SOUND ADVICE--Part 3 by senorlongo

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It was late afternoon before we were back home. We stopped by the store, both to check out how things had gone in our absence and to see the progress on our new building. It was amazing how quickly the construction had progressed. Once the footings and concrete floor had been poured it was only a matter of weeks before the concrete block walls were up. The architect had suggested several cost-cutting and time saving steps, including using standard in-stock steel roof joists. Already, the floor was done and the walls almost half-way up. The plan was to open the new building in time for Black Friday, but I knew that there were always delays in construction due to weather or late deliveries.

Sheila and I returned to our house to begin implementing the recommendations Steve had suggested. The house would go on the market the Monday after our wedding. We had already signed the preliminary papers for the house next to Ben and Lisa. I planned to use the insurance money from Gail’s “demise” if I had to support two homes simultaneously. Considering the state of the market in our town that was extremely likely.

I needn’t have worried. Our house was what Steve had called the top of the starter home market. It was a semi-custom home with a number of what would be considered major enhancements in a typical starter. Only the number of bedrooms and their size would reveal its status. A poured-concrete basement virtually assured a dry area, even in our town where wet basements were commonplace. The main floor support was a steel I-beam and the floor joists in the kitchen and bathroom areas were only twelve inches apart instead of the usual sixteen to handle the extra weight of the concrete used to hold the ceramic tiles in place. We had replaced all the windows and rebuilt the chimney in the family room. The in-ground pool made for great fun. Steve had assessed the house while we were in Florida.

Sheila and I were beat when we finally staggered into the living room. I dropped the bags onto the bedroom floor and allowed Sheila to strip me bare. Rather than the shower I led her back outside to the pool. It was dark so our nudity wouldn’t be a concern as long as the lights remained off.

I led her down the steps into the shallow water, falling onto my back while Sheila giggled about her hand on my swiftly engorging cock. She dove under me, surfacing on the other side as she whispered, “I don’t know why we’ve never done it here. I’ve often wondered what it would be like.”

“I’m pretty sure I can help you with that. Why don’t you fall back and place your hands on the side?” She did and I stepped between her legs. Her hot cunt was just above the level of my cock. Warming her up with my finger wasn’t usually necessary, but I had no idea what to expect in the water. No worries, Sheila was as soft and as smooth and as tight as ever. I gripped her hips and pulled her away from the side. “I’m afraid I’ll push your head into the wall,” I whispered as I began to pound her pussy, creating dozens of wavelets on the pool’s tranquil surface.

Sheila and I fucked for almost ten minutes until I noticed she was having trouble keeping her head above water. I reached down to her arms and pulled her vertical. Once she had her arms wrapped around my neck I moved into deeper water, both to support her and to give her more freedom of movement. As hard as I was fucking Sheila she was giving it back to me even harder. Her rapid hip movements drove her clit into me as I felt tiny tremors run up and down her body.

I knew Sheila was getting close and I knew she’d scream into the night unless I covered her mouth with mine. I had just pressed my lips against hers when she shook like a ragdoll in a tornado. She shook for several seconds and when she was done I deposited five huge ropes of semen into her.

She was exhausted--her body molded into mine--as I lifted her from the water and carried her, water dripping from our bodies, back up the steps to the pool deck. Her arms were tight around my neck, matched only by her legs around my waist. My cock was—miraculously—still hard within her folds as I carefully placed her onto the lounge. “Ooooh, Michael,” she whispered. “Please don’t take it out of me. I love when you’re in me.”

“Sorry, Darling, I need to dry us off, but I promise to put it back into you as soon as we’re out of the shower.” Kissing her cheek I backed away to the large locker at the rear of the deck. It was constructed of strong polypropylene and was waterproof, holding many of our cushions in the winter and a host of towels and robes in the summer. With a large towel draped around my shoulders I returned to Sheila to lovingly dry her hair, head, and body. Once I had finished her legs I kissed each toe and carried my love back into the house.

I washed her carefully in the shower, dried her completely, and carried her to bed where I slid between her legs and reentered her in a single thrust. Sheila looked up at me, kissed me several times, and whispered, “I love a man who keeps his promises.” She rolled me over so I was beneath her, pulled the blanket up, and kissed me good night—all with me firmly inside her. Five minutes later she was sound asleep and a few minutes later I joined her.

Of course, I was soft and she had leaked all over me by the time we woke the following morning. It was Thursday—only ten days until our wedding. I had often wondered if the last week would be hectic and crazy. I thought as I lay there that morning that everything was done, but what did I know? I’m a man. All I do is show up and pay for everything. Sure, I’d get a haircut the day before and maybe even a manicure, but my suit, shirt, and the rest were already hanging in the closet in our home office.

I knew that Sheila was a bit “old fashioned” so I wasn’t at all surprised when she told me she’d spend the night before the wedding with Ben and Lisa. “Don’t worry; I’ll make it up to you the next night and for the rest of our lives. Other than the superstition about the groom seeing the bride before the wedding I have a long appointment at the beauty salon early the next morning.”

“That’ll be a waste of time and money,” I told her with a grin.

“Maybe, but I’ll feel much better knowing that I’ll look my best for you, our friends, and the photographer. Don’t you want to show our kids how beautiful I was on our wedding day?”

“Of course, but they’ll see that every day…just as I will.” I knew it was a losing battle so I let it drop.

Doc Tobin’s entire staff and their spouses/dates were attending the wedding so I had decided to close the pharmacy at noon. I’d taken an ad in the last three editions of our local newspaper—a weekly—and had a sign made up for the door that said: We will close at noon on Saturday, September 17th so my staff can celebrate my marriage to Sheila Long. We will reopen at 8:00 Monday morning. I had signed on the bottom.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the days had gone. It was Friday night before I knew it. I had just finished the night deposit when Sheila walked in. She sat on the desk and jumped into my lap when I had turned the chair toward her. “Just think, Michael…this was where it all began.”

“Well, this was where it was confirmed, but it started much earlier, probably right after I hired you. I could see right away what kind of person you were—just the opposite of my blood sucking wife. I looked forward to coming to work every day just so I could be with you. I think even then that I knew I was in love with you. Unfortunately, I was still married to that bitch.” I checked my watch to see it was just after 10:30. “What time are Ben and Lisa picking you up?”

“I told them eleven. You’re thinking ‘why so late,’ aren’t you? I did it so I’d have plenty of time to play with this.” She slid off my lap and pushed my legs apart then opened my belt, pulling my rapidly engorging cock from my boxers. “I just love this thing…almost as much as I love you.” And with that she swallowed me, her lips pressing firmly against my pubic hair.

I watched in amazement as Sheila washed my cock with her tongue as her head bobbed up and down my shaft. We made love every night, but our mating was never boring. I was just as excited now as I had been on our first night—the night we realized that we were totally in love with each other. With Sheila so hard at work I knew I’d never last the half hour she’d allotted. She’d swallowed several times in our previous encounters, but I still felt I had to warn her. “Sheila! I’m….” She was undeterred. If anything she sucked me even harder until my cock gushed cum into her mouth and throat. Looking up into my eyes I thought I could see forever—all the way to the other side of the universe. That’s how far the depth of her love for me extended. I prayed she’d see the same in my eyes.

“I have another overwhelming need right now,” I whispered even though I knew we were completely alone. Standing from the chair I lifted Sheila into a long deep kiss. The presence of my semen in her mouth did nothing to discourage me. It was several minutes later that I placed her carefully on the edge of the desk and knelt slowly before her.

