Highschool Grade 9 Chapter 3 by FrozenNova

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Fantasy | Exhibitionism, Romance, School, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young

Please read the first installment if you want the full story, you may find yourself lost, or not know what is going on. All people, places, and events in this story are fictitious, any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidence. This is written in first person, not based on true experiences, and if you aren’t an enjoyer of those under the age of 18, then please refrain from rude comments, it’s only a story.

I’m so full of apologies! This time I’m just gonna say that I feel as if I did a bad job in the previous chapter on the sex scene. Also, the last chapter was done in a single night, so the quality isn’t what I wanted it to be, and it was pulled off within the span of only a few hours.

Anyways, that’s for the two of you that commented on the previous chapter, the first guy mad me laugh quite a bit when I fully read what had been said. Thank you ALL for the wonderful ratings, it makes me feel good that my half-dead, no coffee work was worthy of 80+%

Within a few chapters, I’ll be introducing 2 or 3 new characters, one most likely a “main” male, just to add to the realism. A guy can’t just have friends that are girls. Well, maybe they could, but you get my point. Anyways, be looking forward to advancements in the Romance aspect of things, and in the casual sex partner area. Enjoy the read!


Days rolled by, and nothing exciting happened between Sadee and I, well, nothing like Friday. It was Monday now, with an uneventful weekend that was filled in with a few calls from Sadee, we’d managed to exchange numbers somewhere in the confusion of things, but when you’ve had your first sex experience, it’s hard to remember such minor things. We’d talked about pointless things, just getting to know each other a little, but we did our best to avoid what could only be considered a “lapse in judgment” on both of our parts. Not a word came up of it, and we didn’t even let slide of the fact that we’d gotten away with it, either. It was safe to say that things would be awkward between she and I for a while when it came to meeting in person.

Well, today was a little different, it wasn’t clear, in fact, it was anything but. Snow was falling to the ground, but our school system was a stickler about these things, we still had to go despite the unbroken blanket that covered tall grass that hadn’t been cut since the middle of Fall. The streets had been plowed throughout the night, and you could see the chemicals used to melt any snow that hit the roads. Break for Christmas was a week away, and everyone was happy about it. I cursed to myself several times as the daily routine of preparing for school set in, with a few angered looks out a window or two at the sight of snow falling and not being able to play in it for at least a day.

Today held the usual, arriving just in the nick of time, awkward glances between Sadee and I during Chemistry, and Mrs. Sheffield keeping a rather close eye on us. The day slid right on by after that, I didn’t really feel up to talking to Zoe, which was unusual for me, for I almost always wanted to at least say “hi” to her. It was just, maybe it didn’t feel right to say something to her after the episode between Sadee and I, even if she knew nothing of it.

Classes rolled through, and Maddie came into my sights. I’ve said before that I’ve had my eyes set on her for quite a while now, even if I was young at the time, and I still am. I was younger, okay? Today, though, she looked damn near perfect. She wasn’t all dressed up, in fact, she was the opposite. She wore her blonde hair in a pony tail that trailed halfway down her back, a pair of gray sweatpants, and a t-shirt that had some unintelligible logo on it, and at one point seemed to be red in color. A smile was fixed on her face, when wasn’t it?, and her blue eyes seemed to sparkle, despite the lack of make up, what little she used of it, anyway. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, eh?

“They just let anyone in here, don’t they?” I called across the room, English still had a few minutes before it started. Maddie, never one to not laugh at a joke, suppressed her laughter until she started to turn a shade of red. I made my way toward her desk, where I almost always ventured over to.

“I could say the same for you,” She returned, although she lacked something better to say, “and besides, it’s not my fault that my dog kept me up all night.”

“Sounds like a personal issue to me,” I laughed back, avoiding a rather violent swat toward my head. “Besides, who’s to say someone doesn’t like how you look today?” It was me, damnit, but how was she supposed to know that?

“What’re you sayin’?” Maddie asked, faking a southern, bad cowboy accent.

“I’m sayin’ what I’m sayin’, pretty lady.” I replied, using the “southern gentleman” accent that I’ve somehow come to perfect. Maddie laughed, I laughed, and the bell rang for class to start. As I stood up, I felt something slide into my back pocket, I didn’t check then, not even during class, but waited until I got home. It’d be weird if someone say me digging at my back pockets to receive god-knows-what from Maddie.

