Thorvik Kabot, Succubus-Slayer in “The Golden Webs Of The Spider-Goddess” by CharlesWolf

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex

With one kick from his powerful leg, Thorvik kicked in the door to the secret church of the Spider-Goddess, Kalindraa and, with a sweeping backhand, immediately dispatched of two of the female Spider-Acolytes standing guard.

Illuminated by torchlight, Thorvik Kabot's strong Nordic physique was an impressive sight and a testament to the purity of his lineage and breeding as he had the strong, battle-scarred muscled body of a barbarian with the chiseled facial features of a nobleman with a strong brow, prominent nose and striking blue eyes and a head of curly blonde hair.

Thorvik's manner of dress was simple. Leather boots, loincloth and his shoulder-scabbard, which held the legendary succubi-slaying holy longsword, “DawnKeeper”.

The barbarian-knight and conqueror of five kingdoms, surveyed his surroundings:

stairs hewn from limestone descended to an open shrine area of fiery braziers arranged symmetrically around a large golden idol of a beautiful nude Asian woman with six-arms and eight eyes.

Additionally, many exotic silks (no doubt spun from the Goddess herself) hung from the walls, giving the secret church something of a “parlor” appearance.

Also hanging from the rafters, was an elaborate silken spiderweb that Thorvik recognized it for what it was: a map of local trading routes ! Proof that the Spider Goddess had been behind the recent acts of robbery, sabotage and espionage that had plagued the supply caravans of the Northern Kingdoms.

Thorvik almost felt a grudging respect for the perpetrators of this operation and found it difficult to believe that it had been as successful as it was considering it had been conceived and planned by women, who's emotional and weak minds were ill-suited for this manner of long term strategy.

Three of the Spider-Acolytes rushed him and the first two he killed (1st neck-snapped; 2nd thrown off the stairs to her death), but the third was of interest to him.

Grabbing the Acolyte by the throat, he tore off her robe, revealing her naked olive skin to his eyes in all her splendor. She was full-breasted with dark nipples and soft womanly hips with supple, long legs that were kicking at him ineffectually. The Acolyte also had a pretty face with dark-long lashes and pretty green eyes that were currently bulging out of fear and a lack of oxygen.

Still holding the Acolyte by her throat with one hand, Thorvik used his other hand to thrust two fingers into her pussy and one into her asshole. The Acolyte tried to scream in rage, indignation and perhaps, arousal (?) as Kabot's calloused and experienced fingers continued to invade her.

Although he had little interest in giving women pleasure, Thorvik felt it imprtant to know how to breach the defenses of all possible enemies, whether that battlefield was a fortified keep on the outskirts of the Western Wastes or the defiant body of a beautiful woman.

Soon, Thorvik's efforts were rewarded as the Acolyte's slit spasmed around his unrelenting fingers and drenched his hand in pussy juice as she convulsed in orgasm, oxygen-deprivation and shame.

Laughing, Kabot threw the women to the ground and brought his two fingers to his mouth, tasting her defeat. The taste was not unpleasant, although he normally did not eat pussy, as he regarded the practice to be unmanly.

Regarding her, Thorvik smiled and said, “What is your name wench ?”

Still gasping for air and trying to cover her nudity, the acolyte meekly answered, “Tura”.

Considering this, Kabot said, “Well, Tura, as sacred guardian of the Northern Kingdoms, I claim you as my property. From now on, you are my pleasure-slave, you will address me as 'master' and, later on, I will enjoy having you service me with your mouth, but first things first. Where is your so-called “goddess” ?”

From below, Thorvik heard a melodic voice say, “Although my temple always welcomes visitors, I do frown on having my followers murdered and violated...”

Stepping from behind the golden idol, was the Spider-Goddess herself, Kalindraa

Kalindraa was a beautiful and nude golden-skinned, golden-haired Asian female, 8 ft. tall in height with six arms and eight eyes (two sets of two). All of her eyes were sparkling green with matching nails, lashes and lipstick. Kalindraa's breasts were perfectly shaped with pouting nipples and her pussy was completely shaven. The fire from the torches and the braziers enhanced the exotic beauty of her golden flesh.

Drawing DawnKeeper from its scabbard and walking down the stairs, Thorvik said, “By order of the Northern Kingdoms and personally chosen by Ozir, The One True God, I am here to dispatch you back to the Hell-Harem, from whence you came. Your demonic and decadent treacheries will end this morn !”

Feigning mock-innocence and flirtatiously batting all four pairs of eyes, Kalindraa said, “My followers and I are just mere women, how could such as we be of such import to the mighty Northern Kingdoms and its legendary warrior ?”

