Becoming My Mother's Lover, Mike Joins In. by oldtarheelwriter

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I was only sixteen when I first became my mother's lover. It had actually began quite innocently enough. My mother was a particularly attractive woman in her early forties when my father was killed in an industrial accident. It was a traumatic feeling for me, but even more so for my mother. In the months immediately after my dad's accident, mom had become increasingly despondent, her appearance had deteriorated, and her cheerful demeanor completely disappeared. This was a shocking change for a woman who had been attractive, lively, and well groomed all of her life.

My mother was a petite woman, only about five foot three inches tall with a taut slender build and weighing only about 115 pounds. Her breasts were fairly small, although very shapely and well formed and she had truly spectacular legs for a more mature woman. Many short women seem to have legs that appear thick and unattractive, but my mothers legs were perfectly proportioned for her height. Although her hips were fairly full, she had a slender waist and always looked wonderful in shorts or slacks. Mom wore her dark brown hair trimmed to just shoulder length and the streaks of gray just seemed to make her hair even more appealing. However, in the months after dad's death, she looked haggard and gaunt and seemed totally unconcerned with her looks.

In the beginning I only sought to comfort my grief-stricken mother, devastated by the loss of my dad. However, one thing had led to another and I quickly found myself in a powerful, incestuous relationship. Once we began our sexual escapades, however, there had been a remarkable change in her appearance. Suddenly she made sure that her clothing was attractive and stylish and she always made certain that her makeup was applied just right. Even though my mother was not stunningly gorgeous, her face was quite beautiful and brightened with a dazzling smile, bright green eyes, and full lips.

Almost a year after my sexual adventures with mom had begun, the whole experience expanded and changed significantly when mom seduced my best friend, Billy Williams. Over the succeeding months my mother seemed to become more and more obsessed with sex … with me and, whenever possible, with the both of us. Of course, Billy and I were euphoric that my mother always seemed ready to fuck and suck with her two perpetually horny teenage studs. Billy’s mom could never understand why her son was so anxious to sleep over at our house, but was delighted that his best friend’s mother always called and encouraged her to let him come.

About a year into our sexual adventure another twist to the relationship was about to take place Billy, who now preferred to be called Bill, and I started the new year at our high school. Much to our surprise we were delighted to see an old familiar face among our classmates. Mike Allen's family had been my family's next door neighbor when we were growing up until his parents had moved to Raleigh when we were in fifth grade. Mike, Billy, and I had been inseparable as youngsters and in constant trouble for our pranks and mischief making.

We kept in touch for awhile after he moved to Raleigh, but eventually lost track of each other. You can imagine our surprise when Mike's family returned to Greensboro! We quickly began to pal around together again, although we weren’t getting in quite as much trouble as we had when we were younger. However, by this time, we were constantly horny teenagers and that changed the focus of our attention and actions, as well.

As the months went by, Billy and I alluded to a sexual relationship with someone, but we never told Mike exactly who it was. Tormenting him, we would describe things we had done with our "girlfriend" in vivid detail while we masturbated together and during the “jack off contests” we had to see who could shoot first and farthest. We brought Mike over to our house several times during this period and my mother was always very friendly and delighted to see that the little boy that had lived next door had grown into a tall, strapping teenager in the six years after he had moved away.

Just as she did with Billy, mom enjoyed playing cards and popular board games with the three of us. It was after one of these board games when mom told Mike "You need to know how to 'slow dance,' if you are ever going to have a girl friend, Mike." This was the very same thing she had said to the innocent Billy prior to his seduction. She led all of us to the living room and turned on the stereo. She demonstrated what she had taught us by dancing with Billy and me. While Mike watched, she whirled us around the living room, holding us close as the music played on the stereo. As we danced mom held us tight, grinding her pelvis into our groins, quickly prompting tremendous hard-ons. Bill and I even noticed that Mike had an obvious erection in his jeans as he watched our dancing demonstration.

