Learning to Love again by Sapphire2001

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Sophia walked over to Craft and smiled gently- Thanks you sir, for protecting me and everything. I am forever in your debt -she whispered softly-

Craft smiled and gave a light bow "think nothing of it miss, and you own me nothing at all"He smiled again and took her hand kissing it softly,his lips were ice cold and so was his hand as he touched her" it was what i felt was right, not all of us vampires are as bad as it may seem"

She stiffened at his touch and nodded gently. But she stiffened at that word...that V word. She wouldnt dare say it. She nodded gently- Well you are rather nice...Craft -she didnt mind the coldness of his hand, her hand was the same way. For certain reasons she didnt want to discuss about- Is it okay if i tell you what happened?

He let her hand slide slowly from his before standing again and smiling to her, his eyes were a soft brown as he watched her face."Of course it is, im here to listen to all you have to say"Craft motioned for her to sit at the table he was sitting and even moved pulling the chair out for her so she could sit down.

She watched him and nodded as fear crossed her features and she sat down. She was paranoid. Wonderbif Kent would be here. She but her lip and looked to her hands folded in her lap. Was she really gonna yell him?

Craft sat across the table from her and smiled as he waited for her to tell him her story, he let his eyes scan her face and could see the pain in her face."its okay Sophia, take your time...and i promise you are safe here and no one will hurt you" he smiled at her and waited for her to relax before she spoke

She sat back and crossed her legs. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She soon relaxed a bit- It all happened when i was 7. I came home from school. Blood was everywhere. Mom and my new born brother where dead. Josh was smothered, mum was raped and tortured. The blood was everywhere. The walls, floors, ceilings. Like she was trying to get away in every room possible. -she looked down and bit her lip forcing tears back, her breath shaky- Then he found me. My father, one you know as Master Kent, i mentioned him to you i think. He had bright blood red eyes and his fangs were out. I didnt know he was a vampire. And oh how i resemble my father so much. -she sighed and looked up, anger rolled across her features- He grabbed me by the hair and took me to the basement. It had a metal door, sound proof walls so no can could hear your screams. -she looked around as if she was in that room. But she blinked and looked at him- Only a few years later...is when he started the raping. When i was 13. He seemed to have more fun doing that then the cutting and burns he did for years. He called me his lil princess. I was terrified. Chained to a metal pole standing up. I became his lil slut. His play toy he could do what ever he wanted with. Oh the moans i gave out for him. Just to please the damned man. Some were.fake some werent. He enjoyed them, i could tell. He never used a condom. But he made sure i wouldnt get pregnant. I cant anyways. He abused me to much, that i couldnt get pregnant. And i always wanted children. -she took a deep breath letting the tears fall from her bright blue eyes- It went on til i was 17, 17 years old for 10 fuckin years he used me. He always pushed me around. Kept me chained there. Oh i struggled. I wanted free. I couldnt take it. -she rubbed the bumps on her wrists from the cuts the metal gave her- Every time i was close to dying. He would bite me -she ran a hand to her neck, tracing those scars- When i was free they put me in a hospital for 2 months. I was way under weight by like 30-40 pounds. I didnt like hospitals so i would freak out and they would have to put me under. -she sighed deeply as she finally broke down in sobs, she just couldnt say anymore-

Craft sat listening intently to her story but remaining quiet, his anger flared up as her story went and he wish nothing more than to kill this man for putting her through such suffering, no one deserved that type of life no deserved being tortured that way.He closed his eyes once she had finished talking and then opened them before taking a chance and moving to embrace her"shhhhhhh...he cant hurt you anymore Sophia, i promise you that....he doesnt have you anymore"He knew his words would do little to ease such a pain, and there was no true healing for that. But if she could find a happy life to live and be her own person...just maybe she could have a full life. As he hugged her he thought to himself, he knew of a way to heal her wounds entirely...though he knew she would never agree to such actions and only think of him as a monster.