Her slacks and panties were off her legs a moment later and that was the instant that I dove into her cunt. Beginning with the broad of my tongue I licked her sweet organ from her sphincter to her clit. Sheila gasped when my tongue touched her nether hole, exactly as I had hoped, and she groaned in guttural pleasure as her tender tissues reacted to my touch. I washed her naked organ for almost ten minutes before I ventured into her tunnel. Sheila shuddered when the curve of my tongue rubbed her G-spot, but my plans for her had just begun.

I kept at her, rubbing that rough surface over and over until she was shaking, losing control of her body so badly that I had to lay her carefully across the desk to prevent her from injuring herself. I’d eaten Sheila to orgasm before—as often as I could. For one thing I loved her taste. For another, I loved looking at her cute tattoo. Finally, I always wanted to give her as much pleasure as I could, to show her how much I loved her. However, there was one thing I had never done to her and that was going to happen tonight—right now! Reaching up I gripped her big clit between my teeth and sucked it into and through the tiny space between them. The effect was even greater than I could have dreamed. Sheila’s back arched as she screamed, massive convulsions coursing through her body until she fainted from her rapture.

I rose--my face drenched with her ejaculate--and kissed her gently. Holding her carefully to ensure her safety, I pulled my boxers and pants up and fastened my belt. Then I pulled her panties and Capri’s up her legs and over her hips and butt.

Her eyes were still glassy and she was pretty much out of it when I helped her to her feet. I placed her arm around my neck and mine around her waist as I helped her to the front of the store where I set the alarm, locked the door, and pulled down the security curtain. She was so out of it that she never noticed the box I’d held just under the bank bag. I had just finished with the padlocks when Ben and Lisa pulled into the lot. Sheila was still unable to walk on her own so I helped her to their car. “What on earth did you do to this poor woman,” Lisa queried, a big smile plastered across her face.

“It was wonderful,” Sheila sighed as she helped herself to a long deep kiss.

“Sorry, Darling,” I whispered as I broke it a minute later. “You need to get going. We’ve imposed on Ben and Lisa too much as it is.”

“Maybe,” Lisa joked, “but I’d really like to learn some of your secrets. Maybe it’s not too late to teach this old dog a few new tricks.”

I laughed as I closed the door, handing the small gift wrapped box to Lisa. “Please give this to her when she’s a bit more lucid and tell her how much I love her.”

I stood back and watched as Ben drove away. A few minutes later I had made the night deposit and returned to my home—alone for the last night of my life.

I had made myself a drink and was lying in bed unable to sleep. I missed the tender touch of Sheila’s smooth soft skin against mine. The room was dark in preparation for sleep, but even the alcohol wasn’t helping. I was wide awake.

I had just closed my eyes when I heard my cell ring. “What the fuck?” Then I smiled as I read the Caller ID. “Hi.”

“I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“No, I was just dreaming of us being together forever. I miss the gentle touch of your body against mine.”

“Me, too. Lisa gave me your gift when we got to their house. Michael, what am I going to do with you? This is too extravagant.”

“I was kind of hoping they’d go with your dress; you know—something blue and something new.”

“I’ll wear them all right. The whole set is just beautiful. Don’t be surprised if Ben is a little pissed at you tomorrow. Lisa was wondering aloud why she doesn’t get gifts like this. Oh, yeah—she helped me get undressed and showered so she saw my tattoo. She said it was cute.”

“I agree…just like the rest of you. I’m glad you called, but I think we should try to sleep, don’t you?”

“Yeah…I suppose so. Good night, my love. I love you.”

“Good night. I love you, too. I can’t wait until we’re married. I want to be with you forever.” I heard Sheila kiss me over the phone and we ended the call simultaneously. Placing the cell on the table, I closed my eyes and fell immediately into a deep sleep.

I woke around nine and went out to breakfast knowing that the pharmacy was in the capable hands of Steve and Joanne, both of whom had turned out to be excellent additions to my staff. Barney waved as I strolled into his place, taking what months ago used to be my regular stool during my post-Gail and pre-Sheila era. I was seated only a few seconds before Marie brought me a steaming mug of coffee.

Marie had been a year ahead of me in school. She hadn’t been hot—she’d been smokin’—every male student’s wet dream! Marie had dated our all-state quarterback all through high school and the word was that they’d go away to college together and marry as millionaires after graduation when he was selected by some team in the NFL. Talk about plans going up in smoke—Ken Johnson injured his knee the first week of practice and never played even a single down. Hardly a great student, he flunked out midway through his sophomore year, dumped Marie at the same time and disappeared somewhere out west. Marie had returned home, her dreams and life broken until she took a job as a waitress for Barney’s dad.

Barney was about five years older than Marie and had no illusions about college. All he wanted to do was join his dad in the luncheonette. He’d been working here for eight years when his dad died from a massive heart attack while on a three-day bender—one of many. He went to work the next day and had every day since, closing only on the Saturday when he and Marie were married. It wasn’t quite the life that Marie had envisioned for herself, but she got herself a steadfast man who loved her totally. Ken was certainly flashier, but I’d always thought of him as a real self-centered asshole.

“It’s on the house today, Mike. We all wish you and Sheila the best. Truthfully, I like her a lot more than I did Gail.” Then leaning forward she

whispered, “Anyone can see how much she loves you and how much you love her. Want the usual?”

“Sounds good to me…just tell that husband of yours that I don’t want him to burn it like he usually does.”

“Hey…I heard that, asshole.” We all had a good laugh as Barney came out of the kitchen to shake my hand. We hadn’t been close in school—he was six years ahead of me--but had grown closer after I found a real problem with two medications he was taking. Their interaction had been involved in more than a hundred heart attacks. He thought I had saved his life; I thought I was just doing my job. Since then I’d had trouble paying for my meals so I just left Marie extra big tips. I’d do that this morning, too.

Looking around the restaurant I realized that I knew every single person here. When you spend your entire life in a small town it’s not unusual to know virtually everyone who lived there. There were probably fewer than 2,000 people in our immediate area and probably every one used Doc Tobin’s as their pharmacy. The nearest Walgreen’s was more than ten miles away in Riverboro.

Several customers walked up to congratulate me and pat my shoulder. Others called to me from their tables. I acknowledged all with either a “thanks,” or a wave. Most were just a minor distraction, but then I saw Old Man Simon walk up, leaning heavily on his cane as he had done for more than ten years.

Robert Simon and I were well acquainted and had been for years—ever since he began sleeping over at my mom’s apartment. In my younger days I was put to bed on the couch in the tiny living room while he and Mom made the old bed shake and slam into the wall. I frequently wondered what they could have been doing when they should have been sleeping. Mr. Simon’s overnight visits ended when I entered junior high. Then I found evidence—empty whiskey bottles and sometimes even used condoms or their wrappers-- that indicated they were meeting during the day when I was off to school or some weekend activity. Eventually, I just grew to be too big and too strong for him to mess with me without risking potential injury, except that in Simon’s case the injury would have been a certainty. I had little use for the man who had abused my mother then boasted about it to the entire town, indeed to anyone who’d listen.

Simon sat on the adjacent stool, his body crooked and bent. “Hi, Mikey.” I would have preferred to ignore him so I remained silent, turned and smiled. “You sure are marrying a fine woman, Mikey.” I hated being called Mikey, but I wasn’t going to ruin my day by dealing with this asshole. “You know…she always has a kind word and a sweet smile every time I come in. Man—I sure would like to do her.”

