learning about sex by sindy+sin

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True Story |

My awakening.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is for adults and is not intended for minors. It contains sexual situations that may arouse you, keep in mind different people like different things.

Here I was at my friend Mary's house for her birthday party not the place I really wanted to be but I promised her I would show up, so here I was. I promised myself I'd be there long enough so she knew I had showed up and then slipped out the door and go home. It really wasn't in the mood for a party my boyfriend had just broken up with me a few days ago. He wasn't the first actually he was number six, I had trouble keeping boyfriends. I didn't know why I gave them all the sex they wanted but then after awhile they all seemed to have the same complaint, sex with me was boring. Mary had often told me she wanted to help me but I didn't know how she could, I mean sex was sex you suck their cocks then opened your legs and they fucked you, and then suck him again what else was there, how could that be boring to them.

It's not that I didn't have a nice body, my tits were firm and a nice size, I was slim and like all girls I had a pussy, yet they all acted the same,. A few kisses, feel my tits, rub my pussy, then get on top of me and pump frantically in and out of my pussy for a few minutes before rolling off. It wasn’t exactly thrilling for me but they got to fuck me and have their cocks sucked. I promised after this boyfriend I would do something different I didn't know what but I had some time off coming up and I thought maybe a cruise or vacation at the beach would be just what I needed I wanted to get home and start planning.

I had already stayed long enough to have two drinks one more than I planned too while walking down the Hall to go to the bathroom I bumped into an older man I didn't recognize. Instead of just moving out of my way he turned and pressed me against the wall. He introduced himself as Johnny as he pressed his body against mine, my first impression was either he had something large in his pocket or one hell of a big cock. I was debating which it was as I felt his hand slip up my skirt, Damm he had a lot of nerve not knowing me and doing that here in the middle of the party.

Before I could say anything I felt his hand moving up my inner thigh, then suddenly touch my pussy, he rubbed it for a few minutes then some other people start coming down the Hall and he removed his hand. I was in shock and just stared at him, he asked if I wanted to go on a date, I told him, No thank you. He gave me a pleasant smile and told me he really liked lace, I was befuddled as to what he meant then he gave me his phone number and walked off down the Hall. I stood there against the wall a few minutes breathing hard, I realize my pussy was wet and I was wearing lace panties. I spent a few minutes thinking about what had just happened I wasn't sure if it's because we were in a public place or just his sudden move without being invited had made me so wet, either way it had been a little exciting. The next time I saw him he was at the door talking to Mary's husband I watched as he went out the door leaving the party.

I almost wanted to follow him out the door and take him up on the offer of a date. I didn't and stayed at the party about another hour before I decided it was time to go but first I stopped to talk to my girlfriend’s husband. I played dumb and said I had seen a nice-looking older guy wandering around and I didn't know I was wondering if he could tell me something about him saying, I heard somebody call him John or something like that but I could remember I described him and he immediately Art knew who I was talking about.

He was actually a friend of Mary's not his and all he knew about him was he was some type of professional a doctor or something. If I wanted to know more I would have to talk to Mary, he told me. I thanked him said I thought he looked nice that's why was wondering and didn't bother asking Mary I went directly home from the party, hopped in the shower and as the warm water caressed my body I started daydream about Johnny. The next thing I knew two of my fingers were sliding into my pussy while my other hand was rubbing and tweaking my nipple. The Climax that rocked my body almost made me slip in the shower. I calmed down I finished my shower and as I lay in bed I was thinking that climax in the shower was better than my last boyfriend ever gave me. That night I dreamed about him and had another climax thanks to that dream and two fingers.

The next morning, I couldn't get Johnny out my mind, causing my pussy is stay moist all morning, by mid-afternoon I decided to call him, he answered on the first ring, when I told him I was the girl he had met at the party, I was surprised he knew exactly who I was, "I hope you still have those lace panties on." I told him no of course not they were wet, I felt like an idiot telling him that, I didn't even know him. He said, "I'll hold on, go put them on."

I didn't say anything to him, but I put the phone down and ran into the bathroom to get them, I slipped them on and then pick the phone back up. "I have them on," I shyly said. "That's good, now let me guess their white, you probably have a matching lace bra that helps show off those pretty tits of yours." He said with confidence. I mumbled a yes, and actually asked him if I should go put it on. "Not at the moment, but I want you wearing that when you come to my place tonight. I'm sure you have a nice dress one that opens easy. I expect you at seven don't be late; he gave me his address and hung up. I was staring at the dead phone but my mind was racing as to which dress I would put on.