When she felt the embrace all she could do was stiffen up at the touch. Yet she still leaned into him, looking for comfort and support. Her sobs were heavy to the point she started hyperventilating. She closed her eyes tightly wishing for tye images to just go away. Wishing her father had killed her when he had the chance

Craft held her tightly in his arms and rubbed her head softly as he rocked her back and forth, he pulled her from her chair and sat her on his knee letting her rest against him completely."shhhhh its okay...im here to protect you Sophia i promise, shhhhh"He ran his fingers through her hair slowly in attempt to comfort her the way he used to comfort his Late wife, he rocked her gently and rested his forhead against her head as he tried to calm her down

She stiffened more but fully relaxed against him. The tears kept falling. She nuzzled into him and sobbed. She was shaking slightly and her eyes were tightly closed. She slowly calmed down

"there there its okay"He rubbed her head slowly and nuzzled against her his lips resting just against her ear as he tried to comfort her, he really didnt know what to say to help he had done everything he could think of to try and make her relax, he wished he could help her forget the things that had happened but he knew she would not cherish the idea he had. and he did not wish to bring it up for fear she would take it the wrong way, especially after he had worked so hard to make her trust him

She slightly trembled and her sobs stopped but she was still shaking "Its my fault they are dead, i didnt stop it." she mumbled and looked up at him. She knew he had something on his mind. But didnt say anything

"no no its not your fault Sophia"He rubbed her head again and looked down at her smiling"Its not your fault at all there was nothing you would have been able to do, but you have to live for them okay"He smiled and took a hand wiping the tears from her cheeks softly

She stiffened softly from his touch but immediately felt relaxed "So what are you thinking?" she whispered, interested in what he was thinking. She nuzzled him softly

"i was thinking of a way i might be able to at least heal some of your wounds, they wouldnt require much from you or me, and it would allow you to bear children again"He smiled and let his hand run down her cheek softly as he watched her face"And...i was trying to think of how i could help you forget everything..."

She blinked softly as she looked up at him "Y-you can help me?" she asked softly then tilted her head at his other saying

"yes i can help heal your wounds and ease your pain.It requires nothing from you and i wont even have to touch you"He watched her his eyes locked with hers as he stroked her cheek again not thinking about what he was doing"It wont be painful and all you`ll have to do is lay still and i should be able to heal most of your wounds, and i should be able to make it so you can bear children again"

She blinked and nodded softly "So, it wont hurt me?" she whispered softly and leaned into his touch and smiled softly

"no it wont hurt at all, i promise you that"He smiled down at her as he stroked her cheek before cupping her face in his hand, he pulled her face close to his before speaking" would you like me to heal you Sophia??"

She blushed her crystal blue eyes looked up at him. "Yes please." she whispered softly. Wishing to be healed

He smiled and stood up holding her in his arms before laying her on the couch behind him, he rolled the sleeves on his shirt up and smiled at her"I promise im not going to hurt you Sophia, just lay still and try not to move, you may feel your body get warm but that`s completely normal"He closed his eyes for a minute before crouching down and holding his hands over her wrists, a slight glow would appear from his hands and envelope her arms entirely as his concentrated.

She blinked but stiffened at his touch. She relaxed and tried staying completely still. She bit her lip softly

He held his hands above her wrists until the bone and bruises had fixed and disappeared, afterwords he let his hands move to various places on her body and let her wounds heal slowly, after about an hour he rested his hands just above her stomach as he tried to repair her internal organs and her sex organs so she could still have children

She blinked as he did this and closed her eyes, tears formed but she wouldnt let them fall. She cried enough today. Her breath came in slowly as she exhaled slowly as well

He closed his eyes again so he could concentrate after another ten minutes he finally fell back onto the floor and took deep breathes sweat beaded on his forhead, he smiled at her before speaking"okay.....im done now.....you..you should be fine....but please check and see if there are anythings i missed"He pointed towards a bathroom that had a mirror in it "Are you okay??i hope i didnt upset you or startle you"

She shook her head and moved and went and nuzzled him then kissed his cheek softly "Thank you. And no you did upset me, or startle me." she smiled and stood up slowly

His checks turned red when she kissed him and he smiled up at her"you are very welcome Sophia, everything should be good as new and you should be able to fully bear children again"He smiled at her before standing to his feet slowly"There is a bathroom over here with a full mirror if you would like to see yourself"He pointed again at he bathroom before he went to sit down

She shook her head. She didnt like mirrors. She sat beside him and yawned softly

"if you would like there is a guest room you can sleep in if you need rest"He smiled at her again before wiping the sweat from his head and leaning across the table to watch her"im glad you have started to trust me more Sophia, and i do mean it when i say i wont ever harm you"

She shook her head and curled up on the couch and yawned closing her eyes. She smiled and nodded listening to him.