Advancing towards her, Thorvik said, “Left unchecked, females can engage in all manner of mischief. That is why we men, provide you with children to care for, to keep you happy, busy and out of trouble.” and smiled at the Spider-Goddess, condescendingly.

With a smile of mocking bemusement on her face, Kalindraa flirtatiously said, “Why not relax and stay awhile as my guest. Perhaps you'd be more comfortable without your loincloth ?”

“Enough prattle, bitch-demon. Prepare to be vanquished !” Kabot said, closed the gap between himself and the Spider-Succubus while raising DawnKeeper to deliver its deathblow and then tripped over an ankle-length and strategically-placed strand of golden spider-silk.

Thorvik went tumbling and his sword, DawnKeeper flew from his grasp.

Quickly regaining his feet, and with a look of grim determination, Thorvik knew he had little chance against the succubus without his holy sword and made a desperate midair dive for it...

Only to have the Spider-Succubus suddenly descend from the ceiling, catch Thorvik in her six arms and then ascend upwards. Ye Gods, she moves so quick ! Thorvik thought in amazement.

Kalindraa's six golden arms moved with incredible speed and strength and the legendary succubus-slayer found himself held immobile as his arms and legs were caught in her iron grasp.

“Release me immediately, demon-spawn !” Thorvik bellowed, with a confidence he didn't feel.

Ignoring his demand, Kalindraa used four of her six hands to hold Thorvik by his wrists & ankles, spread-eagle and helpless and then lovingly ran her hands over his chest, stomach and back and said, “My such strong muscles !”

Lips smiling and all eight of her eyes making contact with his, flirting with her prey, Kalindraa's two free hands slid over his chest, unbuckled his shoulder-scabbard, letting it fall to the floor and then began to playfully untie the string of his loincloth, saying, “Let's get a better look at you...”

“NO !” Thorvik protested as he struggled helplessly, with his wrists and ankles held in the iron grip of the succubus. The mighty warrior screamed in rage and indignation as his loincloth dropped to the floor, exposing his nude and helpless body to Kalindraa and her Acolytes.

With her six arms, the Spider-Succubus casually spun Thorvik around as though he were a toy, so that she might gaze upon his nudity. Despite Thorvik's struggling, eight eyes and six hands roamed over and explored every inch of his bare flesh as Kalindraa cooed appreciatively.

Immediately, two of her hands went to his flaccid, but still impressive cock, caressing it with her fingertips as she said, “Mmm. Very nice.” and then caressed his balls.

Thorvik shivered and then protested, “Release me now !”

Ignoring Kabot, Kalindraa spun Thorvik, so that his back was to her and held spread-eagle for her inspection Kalinda mused, “Such strong thighs and even stronger flanks !” as her two free hands groped and caressed his thighs and buttocks and then gave his left ass-cheek an appreciative slap.

“I am a 'Warrior of the Wastes' and a follower of Ozir and I will not be treated like a horse !” Thorvik exclaimed angrily as he struggled futilely in Kalindraa's grasp.

“Silence !” Kalindraa said and then used her two free hands to playfully spank Thorvik's bare buttocks to the amusement of her Acolytes.

Kalindraa used her six arms to rotate Kabot, so that he was upside-down and, placing her hands on the cheeks of his ass, cupping them, Kalindraa used her arms to pull the struggling barbarian-knight closer to her in a '69' position, positioning his face very close to her moist and aroused pussy and his manhood, dangerously close to her full sensuous lips. To his dismay, Thorvik's cock was half-hard.

Kalindraa said, “Let's get to know each other better...” and then kissed the head of Thorvik's cock, making him shiver. Thorvik knew his situation was dire - being in the clutches of a succubus with her lips near his manhood was a worse-case scenario. I must get away from this ! he thought as the Spider-Succubus kissed Thorvik along the length of his now fully erect, 12” cock.

Thorvik's face was pushed into Kalindraa's pussy as she commanded, “Lick.”, intoxicated by her pussy and falling under its spell, the mighty barbarian obeyed and began to lick, kiss and suck the moist golden pussy, even though he knew it would lead him to his doom.

Happy with his oral surrender, the Spider-Succubus took Thorvik into her mouth and began to lightly suck upon him. At first.

Thorvik knew he would be done for if he didn't act quickly. Although helplessly compelled to worship her pussy, he could still speak freely, so he began to whisper a Hymn Of Protection, that once completed, would protect him from the succubus' thrall, but the wording had to be perfect and every stanza had to be properly enunciated, meanwhile Kalindraa took Thorvik's manhood deep into her throat and sucked him harder, as her tongue roamed over his shaft, exploring it. Thorvik suppressed his moans and continued to recite the Hymn, in between helplessly licking at the golden pussy that demanded his attentions, his tongue swirling over her sensitive golden clit.