Before I decided on which dress, I began to wonder if he really remembered who I was or did he feel up every girl in the party. I quickly called him back again he answered on the first ring. I asked him if he really remembered who I was. "Of course I do, "Girl in the Hall, five foot eight, blonde hair blue eyes, 36, 22, 34 and I would guess twenty, and having trouble with boyfriends," now let me tell you little about me, I like girls who are willing to show a man a good time, not once but a couple times a night. I'm not concerned if they fuck anybody who wants to fuck them if she enjoys it that's fine with me. Now don't call me again just be here at seven. Once again, the phone went dead.

I was shocked, he knew exactly who I was, he was correct on my measurements but incorrect on my age I was twenty-one. As far as fucking anybody who wanted to fuck me, that was pretty close to what I was like minus the enjoyment part. I reached down and felt my white lace panties they were soaking wet. I stop thinking about him and began once more to think about which dress I was going to wear. I wanted to make sure it would be one he approved. If he had told me the truth it sounded like I would spend my evening getting fucked. I had been faithful to my boyfriends and never fucked other guys while I was with them and I never had sex more than once a night. I didn't know guys could do it more than once a night but it sounded like Johnny could.

Why would any girl ever want to meet a man just for sex I wondered, as I picked through my closet looking for the perfect dress. I found the perfect thing a white wrap-around, easy to put on or take off like he said he wanted me to wear. Putting on the dress it's soft material rubbed over my nipples, sending strange and new chills up my body. I pulled the tie and the dress swung open, nice one pulled and it was open, I put my shoulders back and arms down and the dress slid off and fell to the floor. I picked up the dress laid it on the bed found my white lacy bra, the one that matches my panties. It was a strapless shelf bra that pushed my tits up and left the top of my tits and nipples exposed, better yet the snap was in front. It would come off just as quick and easy as my dress. I put it next to the dress looked at the clock within a few hours I would be at his place letting him fuck me. Thinking about that, a little bit of fear gripped my stomach and I sat down and wrote a note explaining who I met and where I was going just in case. I felt prepared for a night of what I didn't know but it definitely would be a change of what I've always done.

I thought about washing my panties so they would be nice and clean. He had told me to put them on after I told him they were wet, so I would just wear them like they were. I put on the bra then slipped the dress back on, this time as I pulled it closed the material really rubbed on my pushed out nipples. I was really hot, my nipples were protruding out, normally it took my boyfriend awhile to make them like this, two of them didn't even bother they were only interested in fucking me and then complained I was boring. Now just thinking about Johnny had made them hard and pointed. I was thrilled and my bra really made my tits look bigger and my nipples stand out. Making them easier to see even with the dress on, which I knew he would appreciate.

I hopped in my car and headed to the address I had memorized, convinced he expected me to give him complete control over me tonight. I felt new chills run over my body as I thought about, letting him do anything he wanted with me, why not, I did that with my boyfriends maybe he would be different. My pussy was soaking wet and my nipples felt even bigger as I parked in front of an old apartment building that had been converted to condos. My whole body felt like it was on fire as I walked up the steps knowing I was about to give this man anything he wanted.

Walking in the hallway I saw four doors Johnny hadn't told me which condo was his. I checked the time; I was fifteen minutes early, taking a chance I went up a flight of stairs also seeing four doors. I decided to listen at each door and see if I could hear Johnny. The first two in the front of building were very quiet and as I walked to the back two doors I could hear someone in the one on my right, I listen closely, it was a guy complaining to what sounded like his wife. I moved to the door on my left and listened I could hear someone moving around but no voices. I could tell someone was in there not knowing if it could be Johnny's I knocked on the door.