I said my usual goodbyes, and as soon as my dad pulled up, I was into the Jeep, and we were home before I knew it, although daydreaming about whatever Maddie had slid into my pocket probably helped a little. I was in my room within moments of pulling up, the door was closed, and I was in my desk chair, a folded slip of paper in hand as I waited for the familiar sound of my dad sitting down on the leather couch. I unfolded the missive slowly, avoiding the words until it was completely open and the words were before me. I scanned the message, slowly allowing the words to sink in to me, and then I reread it. Again and again, I refreshed the words until I nearly had the message memorized, and then I read it more. It seems chaotic, but, not to brag, I’m able to read quickly, so this took place within the span of less than two minutes, the reading and rereading.

“Shit.” I muttered, letting out a sigh, and crumpling the paper in my hands before throwing it away into the small trash bin in my room. The message, from Maddie, explained to me several things.

One, she knew I liked her. That was probably what hit me hardest, because I was a harmless flirt with just about any girl, and they flirted back. None of them really should’ve known that I liked her, especially the girl herself.

Two, today was a test, to see whether or not I truly liked her. That was a little odd, how long had she known that I liked her, how long had she been planning this, and had she done it before? My mind raced through past times when she’d dressed in similar ways, acted strangely near me, or been outright different. There weren’t many times, but enough to be worried that she’d known for a long, long time.

Three, she wasn’t really into me. She mentioned that she enjoyed our flirting, and that she loved the occasional touches, and with a bold leap, she even mentioned she’d gotten a little wet during the fire drill when she felt my boner poking her in the ass. That had blood making its way down from one head and into another.

Four, she knew someone who does like me. She didn’t say who, but she wrote several occasion when said person had yammered on about me, or fantasized about me during school. My mind produced a thousand different images of women, all shapes, sizes, and ages. Beautiful, sexy, fat, and ugly. I had to know who she was talking about, and I believe my second head agreed with me.

I had a little trouble sleeping that night, the usual boy thoughts going through my head, and I had to relieve myself of the stresses several times before I was finally too tired. My dreams were filled with images of the note, and the day of the fire drill, except this time I was drilling into Maddie, and we were going at it like rabbits in heat. During the dream, I don’t even think we stopped once for a break, and it seemed like it lasted hours as her beautiful, well so far I interpreted them to be so, tits bounced in the frigid air, her nipples hard as rock, and the thousands of students and teachers just watching us as the heavy slaps of our bodies meeting echoed in the air. At this point, I realized I’d never be this lucky, and the dream ended. My morning wood was probably as hard as I’d ever seen it, and made a heavy bulge in the pants I wore, lasting long after my usual morning shower and into the car ride.

On Tuesday, I was about ten minutes early for school, and it allowed me to find Zoe and talk to her, making up for lost time from yesterday. I gave her a hug, squeezing her close to me so I felt her breasts push into me, and I gave her firm, small butt a squeeze. She let out a little squeal, but after the vivid dreams from last night, I think it was more of an instinct to try and find someone who would relieve me. If I had to hope for someone to like me, if what Maddie said was true, I’d choose Zoe, because she, too, would be perfect without all the bells and whistles that many girls find a necessity. She and I didn’t know each other very well, I couldn’t tell you her favorite color or food, but if we took the time to do so, I think we’d get along as more than just friends eventually.

As I hugged her, I inhaled lightly through my nose, smelling Zoe’s hair. I know that’s weird and all, but hair is a big thing for me. Color doesn’t really matter, as long as it isn’t that sickly gray, but when it’s taken care of, and smells nice, I instantly begin to like them. Zoe, her hair smelled like flowers, I couldn’t tell you what kind, but you just know what flowers smell like, and that’s what it did smell like. She didn’t smell of mass amount of hairspray, and if I ran my fingers through it, something I’ve personally wanted to do to at least one girl with hair like her, I know it would be silky smooth and tangle free.

“Let me go.” Zoe whined into my chest, I figured I’d been holding her in the embrace for longer than a hug between friends should last, but it’s hard to let something so perfect go, am I right? Well, turns out, she’d let me hold her until classes were about to start, and that meant we’d been hugging for at eight minutes, since we’d pretty much started out with a hug. As I looked at Zoe, apologies about to pour from my mouth, I noticed that she was flustered, and her face was red, noticeably so because of how pale she normally was. My hopes for her to be the one Maddie was talking about soared.

