Getting Started_(0) by Arliss

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Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, Exhibitionism

In 1975, I had my first sexual experience at the age of 10 years old. I was not raped , coerced or in any way forced into it. I wanted it. I sought it out and I enjoyed doing what I did.

Here is my story...

When I was 9 years old I started collecting beer cans. As an only child, my parents would allow me a lot of leeway to do what I wanted. I would go out into the fields and dumpsters to find cans to add to my collection.

I got this idea to start going through the thrash on my block every week in hopes of finding something new. I was hitting the block every week looking for cans when I found this one house that had just been cleaned out.

It was a jackpot! Not of beer cans, but of porno magazines. Most of these were Playboy, but I dug through and found some "other", more graphic magazines. I grabbed as many as I could and hid them in the garage until I could sneak them into the house...

Even some of the non-Playboy mags I found rather boring. But there were two that I really liked: The first was "GIRLS WHO EAT CUM", which showed me many ways a girl (or in my case, a young boy) could offer oral sex to an eager cock and benefit with the man shooting white stuff all over their faces and in their mouth's. The second magazine was even more hard-core and was titled "BACK ALLEY", showing women getting fucked in the ass by some really big dicks.

I spent many evenings alone in my upstairs bedroom, completely naked, jacking my little 9 year-old hairless cock and flipping through the magazines. I started practice-sucking frozen popsicles or bananas to test how far I could take a hot dick down my throat while messaging my tight virgin asshole. I got pretty good at "sucking a dick", but I just couldn’t push the soft banana up my tight young hole.

I had since reached my 10th birthday and I still had not taken more than two of my small fingers up my ass, even with the help of an old jar of Vasoline I found in the linen closet. It wasn't 'til I was helping my mom make a salad that I had this fantastic idea of how to get my little ass fucked like the women in the magazine...

That night I was able to hide an entire cucumber without much notice from my mom. I couldn't wait to "go read" so I could “fall asleep“. I climbed the stairs to my room and sat on the edge of the bed looking into the full-length mirror that hung on my closet door.

I slowly undressed, opening my shirt and pulling it open to show off my little nipples. I looked in the mirror so I could watch this "other" boy slowly remove his clothes. I wanted to see how I looked to other people. At 10 years old, I was already an exhibitionist.

I bent down and pulled off my shoes and socks. Sitting back again, I thought about getting naked and realized my little dick was already hard. I opened my pants and pushed them to the floor. I pulled my legs out and kicked them aside. The "other" 10 year old boy was showing his hard-on through his little briefs, licking his lips and doing poses.

From my hiding place, I removed a knife, the jar of Vasoline and the cucumber. I took the knife and cut the very tip off, then whittled it down to a more rounded edge. I watched "the boy in the mirror" pull off his underwear and sit on the edge of the bed as his hairless young cock throbbed with anticipation. "He" moved the cucumber to his lips and started licking the tip and then the shaft like some man's huge dick.

I closed my eyes and sucked the "cock" down my young throat, in and out. I stopped long enough to scoop out some Vasoline with my left hand and reach between my legs and rub it around my tight boy-hole, pushing the lubricant inside with my fingers. Another small scoop coated the cucumber.

I bent over my bed and pushed my butt in the air, pulling my ass cheeks apart. I guided the tip of the "cock" to rest against my waiting hole and slowly pushed it inside. My little dick was pulsing with my heartbeat. I continued to push the cucumber into my hole with my right hand and grabbed my throbbing 10 year old hard-on. Before I realized it, I had 5" inside my ass.

I eased the cucumber out an inch or so, then pushed it in again faster. My dick jumped and my asshole puckered. I started moving the cucumber in and out of my little ass, faster and deeper each time.

I was thinking about one of the men in the magazine and how he was fucking me with his fat cock. Soon, I was pushing so much of the cucumber up my little boy-hole that could I barely hold onto it. I started pushing on the end of it when I realized that all 9 inches of it was already shoved inside of me.

As I continued to jack myself, I thought about the man pounding his fat 9-inch dick into my little 10 year old ass while speaking dirty to me, then finally shooting multiple streams of cum until it begins to ooze out of my hole. Without any notice, an electric wave rushed through my young body and I thought I would pee right on the floor. It felt too good to care.

Several quick spasms wracked by body as I pushed the cucumber out. I crawled over to where I had the magazine and flipped to the man I was fantasizing about then looked to the smiling boy in the mirror.

I knew the answer to his quizzical look. The next time would be the real thing…


The next morning after my shower, I prepared for a hopeful encounter. I took the Vasoline and scooped out a healthy portion. Bending over, I applied a liberal amount to my young hole and worked the rest inside with my fingers.

I grabbed a pair of cut-off shorts and pulled them on over my bare ass. I threw a t-shirt on and slipped into my flip-flops, telling my Mom I was going for a bike ride and that I’d be back in a few hours.

As I approached the park, I took off my shirt and tied it around the handlebars of the bike. I continued on to the restrooms and propped my bike against the side.

The strong smell of urine hit me as I walked in. The air was nice and cool on my bare chest and the relative darkness eased my nerves a bit. To the immediate right were two open stalls. A rusty old troth occupied the wall directly in front of the far stall.

Finding myself alone, I entered the far stall and dropped my shorts to the cement floor. As I was virtually naked, my hairless little dick got hard, even before I started reading the graffiti on the walls.