An old short man opened the door and stared at me, his eyes never moved up to see my face he was staring directly at my chest and obviously my nipples were the focus of his stare. I asked him if he knew Johnny and which condo was his. The old man didn't answer me but continued to stare at my chest. "I'll let you see them if you can tell me where I can find Johnny." Number five in the front on your right he said, without moving his eyes. My hand moved before I could even think of what I was doing and pulled the tie on the dress. I think we were both shocked as the dress opened showing off my bra and panties. Now his eyes did move, not up to look at me but down to look at my lace covered pussy, I opened my legs not a lot but enough to give him a better view. I felt so wicked showing him my tits and my pussy I never would have done that yesterday. Johnny was already having a strange effect on me; it was terrible, but very exciting. "Shit, prettiest pussy I have seen in years," he commented. I continued to stand there holding my dress open thinking I would give him a good look. He moved his hand towards me but then stopped and pulled it back, I suddenly said, "Go ahead you can feel it if you want." His hand shot out and rubbed my pussy, after rubbing it a few minutes his thumb found my clit through the thin lace he pressed his thumb on it and began rubbing it, my hips moved forwards pressing his thumb harder against it, it felt nice I was sorry when he pulled his hand back. I felt totally mischievous standing in the hallway letting this old man rub my pussy and even wicked when I said, "Maybe later you can feel how nice it feels without the panties." This time he looked up at me and smiled, "That would be nice real nice." I told him I would have to ask Johnny it was okay with him first. The old man nodded his head saying he would see me later. I closed my dress and walked down the hall, knocking on door five, I stood there with my legs spread apart hoping Johnny would check out my pussy like the old man had.

The door open and Johnny gave me smile I was right on time. I let his eyes ran up and down my body before I spoke, "You said a dress that's easy to remove I hope this meets with your approval," and I promptly pulled the tie letting the dress fell open. His eyes traveled up and down my body, "The bra comes off just as easy and I'm wearing the same panties I had on yesterday.”

I like a girl that listens, he told me, and invited me in, I wanted to go right in but a small knot of fear stopped me. “I think I'm ready but before I commit will you answer a few questions first,” I shyly asked. He nodded his head, "Why me, do you plan on hurting me, will you let me leave if I want?"

"Lets just say first, I think you're my type girl your cute, have a nice body and you don’t mind sharing it with men. Definitely, not, well maybe a little but your here of your own free will I won't keep you here, you're free to go anytime you want." Any more questions he asked.

“What do you mean, hurt me a little?” I asked.

He reached out and pinched my nipple. I yelled out and backed up. "That's just simple foreplay, something some guys enjoy and some girls, you have to let me know if you like it later.

I rubbed my sore nipple, and in a timid voice asked, "If things get too intense I would want you to stop. I have a safe word and you have to promise me you would stop if I said it."

He laughed, "Safe words are for people that are into being slaves, who have a masters. I was thinking more of teaching you a few interesting things and make sex better, not have you as my slave. I had a feeling you were a bit submissive but not quite that much, maybe I misjudged you do you want to be my slave?"

"No, that's not what I meant it's just I've never been picked up by a stranger and definitely never went out with someone quite like you. You sounded so positive and controlling I wasn't sure what to expect," I childishly said. "I don't blame you for wanting to feel safe, but trust me you won't need a safe word with me other than No. Like I said you can leave whenever you want, I hope you stay and maybe we can have a nice night, and I can teach you how to be a real woman," he politely said. I was still rubbing my sore nipple as I walked into his apartment. I had promised myself to make a change in my life after my last boyfriend; I didn't expect it to be such a big change. My life already changed after just meeting him, I climaxed thinking about him, I let a strange old man play with my pussy how much more change this would be, I didn't know, but I was looking forward to seeing what he could teach me.

Walking into his apartment I felt ready for anything he had in mind. It was a little surprising how nice and neat his place looked for a bachelor pad. He studied me for a minute told me to remove my necklace and dress then walked in to what I assumed was the bedroom. I quickly put the necklace in my purse placed it on a chair with my dress on top of it. He came back with something in his hand; it was a gold necklace with a heart, which he promptly showed me, if I put this around your neck, it would mean you're training is complete. My time with you hasn't been wasted but first you have to earn this little trinket.

I smiled at him, nodded my head and told him I had three more questions. He didn't look happy with me asking any more questions, but told me to ask them.

"I would like to know if my bra and dress meet your approval or if I should have worn something different also to get your apartment number I let the old man down the hall touch my pussy and I promised him that maybe later he could feel how nice it feels without my panties, if you would let him, and last what do I need to do to earn that necklace?"

The questions brought a smile to his face, "Yes, I approve of your choice's I like both and if all goes well you won’t be asking for a man’s approval on what you can do, you'll do what you want, to make you happy. What you let that old man do will be up to you but I can see you making him happy the next time you see him. Now as to how you will earn this necklace, first you need to follow a few simple rules, always push your chest out; you have pretty tits always show them off. Also anytime a man is in the room with you, keep your legs spread open but not to wide but just wide enough to let their imagination make them wonder what your pussy looks like, which would look better shaved. The last rule, you will obey your feelings and never worry what others think, do what you want, never doubt yourself. Keep that in mind, remember you're in charge always.” I listened carefully, standing there in the middle of the room with my chest pushed out and my legs slightly apart.