Well, classes started, and although the situation was awkward between us, Sadee and I shared a little small talk, but we both seemed to be avoiding eye contact. I guess things like this can create rifts between friends, even after such a wonderful experience. I gave her a quick smile before I returned to my seat, but didn’t risk a look to see if she’d returned it. That was that for first period, and the day sauntered by at it’s own pace, which meant very slowly. I talked to friends and teachers alike, hoping to speed things up just a tiny bit. Lunch rolled around and I spoke with Zoe a little, it was just small talk, mind you, but we were both aware of the “vibes,” if you may, coming from one another. The situation seemed worse than it was with Sadee, because I’d wanted Zoe to be mine, not physically, but mentally, whole-heartedly since 7th grade, more-so than even Maddie, who I just seemed to picture as more of a physical relationship.

Lunch finished way faster than I wanted it to, and classes once more began. They seemed to roll by faster, now that I wasn’t waiting for time to talk with Zoe, but they were still slow, since now I had to confront Maddie, since speaking about such things over text messages seemed a little to cheap. Spanish 2, Modern World History, and finally English. I waited as patiently as possible for Maddie to arrive, and when she did, I nearly ran up to talk to her.

“Maddie, who the hell were you talking about in the note?” I asked, not even wondering about the other things she’d said. She had her reasons behind not liking me to the same extent as I did, she had reasons for testing me. Not my business.

Maddie giggled to herself as she pondered whether or not to answer me, “I think I’ll tell you, since she’s liked you for a while now.” Maddie said, but I saw the beginnings of a smile on her face. Whether it was happy or sadistic, I don’t think I’ll ever know, because at that moment she blurted out that Zoe liked me, loud enough for everyone in the classroom to hear. And being me, I didn’t enjoy attention like that too much. Moments later, several girls chimed in their thoughts on Zoe and I going out.

“You’d be soo cute together.” One chimed in, “That’s adorable!” Several other said, and I felt my cheeks getting hotter. “You should so date!” Even more chimed in, their opinions never clashing, as if it was meant for us to be. It was these moments that made me think, and if I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now, when I think, I think fast and hard. Days, weeks, months speed by in my mind as I picture myself with Zoe, going through school together, driving on dates, getting engaged, married, having a family. With the happy things came the what-if’s that always planted doubts in you mind. But I figured I’d ignore those for once, since usually they were enough to deter me.

I didn’t word my thoughts, but silently I told myself to find a good time to ask Zoe out, a time when she couldn’t say no, even though I figured she was unlikely to. At the same time, I gave myself a little reminder to somehow get revenge on Maddie for that, she knew I hated getting attention, and if I knew better, I’d say that smile of hers was as sadistic as it could get. In the back of my mind, a connection between my dream and Maddie was made, and once more, the dream played before my eyes.

Maddie had her face pressed against the rough bark of a tree, her bare breasts swing wildly as I plunged into her from behind. Her hips grinding and slamming back into mine as forcefully as she could manage. Her body was without flaw, and from years of softball, she had a firm, medium-sized ass that was begging to be squeezed and slapped as we went at it outside. She was a screamer in my dream, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she really was. People gathered to watch, boys had dropped their pants to masturbate, and even a few girls hand hands down their pants, plunging their fingers into themselves as they watched the scene unfold before them. I felt Maddie’s legs begin to give as an earth shattering orgasm hit her, and a scream from the pits of hell erupted from her. I lowered us onto the ground, with her onto of me as she took over for us, even during the high of her orgasm, that seemed to leave her extremely sensitive. Moments later, she was screaming again as I felt her pussy walls clenching, squeezing, milking away at my long, and downward bent member. Maddie was screaming like there was no tomorrow, and if she had her way at this moment, I think she’d plan for a tomorrow just so she could go at it like this again.

We switched positions again, I had her on her hand and knees and I got behind her and began plunging in with no remorse. I’m not sure if her screams were of pain or pleasure, but I thought it to be a little of both, because in the dream she’d told me she was a virgin. Her body shook as she was slammed by dozens of minor and major orgasms that had her fluids drenching the ground below us, and dripping between her thighs and rolling down mine.

It was around this point that I’d woken up, and I found myself in the middle of English class, sporting a boner that anyone would’ve noticed if they’d looked down at my crotch. With the class over, and my member calmed down for the moment, I found relief in seeing Zoe once more for the day, and I gave her another hug, but this one was innocent, lasting only a few seconds, but hopefully voicing a thousand words I could’ve said to her. Christmas was a week away, and I had to ensure that she would agree to be mine by then, and the next truly romantic holiday wouldn’t be for another two months otherwise.

Rating: 87%, Read 15301 times, Posted Dec 20, 2010

Fantasy | Exhibitionism, Romance, School, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young


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