SECRET FANTASY by Amberflame

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Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Tom and I have been married for 5 years now. We are very happy with each other, we have a very healthy sex life. Within the marriage of 5 years a fantasy developed.

It was a Thursday. The sun was out and it was a nice day so I decided to sit out on the yard to cool myself. I made myself some orange juice .I was wearing a summer dress made from pure cotton with yellow flowers printed on them that hugged my voluptuous body. Since it was summer it got so warm that I opted not to wear anything under the dress. Sort of waiting for Tom to come home from work. As I was just lazing about I noticed our next door neighbor Nick. He was well built and has nice tan, he was tall and ruggedly handsome like Tom but slightly bigger. He was washing his car on the driveway. He didn’t have a shirt on so I can see his sweat covered body. Hmmm Makes my water mouth (not that I don’t love my husband) Just thoughts I have once in a while. As I watched him wash his car with his body glistened with the sweat from scrubbing the car with a wet soapy rag in a circular motion…….. I could feel his hands doing that to my chest just going in circles kneading my taut flesh. Feeling my nipples tighten in response. I felt pressure building up in me. Making me wet. Making me move my hips gyrating it where I sat down….. Nick noticed me as I was thinking about him. He saw me doing my sexy number on the chair. Just then I opened my eyes and saw him watch me and he deliberately slowed the movement he was making on the car letting me know he guessed what I was thinking about. I was startled that I almost ran inside……that was my first encounter with nick…..the second one was at the restaurant.

Tom and I went out to dinner at a cozy restaurant we had the boothlike table.. then Tom and I noticed nick, he was at another table waiting for someone when he spotted us. His date apparently jilted him at the last moment... so Tom invited him over (he knows I’m attracted to Nick) so he made it a point that we are seated right next to each other (I didn’t know why.)... when Nick sat down I felt my whole body tingle with awareness. All the sexual thoughts that i have been having about him came rushing through. I have noticed that Nick seemed to feel the same tension .We were talking about the neighborhood when I felt Nick’s hand on my thigh. .they felt so warm and big. that I felt my pussy start to dampen .I pretended to stay cool because Tom was there. I felt his hand inch upward bringing my skirt along with his hand.

then i felt his bare hands on my thighs... it gave me quite a jolt that I had to drink water and grip my fork harder as not to let it clank on my plate..

Tom noticed but pretended not to know what was happening.

I felt my breast grew heavy and my nipples grow hard as pebbles, as if longing to have Nick’s mouth to tease and suckle my nipples, my insides have become mushy with want.

By now Nick had his hand at the juncture of my thighs, urging them to part a little so he can gain access to my sweet succulent pussy that is now oozing love juice.

I didn’t know what to do but at the same time thrilled and intrigued , I didn’t want to lose the sensation nick was giving me. I eyed Tom but he seems oblivious to what is happening and Nick is just chattering as if his hand is not on my pussy wrecking havoc to my senses. Finally I parted my thighs a bit to let nick gain access. I know he could feel the wetness through my panty as it is now soaking wet and very slippery.

I started to burn with pleasure. My mind is screaming "Nick get your hands inside my panty and finger fuck my pussy.” As if I said it a loud he slipped his finger inside the side of my panty and I almost leapt off the seat with pleasure. . he stroked my clit ever so slowly and sensuously as if torturing me.

I can hear myself moaning at the back of my throat. I felt flushed and shaky and shivery.

I was almost out of my mind at that point. Worried about Tom and his reaction. Just then nick glided his fingers up one swollen lip and down the other dipping once in a while at my pussy hole. I was on fire…

giving me the most incredible and naughty feeling knowing that my husband is there in front of me and the people are at the restaurant having no idea that my wet and slippery pussy is being finger fucked by nick.

ohh what a feeling it was…..he kept on doing that for the longest time that I felt a strong pressure building up inside me waiting to burst.