“Let's find out why you can't keep a boyfriend, strip," he ordered. I didn’t ask how he knew that as I quickly unsnapped the bra and pulled my panties off. He slipped a finger into my wet pussy pressing it in as far as he could and started sliding it in and out getting it nice and wet. He pulled it out and told me to bend over and pressed that finger in my ass. After a few minutes he pulled it out and told me to kneel down and suck his cock. I reached up undid his zipper and pulled his cock out quickly wrapping my lips around it and I began to suck. Slipping it out of my mouth I began to lick the shaft running my tongue around the head before slipped it back in my mouth. I reached in his pants massaged his balls while I moved my head back and forth sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Each time I moved back I would lick the head and shaft before sliding it back in my warn mouth. He let me go for a few minutes then pulled away saying that was enough.

Now on my back he got between my legs and with one slow steady push he entered me as deeply as he could. Having his hard cock deep inside me was what I wanted from the minute I saw him. He slowly began pumping it in and out of me, using slow steady movement. My boyfriend's always just rammed it in and out till they came leaving me hanging wishing for more. He continued with his slow movements as I lay there enjoying his cock in me. Suddenly he grabbed both my nipples and squeezed them hard as he rammed his cock deep inside me. The sudden pain mixed with the sudden pleasure, my body jumped and I exploded with a climax. He speeded up his movements pounding my pussy hard and continued pinching my nipples each time he rammed his cock in, making my body jump and shake with climax after climax. Twisting and yanking my nipples he was sending lighting bolts of pain mixed with pleasure through my body. He pulled his cock out and got off me, he didn't come in me like all my boyfriend's had; instead he wanted me to suck his cock again. I knelt up and began sucking and licking it like before. This time he let me continued sucking it until he came, depositing a large load of his come in my mouth, which I gladly swallowed.

I was shocked when he told me to get dressed, it sounded like I had done something wrong. He told me I was nice but before I would get to wear his gift I had to improve. I just stared at him, then blurted out "I don't understand, I let you fuck me and I sucked your cock, that's all my boyfriend's ever wanted to do, fuck me and have me suck their cocks."

"Do you like sucking cocks?" he asked, I had to tell him the truth, "Yes, I enjoy it very much, I love the taste and it's fun."

"That's good and I see that one or maybe more than one of your boyfriends at least took the time to teach you how to suck cock. You're pretty good at that, and after sucking quite a few more you'd be much better. It was nice to see that you still have a virgin ass, which is surprising most guys like fucking a girl's ass once in a while which surprises me none of your boyfriends ever fucked your ass, did they?" I promptly answered his question, “No never.”

"Believe me, you'll like that once you let a man do it. I believe your boyfriends have told you that having sex with you was boring, I agree with them. They probably just fucked you because no one else was available or so willing to open their legs for them. Let me guess, anytime they wanted they could hop between your legs pump their cocks in you, shoot their loads and all that time you lay there like a limp body letting them fuck you.”

I was ready to cry, everything he said was true, I was willing to let them fuck me anytime they wanted. That’s what my first boyfriend convinced me was the thing to do for him and then I did that for all my boyfriends. He interrupted my thoughts as he reach out and rubbed my sore nipples.

“I twisted your nipples to make you move, I know it hurt and I shouldn’t have needed to do that to make you buck your hips. Making you move when I was fucking you increased the fun for both of us, didn’t it? Pushing your hips up added to the feelings you got, probably made you climax, didn’t it? When was the last time you climaxed having sex with a guy?” he asked.

“Yes, and Yes, I climaxed having sex with you, that was the first time since my first boyfriend gave me a climax before the popped my cherry,” I softly told him.

“First you need to stop letting men fuck you because they want too, fuck them only because you want too, it’s your body take control. Don’t just lay there, move, grind your hips into them or whatever it takes to make it feel good for yourself. From now on your goal is to make them give you a climax not just use you for their needs. If your having a good time so will they, trust me and do what I’ve told you.” He said sounding like a doctor giving me a prescription.

I agreed I would try, “Have you ever heard of a Kegel?" I answered him with a, no never. He handed me a metal rod, it was about eight inches long, thick at one end then becoming gradually narrower. It had a large ball on one end, a row of ridges and ending with a small ball on narrow end. It wasn’t real heavy and I didn’t have a clue what it was used for, I waited for him to explain it to me.