Mom then pulled Mike to the center of the living room and taught him the techniques for slow dancing while Bill and I sat on the couch and watched. Mike's response was the same as we had experienced. His face was flushed as mom crushed against his pelvis, obviously aware of his prominent erection. Mike tried to conceal the fact that he had a full-blown erection without much success, while mom seemed to thoroughly enjoy arousing the horny teenage boy.

Predictably, mom and I eventually had a discussion about Mike. We talked and I had told her how we had been tantalizing Mike during our jack-off sessions, describing in detail what we had been enjoying with our unnamed girlfriend. I told mom that he kept telling us that he wanted to join us with her some time.

"Well," my mother said, smiling softly, "Perhaps it would be nice to have Mike come to our house for a very special sleep over. I’ve had some very enjoyable times with you and Billy, why not just see if Mike really would like to join us, as well."

Just as she had done with Mrs. Williams, she called Mike’s parents and invited him to spend Saturday night with us, "So the boys can get to know one another again. " Mrs. Allen was thrilled and quickly approved the suggestion for the following weekend, even though Mike had a family obligation on Friday, he would be able to come on Saturday.

After school that Friday, Mike and I went to Billy's house and, predictably ended up in a Jack-Off contest. As we rested after our contest, the conversation returned to the matter of our "girlfriend." Mike pleaded with us to tell him who she was, even making a few guesses, naming several girls from our homeroom. After tantalizing him for a while, I decided to tell him. "Mike," I finally said, "It's not any of the girls in our class ... or in our school. It's someone who is much older, a grownup." Mike stared, confused. "A grownup? A grownup woman?" he asked "Who is she?" I paused and then softly said, "My mother."

Mike stared at me in disbelief. He glanced at Bill who just nodded in agreement. Then Mike smiled and laughed, "Yeah, right, you guys! You’re bullshitting me!" "Yeah," Bill added "I've been fucking her, too. We have been having incredible sex with Tommy’s mother all this year."

"Mike, you’ll believe it Saturday night when you get to fuck her," I concluded. Mike seemed doubtful, but I think he realized that it really might be true. He obviously didn't think that I'd make something like that up. Even so, I could imagine his mind working feverishly as he began to imagine what it would be like to fuck my attractive mother.

Mike was dropped off at our house by his dad early Saturday morning. We played some football and generally fooled around all day long, even helping my mom weed the garden. Although he didn't say anything, I was quite sure that Mike was trying to sort out the sensuous thoughts that raced through his mind. That evening my mother's stud service increased in number and another new adventure began.

We had dinner and played a "Cut-throat hearts" card game, then we helped mom wash and dry the dishes. "Boys," mom announced, "I’m going to get out of my work clothes and get into something more comfortable," . Bill, Mike, and I played a few more hands of cards and generally fooled around as teenage boys frequently do. Mom came down some time later dressed in her light blue housecoat, her prominent nipples displaying the fact that she had removed her bra. She watched our card game for several minutes and then suggested another session of Mike’s dance lessons.

Bill and I sat on the living room couch as we gleefully watched the seduction of our friend. After the dance and the rubbing of their bodies had the desired response and Mike was sporting a massive erection, mom moved slightly back from him. She wickedly looked at his bulging crotch.. "Mike," she whispered, "Do you remember when I used to babysit you when you were still in diapers?" He blushed and mumbled something unintelligible as he anxiously glanced toward Bill and me.

She moved closer to him once again, her breasts delicately touching his chest and her pelvis rubbing against his erection. She looked steadily in his eyes and whispered, "Oh my ! You certainly seem to have grown since the last time I changed your diapers!" With that she moved back slightly and reached down with her hand, gently grasping Mike's cock while intently gazing into his eyes. Not surprisingly, a long groan escaped Mike's lips. Then she tenderly traced her finger tips along the full length of his erection through his jeans. His eyes tightly closed as her actions prompted yet another groan.

"Oh, you were so young and you probably can't remember, but I used to wash your body when I changed your diapers. Oh my, you particularly enjoyed when I washed your penis. Why, you would smile and giggle while my hands cleaned your penis with warm, soapy water." She smiled, and then continued, "Why, Mikey, I think you must remember when I did that, because it seems that your penis is getting bigger. Oh my, it certainly seems to be getting harder, too!"