"you sure you aren`t tired???you seem rather sleepy"He smiled at her as he watched her from his chair and leaned forward placing his head on his hands"you know ....you look rather beautiful in this light Sophia"His cheeks grew red for a second before he looked away

"Mmm i`m a lil bit tired." she whispered softly amd stretched out on the couch. She was rather small and didnt fit into the whole thing. Her cheeks turned red and she giggled cutely "Thanks." she whispered

"your very welcome and by all means your welcome to stay here if you would like, ill even let you use my room"He smiled before standing and stretching, he walked over to the couch and looked down at her smiling kindly as his brown eyes locked with hers

She blushed and loomed up at him "That would be nice, but Master Abel, eh he might not like that." she whispered kindly. "Master Abel is rather nice." she yawned and curled up again

"oh...okay...well i dont want you to get into trouble...."He looked down then back to he again and smiled at her, he wished she could actually be free but it seemed she was happy and thats what mattered"Im glad he treats you well, i want you to be happy"

"But he likes it that i have friends finally. So, im gonna stay for a bit longer and get ta know you, and well you can learn more about me." she whispered and yawned close to passing out

"well thats good im glad your allowed to get out and do stuff, though part of me wishes you were he master of your own freedom"He smiled and sat down on the couch next her, her put his hand o her leg before quickly pulling it back and apologizing to her

She rolled her eyes and moved then rested her head in his lap and smiled looking up at him. "Its okay, i`m comfortable around you. You can touch me." she whispered softly and pushed a strand of blonde hair from her face

He smiled down at her and touched her face gently and let his fingers trace down her cheek and jaw, he smiled and watched her as she laid there"Im glad you finally feel comfortable around me, i want you to be at ease and trust me"He stroked her cheek slowly and smiled

She leaned into his touch and blushed. She closed her eyes and smiled. She liked the feeling of his hands and she blushed at a thought and shook it away. She sighed gently

He smiled as he watched her and continued to stroke her face, after a few minutes he began to run his fingers through her hair slowly and smiled before looking up at the ceiling for a few moments then back to her, he heard her sigh and wondered if she was relaxing or something was on her mind"Are you okay Sophia??? is there something on your mind??"

She pressed closer to him and shook her head gently "I`m fine. Just relaxing." she whispered and closed her eyes. She was tired and about to fall asleep

"are you sure???" He smiled down at her as he could see how sleepy she was getting he chuckled to himself a little as her wrapped his arm around her and pulled her so that her head rested on his shoulder"you know....im glad you decided to trust me Sophia..."He ran a finger down her cheek slowly before stopping at her chin.

Sophia nodded gently and nuzzled against him. She moved so her head rested in the crook of her neck. "Mm well you wont hurt me." she whispered and slowly drifted to sleep

He smiled as he watched her fall asleep and held her gently in his arms, he smiled as she nuzzled against his neck and he let his head rest softly against hers. His hand dropped from her face and rested on her own hand as he gently stroked it"ill never hurt you Sophia that i can promise you"

She nuzzled him and sighed deeply. She bit her lip and stretched out. Her legs curled up by his side. She sighed deeply as she mumbled softly in her sleep. Two word that she always said as a child "momma help." is what she whispered in her sleep

He had closed his eyes just when he heard her speak, he turned to look at her seeing that she was still asleep. A sad expression played across his face a he watched her, he truly wished he could ease her pain and help her to forget those terrible events. He sighed as he rested his head on hers. He closed his eyes again as he wished for a way to help her. Without thinking he kissed the top of her head softly and whispered to her" Im so sorry you had to face that all alone"

She whined and curled up by his side. She didnt want him to leave. She liked him being near her. She sighed deeply as she mumbled again, but this time it was unheard

he held her close and smiled as she curled closer to him, he stroked her cheek again as he watched her sleep. After a minute he took her hand in his and held it softly while he played with her fingers.He hadnt felt this way for anyone in quite some time, and he realized how much he missed having someone to spend time with and talk to.He sighed as e looked at her his eyes sad again before he whispered mainly to himself"I..Think i might be falling for her"

She moved and her head went into his lap again. She smiled faintly and her breathing came in short, and relaxed breaths. She felt safe and comfortable around him. She liked being around people she could trust, but when she was, they always ended up hurt.