My body tensed. Marie and virtually all the patrons had heard the comment from his coarse crude mouth. My eyes were steel grey when I turned on the stool to face this old fool. “Don’t come in again. Go to Walgreens instead. I no longer want your business.”

“But…I don’t have a car.”

“You might have thought about that before shooting off your big stupid mouth. I’m not kidding…I’ll throw your miserable ass out onto the street if I ever see you in the store again. Take the bus to Walgreens. I’ll send your prescription information over there first thing Monday morning.”

“And, while you’re at it,” I heard Barney call from the kitchen, “Get out and don’t ever come in here again. I’ll contact the police if you do.” Simon had a confused and forlorn look on his face as he slowly trudged to the door. He turned around for a second then proceeded out to the sidewalk and the street.

“You didn’t have to do that, Barney,” I told my friend.

“It was overdue, Mike. He was always in here telling outrageous stories about everything he did with your mother. I don’t need that in my place. I have women and children in here all the time. Good riddance to that jerk.” He had a scowl on his face, but broke into an easy laugh and soon enough the entire luncheonette joined him.

The laughter continued until I interrupted, “Remind that daffy husband of yours, Marie--I don’t want my omelet burned.” With that Barney turned to see the smoke pouring from the grill, rolled his eyes in my direction and hustled back through the swinging doors that had graced the establishment for more than thirty years. I couldn’t help myself; I laughed so hard I actually cried. A second later Marie joined me and so did everyone else. Five minutes later I actually got to eat. It was one of the best omelets I’d ever had.

My watch read 10:32 when I drove into the garage. I was pleased to see the caterers setting up the bar and tables and chairs in the back yard. Bob Johnson, himself—the owner of Thor’s and an old friend—was there to supervise. I watched with interest as the canopy that would cover all of us during the party slowly took shape.

I paced back and forth on the patio and the pool deck until Bob called to me. “Damn, Mike—you’re like a cat in a rocking chair factory. I can’t believe you’re so nervous.”

I was laughing when I replied. “No, Bob—I’m not nervous; I’m antsy…impatient. I should never have agreed to the wedding at two. I have nothing to do until 12:30, at the earliest. That’s almost two hours away.”

“C’mon, let’s have a drink. You’re buying!” Then he laughed at his own feeble joke. Bob and I had graduated together, but he was headed to Penn and Wharton. He had earned his MBA just about the same time I had my MS in Pharmacy Science. Now he was one of the area’s most successful entrepreneurs, owning two companies in addition to Thor’s Steakhouse. I gladly joined him for one--and only one--drink. I’d never insult Sheila by showing up drunk for our wedding.

We sat at a table under the canopy enjoying a couple of gin and tonics. He told me about his wedding—how everything that could go wrong did. His bride-to-be was caught in a torrential downpour between the limo and the church, destroying her hair and her dress. Then the caterer failed to provide enough ice for the shrimp and raw oysters. They spoiled in the heat and several guests became ill, even vomiting at their tables. “In spite of all that we’re still together twelve years later and we love each other even more. We looked at the bright side—life had to get better after that. Maybe you should pray for rain.”

“No thanks! I’ll take the beautiful weather; I doubt I could love Sheila any more than I do.” Bob and I chatted as we drank. We were fellow Kiwanians and had served on several committees for the Chamber of Commerce. Bob was now the vice president and was due to become president in another year. He had been trying to convince me to become an officer, but I had demurred. First, I knew I would expand the pharmacy and now I’d have a new bride. We “argued” back and forth until Bob reminded me that I needed to get ready. Checking my watch I was appalled to see the time was 12:59. I turned away from Bob and sprinted into the house.

I was incredibly careful as I shaved, wanting to look perfect. Okay…I’d never look perfect, but I wanted to look my best. Next was the shower where I scrubbed my skin until I couldn’t scrub any more. Once out of the shower I walked naked down the hall to my home office to dress. I was slow and deliberate, but I was still done by 1:30, just in time to take Ben’s phone call. “Hi, Mike—Dad and Mom are on their way and he remembered his bible. Lisa and I will be along with your incredibly beautiful bride in about fifteen minutes. Everything done over there?”

I looked down through the window. “Looks good…Bob has all the furniture off the deck and the velvet ropes leading down to the end. It looks like almost everyone is here. They’re jockeying for position along the ropes. Damn, I hope nobody falls into the pool. Be sure to watch your step from the patio to the deck.” We chatted for a few minutes until I decided I was needed outside.

When Gail and I bought the house there was a concrete patio lined with a red brick border out behind the family room and sliding glass doors. We’d installed the gunite pool after I had taken over Doc Tobin’s and, at the suggestion of the designer, had installed it off to the side of the patio. He had pointed out that it was sixteen inches above the level of the lawn. He installed the pool eight inches higher than the lawn.

The area all around the pool was covered with a thick plastic liner and that was covered with one-inch bluestone and a large deck was constructed over that from a light grey synthetic wood that would last forever. The pool was thirty-six feet long—an oval. The deck was ten feet longer—five feet on each end--and twenty feet wide. The deck was a simple four foot wide walkway on the opposite side.

The plan was for Ben to escort Sheila through the sliding door across the patio and through the lane created by the ropes to the other end of the deck where his father and I waited. Lisa would precede them. The whole ceremony would take about ten minutes and then I could get a much deserved drink—a double, at least. I wasn’t nervous about marrying Sheila, but all the preparations--well--they made me wish we had eloped.

I had just made my way to the back yard when Mr. Petrolla and Ben’s mom, Claudia, strolled through the gate. I shook his hand and hugged Ben’s mom. I’d spent so much time at their house as a kid that she was as close to me as my own mother. Ben’s dad was the father I never had. I often thought he was prouder of my success than he was of his own son’s.

We stood together for several minutes until we heard a commotion in the street. I knew then that my bride had arrived. Mrs. Petrolla kissed my cheek and stepped carefully off the deck as Ben’s dad patted my shoulder. We all faced the sliding doors when they opened and Lisa stepped through, walking slowly toward us. I barely noticed because just seconds later Ben helped Sheila through the doorway. She was unbelievably gorgeous!

Sheila’s hair was twisted into a long French Braid, exposing her graceful neck and showing her necklace and earrings with their diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires exquisitely. Sheila’s full-length gown was a shimmering silver grey that just exposed enough of her cleavage to be sexy, but not cheap or slutty. The bodice was held in place by two spaghetti straps. She wore three-inch heels that exactly matched the dress and were visible only because the thigh-high slit on the side enabled her to take short mincing steps. While the entire package was spectacular, I couldn’t take my eyes off her huge smile or her sparkling eyes.

Ben kissed Sheila’s cheek before passing her hand to me and joining Lisa off to my right. I smiled at my bride as we held hands, intending to never let each other go. I tried to pay attention to Ben’s dad, but I couldn’t. The whole ceremony was a blur, but Ben did produce the rings on schedule and I carefully placed Sheila’s on her finger before she returned the favor. I did remember kissing the bride—did I ever! Sheila swallowed me with her kiss, refusing to let me go for several minutes. Then we were mobbed by our friends, Ben’s family, and my—oops, our—employees. The DJ started the music and we moved down to our seats.

I had just helped Sheila to the chair when I leaned over to kiss her cheek. “You look fantastic…even better than usual. I’d never have dreamed it possible.”