Mom slipped her hand behind Mike's neck and pulled his head towards her face. Moments later she kissed him. Although he was initially startled, the youngster responded by kissing back while her tongue probed his mouth. I'm sure the thought raced through his mind, "I shouldn’t be kissing Tommy's mother." Obviously his excitement and lust was certainly rapidly rising as she continued to arouse him. Predictably and in spite of his obviously conflicting emotions, mom slipped Mike's hands into her silky robe and he immediately sought my mother's small, yet tempting breasts.

"Touch them, Mike," she whispered. "Caress them, Mike, just like Tommy and Billy do." Still confused, Mike shot a furtive glance over to Bill and me as we watched, broad and approving smiles on our faces. "I love it when they caress my tits," she murmured. "It makes me want to do naughty things with them .... very naughty things!"

Mom let Mike caress her for several long minutes, urging him on. "Oooh, Mike that feels so good! They are so sensitive." Mom's hand reached down and gently squeezed Mike's cock through his jeans, further arousing him. After caressing her breasts, Mike's hands went to mom's wonderful ass and pulled her to himself, crushing her against his rigid cock. Mom smiled and looked at Bill and me, making sure that we could see what was happening with our friend. She then responded, taking her hands and grasped Mike's ass as well.

"Oh, man, Billy!" I whispered, "He's ready to fuck her right now!" Mike was so horny at this stage that he was totally oblivious to the fact that Bill and I were watching as the erotic scene unfolded before us. Mom had zipped Mike's fly open and reached inside the straining fabric, seeking his hard cock. It was a little difficult, but she ultimately succeeded in extracting it from his jeans and boxers. Once the object of her attention was freed, she skillfully tugged at his shaft while her thumb massaged the bulging cockhead.

Mom slowly dropped to her knees as she continued stroking cock . She looked up and whispered, "Oh Mike, it's huge! Now I know that I'm going to be a very naughty girl! Do you want me to suck your cock, Mike?" Mike stared in amazement at my mother, a sinfully wicked smile tracing across her face. Realizing that she had asked him a question, he wordlessly nodded his head. She winked at Bill and me and then continued, "Now, you must never tell your mother that Mrs. Watkins sucked you off. That Mrs. Watkins let you cum in her mouth. That Mrs. Watkins swallowed all your semen. Is that a promise?" Again, Mike wordlessly nodded his head. "Oooh," mom continued, "I know that I'm going to enjoy this as much as you will!"

Mike gazed intently as my mom gently stuck out the tip of her tongue, traced the opening in his cockhead and tantalizingly licked the pre-cum that was rapidly oozing from his dick. "Oh, please, Mrs. Watkins, suck me!" he pleaded, thrusting his shaking hips towards her waiting mouth. Mom paused, teasing him a little bit more, "Mikey, did you know that I'm an expert cocksucker? I've practiced my skills with Tommy and Billy. Did they tell you how much they enjoyed cumming in my mouth? Did they tell you how much they enjoyed it when I sucked them dry?" The whole time she was tormenting Mike she was firmly stroking his rock hard shaft.

"Oh, please, Mrs. Watkins," the teenager wailed. "Please! please!"

"What, Mikey. Tell me, Mike. Tell me exactly what you want me to do! I want you to tell me! What you want me to do?" Mike was physically losing control. His whole body was trembling in sexual excitement and arousal.

"Oh please, Mrs. Watkins! Please suck my cock!" he begged. Mom smiled as she opened her mouth, sucking the tortured boy's raging cock into her mouth. Her eyes looked up at him as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth, while her hand firmly stroked his shaft up and down several times. Taking her hand away, she swallowed the boy's huge cock almost to the base of his shaft.

Bill and I were totally turned on, as well. We both had our own cocks out of our jeans and were frantically pounding them as we watched my mother work her seductive magic on the horny teenager. From time to time I could see mom's tongue working the bottom of his now saliva-covered shaft as she eased back before plunging down again to engulf his entire cock.