He jumped lightly as she moved from his shoulder back to his lap and pulled her from his thoughts, he smiled again as he held her hand in his before leaning his head back onto the couch and closing his eyes. He intended to just relax but before he knew it he had begun to drift off as well.

She groaned softly in her sleep. She whispered in her sleep and stretched in her sleep. Her eyes fluttered under her eye lids as she was dreaming

He sat up again as he felt he move and looked down watching her, he could tell she was dreaming though he had no idea what about. He watched her for awhile as she slept his hand stroking her cheek softly and every now and hen he would brush his fingers across her lips or move them to hold her hand softly

She shuddered at his touch and smiled in her sleep. She groaned as she soon blinked, she wasnt much for sleeping. She blinked and looked up at him and smiled softly "Hey.." her voice was soft and cute when it was filled with sleep

He looked down at her and smiled again as his hand held onto hers"well hello there sleeping beauty, i thought you said you werent sleepy"He laughed lightly and gave her a playful wink , he started to play with her fingers again as he watched her, he didnt really know if this would bother her but hoped she wouldnt mind it

She smiled and looked up at him. Her crystal blue eyes were bright "Eh, well my body shut down on itself." she whispered and smiled as she looked to her hand and smiled. She played with his hand.

"well you did seem rather exhausted, i imagine the healing also took its toll on you as well" He smiled again as she played with his hand and stared into her eyes"You comfy hun?"He laughed a little as he held her hand and let her play with his fingers

"It happens." she whispered and covered her mouth with her free hand as she yawned again. She smiled and looked up at him and giggled "Yea i`m comfy." she whispered and smiled as she brought his hand to her mouth and kissed each of his finger unthinkingly

He was so shocked by her kissing his hand that he didn`t respond to anything she said, he only blushed lightly and looked away for a second before looking back to her and smiling, he was trying had to resist the urge to kiss her simply for fear that it would upset her and he would lose the trust he had finally started to build with her

She kept kissing his fingers till she realized what she was doing and blushed setting his hand down and sat up "I-I`m sorry." she whispered and looked down

He smiled at her and grinned a little bit before he reached down and pulled her back up to him, he lifted her chin and moved his face close to hers before speaking"there is no need to be sorry my dear, i didnt mind it at all....and...i hope you wont mind this"As he said that he pushed his lips against hers and kissed her slowly as he held her face in his hands gently. He hoped she would return the kiss but understood if she grew angry with him, or if she became scared

She blinked when she felt his lips against hers. She stiffened yet kissed him back softly, amd slowly. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed closer to him. A blush formed in her cheeks

He wrapped on of his arms around her waist gently as he kissed her more, he kissed her slowly and more passionately then he had before, his eyes closed as he kissed her and he stroked her cheek softly.After a few minutes he broke the kiss and looked down blushing before looking at her"I...Im sorry..i just ....i dont know what came over me...."

She lifted his chin and smiled softly. "No dont be sorry." she whispered and kissed him softly and slowly. She blushed when she did this

He smiled and returned the kiss pulling her closer to him and kissed her slowly in return.He held her wast with one hand and the other held her face gently,cradling it as he kissed her slowly"I...really..care for you Sophia...i cant really explain it...but....i do care for you"

She blushed and had her arms around him and smiled "I love that...you care..." she whispered and pressed closer to him and blushed as she pulled away and looked down. She was a bit shy

"i..im srry if im being to sudden...."He kissed her again before pulling away and looking down, it had been years since he had actually felt this way about someone else and he was worried about messing things between them up by being to sudden or abrupt with her

"I`m used to it Craft." she whispered his name cutely and smiled softly. She nuzzled against him and smiles again. Her hand trailed up his body

He blushed at the way she said his name ,and his body trembled lightly as she ran her hand along his body, he held her waist gently before moving to kiss her again, he let his tongue move inside her mouth this time playing with her tongue for a few seconds before kissing her normally again.

