exit or so."

Daniel knew the motel was going to be cheap by the name and the fact that his mother booked it. Money was scarce since his father died and the move to California had to be done on a strict budget.

As his mother checked into the room, Daniel made sure his bike hadn't loosened from the first leg of their trip. He heard his mother walking up behind him, "It is room 25. Right over there. Here's your key. I'm going to take a shower and get into bed. Don't be too long behind me."

"Do you need your shoebox, ma?" Daniel asked jokingly

"Watch your mouth!"

Daniel passed the time walking around the motel that was just off the interstate somewhere in the middle of America. He noticed a man walking a couple paces behind him as he reached room 25. He inserted the key into the lock and then realized the man was now running towards him. Daniel was tackled by the stranger just as the motel door opened. They both crashed into the floor inside the small room. The man straddled Daniel's waist and punched him twice in the face....HARD! Daniel was confused by the attack and in tremendous pain from the assailants punches.

The man jumped to his feet and kicked Daniel at least four times in the ribs as he shut the motel door behind him. Daniel heard his mother scream. He looked up to see his mother sitting in the bed pleading with the stranger to stop hitting her son from across the cramped room.

"No bra?!? You must have been expecting me."

Daniel tried to regain his composure but he was in too much pain. All he could do was witness what was happening in the twilight of losing consciousness.

"Listen, take what you want but leave my boy alone!"

"I will break his neck if you don't do as I say..."

"I'll do anything, just please don't hurt him!"

"You're damn right you're going to do anything! You see Ms. Larusso, I watched you while you checked-in and told the guy at the desk that you and your punk kid were moving to California. First I was thinking I could get some stuff from that piece of shit station wagon outside, but as I watched you in the lobby I decided I just wanted a little of you."

Daniel cringed at the thought and tried to make a swift move towards the man, but his efforts produced nothing more than a cough and a stumble. "DANIEL STOP! I WILL HANDLE THIS!!"

"Smart Girl, Ms. Larusso. Whatever you're wearing...take it off! All of it!"

Daniel watched as the man walked towards his mother. He simply unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock from the hole. He roughly pushed his naked mother back on the bed and pinned her down with one arm as he fed his dick into her with his free hand. He slammed his hips against her inner thighs fast and hard. The rickety mattress squeaked under them as his mother took hard breaths in between moans as the stranger slapped his hips against her. "This won't take long Ms. Larusso...your pussy feels so tight!" The man folded Daniel's mother in half. Her legs were bent tight with her knees tight against her small breasts. The man was positioned at an angle on top of her and kept a rapid pace of slamming the full length of his prick into her pussy. Daniel watched as he bled from his face and tried to regain his own breaths, but the scene was too much for him; the room started fading to black as he fainted.

When he awoke the room was quiet and dark. The pain returned to his face while he looked the room over. His mother was lying on the bed and nude. He immediately felt pity for her and the circumstances she just went through. He felt helpless. He couldn't stop the rapist...he couldn't even take a couple hits without blacking out!!

"You ok, ma?"

"Oh baby, look at your face!! Are you ok?!"

"I'm fine but we need to call the cops?"

"No, Daniel. He didn't take anything from us and we both survived. I do not want to stay in this place any longer than we have to. Lets consider ourselves lucky that nothing worse happened to either of us and just get to California. I am so sorry he hit you and that you had to witness that; but I probably would have let him fuck me like that if I would have met him in the lobby earlier today." Daniel grimmaced at his mother's lame attempt at a joke. She was covering her naked body with the sheet but Daniel hugged her out of relief.

"Go wash up and lets try to get some shuteye."

While in the shower, Daniel replayed the images of his mother in his head. She was long and skinny and her pussy was covered with a dark layer of hair. Her small breasts were perkier than any he had seen on the girls his own age back in Jersey. He noticed his dick was starting to harden at these thoughts and remembering the sounds she made while being fucked by the stranger. He quickly pushed these thoughts aside and got out of the shower. He slipped into a fresh pair of boxers and walked to the bed. They could only afford a single room for the night, so Daniel and his mother were sharing the bed. Daniel was surprised to see that his mother was still awake....and still naked. He felt the blood rush back to his groin and the shame of lusting for his mother.

He laid back on the pillow beside his mother and she immediately cuddled against him and rested her head on his chest. "Thank you for not doing anything stupid and making that awful man do anything worse to us."

"I need to learn how to fight, ma. I'm supposed to protect you and I couldn't do anything!!"

"Daniel you are so strong and brave....don't sell yourself short."

Daniel's dick was fully engorged now. A nude adult woman was laying on him and cuddling next to him while trying to boost his morale. Mother or not, he felt this would excite any man. Daniel's mother moved her right leg upwards and it brushed against his swollen cock. Daniel was embarrassed and didn't know what to expect next. Daniel needed relief...he wished he was back in the shower so he could jack off. "It's ok Daniel. Do you want me to get dressed?"

"I think I just need to take another shower."

"Let me help you..." she slid her hand into Daniel's boxers and began fondling his hard cock. "You were so brave tonight, you deserve a reward." She tightened her grip on the shaft and began working her hand up and down. Her hand was soft and delicate but her grip was firm. The sensation made Daniel's back arch slightly. She worked into a rhythm and Daniel felt as if he was going to blow his load all over himself and the sheets. She pulled the covers off of him and moved her head down to his groin. Daniel was about to say something in protest to her when suddenly he felt the warm, wetness of her mouth take his entire took his breath away. He couldn't have said anything even if his life depended on it.

Daniel was not new to getting blowjobs. He loved watching the girls heads bob up and down in his lap while enjoying the feeling of the sex act itself. With his mother it was very different. She sucked his cock with a suction and passion that he had never experienced before. He could barely breath, much less watch! Within minutes, he was shooting his load in his mother's mouth. He didn't even have time to warn her that he was cumming. She didn't seem to mind and kept sucking as she swallowed each shot of cream he released.

"Our little secret. We are leaving early so get some sleep."

Daniel felt the post-orgasm euphoria and retreated into slumber. He nearly forgot his face was aching and that his hometown was miles behind them. Everything seemed new for the short moments it took for him to fall asleep.

Rating: 82%, Read 13130 times, Posted Sep 19, 2013

Fiction | Coercion, Fan fiction, Incest


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