Such is Life 10 by Pussyeeter

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Fiction | Blowjob, Hardcore, Romance

She wasn't lying at all. I no sooner finished getting dressed when I heard her car pull into my driveway. I had turned the lights down and oh my god I was so nervous. I had no idea why, but my palms started to sweat. All of that nervousness stopped when she came in the door. She was wearing a very tiny skirt and a white net shirt, and nothing else. Her bright pink nipples stuck out of her shirt through one of the many holes. I stood up and she dropped her purse and walked up to me, after she shut the door.

"You weren't lying, you didn't take very long." I said.

"I told you, God you are so hhhhhot." She said as she approached me.

"Oh jesus, you are so so sexy baby." I said as she jumped into my arms and wrapped her arms around my neck, and legs around my body.

We started to kiss really slow and passionately. She rubbed my entire face as our kissing started to really get more and more passionate and hard. We both moaned into each other's mouths as she started to grind against my body. I held her sexy little ass, and as I grabbed it, I realized that she didn't have any panties on. I broke the kiss and looked deeply into her eyes. The look she had in her eyes was one that I had never seen. Her eyes were partially closed, and her mouth was opened, but relaxed. She exhaled hard as I slid my finger inside of her.

"Mmmmmuuuu..hhhhh..hhhhh." She moaned and breathed as she looked deep into my eyes.

"Fuck you're so wet." I whispered.

"I'm all...mmmmm..hhhh...all wet for," She said as I very slowly slid my finger in and out of her.

"You like my hands on you?" I whispered.

"Yeah." She nodded and whispered as she was breathing hard.

"Do you like my fingers inside of you?" I whispered.

"Uuuhhh...hhhuyeah..." She said as she nodded her head.

We started to kiss very slow and passionately. I held her bare sexy ass as I turned around and walked her to the couch.

"Turn around I wanna sit in your lap, I have plans with you." She half whimpered.

"Yeah baby? What plans do you have? I asked.

"You'll just have to wait and see." She whimpered as she giggled.

"But first, we need to get you out of these clothes. Tonight I want to do the one thing that I have been dying to to for a long time." She said.

"And what's that sexy lover?" I asked.

"I really want to make love to you." She said as that look returned to her eyes.

"I want to make love to you too." I said.

"I never, ever thought in a million years that I would ever love anyone like I love you. You have been so so amazing to me. I love you so much." She whispered as she started grinding on me hard and really slowly.

"I didn't think I would ever love anyone like this again, you proved me so wrong on so many levels baby." I whispered as she smiled and tears filled her eyes.

"I love you so much, god I love you so much it hurts." She said as she kept grinding slowly.

I started to kiss her very softly and slowly sliding my tongue into her mouth with every kiss. She started to kiss back the same way as I slid my hand up her body and under her fish net shirt. She exhaled hard and placed her hand on top of mine just as I slid her nipples between my fingers and squeezed her sexy tits. She moaned whimpered into my mouth as she let go of my hands and started to unbutton my shirt. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, resting her head on mine.

"So, tonight I am going to pamper you. As I do so, I am going to make sweet slow passionate love to my amazing man, you." She said softly as she slid her hands into my shirt and started to rub my body.

"God I can't wait." I said making her giggle.

"Mmmmm...but first, I need to get you all naked." She said as she moaned slightly.

"You first baby." I said as my cock throbbed.

"Ok." She whispered as I slid my hand down her soft sexy body and began to kiss her over and over again as I started to lift her shirt up slowly.

She kissed me as she lifted her arms up. She broke the kiss just as I got her shirt off and dropped it to the floor. I looked deeply in her eyes and gently lifted her up. She placed both of her hands on my face and kissed me passionately. She broke the kiss and moved to where I was able to kiss her neck and collar bone. I very gently kissed lower and lower, until I finally reached her sexy fucking tits. I flicked my tongue across her nipples on each one of her tits. I very gently wrapped my lips around her nipples and sucked on each one of them. She was lightly caressing my neck, back, and the back of my head with her finger tips. She moaned ever so slightly as she started to breath hard. I slid my hand down her body, around her back, and down her ass.

She pushed her ass out as I slid my hand down her ass crack. I found her soaking wet pussy and slid my finger between her little lips. She let this long sigh out as I slid my finger along her slit until my finger tip touched her clit.

"Jesus baby you're so so wet." I whispered as her juices dripped and strung down from my finger.

She very gently lifted my chin until I was looking in her big hazel eyes and kiss me. I very slowly slid my finger back and forth along her very very well lubed slit. She moaned quietly as she started to pull on the buttons of my shirt. I slid my hand around her and started to rub her pussy very slowly and gently. She broke the kiss and stared into my eyes. She was unbuttoning my shirt and breathing into my mouth as she did.