Tom turned his head to call a waiter ….Nick shoved his finger hard and deep into my pussy making me cum so hard I almost fell off the seat from the pleasure. I was still out of my senses when Nick simply withdrew his hand and continued chatting with Tom. Just then I noticed that Tom had a hard on. I then knew that he was aware of what had happened to me………We said nothing about it.

That same night as I was taking a shower to get ready for bed. I felt confused and baffled, I love my husband deeply yet here I was having sexual fantasies of another man. I wonder if Tom has fantasies about other women. The warm water beating on my body seems to relax me a bit…. I thought of what happened at the restaurant and felt myself grew warm. The shower door opened I turned around and Tom greeted me with the biggest hard on I have ever seen. He wrapped his arms around me and began kissing my neck…I turned my head around to meet his lips…I traced his lips with my tongue enticing him to come and play with me and he did, he sucked my tongue like there was no tomorrow. His hands were doing wondrous things to my body. He kneaded my breast with such love and care it almost made my eyes water. Just then he turned off the shower and pulled me out and wrapped a warm fluffy towel around me wiping some of the water off. He pulled me inside the room, I stood next to the bed but he pulled me in front of the dresser there I saw myself with his arms wrapped around me. He whispered to my ears “My cock is so hard from wanting you” “I know you like your nipples tweaked and pulled gently” He did everything he told me while I watched. It was indeed erotic to see my responses to his words and touch. “ Do you know what else I want?” “ I want to lick this sweet cunt of yours and hear you moan” I closed my eyes from the pleasure of it and moaned “ Open your eyes hon I want you to see yourself come apart in my arms” “ How do u want me to stroke your clit? Tell me” “ Hmmm Tom I want you to gently part my swollen lips and slide your finger gently round and round my clit. I want your middle finger to enter my hungry pussy while your thumb plays with my clit but most of all I want your hard cock deep inside of me” at my words he pushed my upper body down and entered my pussy from the back. He ground his cock hard into my pussy “Ahhhh yes baby !!! Harder Fuck me Harder.” I parted my legs wider to give him more room. He slammed harder and deeper and Faster “ahhhh ,ohhhhhh Yes,yes Ohh Tom give it all to me .. Fuck me hard” I rhythmically squeezed my inner muscles to give him more pleasure.. the sensation was building higher and higher . “Talk dirty to me Tom . He almost pulled out his cock to tease me” “ DO you want this cock in you Cunt?” “ Yes ohh yess Tom I want your hard cock deep in my dripping pussy” “Do u want it like this” he slid his cock in and out of me slowly . I thought I would die with pleasure then he changed rhythm and slammed into me hard and harder still and deeper and deeper til he came so hard I felt his cum squirt deep inside of me… knees buckled, good thing his arm was around me. He took me to bed and tucked me in…..I didn’t cum but I was glad he could.

It has been three weeks since the Nick incident. I was cleaning our closet when I discovered a small notepad between his clothes. I didn’t want to pry but curiosity got the best of me. I read them and learned Tom’s deepest fantasy. He wrote everything there. I was shocked yet thrilled about it. I decided at that moment that I will fulfill Tom’s deepest fantasy. All day I planned everything……..