After 10 minutes I decided to get bold. I lifted one leg and then the other from the shorts that were pooled around my ankles and pushed them to the side. I sat back and stretched my legs out so I could see my entire nude body while lightly stroking my little dick.

I heard voices coming from just outside the restroom. I stopped playing with myself and leaned forward until I thought it was safe again. Someone had come in but I didn't see them. He called to someone outside, but he spoke in Spanish, so I didn't understand. I heard someone else come in and they resumed their exchange.

They didn't yet realize that I was in the stall until one of them walked over to take a piss. The young Hispanic wore the uniform of a probationary offender, ordered to do community service by the county. He opened the fly to his coveralls and pulled out his this huge dick. I couldn't believe how big it was! His fat uncut dick hung at least 6 inches down the outside of his jumper. He still had not noticed me because he was talking to his friend over his left shoulder.

Just then he looked over and caught me staring at his beautiful brown cock. He paused a moment, taking in the sight of a naked 10 year old boy staring at his dick. He called over his shoulder to his partner, who then stepped in front of the open stall. He too just stood looking at me a moment before saying anything. His friend responded by grabbing his crotch and shaking it while looking at me.

The partner just stood in front of me. He got a serious look on his face and said something I couldn't understand. When I didn't respond, he repeated it while reaching down to grab his crotch. He said something to the first guy over his shoulder and pulled down the zipper of his coveralls. He reached in and pulled out his already hard dick. Though not quite as big as his friends, his uncut cock was very pretty, a good 8“. He continued speaking to me in Spanish as he played with it.

"You like?", he says. "Suck!"

He said something to the first one who was now standing as look out. He entered the stall and held his cock so close to my face I could smell a light musky scent mixed with pee. Reaching up, I grabbed his cock and took it into mouth as deep as I could. I messaged his dick with my tongue as I pushed him down my throat.

They exchanged a few words and the big-dicked Spanish guy came into the stall. “Suck” he said as he pushed his cock into my open mouth. I could only take an inch or two in my mouth before it became to fat. He didn’t seem to mind too much, because he kept rubbing his hands down the back of my neck and to my bare shoulders.

While I was sucking on the one with the 10” cock, his friend had unzipped his jumper, letting it fall over his hips. He had his t-shirt off to show his beautiful smooth chest and numerous tattoos.

Before I realized what I was doing, I had pulled his jumper and boxer shorts down and I was sucking on his uncut brown dick with every intention of having him shoot his load in my mouth.

He was starting to moan and push his hips into my face. He was getting close. Just then, his friend said something to him and he pulled his jumper up. I thought they were going to leave, but the one with the big dick handed me my shorts and waived me to follow them.

When I came out of the restroom, they were walking toward a white van and looked back just before sliding the door open. I crossed the field and hopped into the back.

They shut the door behind and pulled the curtains to close off the view from outside. I wasted no time in kicking off my flip-flops and taking my shorts off again. Meanwhile, they were peeling off their jumpsuits and t-shirts.

When they were down to just their boxers and socks, I slid between them and lay on my stomach with my head down by their feet. I felt warm hands touch my legs and move up to my waiting ass as I pulled the socks off of one of them and started licking between his toes.

I had never thought of doing this before, but the masculine scent of his feet made my little dick super hard. After cleaning both their feet, I propped myself up to work on their cocks again.

I started with the one who almost came in my mouth in the bathroom. While I was sucking him, I slowly moved my ass closer in toward the guy with the 10 inch dick. I wrapped my small hand around him and aimed him towards my boy-hole. It was still lubed up with Vasoline and I felt my ass open for him.

I didn‘t know if I could handle a fat 10“ dick, so I rolled over and offered my ass to the other man and to suck his friend. I reached behind me and guided his smaller 8” cock to my ass.

He was surprisingly gentle as he slowly pushed inside of me. I was able to grab his butt to help him gage how fast to go. I was so relaxed, his cock was pushed deep inside of me within moments.

What surprised me more was how good his uncut cock felt moving against my prostate. Soon I was on my back with his dick moving in and out of my little-boy hole, his balls bouncing off my young butt cheeks.

My little dick was raging hard as he built up the speed and impact of his thrusts. The grip he had on my ankles increased as he approached climax. He was fucking me unmercifully.

“Fuck me harder! Fuck me and cum inside my ass!.” I ordered him.

As if on cue, his face contorted into one of intense pleasure as he climaxed, shooting deep inside of me. He continued to fuck me until he was completely spent.

He pulled out slowly and shifted over so his friend could have his turn at me. He lifted my legs up and slowly pushed his big cock inside. I had just been well fucked, so he was quickly able to push all the way up my 10 year old ass with little resistance.

He shifted slightly and with his free hand he began to jack me in time with his thrusts. I was fast approaching that plateau, the point of what I felt would be my first real orgasm.

He seemed to sense this too and started pounding my little ass until I saw stars as my load erupted onto my stomach. Moments later, I felt a stream of warm liquid shooting inside my ass, followed quickly by two slightly less powerful ones

as he finished with me

I asked if I could see them again or maybe call them, but they didn‘t seem to understand. It was a great experience for me anyhow, and one I endeavor to

undertake again as often as I can!

Rating: 90%, Read 33997 times, Posted Jul 05, 2009

Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, Exhibitionism


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