Kalindraa's hands had moved back to Thorvik's buttocks, squeezing and caressing them as she pulled him even deeper into her throat (all 12” inches of him), sucking harder as her tongue traced the ridge of his cock. It is too much ! The ecstasy is too intense ! I won't last much longer ! Thorvik thought, as he desperately tried to recite the hymn while eating pussy and struggling not to cum.

The lips of the Spider-Succubus continued to pull at him, her throat constricting around his member, milking it as her tongue, slithered and fluttered over his shaft, swirling and twirling over the sensitive tip, coaxing him to surrender his cum and condemn himself to an unthinkable fate.

“Aaah !” Thorvik moaned under the attentions, causing him to lose his place in the Hymn Of Protection. As he continued to suck on the pussy lips of the succubus, the barbarian cursed himself for his weakness and realized he'd have to start reciting the Hymn all over again and he doubted whether he'd have the time or endurance to complete it.

Thorvik could feel his cock reach the back of Kalindraa's throat, which continued to constrict around his member as she sucked even harder, causing his eyes to roll up into his head as the sweet sensations intensified, pushing Thorvik to the limits of his endurance as he began to recite the Hymn, from the beginning.

The two golden hands caressing and kneading his buttocks, now started to pull them apart and Kalindraa's index finger teased up and down the crack of his ass.

Sensing what was going to happen, Thorvik renewed his struggling against the strong-yet feminine golden hands holding him spread-eagle, clenched his buttocks in defiance and said “Do not even think ab-UNGHHHH !” as Kalindraa pushed her middle finger inside of the mighty warrior, causing him to grunt and the Acolytes below to laugh in amusement.

In between licks at Kalindraa's pussy, Thorvik grunted, “I-I am the Sacred Son of the Northern Kingdoms and the 'Terror of the Tundras' a-and I will not be touched like a c-common street harlot!” before continuing, “Y-you have gone too far you vile creature...r-remove y-your finger from of my ass !”

In response to his demand, Kalindraa inserted a second finger inside Thorvik, making him grunt in fury and lust as she began to sensuously finger-fuck him in rhythm with her cocksucking, escalating their erotic battle to a new level.

Gritting his teeth and gasping in arousal, Thorvik mentally cursed himself for, yet again, getting distracted and losing his place with the Hymn of Protection; now he'd have to completely start over and he wasn't sure how much more of this sweet torture his cock could take.

The blissful anguish of Kalindraa's mouth continued working in unison with the fingers that plunged in and out of him was exciting beyond anything he'd ever experienced. Thorvik knew he had an iron will, but would it be a match against Kalindraa's talents ? Besides her sorcery and demonic powers, the accursed creature had been cocksucking for eons and knew all the sweet spots to exploit and, as if to prove this point, Kalindraa's tongue fluttered over the very tip of Thorvik's cock, battering it with a million subtle butterfly flicks before her mouth bore down on the shaft, sucking with even greater ferocity as her throat squeezed the shaft like a vise made of warm velvet.

The delicious torment was too much and too intense. Thorvik could feel the beginnings of the floating sensations that would swell into a full orgasm and were that to happen, the consequences were too unbearable for him to even contemplate.

Were Thorvik (or any man) to climax in any of her orifices, his soul would be immediately condemned to the Hell Harems, where legions of succubi that he'd sent back there, eager for revenge, would inflict all manner of unendurable pleasures and humiliations upon his flesh for all eternity !

I...Must...Not...Cum..! Thorvik thought as he continued to recite the Hymn in between licks and sucks upon Kalindraa's pussy.

For Thorvik it was an eternity of getting sucked and finger-fucked with both becoming deeper as he struggled to recite the Hymn between moans, grunts and pussy licks until he finally uttered the final word for the Hymn Of Protection...

A blinding white flash of Ozir's power exploded between Thorvik and Kalindraa, separating them from each other. I am saved ! Thorvik thought as he struggled to get to his feet, knowing that he was now immune to Kalindraa's charms and lips.

Knees weak, Thorvik's engorged cock still thobbed with desire from Kalindraa's erotic torture, but it would have to wait; later, after he had dispatched of the Spider-Goddess, he would satiate his lust for womanflesh and vengeance by fucking and murdering her Acolytes.

Getting to her feet, Kalindraa said, “A pity I was not able to ingest your soul and send you to the Hell-Harems, where I'm sure my sister succubi would have met you with a warm and moist welcome !”

Thorvik noticed that DawnKeeper was only feet away from where he'd dropped it. Kneeling down to grab the holy weapon and eager to use it to put an end to this day of all the indignities and shameful acts that had been perpetrated on his person.