Sheila just smiled and whispered, “I love you, too.” Then she kissed me and I sat. The waitress took our drink orders, returning a few minutes later. I had another gin and tonic; Sheila ordered a Coke; that surprised me. Sheila and I clinked glasses and enjoyed our first drink as husband and wife. We were so into each other that we barely noticed Ben rise for a toast.

“Mike, I know you told everyone—no gifts—but you can’t stop us from giving the two of you our wishes from our hearts…for long and healthy lives together—lives blessed with children and grandchildren galore, for endearing friendships, and for unending love for each other.” He raised his glass and was joined by everyone as they cheered and clapped.

The meal was everything I had hoped it would be—ten ounce prime filets cooked to order, Idaho potatoes baked on the grill in large tubs filled with rock salt, and ears of fresh sweet corn with lots of butter. There were plenty of fresh rolls and cake, ice cream, and cookies for dessert and the booze flowed like water. We all had a wonderful time and, best of all, the guests left at seven and the caterers by eight. I led my wonderful bride inside and up to the bedroom for the beginning of our life together.

I had expected Sheila to go wild once we were alone and naked in bed, but she was surprisingly subdued. “Michael,” she whispered, “I deceived you. I lied. I’m so sorry.”

“What? What’s the matter, Sheila? Whatever it is, I forgive you.”

“I’m glad; I thought you would. Lisa convinced me that I was being silly. I went off my pills more than two months ago.” She paused as her words sunk in then she showed me the home pregnancy test. My eyes were as big as saucers when I read the word “YES.” I looked into her eyes then I grabbed her and rolled her back onto the bed as we kissed and kissed. “Of course, we can still practice.”

“Yes, we can—hopefully every day,” I agreed. And then we had our first , but not our last practice, of the night. We made love over and over using every part of our bodies until the sun rose. Only then did we succumb to sleep.

My clock read 4:02 and the sun was shining brightly so it must have been afternoon when I finally woke. Looking up I saw my wife looking down with a bemused smile spread all across her face. “Hungry Darling,” I asked.

“You’d better believe it. I’ll always be hungry for you.” I rolled my eyes, but, truthfully, I was thrilled. Sharing my love with Sheila was something I’d never tire of and, technically, we were still making up for the night she had stayed with Ben and Lisa. Taking the initiative, Sheila threw her leg over my body and used her abdomen to make me hard, something she’d never found too difficult in the past and didn’t find terribly difficult this afternoon, either.

Leaning down to give me a quick, but wet, kiss her hips rose to engulf me. That heavenly feeling I’d come to love was back in an instant as Sheila rode me—slowly and softly at first, but rapidly accelerating both her pace and the force she used to drive her hot swollen clit into my muscular abdomen. Not only had I lost those extra fifteen pounds since finding Sheila’s love, but she had insisted on my jogging with her every day. I’d had trouble keeping up with her at first, but within two weeks my stamina had returned. We’d eased off as our wedding had approached, but now I was sure we’d be back to six miles each and every day.

Having rutted like animals all night our orgasms were slow to come. Sheila had ridden me for almost twenty glorious minutes before I began to feel the tiny tremors course through her body. They built slowly, but surely, to what I was sure was going to be a REALLY BIG ONE! I had cum four times last night so I knew I was just in it for the ride. I held onto Sheila’s hips for all I was worth until she suddenly stopped. I knew then just how big it was going to be. I pulled her down just as she arched her back and screamed for all she was worth as wave after wave of ecstasy coursed through her body. The scream ended only when she collapsed onto my chest. I gripped her tightly, kissing her cheek and running my fingers through her sweaty hair. Our sexual sweat mingled on my torso even as our combined juices spilled from Sheila, running down my legs to the well-soiled sheets.

We lay there in the bed—the sheets coated with our fluids—for almost an hour until Sheila laughed at my growling stomach. We left the bed for later as I pulled Sheila toward the tiny shower. We laughed and laughed as we ran the frothy soap over each other’s body. An hour later we were dry and dressed and in my car en route to Thor’s, this time for some of those two and three-pound lobsters in their tank. Bob greeted us at the door and led us to a table out on the deck.

“Boy…do you two look happy…and tired,” he said with a laugh.

“Bob, old buddy, I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been floating on air since about 7:30 last night when Sheila told me she was expecting. I don’t know how to express how I feel. You know I wanted a family with Gail, but she always had some kind of excuse to delay. Now she’s gone and I feel so blessed to have Sheila. Even better, she wants a big family. We’re moving soon—right next to Ben and Lisa.”

“You’ll be fine; just don’t go out and buy some roosters. I laughed like crazy when Ben told me that story.”

“Somehow, I suspect you saw something in it that he didn’t.”

“I always think it’s hilarious when people have to get up at 5:00 a.m. for no good reason.”

“Don’t you get up that early?”

“Sure, but I have a good reason. When’s the last time you heard of some high-priced lawyer getting up at that hour. Even his dad laughed when he heard the story. Listen, your drinks are on the house. What are you having?” Just as we did last night I ordered a gin and tonic; Sheila had a Coke.

The meal was fantastic; I love whole Maine lobster steamed until tender. Even better, Bob sprung for the whole meal, reminding us that Robert was a great name for a kid.”

“Sorry, it’s going to be a girl.”


“Bob…no meal on earth is worth that much.” I hugged my friend, thanked him for everything, and returned home with my bride. On the way out of Thor’s she reminded Bob that we had “important business” to conduct. Bob laughed so hard he actually fell to the floor.


Monday morning began early, but not at five--thank God! Sheila had taken care of business for hours after leaving Thor’s. We hadn’t stopped to sleep until well after one. We moved all our valuables to my safe. It was relatively heavy-duty for a home safe and it was bolted through the floor to a two-by-eight nailed between the floor joists. We waited for the professional cleaners to arrive then we went out to breakfast. Steve phoned me at work to tell me that he had several families interested and would show the house to the first on Tuesday morning. I put it out of my mind. All Sheila and I would have to do was make the bed tomorrow morning and tidy up the bathroom. People knew we were living there so they should expect to see signs that we were.

I was on the store floor around four Tuesday afternoon when a family of four entered. The parents looked to be in their mid to late thirties and their two boys looked to be around twelve and eight. I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation while I was checking our shelf stock of cold remedies.

“I really liked that house, Jeff. The boys would love having that pool and the schools here are supposed to be pretty good.”

“I liked it, too, Sandy, but the guy wants 340. There’s no way we can go over 300 unless you could get a job and who’s going to hire you when you have to get the kids off to school every day. I don’t want them coming home to an empty house every day. I’d rather do without.” I looked at them more closely, especially at the mother. Her makeup was just perfect. I doubted I’d ever seen any woman do a better job. Sheila barely used anything even though I’d give it to her free. A dab of pink lip gloss and maybe a touch of eye liner and Sheila was done. Of course, she had exceptional skin with thousands of cute little freckles that I just loved. I put their conversation out of my mind and made a note on my pad of what we needed to order.

I took Sheila out to dinner and had an idea while we were waiting for our order. Sheila listened carefully, but told me, “It’s your house. Do what you think best.”

“It may be in my name, but it’s as much yours as it is mine and I value your opinion.”

“Okay, then--I think it’s a good idea. Phone Steve in the morning and see if they were the family he showed the house to.” She leaned over to kiss me just as our salads were placed on the table. Our waitress grinned. She’d gone to school with me, too.