“What you have in your hand is a training device, you use it like you would a dildo with one difference. After you look up Kegel you will understand how to use it. You need to practice with it, and when you can grip the small end really tight so it won’t fall out, I want you to have sex with somebody using what you learned and doing it so you climax. Then come back and see if you earned this necklace, until then you're wasting my time." I just stood there staring at him with my mouth open and the metal dildo in my hand.

Ready to get dressed and leave he stopped me. "There is one other thing I want to give you before you leave, come over here, get over my knees so I can spank you," he ordered.

I though he was crazy but in a flash I was over his knees, he slapped my butt hard, you broke the most important rule, I had told you to keep in mind you're in charge always. Did you like me hurting you?"

"No," I cried as he slapped my butt. "Then why did you get over my knees, you could have said no, remember you’re in control.” he said as he continued to spank my butt. It wasn't like a birthday spanking; this was an extremely hard painful spanking that you would give a very bad girl. It hurt like hell, he reached down grabbed a nipple and the next time his hand hit my butt he twisted my nipples extremely hard. Once more pain shot through my body, and it jerked involuntary as I exploded with a climax. I'm sure he knew what he had caused but I didn’t like the pain and as soon as I calmed down, I cried for him to stop; he pushed me off his lap and laughed, saying I was learning.

He asked me to leave my panties as I got dressed so I left them. Standing at the door I was wishing I could stay but he wouldn't have it. As I walked out the door he had one more thing to say, "If you want but only if you want, stop at the old man's door, and let him finger you before you go home, Alice." He promptly closed the door. I walked down the hall, thinking about the old man and what I wanted I knocked on his door. He opened the door gave me a big smile which got bigger when I pulled my dress open showing him I didn’t have panties on this time. He was getting a good look, staring at my pussy but finally glanced up at me. “I wanted you to get a really good look and wondered if you wanted to touch it,” I sweetly said. The old man reached out and gently rubbed his fingers over my wet pussy. I pushed my hips out and asked if he would like to put his fingers in me. He didn’t need to be asked twice, he promptly slid two fingers into my pussy. He stared at me while his fingers began to slide in and out, he pressed his thumb on my clit and began rubbing it as he finger fucked me. My hips began swaying back and forth pressing my pussy hard against his hand each time his fingers moved inside me. As soon as I let out a deep moan and climaxed he pulled his fingers out, and licked them. I asked if he thought my pussy was pretty, he said it was hard to tell with so much hair around it, but said it felt very nice and I tasted sweet. He thanked me, I closed my dress, he backed into his apartment and closed the door. I stood there catching my breath that had been one more wicked and weird experience I had this evening. Sitting in the car I got a quick reminder of the spanking, my butt burned on the way home. After I got home, I suddenly realized Johnny had called me by name, I had never told him my name, he also knew I had boyfriend problems. He knew more about me then I knew about him. I promised myself that after practicing very hard I would get to learn more about Johnny. If not I would at least prove that, I could earn that, necklace.

I did like he suggested and looked up Kegel, it really was a very easy exercise and thought that after practicing very hard it would improve sex with a guy. Not only did I practice real hard kageling I made a point of pushing my chest out all the time, like Johnny told me too. I also bought myself some sexy panties, bras and some new dresses which helped show off my body much more then my old clothes. I quickly noticed that at work I had guys hitting on me that never even looked at me before, it wasn't only at work that guys were noticing me; it was everywhere that I went. I was sure the new outfits helped as did pushing my chest out and making a point of keeping my legs open a little to tease the guys. The other thing different about me was I wasn’t having sex. I was saving that for when I could hold that Damm, metal dildo in my pussy without it falling out.

Having lunch with Mary I mentioned I was thinking about shaving, she looks shocked and told me don't. Before I could ask her why not, she told me what I really needed was a full Brazilian wax and she knew the best place to go, the same place she went. She made an appointment for both of us; it was amazing how sexy I felt with such a nice clean pussy. I really wanted to go back and show Johnny and that old man my nice pussy but I needed more practice before I could really clamp my pussy tight enough to hold that metal rod in me, I wasn't sure that was really possible but I was going to try to get that good.