Suddenly, Thorvik was tackled by the Acolytes of the Spider Goddess and the bitch that he spared, Tura kicked DawnKeeper away from his grasping hand....

Easily shrugging off the Acolytes, Thorvik moved to grab his sword only to, once again, have Kalindraa descend from the ceiling on a stand of golden webbing, interposing herself between Thorvik and his only means of victory.

Thorvik knew he would die this day, but would not lose his soul to Kalindraa and be sent to the Hell-Harems. An acceptable price and fate he thought, resigning himself.

Smirking and addressing Kalindraa with defiance, Thorvik said, “Come then, I'll happily die in battle with you succubus, so that I may see combat on the Heavenly Battlefields of Ozir, fighting alongside the One True God himself and free of the wiles and treachery of weak-minded females.”

Smiling and cocking her head to the side, all of Kalindraa's eight eyes narrowed in playful shrewdness as she said, “No. No, I think not. I have a better fate in mind for the great 'Succubus-Slayer' than dying in battle.” Kalindraa said as magical strands of unbreakable golden-webbing emanated from her finger and laced themselves around Thorvik's engorged cock and balls and tightened, causing him to gasp.

“If you won't cum for me, I'll see to it that you never cum again ! Those strands will keep you permanently hard and chaste. That foot-long cock of yours is now useless !”

In shock and rage, Kabot screamed at the Spider-Goddess, “I AM THE LION OF THE NORTH AND THE CHOSEN WARRIOR OF OZIR, THE ONE, TRUE GOD AND ---MMMppphhh !”, Thorvik's bluster was suddenly cut off by more strands of golden webbing that filled his mouth and wrapped around his head, like a makeshift ball-gag.

Kalindraa then walked off into the darkness, tugging Thorvik along by his new cock-leash of unbreakable silken webbing with the remaining Spider-Acolytes following along and chanting in triumph.


Two days later, the secret church of the Spider-Goddess held a special meeting with the various bandit gangs and thieves' guilds to plan around and celebrate the capture of Thorvik Kabot; with the “Sacred Scion Of the North” out of the way, they could now accelerate and expand upon their plans.

The celebration of this was wild with food, drink and carousing with a nude Thorvik Kabot as the centerpiece, having been cocooned in unbreakable, transparent gauze-webbing and hung, upside-down over the main feast table, where scantily clad Spider-Acolytes teased and toyed with the only part of the legendary Succubus-Slayer that wasn't cocooned: Thorvik's 12” inch cock, permanently trapped in a state of extreme arousal with no hope of orgasm. The foot-long cock throbbed and extended prominently from its owner's cocoon-prison, almost defiantly.

Full-breasts exposed & wearing only a few pieces of ceremonial jewelry and a decorative loincloth, Tura licked and kissed at the exposed head of Thorvik's throbbing cock, stopping briefly to ask condescendingly, “Do you like how I service you with my mouth “Master “ ?”

In response, Thorvik squirmed helplessly under her attentions, glared at Tura and issued more threats muffled by the spidersilk ballgag which was met by laughter from the partygoers.


Two years later, the Northern Kingdoms were forced to negotiate with the Spider-Goddess (the Northern Kingdoms crusades against the primitive tribes of the Equatorial Union had not been going well and the loss of Thorvik Kabot had been a devastating and unexpected blow)

As an added indignity, Kalindraa forced Drugo, King of the Northern Kingdoms to personally sign the negotiation. Drugo and his entourage had to formalize and celebrate the treaty in the very same room where Thorvik Kabot still hung, squirming in his cocoon and his permanently-engorged cock, slick from saliva and pre-cum, was still being tormented by the hands, lips and tongues of Tura and the Spider-Acolytes she had trained in the art.

Over the course of endless and prolonged cockteasing, Thorvik Kabot's muffled threats and demands had long since melted into muffled pleadings and moans of unquenched lust and arousal.

Drugo's hand shook as he signed and he and his entourage cringed in embarrassment as the awkward silence was broken by Kabot's muffled “ooh's” and “aah's” as Tura's expert tongue fluttered over the very tip of his helpless cock.

Sitting upon her shrinal-throne, Kalindraa smiled.

Is this to be the final fate for Thorvik Kabot, Succubus-Slayer ?

[i]Author's Notes:

This story was inspired by many of the sword & sorcery/fantasy stories of the 70's & 80's that seemed to have a misogynistic tone to them, with most strong female characters getting raped and the very act itself, often played for laughs.

I wanted to do a story, where the larger than life misogynistic “hero” of the tale starts off strong, but winds up getting defeated & captured by the villainess and is then subjected to intense and prolonged sexual humiliation.

Rating: 73%, Read 7532 times, Posted Nov 04, 2016

Fantasy | Blowjob, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex


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