I phoned Steve at nine and spoke to him for a few minutes. He confirmed that the family in my store was the one he’d shown the house to. “They loved it, especially the boys, but I knew it was too much for them. They’re people who have their heads on straight. They won’t go underwater on something they can’t afford.”

“Suppose I could….” He laughed and I asked him to set up a meeting for Saturday morning at ten. He phoned back an hour later to confirm. Sheila and I were in his conference room when he escorted the Garcia’s into the room. I spoke once we were introduced and seated.

“I’d be willing to come down to 320. I understand that’s more than you can afford, but I’d like to ask Mrs. Garcia a question: Your makeup looks to be professionally applied. Do you have experience in cosmetology?”

“Actually, I do. I have a license in Indiana and planned to work after Jeff and I were married, but we had a little surprise so I never did. I doubt I could find someone to hire me with the kids’ school schedule. Danny, our younger son, has some medical problems so I have to take him to the doctor almost every week.”

“I think that finding an employer will be easier than you think. You were in my store Tuesday afternoon.”

“I thought you looked familiar.”

“Yes, I own Doc Tobin’s…well--Sheila and I were married on Saturday so she owns it now, too. You could see our new building next door. Come December we’ll be more than twice as big as we are now. I want to expand all of our departments, but especially the cosmetics. Now…I readily admit that I know absolutely nothing about the field. I’d be willing to hire you at a flexible schedule. You’ll work the floor until the new store opens. Then I’ll want you in cosmetics. I’d like to offer those demos the big department stores offer. I think it will be a big draw. You can work with the architect and Sheila to help with the design of the department, too.

“I’ll pay you $10.00 an hour for now and once the new store opens I’ll raise you to twelve. I’ll give you a $20,000 mortgage for ten years at zero percent interest. You’ll have to work a full day on Saturday—that’s our biggest day so you’ll have one day during the week off and more if you need it to take care of your son. You can start after your boys are in school and quit in time to be home when they return. As I said, I’m willing to be very flexible with your schedule. I’ll speak with our accountant to see if I can take an agreed amount out pre-tax, but either way you should easily be able to afford the $2,000 a year that the mortgage will cost.” I stopped there to see if there were any questions. I knew I’d have a few.

“Would you advertise, you know…about the service?”

“Yeah, in our local weekly, but more importantly, I have twenty-one employees of which eighteen are women. Maybe we’ll give the service to them first. You know how women talk.” Jeff Garcia chuckled, but Sheila gave me an elbow to the ribs.

“I’d be able to start after the boys are in school and I’d be home before them?”

“Absolutely! Would you need benefits?”

“No…Jeff’s job has everything except dental.”

“I can offer you family dental after ninety days. I have some booklets in my office I could share with you if you’re interested.”

“May I ask why you’re doing this?”

“Sheila and I were married last Saturday. She wants a big family and we’re already in contract for another house. We want to move in as quickly as possible and if you buy this house I’ll be able to save the expenses on it. It’ll be good for both of us. I could have the house on the market for a year or more. Incidentally, the schools here are great. Steve and I are both graduates and so are most of my employees. In fact, almost everyone here in town is local. It’s a great place to live. That’s why we tend to stay here as opposed to moving away.”

“How many female employees did you say you have?”


The Garcia’s looked at each other and nodded. “Make that nineteen. You can call me Sandy.” We rose, shook hands, and Steve told us he’d put the paperwork together for both mortgages. Jeff Garcia wrote a check for $1,000 as a binder. We shook hands again and left, Sheila and Sandy chatting away like old friends. They made an appointment for Monday morning to handle all the employment paperwork. Sandy could start at any time; they’d arrange for that, too.

I had just parked the car in our lot when Sheila leaned across the console to kiss me. “You’re such a good man. No wonder I love you so much. You’re going to be a wonderful father.” Then she kissed me again. I didn’t object at all.

Sandy Garcia began work the following Wednesday. I was glad that Sheila had remembered to tell her to bring her birth certificate. The federal government was really cracking down on hiring of illegal immigrants. I knew of several farms and golf courses that had lost more than half of their employees. There had been a presentation by someone from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at one of the Chamber of Commerce meetings. He explained the law which some members seemed to ignore, but there was no ignoring when he explained the fines involved.

Sheila and the other floor employees helped Sandy get acclimated. She had an extremely positive outlook and was helpful to customers even when she had no idea where the item was. She explained that she was new and that was all the customer had to hear. She spent most of her time in our small cosmetics department, bringing a rather lengthy list of suggestions to my attention a week later. She suggested that we contact several manufacturers—Estee Lauder, Paul Mitchell, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, and Dior.

“They’ll be thrilled to get into this market. The nearest mall with a high-end department store is more than twenty-five miles away. You must have thousands of regular customers here. Not only will they give you plenty of samples for me to use, but they’ll gladly provide their own display shelving—all designed to showcase their products. Chanel and Dior are strictly for people with lots of money or husbands who need a nice gift for their wives. The others—Estee Lauder, Paul Mitchell, and Elizabeth Arden—are more mid-range in price and they’ll give the customers a good range of products.”

I looked at Sheila and back at Sandy before speaking, “Sounds good—work with Sheila. Whatever she says is okay with me. I think you should meet with the architect. You’ll need a work space and maybe some special lighting. What about some seating for the women?”

“Trust me—we’ll have plenty from the cosmetics companies and when you have your grand opening we’ll have thousands of dollars worth of giveaways. This is a highly competitive field. You’ll see.” I thanked her for her time and told her I was moving her up to $12.00 effective immediately. I thought she was doing a great job. Sheila agreed completely.

Later that day Sheila and I went for her first appointment with her OG/GYN. Even though I work in the medical field I hate going to the doctor myself. For one thing I can’t stand all the waiting. I suppose there can be an emergency from time to time, but some of these doctors must have one after another. They’re always thirty or forty minutes late, at least.

I held the door for Sheila and had just turned around when I saw Amy Sheridan. She smiled and waved. I sat next to her while Sheila signed in. “Michael, I’m so glad to see you. I really need to thank you for the information on Paul’s death. It’s taken a while, but the insurance company has just paid me…thank God. I just paid off the mortgage and I’ll have more than enough to cover the boys’ college education. Most importantly, I can move on with my life.”

Amy’s voice was almost a whisper as she continued. ‘Do you know if Paul was involved in anything illegal?” I responded with a questioning look as Sheila sat beside me. “I was going through his things about a week ago, getting them ready to go to Goodwill. I found a loose piece of molding in the back of his closet. When I pulled it off there was a big stack of hundred dollar bills. I can’t imagine any legitimate reason for hiding money like that.”

I looked to Sheila before answering. “I can’t talk about it here, Amy, but I do know something. I don’t have firsthand knowledge, but that ambassador I told you about shared some information. We’re going back to the store when Sheila’s finished here. Why don’t you come by and we can talk?” She agreed just before being called by one of the nurses.

“Are you really going to tell her?”

“I think she already knows, Sheila. I’ll just confirm it. Amy’s a very smart woman and, obviously much too good for an asshole like Paul.” Sheila took my hand as we waited. She was shown to an exam room about twenty minutes later, but that didn’t mean the waiting was over.

Her vitals were taken and she was given one of those horrible gowns. I couldn’t resist a chuckle. “We should get some of these things then I can get a good peek at that sexy ass of yours.”

“Why waste money? I’m almost always naked when I’m with you. One of these days I’ll trip you up and wear a nightgown to bed.”