Mike firmly clutched her head, savoring the sensation of a woman his mother's age skillfully sucking his cock. He suddenly thrust forward catching mom unawares and she briefly gagged. Pushing him back firmly, she caught her breath and smiled as she looked back in his eyes. "You must like my sucking Milkey! I love sucking your cock!" she giggled. "It is almost as big as Tommy’s. Are you ready to cum now, Mike? I want you to shoot your delicious semen in my mouth! Can you do that for me?"

"Oh! Mrs. Watkins!" the boy excitedly responded as her hands continued stroking his shaft. "Oh! Oh! Oh, fuck!" Mom resumed caressing his dick before once more sucking it back into her eager mouth. I knew that it certainly wouldn’t take the superheated boy long to lose complete control. He was obviously getting closer and closer to his orgasm. Suddenly, his body trembled and shook and his hips thrust forward. Moments later he reached his climax. "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!! Yes! Oh, fuck, Mrs. Watkins! I'm gonna cum! Oh, yes I'm gonna cum! Oh yessss! I'm cumming!"

He vigorously gripped the sides of her head driving as much of his cock into her mouth as she would tolerate. Groaning, the youngster exploded in his climax. Each spurt of his creamy cum flooded my mother's sucking mouth as she eagerly gulped down every drop. Not surprisingly, I was close to my own orgasm as I watched Mike pumping his sperm into my mom's eager mouth. Mike's body shook and quivered for several moments with the sheer intensity of his orgasm, paused and then staggered back and collapsed onto the overstuffed chair. "Ahhh, Mrs. Watkins that was fantastic!" Mike gasped, struggling to get his breathing to return to normal.

"Mmmmmm, that was wonderful Mike!" mom said, "Your cum was delicious." Scrambling over to the chair, mom carefully cleaned the remaining remnants of his semen with her tongue. "Now I need to suck more cock!" She released Mike's cock and turned to Bill. "Let me suck you, Billy" she said, staring intently into his eyes. Bill had been watching her suck Mike's dick while he pumped his own cock with his hand. Almost instantly his trousers were down to his knees and he was ready for my mother's caressing lips, his throbbing cock pulsing in anticipation.

He carefully directed his cock to my mom's waiting mouth. She briefly savored the taste the juices seeping from his cockhead, but Bill was entirely too desperate. Realizing his aroused state, she opened her mouth and sucked his cock into her mouth. Bill began to anxiously fuck her mouth and she was forced to grip his cock and get him under control. She looked at his cock standing hard and proud, cautioning him. "Slow down, Billy. Just relax and enjoy my lips caressing you." Bill struggled to regain control as she gently resumed her ministrations.

As her mouth worked its magic, she quickly brought him to the edge of his own climax. "Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!" he screamed as his young cock began to pump cum into her mouth. Mom determinedly gulped his semen, breathing very hard through her nose as she endeavored to greedily suck Billy dry. His cock pulsed again and again until his cum had stopped squirting, uncontrollable shudders still coursing throughout his body.

When I saw Bill lean back and pull his rapidly deflating cock out of mom's mouth, I decided it was my turn. Watching the action between Bill and my mother had incredibly excited me even more as I loosened my belt and dropped my jeans to the floor. I could feel the escalating excitement of my own powerful orgasm rapidly rising and pushed Bill out of the way. I was immediately rewarded by warm sensations as my mother’s mouth engulfed my straining, overheated cock. I groaned, my hands reached to grasp the sides of mom's head, and I intently focused my attention on her bobbing head, anxious to see the termination of my own climax into her waiting mouth.

I repeatedly rammed my dick forcefully down her throat, fighting to regain emotional control and anxious to prolong the pleasure of her mouth on my cock. After my teenage intensity was brought under some weak semblance of control, I allowed her to continue her delicious ministrations. By now, mom had carefully repositioned herself directly in front of me and between my spread legs. Without ever releasing her mouth-lock on my cock, she was now much better able to service me.