My practicing, was coming along pretty good, I could stand up and even walk around and still keep the Kegel bar in my pussy but only when I inserted the larger ball into me. I was still having trouble keeping the small end in when I stood up. I continued to practice everyday, between that and having the guys at work paying so much attention to me I was extremely horny. Fingering myself was fun but I really wanted to show off my nice clean pussy and have a nice hard cock in it. I thought of going out to a bar somewhere and fucking some stranger. But on second thought I decided that it might be more fun to call up an old boyfriend and see if having sex with me was still boring. I finally decided to call my first boyfriend and see if he was available after all who better to find out if I was improved as Johnny said I had to be before I could come back and see him. It turned out to be my lucky day he was free, between girlfriends again I guessed. He agreed to meet me, as he put it he had nothing better to do anyway.

I had dressed for the occasion; wearing one of my new dresses I met him at a restaurant for dinner. All through dinner he kept staring at me and then finally asked if I had gotten a boob job since we broke up. I laughed and said no silly these are still mine and they're still real, maybe later I'll let you play with them later, I jokingly told him. I had gotten used to men thinking that my firm breasts, looked good and it felt perfectly normal for me to always push my chest out and show off my tits. Wearing my new push-up shelf bra didn't hurt the view either making my nipples nearly visible as they pushed against the soft fabric of my dress. I was curious what he would say when he saw my hairless silk smooth pussy after thinking my tits looked bigger.

I really enjoyed this dinner he couldn't keep his eyes off me, it was fun to see how bad he wanted me. After dinner we did go back to his place and as soon as we got there he tried to feel me up. I was thinking about what Johnny said that I should be in control. I made him stop trying to grabbed my tits and told him if he wanted sex that would be fine with me. He gave me a big grin and told me how horny he was and expected sex after buying me dinner. I told him buying dinner didn't mean anything but because I was horny I was willing to have sex with him. What I said was true, I couldn't wait to have him fuck me and see if fucking me was still boring now that I had learned a few tricks. But before I would let him fuck me I wanted to prove I was in control.

I opened my dress so he could see my tits and told him to play with them, he gladly removed my bra and began rubbing and kissing my tits. He played with them more then I think he did in all the time we were together making me super horny. I was satisfied he played with them enough, pushed him back, removed my dress then slowly pulled my panties off. I was thrilled when he finally got to see my pussy, he couldn't believe how it looked, raving about it being so pretty. I asked if it was pretty enough to eat. He gave me a shocked look, he was the only one who had ever gone down on my pussy and that was only once just before he popped my cherry. He had only done it that one time, to get me in the mood he had said before he fucked me. I remembered how nice that felt and that was the one time he did give me a climax so I wanted him to do it again. I lay on the bed with my legs open and told him if he wanted to fuck me he had to eat me first. He wasn't at all thrilled with the idea but he finally agreed and put his head between my legs.

His tongue moved up my leg, as it got close to my pussy I felt him press a finger against my pussy lips. “No don't use your hand I want to feel your tongue in my pussy,” I wickedly whispered to him. I felt the touch of his lips brush across my pussy, and then his tongue began to lick it. He started by licking around the outside, before his tongue moved and pushed between my pussy lips. I let out a soft moan as his tongue flicked in and out of my pussy. I reached down and rubbed his head and told him to lick my clit, his tongue quickly began to gently flicker over my clit. "Oh god I'm going to cum! Suck my pussy,” I demanded as my body started to shake. He pushed his mouth over my pussy and began sucking and licking it, I erupted with a giant orgasm the best I ever had. I was really breathing hard and enjoying the fact that all my pussy juices were flowing into his mouth making him swallow it like I so often did his cum when I sucked his cock. He continued to suck hard on me until I told him that was enough and I was ready for him to fuck me. It was funny seeing his wet face when he lifted up his head from between my legs. He begins to crawl up between my legs when I told him No, I wanted to ride his cock and be on top.

I didn't wait for him to say anything, I simply moved and made him lie on the bed. I wanted to suck his cock but decided to wait till after we were done fucking. Holding his cock I sat over him but before I lowered myself down I clamped my pussy as tight as I could. He had a strange smile on his face as the head of his cock entered my tight pussy. A slowly moved lower until his entire cock was deep inside me and my clit rested on his stomach.

Squeezing tight I began to move up and down on his hard cock, “Damm Alice, your pussy feels tight, even better then the first time I fucked you and popped your cherry,” he commented. His enjoyment was nothing compared to mine, his cock even though it was a little less than average size felt much bigger with my pussy clamped tightly around it. Making a point of rubbing my clit against his stomach each time I slide down on him was sending marvelous chills all through my body.