“The hell you will,” I whispered, a huge grin plastered across my face.

“You’ve got a deal. I like the feeling of your hairy chest rubbing against my tits and that hard thing that’s always poking in my butt crack—I really love that!”

A second later we were interrupted by the nurse. She handed Sheila three different home pregnancy tests and pointed her to the lavatory across the hall. Sheila put a little extra wiggle into her ass as she left the room, turning her head to blow me a kiss. Less than five minutes later she returned with the biggest, goofiest, shit-eatingest grin I’d ever seen as she held the three “YES” responses out for me to see. I pulled her to me, sliding my hands under the gown and up and down her slender body.

Unfortunately, I had just run my hands over her tight butt when we were interrupted. “No groping the patients, Mike, even if it is your wife.”

I was red-faced when I backed away. “Sorry, Carla,” I said to Dr. O’Connor as she entered.

“Well, I’m not,” Sheila retorted with a chuckle.

I’d known both Carla and her hubby Tim in school and through both the Kiwanis and Chamber of Commerce, as well. Sheila had come to her three years ago, shortly after becoming my employee. “I assume that was the news you were hoping for.” Taking the test sticks from Sheila, she continued, “I guess it was, but let’s take a blood sample to make absolutely certain.” Sheila turned her head as Dr. O’Connor swabbed her arm and carefully inserted the needle. A minute later Sheila’s arm was bandaged.

“We should assume that the EPT’s are correct. They usually have a 97% accuracy factor. I have some info here for you about diet and exercise. Of course--no alcohol and no smoking. You can continue regular intercourse as long as you’re comfortable, but looking at you now, Sheila, I think you might have to stop sometime in your seventh month. You have narrow hips and that’s a big factor. I’m sure you’ll find other creative ways to deal with Mike’s horniness. I’ll phone you at the pharmacy in a few days with the results. Congratulations!” She shook my hand and hugged Sheila as she began to leave. “Okay, Mike—you can do a little groping before you leave.” I’m no dope. My hands were all over Sheila’s ass almost immediately. She laughed, whispered how much she loved me before pulling me into a long loving kiss. She dressed (unfortunately) and we were back in the store ten minutes later.

Amy was waiting for us so we led her to my office and locked the door. I had her sit in the visitor’s chair while Sheila took my desk chair. I knelt in front of Amy and took her small hands in mine. “I had hoped to spare you this, Amy. God knows you don’t deserve anything like this kind of treatment.” I could see the tension in her face and tiny droplets form at the corners of her eyes. “That ‘ambassador’ I told you about was, in fact, an international criminal.”

Amy gasped—her body shook—in anticipation of what I was about to say next. “He really came here to collect drug money Paul had swindled from him. According to him Paul had been hired to manufacture methamphetamine and refine heroin to be shipped to him for sale in South America. I suspect the money you found was part of his illicit earnings. The swindled money amounted to more than twenty million if that man is to be believed.”

“So that’s why he wanted to buy your pharmacy! I’ll bet he needed it to launder all that money.” I cast a knowing glance at Sheila.

“I suspect you’re right, Amy. I never could figure out how he could afford to buy it.”

“Thanks for trying to shield me, Mike, but I’m glad I know the truth. I’ve had a few dating opportunities, but I turned them down out of respect for Paul’s memory. That’ll never happen again—neither losing the opportunities nor respecting his memory. I wonder what I should do about that money.”

“Since you found it in your house it should be yours, but I think you should pay taxes on it. If anyone asks you can tell them the truth—it’s money your husband earned, but apparently did not pay taxes on. You found it in his effects and a check of your returns indicated that it hadn’t been declared.”

“You’re a genius, Mike!”

“Hardly; I recall that you were our class valedictorian.”

“Yeah…a lot of good that did me; I wound up with that loser Paul. Well, at least I’m getting a second chance now and I don’t plan on wasting any more time. Thanks so much. You’re a lucky woman, Sheila. Hold on to this one; he’s a keeper.”

“Thanks, Amy…I already knew that.” Amy hugged me then turned to leave. Sheila spoke again once Amy was gone. “I thought you handled that extremely well.”

“No…she was the one who did the handling. Amy wasn’t just valedictorian, she was a certified genius. She went to Princeton on a full scholarship. I think I heard she majored in math.”

“Wow! I guess you were right; she had it all figured out—just needed you to confirm the details.”

I wasn’t listening. I had something more important to do. Holding Sheila as tightly as I had our first time together I kissed her tenderly then whispered, “I love you, Mom.” She kissed me again and we returned to work.


We moved into the Grissom home a month later, having our old place professionally cleaned once it was empty, but first I convinced Sheila that we needed a new bedroom set. This would be “our” home. We both wanted to leave Gail as far behind us as humanly possible. Eventually, we’d replace everything right down to the plates, tableware, and even the pots and pans. First on our list was the place where we spent the majority of our most intimate moments.

We had a couple of furniture stores in our area, but…. Yeah, that’s right—their selection just sucked. The stuff—all of it—was cheap and looked it. We took an entire weekend in mid-October to travel to our nearest city where the prices would be somewhat higher, but we hoped to find some things with both better styling and quality.

We were in a big showroom Saturday morning when Sheila backed into my hand. I excused myself thinking it was my fault. It happened again a little later, but when it happened a third time I opened my hand and rubbed it up and down her sweet butt. “It’s about time you took notice.”

“I noticed; I always notice. I just didn’t want to embarrass you. See that guy over there. He’s practically drooling watching my hand on your ass.”

“You’ll have something else there later if you play your cards right.” She backed up a bit further to cup my package with her hand--the one that couldn’t be seen. “Ooh, I see you’re in much better condition than the last time I offered it to you.”

“That’s true,” I whispered, “but the circumstances aren’t any better. I assume you’ll still be in the mood later…after we’ve taken care of business.”

Sheila laughed. “Interesting choice of terms, Darling, but you’re right--we have a lot of shopping to do.” She was right and I hated shopping, but Sheila already knew that and she was doing her best to inspire me. We were in our third store when we finally found a bedroom set we both loved. I laughed when the asshole salesman told me it was solid Brazilian rosewood. No furniture at any price is solid rosewood or walnut, or even maple. Every manufacturer uses veneer, not only for cost effectiveness, but to increase strength and reduce the possibility of warping. This set had a triple dresser for Sheila to hold all the clothes I was going to buy to spoil her and an armoire for me. Best of all was the sleigh bed with the high head and footboards. “Just imagine your feet pressed against that big heavy footboard and your hands under my shoulders. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”

I patted her butt and led her away to check out some dining room sets. Our new home had a huge dining room, one that would dwarf our existing set. I knew that Sheila wanted to entertain so an upgrade there was sorely needed. Our final purchase would be furniture for our precious new addition. We finished around five and I was beat. No—I wasn’t that beat; I still ha+d plenty of energy to tap my wife’s sweet ass. Afterward, however, I’d probably sleep straight through the night.

During the afternoon the weather had turned to shit. The rain fell so hard and the wind was so strong that I could barely see through the windshield. We decided to stay overnight rather than try to drive the fifty-plus miles home. Sheila laughed when I ran back to the car from the motel office. I was soaked. The seconds we took from the car to the room only made me worse. Sheila stripped the sodden clothes from my body. Shaking her head and laughing, she said, “The things you’ll do to get naked with me.”