"I love you." I whispered slowly as we stared into each other's eyes.

"I love you baby." She whispered as she worked her hand down my shirt, unbuttoning it as she did.

She slid her hand onto my chest and and gently and slowly slid her finger nails along my flesh. I got chills as she and I started to kiss very passionately. I was still rubbing her puss slowly. I felt her legs spread a little more. I broke the kiss and looked in her eyes. I curved my finger and started to slide it inside of her slowly. She looked into my eyes and moaned. Her eye brows slanted and her eyes closed slightly. She gasped three times and started to thrust her hips. Her juices started to soak my hand so much that I could feel it dripping off. She moaned and started to pull my shirt down and off of my shoulders.

"Let's...hhhhhh..mmmhhh, let's get this off..uuuuu..of your sexy body baby." She whispered.

"Can't it wait, I am enjoying you too much right now." I asked quietly as I grinned.

"Yeah but maybe I want to enjoy you too baby?" She said as she smiled and she let this incredibly sexy little laugh out.

I couldn't see that gorgeous smile because our faces were so close. I only knew because I could see it in her beautiful hazel eyes.

"Hhhhhhuuuuuu gggod...y...your ffff...finger feels so uuuuhhhh so good inside of me baby." She whimpered as she slid my shirt down my arms.

"You're so so wet, I wanna taste you so bad." I whispered as I pulled my finger out of her so she could get my shirt off completely.

"Mmmmm...not just yet, I still have more clothes to peel off of you." She hissed as she threw my shirt on the floor.

She straddled me and kissed me several times as she reached down and started to undo my belt. Once it was undone, she slid her hand on my throbbing cock and stroked me several times really slowly, squeezing me several times as she did.

"Mmmmmmmhhhh, I can't get over how huge you feel. I can't wait till I see it." She whispered.

"Wait till its deep inside of you." I whispered making her smile disappear.

"Be careful baby, you made me cum the last time you said that." She whispered just before she kissed me several times.

As she started to pull my belt out, I started kissing her neck, and collar bone. I started to kiss down her arms but had to stop when she leaned back to pull my belt all the way off. She got it out and sighed as I gently slid my hands all over her sexy body.

"I love all of these tattoos, god you're so sexy." I whispered.

As she started to kiss me, I ran my finger tips all over her body where she had her tattoos. Her body quivered at my touch and she started to loose control. We started to kiss harder and harder as she pressed her bare pussy down onto my throbbing bulge. She moaned into my mouth as she started grinding on me. She broke the kiss and backed off. She slid towards my knees and stood up, all the while looking into my eyes.

"Fuck you're so beautiful baby." I whispered as I sat up to get closer to her.

"Thank you, you make me feel beautiful and very sexy." She said softly as she hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her skirt and started to tease me.

"Well look at you babe, how can I not make you feel that way? You are so so beautiful and so sexy." I said as I caressed her body and looked her over really good.

She started swaying her hips as she pulled her skirt down more and more. I watched her closely and looking in her eyes occasionally.

She started to slide her skirt down more and more. My cock twitched so hard when I saw her cleanly shaved bald bright pink little slit as she slowly slid her skirt past her ass and dropped it to the floor. I stared at her pussy and watched her juices leak out of her and soak her inner thighs. I looked up at her and bit my lip as I reached down and grabbed my throbbing cock, squeezing and rubbing myself through my jeans as I looked her over really good.

"Fffffuck I love the way you are looking at me right now." She whispered.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Mmmmhhhmmm." She replied as she slowly turned around.

"God damn it baby." I whispered making her giggle.

She spread her legs wide and leaned over. She grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks to give me an unobstructed view of her wet little pussy. I leaned forward and inhaled her sex as I slid my free hand up onto her back.

"Do you like my little pussy baby?" She asked as she looked back at me.

"Yeah." I replied as I let go of my cock and slid my other hand onto her ass and placed my hands on her hips.

"Mmmmmmm babyhhh..." She whimpered as I leaned forward and planted a very soft little tongue kiss right on her pussy, coating my lips and tongue with her sweet nectar.

I slid my tongue out and licked the entire length of her pussy. She pushed back as I started to lick and suck on her pussy. She started to gasp and whimper as I slid my tongue in and out of her slowly and gently. She stood up and turned around to face me. I wrapped my arms around her sexy little ass and lifted her up.

"You taste so good baby." I moaned as my hips started to thrust slowly and involuntarily.