I called Nick “ Hello?Nick?” “Yes this is Nick” “ Uhmm this is Amber from next door” “Oh Hello Amber, what can I do for you?” “Do u know anything about sinks?” “ Yes” “ Oh great can you do me a favor and take a look at my bathroom sink” “ Sure I’ll be right over” “Thanks Nick” then I hang up… I put my plan into action … Tom would be home any minute now…. Thoughts of what was ahead flitted through my mind. It made me so damn hot…. I wore a see through satin robe without anything underneath…..There was a knock at the door “Amber its me Nick” “ Come on right up Nick I’m in the room at the end of the hallway” I bent down as if looking over the sink and that was how Nick found me . My ass …teasing him. It worked because I felt his hand shape my taut ass. “What do you have for me Amber?” he said it in a husky tone. “Hmmm the water was dripping Nick” “ Its not just the sink that is dripping isn’t it Amber? “ at this point he dipped his thumb in my very wet and dripping pussy. “HMMMMM” Just then I undulated my hips and shoved back to feel his hard cock through his jeans, straining to come out. As Nick was so aroused he failed to notice Tom’s car door slammed… It excited me more to know that Tom is Home and is gonna walk in on us any minute. I stood and faced nick and pulled him into the bedroom.. I kissed him and moved backwards til the back of my knees touched the bed.. He slowly opened my robe and massaged my breast “Your so sexy Amber” he whispered “ I’ve been wanting you to ride my hard cock ever since the restaurant” “What if Tom catches us?” I asked.. “ Wouldn’t that be more exciting? The anticipation of being discovered makes my cock grow even harder?” as he said that my wet pussy oozed all the more… just them I noticed Tom at the door. I pretended not to see him. I couldn’t read his face. I was so thrilled when he backed out but had a good view without him being noticed.. I noticed his cock grow hard as he watched nick stroke me. I then proceeded to take Nick’s clothes off one by one at the same time stroke and touch him wherever my hands could go. I sat down on the foot of the bed and opened his belt buckle and unzipped his jeans, the sound was so deafening. I grew more and more excited. Nick on the other hand stood and watched my every move. “Oh Nick is this hard cock just for me?” “ye-sss Amber for your hot and wet pussy. I took his oh so hard cock in my mouth and started to lick its almost purple head. I ran my tongue round and round its tip dipping my long and pointy tongue at the hole. I felt his cock jump in my hands so I knew he liked what I was doing .” Ohhhh Amber” “ you have such a sweet mouth I wonder if your cunt is just as sweet” at that I slid his cock deep in my hot mouth pulling it in and out slowly,stroking him with my tongue and rasping him with my teeth. “ Ohhhh ummmm”I smiled when I heard him. I looked over at Tom and he was stroking his now hard cock. I took nick’s hand and told him to lie on the bed. I straddled his hips and touched my wet pussy as if to kiss his cock. His hips leaped off the bed. Then I crawled up and positioned my wet pussy on his mouth “ Show me Nick how much you want my wet pussy “ he grabbed my ass and licked me pussy… It was so wicked and wonderful. He used his tongue like a cock dipping in and out. Licking my clit alternately.. ohhh what a wonderful feeling that was. When I couldn’t seem to hold it any longer I took my pussy off his mouth and kissed him… It’s so erotic to taste myself on him. I licked my lips and without breaking eye contact I slid down and held his cock them I sad down on it.. “Ohhhh Nick your cock is so hard and Big” Nick held my hips and bucked his to ram his hard cock in and out my soaking pussy. “ Amber this is the way I dreamed of fucking you. Filling your pussy, wanting it to burst with my cock.” His words fueled the desire even more. I pushed against his rhythm making his cock go deeper and deeper. Then he flipped me so I was on fours .. he at the back pushing in and out. Panting and moaning” Ohhh ahhhhh Amber your pussy is to tight and hot. Just then Tom came in the room naked. Nick was surprised but continued to push his cock in me. Tom came to my front and urged me to suck his hard cock.. Oh what a wonderful feeling to have two cocks one in my mouth and one slamming my pussy. I have never felt Tom’s cock this hard. I took his cock and circled my tongue around it . That’s when he came. I took his cum in my mouth and swallowed… I felt Nick shove his cock harder and faster.. I felt myself go…. “ Im almost there. Ahhhh Nick ohhhhhh” Tom whispered “ scream in my mouth Hon” he took my mouth and I screamed as I came… Nick gave one last push and exploded too. I never felt so good. I felt so sexy and loved. Tom wrapped his arms around me and said the sweetest things “ I love you. You made my deepest fantasy come true. I kissed him and I kissed Nick…… Tom laid down and spooned me… Nick simply went out….. I didn’t see Nick ever again …..It was the best summer ever.

Rating: 69%, Read 13509 times, Posted Aug 03, 2004

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex


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