I had never realized fucking could be so stimulating and exciting at the same time. Before I knew it I was fucking wildly on his cock enjoying all the new sensations I was getting. Matt started yelling, how great it felt fucking me and that he was ready to shoot his load. In the past I was happy when the guy was ready to shoot his load but not this time. C was enjoying this too much to have it end so soon. I lifted up letting his cock slide out and quickly pinched his cock just below the head a little harder than I needed too. He yelled at me but I didn't care, I told him it was to make him last longer. I didn't know if it really worked but I really enjoyed doing it anyway. I waited a short time before I slid back down on his cock and continued to fuck him. I won't swear it worked, but I got to ride his cock quite a while before he finally shot his load. Long enough for me to have two nice climaxes before he started filling me with his sperm.

Knowing that normally he only stayed harder a short time after shooting his wad, I managed to lay on him and roll us over. Now with him on top I told him to continue fucking me. “Now fuck me hard,” I told him. He listened and began slamming into me as hard as he could giving me one more climax before he was worn out. Even though he was done fucking me I continued tighten and loosen my muscles to milk his cock. Making him groan about how wonderful it felt and how we should get back together again. When I was finally done playing with him I pushed him off and decided I wasn't going to give him the pleasure of sucking his cock. While I was getting cleaned up in the bathroom he stayed on the bed and all he could do was tell me how wonderful it had been and how he should still be my boyfriend. I got a kick out of seeing my juices still on his face and hearing him mumbling about how good fucking me had been. I bent over kissed him on the forehead and sweetly reminded him, he left me because sex with me was boring. I left his place with a very big smile, the sex had felt wonderful and hearing him beg to get back together wasn't so bad either.

Mary always told me how great sex was but I never believed her until now, sex was great especially once you knew what you wanted and how to get it.

After that night I practiced even harder, until I could finally keep that bar in me by clamping down on the small end. Wanting to show Johnny how much I had improved was important to me but first I had a few other things to do. I began by looking up other old boyfriends and one by one I fucked each one. I gave each, one night with me and I'm happy to say I had the same results with them I had, with Matt. They all thought I was a great fuck and wanted to get back together with me. Two of them had not been so nice to me when we broke up, I told them I would think about it while they ate my pussy after fucking them. Both of them gave me a wonderful time licking and sucking my pussy, not only drinking down my juices but also they're used cum. I felt so wicked making them do that knowing I would never go back to them but they deserved it.

I spent some time trying other men and thanks to Johnny I had developed great control over my pussy muscles I could tighten my pussy so tight that a guy almost couldn't get his cock inside me. Once he did I held it tight making them work a little harder to fuck me. Once they shot their loads I loved clamping down and milking it getting every drop of cum from him before releasing his cock. I really enjoying hearing how tight my pussy was but for me the biggest thrill was being in charge that had changed everything for me. Now I didn't just let men fucking me, first I made sure I got what I wanted and the way I wanted it. Men eagerly fondled and sucked my tits until I let them move further down to enjoy the delights of licking my pussy before they fucked me. A few men said, my pussy was even better than my mouth, I still enjoyed sucking cocks, and I would suck and lick their cocks clean when we were done but only if they satisfied me first. I was really enjoying this newfound thrill of being in charge and having men want me so badly. I haven't forgotten about Johnny I was thinking more and more about him and seeing if I could now earn that necklace. I really wanted to see him again and show him I was a changed women, maybe even see that old man once more.

I finally called him; right after I said, Hi Johnny, simply said seven o'clock Friday and the phone went dead. He didn't seem upset or ask why it had been so long since I saw him; he simply had given me a time to be there and I knew better than to call him back. Just that simple sentence had my heart racing and my pussy soaking wet, I couldn't wait for Friday night.

I got to his place right on time, wearing my sexiest lace panties, lace shelf push-up bra, the only kind I owned any more, and a new sexy wraparound dress. The one thing I didn't wear this time that I did last time was a necklace, I was hoping I would earn his tonight. I walked around his apartment wiggling my hips as I showed off my dress, and standing in front of him I opened it. I didn't ask if he liked what he saw I simply told him how good I looked, he laughed and agreed. Then I simply told him I wanted him to make love to me, nice soft gentle love. I told him to strip before I did, and then had him caress my tits and nipples first. I reminded him I liked them kissed and sucked but not pinched, he followed my lead and softly kissed and sucked on my nipples while I played with his cock. When I was ready I told him I wanted him to fuck me. He had a little trouble getting his cock into me, as I had clamped my pussy as tight as I possibly could. He laughed as I relaxed a little and his cock slid into me. He didn't fuck me; he actually made soft gentle love letting me enjoy every minute of it. He lasted an extremely long time before he told me he was about to come; I whispered in his ear that my ass was still virgin and I would love it if he was the first to fuck my ass.