"Oh man!" I thought, "This feels so fucking good!" I had never tired of my mother's talented mouth sucking me into another overpowering, crashing orgasm. By now she had quickly established a steady rhythm and her tempo gently increased. "Oh fuck, mom, this is so good!" I moaned. After watching my mother first swallow a load of Mike's cum, then Bill's, and her skillful cocksucking of my throbbing dick, I fully realized that I was very close to achieving my own orgasm.

“Mom, I’m about to cum!” I warned her. I felt her slide her mouth back toward the head of my dick so that she could more easily swallow my ejaculation. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I moaned as I felt my boiling load of creamy sperm quickly travel up the length of my dick and spurt into her anxious and waiting mouth. She hurriedly swallowed the first squirt and then kept swallowing as I quickly filled her mouth. She contentedly continued to suck until she was sure that she had consumed the last of my semen. Only then did she lift her head as a huge smile lit up her face. "Oh boys, you have made me very happy! Let’s go and rest for a while and then we can see how really naughty we can be!"

Mom closed her blue dressing gown as we pulled up our jeans and rearranged our clothes. She then led her gaggle of teenage boys to the kitchen. Always the doting mother, my mom incredibly got us cokes and cookies while we rested ... an affectionate mother spending time with her son and two of his friends. It would all appear quite a normal event to the casual observer who had not observed the licentious activites that had preceded the refreshments.

After some time had passed, mom made a suggestion that was time for our little group to continue our activities "Oh, my skin is so rough and dry," mom said. "It certainly needs to be moisturized. I have a wonderful idea! Why don’t you boys rub some soothing lotion on my skin." We all nodded in agreement as well as in eager anticipation of what we knew was to come.

Mom led us into her bedroom slipped out of her housecoat and stretched out on the bed on her back, wearing only lacy panties. Mike's eyes were as big as saucers as he carefully assessed his friend's mother, virtually naked. "Why don’t you boys get comfortable and get out of those clothes" Moments later we had stripped and were completely naked, our cocks quickly becoming engorged and rigid.

Mom handed some lotion to Billy and I noticed that her nipples had already begun to harden and lengthen, excited in expectation of having her body caressed by three horny teenagers. Bill and particularly Mike focused their attention on my mothers small, but attractive and well-rounded breasts. After hesitating only momentarily, Bill poured some of the scented lotion on his hands, handed the lotion to me, and then gently spread it all over her breasts. I poured some on my hands as well and then began to soothingly knead and massage her long, shapely legs. As I looked down, I realized that my shaft was rock hard and pulsing.

Mom had closed her eyes and was softly smiling, enjoying the caresses as we worked the lotion into her soft and pliable skin. Billy’s hands were lightly fondling her breasts as I gradually moved my hands higher and higher up her firm thighs. Mike sat there with an anxious look on his face, just staring at us as we continued to caress my mother's attractive body, soothingly rubbing the scented lotion into her skin.

Bill and I had been fucking my mother for more than a year by this time, but this would be a new experience for Mike. Mom turned her head slightly and looked at him, delighting in the fact that he too had a raging erection. I continued to soothingly apply the lotion on her inner thighs as I gently spread her legs further apart. "Mmmmmm," she cooed, "Oh you boys are doing a wonderful job! It feels so soothing."

Bill stopped his caressing and eased his body forward, softly taking one of her firm nipples in his mouth. Mom closed her eyes and gently slipped her hand on the back of his head, tenderly pulling his nursing lips against her breast Mere moments later I shifted my body and took the other nipple in my mouth, suckling it while my massaging hand continued to work the lotion into her soft skin.

Billy would sensuously brush his tongue over her breast and then gently resume his sucking of her excited nipple. After a few moments, he slowly eased his hand down her stomach and found her moist and swollen pussy. He gently began to stroke his fingers through her soft brown pubic hairs. After a few moments, he slipped a finger inside her sodden slash and began a slow probing motion. After a few minutes watching his efforts, I pushed Bill's hand away and whispered, "Mom, I'm going to lick your pussy."