I lifted her up and sat back, still lifting her so that her pussy was in my face. I pulled her close and wrapped my lips around her clit and started to suck on it. I then stuck my tongue out and licked from her taint to her wet hole. Her hips started to thrust as I slid my tongue inside of her. She placed her hands on the wall to brace herself as her body started to jerk. I softly and slowly tongue kissed her pussy making her moan.

"Hhhhh..uuuuhhh, oohh, oohh yyy...yyyyeah, ooohh g...god aaaa..Adam baby uuuuuuu...hhhh..hhhh..uuuuuhhh." She whimpered and moaned through sharp gasps.

Her juices rolled down my tongue and into my mouth. Her taste and smell was extremely intoxicating. I kept kissing and licking her and watching her body movements. Through all of her tattoos, I could see her skin start to form some big goose bumps. The hair on her arms stood up and her body shook. She looked down into my eyes and moaned between sharp inhales. Her whimpers came out with each slow exhale. Her hazel eyes made contact with mine as she placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled my hair gently. I slid my finger inside of her and turned my hand so my palm was facing me. I wrapped my lips around her clit and started to lick and suck on it very slowly and methodically. I slowly slid my finger in and out as I did. I knew she was really close to an orgasm, by the way her pussy started to spasm around my finger.

I curved my finger and started to rub her g spot really slowly and softly. She started to go crazy, but did all she could to keep herself composed. Her hips and body jerked, and I watched her legs and stomach jiggle. I looked up to see that she had her head back as she moaned. I slid my hand up and gently gripped her little tits and pinched her nipples. Her hand went right on top of mine. Her fingers slid between mine and she squeezed my fingers hard. After several minutes of slowly fingering and eating her pussy, her entire body started to jerk.

"Ooooooooooooo ggod oh...uuuuuu...god!! Oh my ggg...god...." She moaned as her hips thrusted forward and backward.

She started to tense up like crazy. I closed my eyes and slid my finger out of her just as she started to cum like crazy. She soaked the shit out of my chest because her cum poured out of her like a faucet. Her legs gave out on her and she fell onto my chest. Her pussy was still pouring cum out as she slid down my body. I could feel her cum rolling down my chest and stomach and into my pants. She finally made it to where she was eye to eye with me.

"Hhhhholy shhhhit! You eat pussy like a girl baby." She said as she ground her bare soaking wet pussy on my stomach, right above my pants waist band.

"Is that bad?" I asked just before she slid her tongue into my mouth.

She started to kiss me hard as she continued to grind her pussy on my abs. She moaned into my mouth and really started to loose control again. I started to kiss her back making her moan again. She broke the kiss and pressed her head against mine.

"Fuck no that's not bad, you made me cum again didn't you?" She hissed.

"Yeah I did. You taste so fucking good baby." I said as I held onto her ass and helped her grind.

"Mmmmmm, let's get the rest of your clothes off, I have to see that cock of yours." She hissed.

She kissed me hard again for several minutes. She broke the kiss and slid to where she was sitting in my lap. She kissed me again as she started to undo my jeans. Once she had them undone, she started to kiss down my body as she unzipped them. She got to her knees and hooked her fingers into my waist band and started to pull them down slowly.

"Ooooooohhhh ggggod you have the hottest body." She whimpered as she kissed and licked my abs.

I watched her look up at me and bite her lower lip. She pulled my pants down further as I lifted my ass up off of the couch. She pulled my pants past my ass and slid them down. She looked right at my cock still covered by my boxer briefs. My cock was so big that it stuck out of one of the legs quite a ways. She looked right at my cock and her body shook. Her mouth opened and she stared at it as she pulled my pants the rest of the way off, one pant leg at a time.

"Mmmmm ggggod baby." I moaned as I lifted my hips up.

Chills ripped through me as she slid her hand onto my cock.

"Oh god. Oh my god Adam! Holy shit!" She said as she stroked me.

"Do you like it baby." I asked as she slid her hand up and down my length.

"I don't know. We better take these off so I can get a better look at at it." She said as she slid her hands up my legs.

She hooked her fingers in my waist band and slowly pulled them down. She got it past my ass and looked up at me with a look that made my cock twitch. She then pulled them down further. Finally, my cock sprung free and hit her right on one of her tits. She couldn't even get my boxer briefs all the way off she was so distracted by me.

"Oooooohhhh ssshhhhhhit! God damn baby..uuuuu...ooohhh ffff...fffuck, again...uuuuuuuu.., beautiful." She moaned as she placed her face on my cock and shook like crazy.

"Mmmmmm, what's wrong baby? Did you cum again?" I asked as I looked at her and grinned.