She blushed as well and moved her hands to his hair and ran them through his hair and smiled cutely against his lips. She nuzzled him and licked his lips softly

He shivered again and smiled at her as he held her body close to his, he pulled her onto him and laid down on the couch so that she was on top of him and looking down at him. He kissed her cheek and then her ear softly before coming back and nipping at her lips playfully.

She gasped softly and smiled down at him. She kissed him more and groaned softly. She licked his lip softly and nuzzled him. She moved so her head rested against his chest "You do know, if you want a relationship...it would have ta be secret." she whispered softly and nuzzled him.

"because of your master"He said this quietly as he held her smiling as he felt her resting on his chest"would there be no way you could gain your freedom and be only mine"He looked down at her and smiled, even if she couldnt he still wanted to be with her. It didnt matter to him as long as no one hurt her he would be fine with whatever she was able to do.

She nodded softly and bit her lip gently as she rested against him. She thought on how to respond to the next thing "Well...my freedom was taken when i was 7 so i will never be free." she whispered softly. She had to admit to herself that she did like this male, just her Master couldnt know

He sighed and smiled down at her as he held her in his arms"I understand, i just....is there no way to be released from him??I want to be with you though regardless, even if its in secret..i still want to be with you"He smiled kindly and ran his fingers through her hair before laying his head back on the couch and looking up at the ceiling.

She nuzzled against him and sighed gently "If you want me so badly to be your, then make me yours." she blushed at what she just said and looked down softly "well i dont know." she shrugged. She never been in such a situation like this.

He looked back to her rather shocked by her statement and not sure whether she meant sexually or in another way,he looked at her for a few moments before sitting up and pulling her up to him before he kissed her deeply and passionately, he laid her down onto the couch beofre climbing over onto her"I do want you to be mine Sophia"

She blushed rather deeply and looked aside for a moment. She then gasped and kissed him back deeply and passionately. She looked up at him "Then please, make me yours." she whispered softly, her legs had found their way around him.

He watched her for a moment before he kissed her lips, he then moved to her neck and kissed her slowly. His hand ran down her side to her waist, he slowly undid her pants before he began to kiss back up her neck to lips , he slid his hand back up her body rubbing along her stomach slowly as he lifted her shirt up to her breasts. He broke the kiss for a moment just to whisper to her"are you sure your ready for this Sophia"

A soft moan had left her as she felt his lips at her neck. She tilted her head to the side and her breath hitched softly. But soon it went normal as she relaxed. She watched him pull her shirt up and then shuddered at the whisper and nodded "I-I`m sure., just dont get me pregnant." she giggled softly and cutely

"i wont my dear Sophia"He went back to kissing her neck as he pulled her shirt over her breasts, he broke from kissing her just long enough to pull her shirt over her head before he started kissing down her neck to her chest.He ran his hand along her stomach and between her legs and began to rub her gently and slowly.

She moaned and tilted her head to the side and gasped gently. She watched him pull her shirt off and gasped softly and bit her lip. A male hasnt seen her like this in what a few months. Yet she was shy about her body. She moaned feeling his hand and spread her legs for him

"are you okay dear"He slowed his hand as he kissed her chest, he took his other hand and moved it behind her back undoing her bra,he took the bra and tossed it aside before moving and kissing her breasts gently, he slid his hand inside her panties and teased her slowly. He was trying to be gentle with her and not take it further than she was willing to go.

She nodded softly as she moaned again. She bit her lip as she became more visible for him. She blushed deeply. Her legs stayed spread apart for him as she moaned quietly, her hips slightly moved against his hand. "P-please, m-more." she whispered softly

He smiled to himself as he kissed down her chest and stomach to her hips then licked back to her breasts, he pulled her panties off slowly before he slowly slid his finger inside of her and began to finger her slowly, he sucked on her nipples gently and caressed her with his tongue.