“Yeah…doesn’t take much to get me going, does it?” Sheila grabbed a towel and used it to dry my head and hair while I pulled her clothes off, dropping them onto the tiled bathroom floor. Seconds later we were warming each other under the blankets. I held my wonderful wife, hugging and kissing her for almost thirty minutes as I told her over and over how much I loved her.

Sheila broke away from me, reached into her purse, and returned a few seconds later with a bottle of lube. “I’ve never done this, Michael, but I trust you not to hurt me.”

I had to laugh. “I’m glad you trust me, but you should know I’ve never done it either.”

“Haven’t you seen it in porn?”

“Sure, who hasn’t--but from what I’ve read that’s phony--after all, how would it look if the guy withdrew and it was covered in…well, you get the idea. I heard on TV that they all have enemas the day before and don’t eat anything until they’re finished shooting plus they stretch out their asses before they begin with butt plugs or vibrators that are covered with lube. I’m pretty sure you’d want to kill me if I just forced it in like they do in those porn flicks.”

“Well…I still want it and I still trust you.” Damn, but I loved this woman. We talked about the ways—missionary, doggie, and cowgirl—even though I was pretty sure we could come up with others once we had a little experience. The last thing I told her was that I would never hurt her and if I saw any signs of pain that was it—we were done.

I placed a pillow under her hips and raised her legs to my shoulders. Then I used the lube on her butt. I pushed a finger in as I tried my rigid cock in her slit. I needn’t have worried. There was a flood of juice pouring from her pussy. Sheila handled my first finger well, but winced sharply when I tried to add a second. That was the end of that. The idea of anal sex had a certain appeal; hurting my wife—the mother of our future family—did not. I kissed her tear away then lifted her feet to my shoulders. I was pounding her sweet kitty when I leaned down for a long loving kiss. Sheila and I had made love like this before and I knew how much she loved it. Not only could I easily reach her swollen clit, but at this angle I’d rub her G-spot with every thrust.

It wasn’t long before Sheila was shaking. Her scream vanished into my mouth as she came and came and came. Wave after wave of orgasmic rapture rolled through her body until, at last, with a mighty sigh, it ended. Sheila’s body was totally and completely at ease.

I released her legs and slowed my movements, saving myself for when she could and would respond. It was some twenty minutes later when I heard Sheila. “No wonder I love you so much. That was just incredible. My…it…oh God, it just went on and on and on.” Sheila noticed for the first time that I was still moving within her. “Michael…you mean, you didn’t?”

“Not yet, my love, but I didn’t mind waiting for you. It gave me an opportunity to look down and see just how beautiful you are and to recognize just how much I love you. I’d be dead without you.” We made love again. It was slow and beautiful and showed our love for each other. It was one of those rare times when we came at the exact same instant in time. I looked into Sheila’s eyes and she looked into mine. We could see forever—all the way to the other side of the universe, almost to the boundaries of our love for each other.

Sheila reached up to kiss me again then she asked, “Are you going to give up so easily?”

“Yes…having anal sex would be nice, but not at the expense of your pain. I’m not doing it again.”

“I think you will, but next time I’ll be more ready for you.” I leaned back, giving her an inquiring look, but she merely laughed and hugged me. “Why don’t we rest after all that horrible shopping? Hopefully the rain will stop so we can go out for dinner.” She pulled me down and a second later she had the blanket over me.

We slept for an hour and the rain, if anything, was even harder than it had been earlier. Sheila checked out some advertising info on the room’s tiny table and suggested we arrange for pizza delivery. It came with a two-liter bottle of Pepsi thirty minutes later. Fortunately, I had been able to reach the ice machine without drowning. We returned to our home the following morning.

Sheila was home with Lisa and Ben a week later when our furniture was delivered. “Damn, Sheila,” Ben exclaimed, “that’s just about the biggest dining room table I’ve ever seen.”

“Maybe, but look at this room--it’s bigger than our old living room. Our old table looked lost in here. The Salvation Army came by yesterday for that and some other stuff.”

“Well, I think the house is going to be beautiful. I will miss your pool. We had some great times there.”

“You’re going to have them again, Lisa. Michael is looking over some designs next weekend. Apparently, winter is a great time to have a pool installed. Michael promises it will be even better than the old one.” They chatted until the delivery men were done then Sheila joined me at the store. I was putting the final touches on an ad for our local paper when she joined me. Our new building was almost done and I wanted some temporary help to move all our goods into the new store.

I hired ten high school students—seven boys and three girls. They did everything in a week, working after school and evenings. Sandy had been right about the cosmetics companies. We had thousands of dollars in merchandise to give away during our grand opening. Their displays were incredible. The sales representatives even placed the jars and bottles onto their appropriate shelves.

Everything was ready to go the weekend before Thanksgiving. I closed the old store Friday night ready for what I called “Black Friday Week.” Everything other than prescription medications would be on sale with heavy discounts when we opened on Saturday morning. As promised, I did advertise Sandy’s makeovers although it wasn’t necessary. The women on my staff were so excited they’d spread the word almost everywhere. I expected a line, but I had promised Sheila that she would be first.

I’d gotten home late that night. Sheila had asked if she could leave earlier and, of course, I had agreed. Once in the door I had gone directly to the refrigerator for a can of ginger ale. While there I noticed a rather large cucumber which I thought was strange since we didn’t have any other salad veggies. I closed the refrigerator door and called upstairs to Sheila. “What’s with this cucumber, Sheila?”

“Oh God…that’s not for eating, Sweetie. Just leave it there and hurry upstairs. I have a nice surprise for you.” I took the stairs two at a time and turned into our bedroom where Sheila was waiting for me completely naked.

“Hmmm,” I commented. “I just love your outfit.”

“I’m glad; now I want you to join me.” She placed me carefully on the bed—our new sleigh bed—and climbed over my body. I wasn’t surprised when she straddled me, but I was shocked when she guided me not to her pussy, but to her ass.

Sheila grinned wildly as I slid easily into her hole. I understood now why she wanted the time off. “I cleaned myself especially for you and I stretched my muscles using that cucumber which is why we won’t be eating it. I had a lot of trouble finding one that was just right—narrow at one end and thick at the other so I’m all lubed up for you and ready to go.” She moved down to kiss me and, as she did, lowered herself onto my cock which was never harder.

Sheila’s pussy was tight, but her ass was like a vise, squeezing and compressing something I had never thought could be so compressed. The sensations were exquisite. Unlike Sheila’s pussy which squeezed my entire cock, fucking her anus was pushing and pulling through a tight doughnut of stubborn muscle. The anus was, I knew, one of the strongest muscles in the human body. I also knew that there were more nerve endings there than in her vagina, by far.

Looking up into Sheila’s eyes told me just how much she was enjoying it—just as much as I was. I also learned that she was just as close to a mammoth orgasm as I was. I helped her along by pinching her clit. Doing that threw her over the edge into the abyss. Her body seemed to explode in ecstasy as she tumbled through space. I helped her on her journey by driving myself deeply into her bowel with every thrust, finally filling her with my cream. Her peak was punctuated by a long unearthly scream that ended only when I covered her mouth with mine and pulled her down to my chest. We lay there together as one, breathing in rhythm until my soft gooey cock slipped from her body.

My reverie was interrupted when Sheila whispered, “I didn’t cook anything. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not,” I chuckled. “Chinese or pizza?”

“Pizza, I think—the usual.” I struggled to reach the phone, hit the number on speed dial, and asked for delivery. Sheila pulled me to the shower once I was done.