He withdrew and I rolled over and got on my hands and knees so he could take me doggie style. He rubbed my ass with his cock spreading some of my juices to lubricate me first then slowly pushed the head inside me. He placed his hands on my hips but didn't hold me tightly he let me control my movements. I slowly pushed back and as his cock entered me I felt a slight touch of pain. I moved back and forth a few times the pain had disappeared my body began to shiver with chills. It felt wonderful, and to add to that wonderful feeling he leaned over me and softly caressed my nipples. I began moving faster pushing harder against him getting every inch of him inside me I could. My body began shagging the more as a massive climax was nearing its peak, his one hand moved from my nipple to between my legs. He started to press and rub in a circular motion on my clit, instantaneously causing my climax to explode. My arms felt weak and I dropped my head to the floor, he started moving back and forth fucking my ass while he still managed to rub my clit. I thought that climax that been wonderful but the one that followed it was even better. That one shook my body with so much force my legs collapsed and I fell flat on the bed. My mind was off in never, never land as he rolled me over and began kissing my nipples. I was already feeling wonderful as his head moved down my body kissing as he went. I managed to find enough strength when he got to my belly button to move my legs open. I was shocked and happily surprised as his tongue and mouth found my pussy and clit without me asking him too. He began to lick around the outside of my pussy, his tongue moved up and down over it, I let out a moan as his tongue past over my clit, I reached down to hold his head as he began to gently flick his my tongue over my clit. I continued moaning as I pulled his face closer to my pussy, his tongue continued to work over my clit sending unbelievable chills up my body. I was suddenly yelling "Oh god I'm cumming again!" and my hips bucked up as I erupted with a giant orgasm. Then my legs slammed shut trapping his head in place, which he didn't seem to mind as he kept licking my pussy. Somewhere deep inside my body another climax was building, he continued licking and sucking my pussy thrusting his tongue deep inside me and then using it to rub my clit. I was breathing hard, and yelling as that final climax rock my body, I saw stars and flashes like fireworks going off in my brain, just before I passed out.

I was still half out of it when I felt something soft brush my lips, I parted my lips and felt his mouth press against them and with a warm soft kiss he woke me up. I could smell the fragrance of sex, that sweet musty odor filled my nostrils as my eyes opened to see him smiling down at me holding the necklace. My heart was pounding, I never felt more fulfilled or happy as I did at that moment.

We showered together and then set down and talked, I asked why he had picked me up that night at the party. He told me he was a close friend of Mary's and she had told him all about me, she wanted him to help me. He called himself a sex therapist and they both knew I wouldn't go to him willingly so he came to the party just to pick me up. As he put it, that night I was a lost submissive little girl and his aim was to show me what I could become, a self-assured woman. I thought about what he said he was right, I would've never went to see him and I let my boyfriend's walked all over me and use me just for their pleasure before I met him. Now I felt confident, liked my body and definitely knew what I wanted, especially when it came to sex. He and Mary had both tricked me but in a very pleasant way.

When I was finally ready to leave, he told me he would be more than happy to see me anytime I wanted to stop by to bring him up-to-date on how my life was going, I promised I would. Then more of an afterthought I asked him about the old man down the Hall. That got a big laugh out of him, "He's an old friend of mine and you made one hell of an impression on him. He couldn't wait to tell everybody about the beautiful angel that visited him, you really made his day." I glanced down the Hall and then wondered out loud if I should visit him one more time. Johnny chuckled and said, "Your woman enough now to make that decision on your own but whatever you do please don't give him a heart attack." I thanked Johnny promised I'd see him again and slowly walked down the Hall towards the old man's apartment. I didn't give the old man a heart attack, but I did give him a new story to tell everyone.

Mary and I still meet for lunch but I no longer complain I can't keep a boyfriend it's more like I have too many now. I have called Johnny a few times letting him know how well I am doing; my only regret is he was a little too old for me even though he was the best lover I've met so far. I proudly wear the necklace everyday.

Dear Reader, I hope you enjoyed this little story, comments are always welcome.

Sindy Sin

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