A shudder ran through her body. She bit her lip and moaned as her hips moved against his hand more and she blushed softly. Her legs stretched out as she was filled with pleasure

He kissed up her chest,to her shoulder and along her neck before finally kissing her lips deeply. He sat up and pulled his pants off and shirt off before leaning back down to kiss her softly"Are you okay with this Sophia"He looked into her eyes passion burning deep within them. He positioned himself right against her vagina teasing her slowly

She shuddered and moaned feeling his lips against her neck. She then kissed him back deeply and blushed as she pulled back to watch him. She heard his question and he looked up into his eyes. Her blue eyes held love, and passion. "Yes, i`m sure." she whispered softly and bit her lip gently

He leaned close to her and kissed her lips deeply and passionately before breaking the kiss and looking deep into her eyes. He slowly pushed himself into her before kissing her again, he let out a light moan as he pushed himself fully into her and held it there for a moment."i promise ill be gentle"After this he sat up some so that he could look at her before he began to move in and out of her slowly

She kissed him back softly and moaned against his lips. She shuddered gently at the feeling of him inside her. She looked back up at him and nodded gently to his words. She kept her eyes on his as she moaned quietly, her legs snaked around his waist

He held her waist tightly as he moved in and out, he started out slow but as time went he sped up some. After a few minutes he leaned down wrapping one arm around her back and kissing her deeply while the other gripped her waist. He moved in and out of her at a medium pace making sure to go deep inside of her each time without hurting her

Her soft moans had gotten louder a bit when he sped his pace up a bit. She closed her eyes and groaned softly. She kissed him back deeply. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she clung to his body.

He nuzzled against her neck as he moaned softly, he licked and kissed at her neck between moans and sped up even more, he pushed himself deep inside of her and moved his hand from her waist to tease her breasts, he rubbed her nipples slowly before sitting up and kissing them while he went in and out of her"oh God Sophia! You feel amazing"

She moaned out softly and arched her back at the feeling. She enjoyed it so much. At least it wasnt forced, she accepted him, which made it feel so much better. She breathing came in short and labored "Mm...Craft." she moaned and her legs tightened around him

He caressed her breasts with both hands and moved in and out of her, he began to slow down some as he took deep breaths and moaned her name a few times. After a few minutes he leaned down again kissing her deeply as he sped back up he bit his lip and closed his eyes as he began to moan louder

Her moaned came out loudly and bit her lip as she moved her hips, thrusting up to meet him. Her moans were more frequent. She bit her lip as her eyes had slipped closed. She groaned enjoying the males moans "Mm you like that cunt huh?" she whispered seductively.

Her whisper only caused him to go faster as he wrapped his arms around her and gripped her shoulders, he moaned more as he pushed himself deep inside her going faster with each stroke"Oh yes, i love it Sophia...oh talk to me like that!" He moaned again as he felt her moving her hips in tune with his thrusts and causing him to slam deeper into her.

She moaned louder and arched her back against him. She enjoyed this si much. The feeling if him inside her, felt amazing. "Oh baby, fuck that pussy." she moaned out as she kept meeting him thrust for thrust. Feeling him deep inside her caused her to moan his name out loudly.

He moaned again and bit at her shoulder playfully, he thrusted into her a few more times before sitting up and going deep and hard into her. He squeezed her breasts roughly and played with her nipples pulling on them roughly as he pounded deep inside her and moaned her name loudly.

Her moans came out loudly. They echoed around them and she arched her back against his hands. She had her legs wrapped around his waist still. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed this. "oh god baby, it feels so good." she moaned out for him, encouraging him

He kept thrusting into her as he eased her breasts, he finally moved his hands down to her waist and gripped her waist tightly grinning as he watched her breasts bounce with each thrust"Hows that feel baby,you enjoy this dick"He moaned again as he slammed into her deeply

She growled out in pleasure and bit her lip. Her eyes fluttered open. Her eyes held pleasure and desire. She moaned loudly as she tried moving her hips to thrust with him. She arched her back again and groaned deeply "Oh yess...that cock feels so good. I never want it to end." she mumbled seductively.