The water poured over us when she spoke next. “I think you enjoyed my surprise.”

“I did, but why put the cucumber back into the refrigerator?”

“In case we wanted to use it again.” I was washing her breasts when I explained that I loved it, but I wouldn’t want it every day or even every week. Sheila nodded her agreement as we walked together from the shower.

We had loved being in the tiny shower together, but we had discussed our concerns about sharing while she was pregnant. Our new shower was bigger—roomier—and safer, with handrails on the walls. Not only could we wash each other, but the shower was perfect for giving oral or even fucking if Sheila bends over and holds the rail for support. I wouldn’t say we bought the house because of the shower, but it was certainly a major consideration. We didn’t make love that night—the anal had worn us out, but we did enjoy holding each other under the hot spray before climbing arm in arm into our bed.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went to open the store at 8:00 Saturday morning. There must have been fifty people waiting and they were all women. I unlocked the door and stepped back quickly as they virtually ran to the new cosmetics department. We had cut a bit off the other aisles on that side of the store so we could have a ten-foot wide aisle in cosmetics. It proved to be a good decision. I moved sixteen folding chairs from the shelves to this aisle to accommodate the women there. Of course, the first in line complained, “I was in here first. How come she can cut the line?”

“Basically, Ma’am, because she and her husband own the store, but I promise you’ll be next. I think you’ll learn a lot while I deal with her,” was Sandy’s reply then she went to work on Sheila’s face. It was like a mini-classroom with Sandy explaining to the women what she was doing and why. She spent a few minutes suggesting which products were appropriate and the rationale for her choices. Several women had questions which she answered clearly for everyone. One of the best I thought was, “What’s the best way to clean my face?” Sandi’s answer saw more than thirty jars fly from the shelves.

Sandy was on her third candidate when her husband Jeff walked in, standing right next to me as I closely watched his wife. “You’re a lucky man, Jeff. She truly is an incredible woman.”

“Yeah…thanks; she thinks highly of Sheila, too.”

“Tell her I’m giving her another raise.” I did, raising her to $15 an hour." We sold more cosmetics that morning than we had in the previous two months. As the week progressed we almost sold out of the high-end cosmetics and gave away every single freebie we’d been given.

I was pretty much whipped when Sheila came to my new office at 10:30 that evening. “I really like what Sandy did to you…your eyebrows, especially. What did she do with your cheekbones?”

“You know I don’t use much, but I agree. Using those brushes to blend the highlighter with my skin was a great idea. I bought a set of those brushes, by the way. I would never have chosen this shade of lipstick, but it does look great on me and I bought some of that ‘White Linen,’ too.” I had to agree; I thought she looked and smelled great, and by leaning across the desk for a long deep kiss I proved it. We were out the door en route to the bank and our new home ten minutes later.

The whole week was crazy. Sandy kept extremely busy, but Sheila and I made sure that she had plenty of breaks and took every opportunity to get off her feet. Luckily, the week was broken by Sunday and Thanksgiving. As busy as she was Sandy told us every day how much she loved and appreciated her job. She and Sheila became fast friends and I enjoyed Jeff’s company, too. Jeff was an Air Force veteran. It was in the Air Force that he learned to be an aircraft mechanic. He was employed now doing jet engine maintenance and repair for most of the major airlines through an independent contractor.

Sheila and I spent Thanksgiving with Ben’s parents and with Ben and Lisa. My mother had never done anything special for Thanksgiving so I had always been invited to spend the day with Ben and his family. His mom was a great cook and an even better hostess. We brought a bottle of Drambuie. It was Ben’s dad’s favorite. We finished the sale of our old house to Jeff and Sandy that Saturday and I gave her the week off to manage moving in. Some of the women who stopped by were disappointed so I gave them coupons for ten percent off as compensation. I’d still make money on the sale. The mark-up on those items was more than one hundred percent, but I couldn’t bring myself to charge those ridiculous prices. My customers were my friends, my classmates, my neighbors.

We held Doc Tobin’s annual Holiday Party the second Sunday of December at our new home. We always invited all our employees, their spouses or boy/girlfriends, and their children. Ben and Lisa, Bob Johnson and his wife, and Amy Sheridan and her boys were also invited. Amy asked if she could bring a date and, of course, we agreed. I was surprised when she showed up with our new middle school principal, Phil Jordan, a widower.

One of the highlights of our home was the living room which had a sixteen-foot high cathedral ceiling. It had taken a lot of searching, but we had eventually found a twelve-foot high artificial tree and a huge wreath that we placed over our stone fireplace. Our dining room table—big enough to seat ten comfortably—was the site of our buffet. The sideboard held our bar--coolers below were filled with beer and soda. I always made the first drink. After that, it was serve yourself.

I thought the party was great. We had fifty-two adults and almost as many kids. We welcomed our first guests at two that Sunday afternoon and showed many of them throughout the house except for one room which was locked. Sheila would talk about that later.

We began with hors d’oeuvres, chips with salsa, and extra-large boiled shrimp and devilled eggs. They were moved to the kitchen table at six when Lisa and Sheila set up for dinner. I had sliced a whole Virginia ham and a roasted turkey, complete with stuffing. Ben’s mom was kind enough to share her recipe with Sheila. We helped the kids to eat first then the adults dug in.

I had just helped myself to the last remnants of a drumstick when Jeff and Sandy approached. “This is a great party, Michael. I can’t believe you and Sheila went to all this trouble.”

“It was no trouble, Sandy, and I can’t really take credit for the idea. You never met Doc Tobin. He was one-of-a-kind. He and his wife were unable to have children so his employees became his family. I know because I was one of them. He took better care of me than my own mother. There’s more to come—my favorite part—after dinner.”

Once the plastic plates and cups were safely in trash bags in the garage and the leftovers were safely in the refrigerator I brought out three big bags of gifts—one for pre-schoolers, one for elementary school kids, and one for teenagers. “Okay, kids,” I began. Once I had explained the three piles I continued. Mostly this was for Sandy’s two boys. The others had done this before. “Reach into this hat and pick a number then you’ll each come up to select one of the gifts from Santa. It was so funny watching the children come forward when their number was called to pick a present. Some were very decisive while others seemed to agonize over their pick. Mostly, the gifts were small electronics items valued at about $30.00 each.

Once they were done and the gifts opened, Sheila and I took the floor. “I want to thank each of you employees for doing such a great job over the past year. I thought we’d have a terrible time transitioning to the new building, but thanks to you it went great. Sandy, we want to welcome you aboard.”

“I think you already know about my Christmas present,” Sheila began. “I was able to marry the man I’ve loved for years. That should have been enough, but Michael also gave me something I’ve always wanted.”

“Yeah, it was hard odious work.”

Sheila elbowed me, but with a huge smile. She patted her belly then kissed me. “Yup, I’m pregnant!” Everyone applauded and many came to shake my hand or hug Sheila. Ben and Lisa were last and I heard her whisper to Sheila, “So am I.” We hugged and kissed Lisa and Ben then joined our guests as I broke out some cordials for the annual toast.

“To all of us and another wonderful year together; thanks Doc—we could never have done it without you!” I meant every word. I prayed that Doc Tobin would be proud of me and what I’d accomplished. Doc Tobin’s was a model business. Sheila wrapped her arm around me and we looked again into each other’s eyes. Yes, indeed; I could see all the way into her soul—all the way to the depths of her love for me. That was the best present I could ever receive.

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