Mike was absolutely stunned, his mouth gaping in amazement of what was happening in front of his eyes as he began to masturbate his rigid shaft, excited by the lewd activity. I crawled between mom's thighs, gently slipped her panties off, and lowered my face to her waiting slash, outlined with her delicately soft brown pubic hairs. I gently caressed her clitoris with my tongue for several long moments, then began to stroke and probe the soft folds of skin. Mom responded by opening her legs even more, affording me an even better opportunity to explore her with my tongue. "Mmmmmm," I murmured softly as I tasted the succulant juices seeping from her as I licked and probed her luscious, soaked cunt.

"Oohhh," mom sighed, "Oh, Tommy, that feels so very good. Ohhhhh." I slowly used my stiff, probing tongue to tenderly enter and explore her pussy as I firmly gripped her hips. As I knew she would, she began to quiver in arousal and her hips responded to my caresses by intensely thrusting up against my mouth. I had sucked my mother off enough to know that I had achieved my goal and that she was rapidly approaching her climax. As expected, moments later, she screamed in total erotic release, her hads forcefully gripping the sides of my head . Immediately her head thrashed back and forth against the pillow as she screamed in one prolonged cry. Her whole body was involuntarily shuddering as she screamed again, "Aaahhhhh!

Mike's mind was obviously spinning in sexual overload and his cock throbbing as he had watched me bring my mother to orgasm. I'm sure that the sight of his friend devouring his own mother had driven him to the very edge and that he desperately needed his own sexual release. Suddenly he scrambled onto the bed and knelt next to mom's head, thrusting his hardened shaft toward my her face. "I want you to suck me off again, Mrs. Watkins!" he groaned. Mom greedily sucked it into her mouth and he moaned as her mouth eagerly enveloped his young cock.

She pulled back slightly, releasing his cock and looked in his eyes and demanded, "I want you to cum in my mouth, Mikey!" She wickedly smiled and continued, "I want you to fill my mouth with your delicious, creamy semen!" She then thoroughly engulfed the head of his cock, her eyes blazing in her own uncontrolled lust. Her hand wrapped around his shaft and she began to purposefully stroke it while she resolutely sucked at his cockhead. She continued this for a few moments before she once again broke her mouth away from the anxious boy's cock. She turned to Bill and ordered, "Billy I want you to fuck me while I suck Mike's cock!"

Bill wasted no time pushing me aside and scrambling between her legs. He grasped his dick and firmly rubbed his inflamed cockhead up and down her oozing slash. Mom continued to firmly pump Mike's cock as she watched Bill's rigid shaft enter her "That's it! Oohhhh, fuck me, Billy. Fuck me! Fuck me good!" she moaned she returned to Mike's cock and sank her mouth all the way back down his rigid, straining shaft.

As Bill started to fuck her in a steady, intense rhythm, Mike grabbed the back of mom's head and drove his cock deeper into her into her warm mouth. As I excitedly watched, I knew that Mike was rapidly approaching another orgasm as he moaned loudly and sweat started to course down the teenager's forehead. "Mrs. Watkins !" Mike screamed loudly, "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" With that, his cock started spewing his semen into mom's waiting mouth as he screamed in release. Mom seemed to smile in satisfaction as surge after surge of the youngster's cum flooded her mouth. She managed to swallow all of it before releasing his shaft and turning her attention back to Bill as he continued thrusting his cock deep into her foaming cunt.

By now Bill's cock was frantically pounding deep into her and she seemed to be savoring the delicious feeling of the boy's rigid shaft ramming into her. She responded by thrusting her hips back against him, fucking him back almost as forcefully as his thrusts. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" she wailed. Bill was fucking her like an enraged animal, loudly moaning as he thrust his cock deep into her. "Come on, Billy! I want you to come in me! Fuck me!" she screamed, "Shoot some of your creamy, delicious cum in my pussy!

