Impregnating Samantha by horny+fox

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I was at my ranch south of Dallas, I led a big, well-seasoned bull into the stall and placed him with a very pretty little heifer. In human terms, she would have been young enough to be his offspring. But she was built sturdy, and he raised up and took her immediately. The sound of a bull taking a young heifer, who has never mated before, is distinctive. The ovulating heifer bellowed in pain from carrying the weight of a humping bull. I could tell from all the noise that the animals were mating. The smell of animal sex filled the air. It reeked in the barn. There was a fourth clean stall in between the horses that was clean but empty. In fact, it had freshly-cut hay in it. While I was waiting for the animals to finish, it dawned on me that it is about the right time of month for a former lover and she is not on birth control. Samantha got married three months ago, her husband found out his weak sperm production prevents him from impregnating Samantha. They confided in me and I agreed to impregnate Samantha. Samantha is a small petite 29 year old woman. She is 5 ft. tall with a hot sexy body and weighs 115 pounds. My previous relationship with Samantha influenced my decision to impregnate her. Fucking her previously was great, her vagina is small and very tight.

Samantha was spending the week with me so we had as many opportunities as possible for sex. As my lover she had difficulty having sex with me more then once. I walk up next to Samantha. She is distracted listening to the animals. I can tell she is completely absorbed with watching the animals and listening to what they were doing. But my mind is not on the animals. I look at her hair, then I glance down at her tight ass. I didn't hesitate, I begin unbuttoning her blouse. At first she looks at me kinda funny, she knew right away what I'm doing--and figured out why. She definitely got into it. I simply undid the buttons on her blouse and undid the snap on her blue jeans. Then I just sort of pulled her clothes off, getting her naked. I led her into the clean stall, easing her down onto the fresh hay. I quickly took off my clothes. I kiss her long and deep. Samantha suddenly gasps seeing my monster cock, I'm atleast twice the length and thickness of her husband. Her eyes took this in and her mind told her about sex with me previously. " NOOOO, NOOOO," Samantha cried out her fears as I hovered above her, looking down at her. Samantha biting her lip and with tears flowing down her face, " Please...John be gentle." " Samantha, relax...try not to fight." Before Samantha can reply, I'm stroking her body and kiss her neck. Then she feels me sucking her nipples, Samantha cringes. " STOP...DON'T DO THIS...John...I'M MARRIED...STOP...PLEASE STOP!"

I grab her hair and pull her face towards me, not hard or rough, but to let her understand who is in charge. " Now you want to get pregnant and agreed to have me impregnate you. You are going to be fucked...I'm going to enjoy you for the next several hours...If necessary for the week...Make up your mind - now." " I won't fight you." Before the words have hardly left her mouth I'm again molesting her. I move down and use my face to push her legs apart and begin to lick her pussy. She feels me move up over her and my cock rubbing across the lips of her pussy. " John, please be gentle," Samantha cried out. She feels me reach between our bodies, she knew I'm going to place the cock head at the entrance of her pussy. Then she feels it parting the lips of her pussy and she feels how much

larger it is than her husband's. Pushing into her pussy, she feels the large cock head stretching her open, she knew

a moment of fear. Samantha is panting trying to relax, she remembers when we were seeing each other how difficult it was for my overly large cock to penetrate her. Having slipped the large cock head into her, I move it in and

out for a few minutes, then with increased pressure I start shoving it up the very tight vaginal canal under me. When the head entered her another two inches, I loved hearing her cry out. " No, wait, easy, GOD go slow - no more,

it hurts, GOD it hurts stop," Samantha cried out as she isn't completely wet or open for my monster cock.

Loving the feeling and hearing her under me cry out in pain, I shove with brute force and force my cock into her without concern of her feelings. Stretching her to the limit, my cock rubbing against the tender walls of her vaginal canal. My cock sliding deeper into her, I push with force driving my thick shaft into her pussy until I'm lodged completely inside her. He push against her with a battering ram approach forcing my cock deeper as I stroked in and out of her. For Samantha the feeling is one of fullness and brutal thrusts in her. Samantha is only five feet tall and very petite in frame. Her body has a perfect shape due to her round hips, slender in shape. Feeling me nursing on her 32A breast, then I'm brutal as I lunge into her with my large cock, is finally getting to Samantha. No, I can't allow this to feel good she thought. Her cervix is being hit with force when my large cock drove up inside her. The fucking is starting to feel good, then it will be painful when I make sharp and quick stabs up inside her as I had already reached the limits of my cock inside her. Somehow, I'm grinding my pubic area against her moms in circles and it pushed hard into her. So hard that it seemed my pubic hair is rubbing against her dark soft pubes, and she wonders if I was causing hers to rub off.