He moaned loudly before finally bending over and picking her up holding her in his arms as he bounced her up and down for a few minutes, he then laid down on the couch so that she was on top and grinned up at her as he kissed her lips deeply"now its your turn to fuck me love"He smacked her bottom playful as he squeezed one of her breasts

She gasped softly when she was moved and moaned out softly. Her head tilted back softly. She smirked gently and looked down at him. She kissed him back and groaned as she bounced on him gently, her nails dug into his skin gently.

"Oh yes love, thats it just like that"He moaned and closed his eyes as he clawed her back leaving long trails down her back, he smack her butt a few times as she moved her hips and moaned her name as well"Oh yes Sophia, ride me...fuck me baby"

She moaned out as she grinded her hips against him roughly causing her to moan out loudly. She clawed up his chest leaving deep red marks in his skin. She tilted her head back "Yes mmm, claw me up baby." she moaned out. She then bounced on him roughly as loud smacking sound could be heard from her body hitting against his. She moaned out his name rather loudly.

"Oh yes baby thats perfect, oh yes fuck.....oh thats so good"He dug his nails deep into her back as he drug them down to her ass, he started moving his hips in time with hers meeting her as she came down.He moaned loudly and called her name out many times as he held her hips his nails dug deeply into her side"i..i love you Sophia"He shouted this last part as she came down on him causing him to moan loudly after he said it.

"Ah fuck, its so deep baby." she moaned tilting her head back. She was so lost in the moment. She kept bouncing roughly. Her breasts bounced as she did so. Her gripped his shoulders then trailed her nails roughly down his chest again. She accidentally caused him to bleed. She moaned his name loudly as she kept bouncing, lost in her own lil world. "Ahh...i love you too baby.." her breathing came in pants.

"Oh yes baby, claw me, mark me as yours"He moaned loudly as she bounced hard on him, his body began to quiver from the pleasure she was giving him, he kept moving his hips in rhythm with hers that it made a smacking sound as her body hit his. He moaned her name loudly and dug at her hips causing blood to leak from around his nails. His moaned again and again"Oh baby...oh ..i..im gonna cum baby!"

She bounced harder against him, her moans turning to cries of pleasure. She shuddered gently feeling his nails go into her hips. She kept bouncing roughly against him. Her walls tightened around his cock. She dug her nails rather deep into his skin. She clawed him up and her head tilted back. "ah cum inside me, i-i dont care." she was to lost in her own lil world to comprehend what she just said.

"b..baby ...are...are you sure" He moaned his sentence as she bounced harder and clawed him, he could barely think straight as her beautiful body bounced on top of him. part of him said to do as she asked the other part said no...he moaned again as he forced himself to hold it in and smack her ass roughly"Oh baby....yes"

"please baby...fill me up with your warm cum." she moaned out in a seductive tone. She really didnt know what she was saying. She was lost in the moment as she kept bouncing roughly on top of him. Her nails clawed him more. She groaned gently as she bit her lip

He moaned again as she clawed him and he thrusted up into her, he grabbed her and pulled her into his kissing her deeply as he thrusted fast into her. he dug his nails into her shoulders and kissed her deeply and passionately. He finally broke the kiss and moaned her name just as he began to reach his climax..He moaned again before forcing himself out of her just as he began to cum, some of it running down his dick while some sprayed onto her ass and back"i..im sorry...."

She would gasp and kiss him back deeply as she moaned loudly against his lip. She groaned feeling his nails in her shoulders. She groaned when she felt him pull out and felt the warmth on her ass and some on her back. She rested against him and breathed heavily "Why...be sorry?" she asked softly and quietly as she rested against him.

"that i cummed on you and pulled out...just...i know before you said not to cum in you so...i pulled out"he panted heavily as he held her body against him, he noticed the small trails of blood that ran along her hips and shoulders and he ones along her back, he felt bad that he had hurt her but she seemed to enjoy it"That ..was amazing Sophia....it was indescribable "he smiled and kissed her lips gently before laying his head back and panting

"well...at least you paid attention..." she panted heavily as she rested there against him. Her body was weak and numb. She smiled gently and closed her eyes. Her legs on either of him. She panted still, and her heart raced "Mm...it felt awesome, nothing i ever experienced before." she whispered gently as she opened her eyes and trailed her eyes on the aw marks she could see on his chest. She smiled gently but also hoped she didnt hurt him. "i was just so...caught up in the feeling." she mumbled gently, tiredly.