"Aaaarrrggghhh!" wailed Bill as he reached his intense orgasm and began gushing a fresh load of his sperm into my mother's hot pussy. The sudden flood of his boiling hot semen must have caused her to reach yet another climax. She howled with another scream as her whole body quivered, violently shuddering and thrashing on the bed as she was swept away in a powerful explosion of orgasmic fury.

Bill groaned as he slowly reduced the frenzy of his thrusting and eased his softening cock from her slash. When I saw Bill began to pull out of mom's pussy, I decided that it was my turn to fuck her. I scrambled on the bed as Bill awkwardly tried to get out of the way. I quickly positioned myself self between her legs, spread her thighs further apart, grasped my cock and rubbed the head against the entrance to her sodden pussy. I paused and directed my gaze to Bill and Mike as they intently watched the action and then rammed my cock into her

"You just love fucking, mom! You just love having us fuck you, don’t you!" I shouted as I pounded harder and harder, thrusting my shaft back and forth inside her. I was quickly able to create a steady rhythm and then began to increase the tempo and force of my thrusts. "Oh, oh, oh!" squealed my mother, "Fuck me, Tommy! I want you to fill me with your hot cum!" I was committed to doing just that and endeavored to fuck her ever more harder and deeper. After bringing her to orgasm with my tongue and watching her suck off Mike and then fuck Bill, I knew that I would quickly reach my own climax.

Soon my body began to tremble as I felt my approaching orgasm. Finally I rammed my cock deep within my mother's quivering body and held it firmly there as I began pumping a fresh stream of creamy sperm deep inside of her clinching, insatiable pussy. "Aaarrrggghhh!!! I wailed and tightly gripped her hips as I drained the last five or six squirts into her sopping wet, cum-filled cunt . As I finished, I gradually eased my grip on her hips and lay on her chest, endeavoring to regain my breath.

“I need another fuck,” she moaned, thrashing about. “Ohhhhh, Mikey fuck me! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Fuck meeeeee!” Mike had climaxed only brief minutes before but had quickly recovered as I slipped my softening cock from her sopping cunt. Quickly taking my place, Mike’s rigid young cock slowly plunged deep within mom’s pussy, he pulled back to his cockhead, and then plunged in even further. "Oh, Mike! I can feel it! Oh, fuck!" The teenager repeatedly thrust back into her willing, accepting body as his tempo increased in intensity. His stiff shaft repeatedly rammed into her, thrusting into her soft yielding flesh.

“Oooohhh," mom moaned as she struggled for breath. "Fuck me! Mike! Fuck me! Fuck me! Aaarrrgghh!!,” Mike was so aroused and stimulated by the experience of his first fuck that I was sure he was going to shoot without delay. Suddenly he thrust forward, held firm deep within her pussy,and his slender body shuddered uncontrollably as he flooded her sodden pussy with his boiling sperm. "Oh, fuck! Mrs. Watkins! he moaned. "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" At the same time my mother was thrashing back and forth on the bed, screaming at the intensity of yet another orgasm. Suddenly, there was an overwhelming silence.

Mom slowly regained control moments later as Mike's soft, wilting dick slid out. Several more minutes slipped by without a sound as the four of us recovered, each focusing on the delightful moments of uninhibited lust that we'd just experienced. However, mom's small body seemed exhausted by the continuing sexual assault by her ever-ready young studs. I watched in amazement as a steady stream of our semen and her juices flowed from her well used pussy. She slowly rose up, swung her trembling legs over the side of the bed and turned toward Mike. "Oh, that felt so good, Mike!," she whispered. "Oh, thank all of you boys. You've given this old lady a wonderful evening." She paused and looked directly at Mike, "Mikey, I hope the experience has been everything you hoped for."

"Oh, yes, Mrs. Watkins!" Mike answered, relishing the sexual experience the mother of his friend had given him. "Oh, it was wonderful." Then there was silence as we watched my mother struggling to recover. She seemed to hesitate for a moment and then said, "Well, boys, I think that I've had more than enough for tonight." There was another long pause and then she continued. "Perhaps it would be best if I took a shower and slept a bit." Mom just smiled, slipped on her blue robe and made her way toward her bathroom.

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