Then her legs are pulled up onto my shoulders, and my stroking became more brutal. Her cries are of no interest to me, I'm now hammering her with all my strength. My cock, now even larger as I'm ready to release my cum into her, slamming into her with total power and depth. " GOD, STOP NOT SO HARD! NO IT IS TO HARD! EASY! PLEASE BE EASY! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE!!" Samantha cries out as her body is now bent double. Her legs are up on my shoulders to where the middle of the back of her thighs are on my shoulder bones. Only her shoulders, neck and head are touching the straw as she is fucked harder than she ever believed possible. I loved hearing her pleas, and I fucked her even harder. Then she feels the massive cock move into her harder than ever and realized that I'm going to cum in her for the first time in a long time. Samantha had been a virgin the first time she had sex with me, about two years before she got married. After shooting my cum inside her, I pulled back and out of her. Looking between her legs as I pulled out from her, I saw how small her pubic area was, The round thighs are perfect in shape, but her small body is unbelievable. Her pussy remains open for a moment as I pull out. It is neither round nor a slit, it is simply an open

wound between her legs. My cum starts to run out in thick white goo as her pussy remained open. Then I watch as it slowly closes around my leaking cum as it ran thick from her. Damn what a sight, first time I ever saw a pussy close up like that.

I move her until she is standing on the floor and had her resting her hands on the stall wall. She first thought I wanted to take her doggie like she and I had done a couple of times when she stood at the edge of the bed. Feeling my cock pushing against her anus causes Samantha to cry out in pain as I lodged MY cock inside her small tight opening. She cannot believe the feeling of my large cock inside her butt, the soreness and burning feelings are hard to accept. Yet she feels a pleasure, she cannot understand as I fuck her deep and hard. For me, the feeling of tiny hole muscles gripping my cock is fantastic, but the round small hips against me is pure delight. Each time I shove my large cock deep up inside her ass, I love feeling the padded roundness of her hips against my groin. When I'm cumming, I push against her hips and hold myself deep and rub my pubes against her buttocks. Damn I loved those small hips against my body. I love fucking small women and love feeling her petite body moving against me. Back in the house, Samantha is in her room.

Two hours later, she watched me undress as she did also, She moves to the bed, Lying down, she lay with her back to me, telling me, " You made me pregnant, so please be." I move onto the bed with her. Looking at the terrified expression on face, I ask her, " Like my big cock, Samantha?" Then I move between her legs without any foreplay and immediately lodge my thick cock head at the entrance of her small pussy. " Now Samantha, get ready I'm just going to get you opened up. Then I'm going to fuck your ass and pussy. Which do you want first - in your asshole or in your cunt?" Samantha feels fear unlike any she had known before. Even the first time was not bad but not like what my cock looks like now, jutting out at her. After pressing against her entrance, I move up over her small body. My hands grab her shapely legs and pushes them back apart as my cock lays between the lips of her pussy. Immediately she feels the large cock head attempt to enter her slit. " STOP! STOP! FOR GOD SAKE STOP! I CAN'T! NO! OH NO! I CAN'T TAKE YOU AGAIN! YOU'RE TOO BIG! PULL IT OUT! AWWGGHH!!" Samantha shouted her protest as she passes out briefly from the pain of me entering her tiny pussy again.

When Samantha woke up, my large cock is embedded completely up inside her pussy, Her cervix hurt from the brutal jabs the over sized cock head slamming against it, possibly pushing into her womb. Her small hips are rising from the mattress as I hammer my large manhood into her as she rose up in hope that doing so would keep me from being able to go so deep into her. Harder and deeper I shove my thick cock up inside her, crying and begging. After another ten minutes Samantha feels me jab into her like a rocket had blasted off. Her voice cannot utter the sound to express the pain she feels as I impale her, her small legs flopping around like a small branch in a hurricane. After I went off, and pull my cock from her bleeding pussy, I smile down at her and told her, " Wait till I shove this thing up your small ass hole again. Then I pushed my cock up inside her, doggie style. For several minutes she endured the pain my large cock is again creating within her. After I went off again, I left her, her pussy is so sore and raw. I reach under her and begin to rub her clit. Samantha loves having me rub her clit while fucking her. Her body took over for release. " Umh, yes, oh, I... oh yeah, not so hard but it is so god, oh my good, I'm, I'M CUMMING - N O W - YES!

OHHHH!" She screams as her orgasm flows through her. After she went off her body sagged onto the mattress as she can no longer support her body on her hands and knees from the intense fucking, she had experienced. Then I place my cock at the entrance of her anus. " NOOOO, OH NO, TAKE IT OUT! IT WON'T GO IN, YOU'RE TOO BIG, STOP! YOU'RE TEARING MY ASS OPEN!!" Samantha screams as she feels my large cock enter her anus completely until she feels my balls slapping against her pussy lips. For ten minutes my cock drove in and out of her ass.

Then I pull out after going off, she lay on the bed exhausted. Then I told her to follow me, I led her from the room and into the bathroom which had a large shower. For another five hours she is taken over and over. She climaxed multiple times during the night. A week later, her husband is on a business trip, she drove to Baron's for dinner and a couple of drinks with me. After eating, we went into the piano bar and sat in a corner booth. After a few minutes of conversation, she let her hands play over my legs and finally grasping the outline of my hard-on between my legs.

Smiling, Samantha, looked at me and whispered, " John, I'm pregnant. Lets go somewhere and continue where we left off." That night I fucked her until she fell exhausted and whimpering. I laid beside her, caressing between her legs, while kissing her. I smiled as I reached up and grabbed her small 32A breast. " I missed you."

Rating: 75%, Read 23161 times, Posted Aug 14, 2015

Fantasy |


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