"i try to do my best at paying attention love"He winked playfully and rubbed her back slowly, his breathing finally slowed and h could feel himself begin to relax again. He chuckled at her comment and kissed her head softly"I enjoyed it greatly baby, i like it a little rough, but i do hope i didnt hurt you to badly"at this he pointed to er hips and then wiped some of the blood from her back and shoulders and showed it to her"I am sorry if i hurt you baby i didnt mean to, like you said i was just so caught up in the moment i couldnt hold back"

She smiled softly. Her breathing was still heavy, but her heart race was going back to normal. She giggled gently and moved so she could look at his hand then at him "oh no you didnt hurt me. My body uses the pain, as extra pleasure." she smiled tiredly. Her body was wore out completely. "Mm i love it rough." she whispered gently before trailing her delicate fingers over the bleeding, raised claw makes on his chest. She sighed deeply and looked at him. "i didnt hurt you did i?" she asked in a soft whisper. Her body was numb. Yet her body was pale, all the marks on her body would be noticeable. She giggled at a thought. "guess i cant wear a tank top for awhile." she whispered.

"no you didnt hurt me love, i enjoyed it when you clawed me"He smiled at her and let his fingers run along one of the marks the blood gathering on his finger, he smiled and licked his finger letting her sweet blood run across his tongue."mmmm you taste so sweet baby"He smiled at her again wandering if she remembered what he was or if it mattered anymore."No i guess ou wont be able to unless your here huh, i doubt your "master" would approve"He but a more hateful tone was he used the word master but he kept his smile and loving gaze the same, he watched his eyes still full of the same love and passion as they had been before"sophia....i think...im falling for you"

"Oh what a relief." she whispered gently and smiled softly as she looked at him and smiled as she nuzzled him. Hearing the sound he made in his chest made her smile. "soo, you like the way i tatse huh?" she whispered gently, seductvely. Her body slightly did ach tho from all the roughness, but that was no. She knew it was. It was just a sign that it was good. She giggled and sighed "yea i doubt he would approve." she whispered gently and nuzzled him. She blinked hearing his next statement. "we can start a secret relationship, you can pleasure my body as much as you wish baby." she smiled and rested against him. She liked him alot. Not just because of what happened er a few minuets ago, but because he was sweet and caring to her

He smiled as she nuzzled against him and he held her tightly nuzzling her back playfully, he enjoyed the way their bodies felt against each other and was happy that she cared enough about him to risk being in trouble if she was caught. He kissed her neck playfully and then her lips passionately"I would like that baby, though i would like our relationship to be more than just that...." he said this nervously hoping this wouldnt make her think he was wimpy or clingy, he did have strong feeling for her and wanted their relationship to at least mean more than just sex."And....Sophia...you do remember what i am right.....that ...that doesnt bother you?"

She yawned softly, her breathing finally normal. She smiled and.closed her eyes and sighed deeply. She was slowly drifting in and out of sleep. "Mm i know baby. We just, just when we are out in the open around other people we have to act like friends, may never know one of Masters friends could be there, and could tell him." she whispered gently. She didnt want a relationship based on sex. What she meant, is what she just explained. She nodded softly "no it doesnt bother me, cause i know you wont hurt me." she mumbled.

"im fine with that my love"He smiled again happily as he held her tightly in his arms, he was happy to finally have someone that he truly cared for even if their relationship had to be kept secret. He gave a soft chuckle as he saw her drifting in and out of sleep"would you like me to carry you to bed my love?" He moved a little just to see how she would react.

She was already asleep by the time he asked her that question. He wore her out with the pleasure he had gave her. Which for her., she didnt mind. She enjoyed it. She sighed deeply as she slept against him. When she felt him move she groaned and her body softly twitched.

He chuckled again as he noticed she had already fallen asleep. He smiled and moved gently so that he wouldnt wake her up, he picked her up and carried her with ease to his bedroom, stopping to grab a towel her cleaned the cum from her body before gently laying her down in his king sized bed. He kissed her lips softly as he climbed into bed beside her and pulled her back onto him so that her head was nuzzled against his neck"i do love you Sophia"

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