She didn't answer for a minute or so. She finally came around and looked up at me.

"God I'm so sorry, that's so embarrassing." She said as her body jerked.

"Baby, don't be sorry, I love what I do to you, it's so sexy to see that I do that to you. I've never had that affected on a woman before." I said as she stared at my cock.

"I've never had a guy affect me like this either, never. Oh my god. Your cock is so beautiful baby. Mmmmmmm, it's so fucking big too. You even shaved it all for me." She said as her eye brows jumped and as she giggled.

She looked into my eyes and wrapped her fingers around me. She started to gently stroke my entire length as she examined every inch of my cock. I moaned making her look up at me with a sexy sexy grin.

"Fuck I can't even get my fingers all the way around you. How the fuck have you not been laid for so long baby?" She asked.

"I never tried." I hissed.

"God baby...." She said as she sat up and pulled me to her.

She kissed me hard as she stroked me a little faster. I moaned into her mouth as she rolled her thumb around my cock head. She spread her fingers and slid my cock head between them as she stroked me. Her body shook as she kissed me harder and harder. She whimpered in my mouth as I gently slid my hands onto her face. She exhaled hard through her nose once she realized that I was starting to loose control. She didn't stop kissing me like she always did before. She didn't want to stop. Her strokes became a little faster just before she broke the kiss. She smiled and looked deep into my eyes.

"I'm going to try to suck this gorgeous monster." She whispered as she pushed me back.

I sat back and watched her kiss, lick and nibble down my body. My cock pulsed in her hand as she squeezed and stroked me. I moaned as I watched her slide her pierced tongue out and very slowly lick my cock head, teasing me. She swirled it around my cock head then kissed my cock head several times, getting her lips coated in my precum.

"Mmmmmmmm, god Courtney." I moaned as she very slowly kissed and licked my cock inch by inch.

"Fffffffffffffuck baby! Mmmmmmm, god I love your fucking cock, mmmmm it's so so beautiful and big." She hissed and moaned before she opened her mouth and slid me into her mouth so slowly and gently.

"Oooohhh my gggod! Hhhhhhhh, sshhh...shhhhit." I hissed as I stared into her eyes.

I watched her mouth all but stretch wide open and my cock slowly slide into her mouth. She never broke eye contact with me as she started to do the most amazing things to me with her mouth and hands. She started to bob up and down, and the pleasure I was feeling was by far the most intense I had ever experienced. I could feel her love for me shoot through me like spears slowly. After several minutes of one of the best, slowest, most passionate blow job I had ever had, I felt my balls start to tighten. I couldn't say anything. My entire body felt like it was being turned inside out as she continued to bring me closer and closer to the edge. I tried to stop her so I wouldn't cum, but that just egged her on. She became more aggressive as she sucked me. I fell back and my hips jerked as this very warm feeling sweep over me with chills. I tried to relax, but my body had other ideas.

She just kept sucking me slowly and stroking the large amount that would not fit in her mouth. Her saliva was running down the length of my cock and she was using that as lube.

"Fffffffff....fuck....ggg...God I don't...don't..ssshhhhit...don't want to cccc...cum...oh fffffuck...cum yet..uuuuhh baby please." I pleaded.

She released my cock with an audible pop and looked up at me. She smiled at me and very gently wrapped both of her hands around my cock and very gently and slowly stroked me, twisting both of her hands as she did. My hips lifted as she stroked down. The very light grip she had of my cock made it pulse in her hand.

"Mmmmmm...its ok, let it happen, I want to make you cum like you make me cum. Just relax and let it go, let it happen baby." She said softly with a very warm sexy smile on her face.

She opened her mouth and lightly wrapped her lips around my cock and into her mouth, just to get more saliva on it. I groaned and my back arched hard as I grabbed my cushions and pulled on them. My entire body tightened so hard that I shook.

"That's it baby, cum for me, cum all over my pretty little tits." She hissed just as my cum started to shoot up the length of my cock.

I looked up at the ceiling and my vision became extremely distorted. I took one deep sharp breath and let this long groan out as I said her name. Just as she lightly stroked up towards my cock head my hips thrusted upward.

"Oooo....oooohhhh fffffff...hhhhhuuu...fffffffuck! I moaned as my cock erupted like it never had before.

My entire body felt very warm and tingly and almost like I was floating as this amazing feeling shot through me. I had never experienced anything like this in my life! My hips thrusted up hard with each shot of cum. I have no idea how long I came, but all I knew was that I collapse and it felt like I was free falling. My Courtney just gave me the most intense orgasm I had ever had. No other orgasm I have ever come to as close as this was. Compared to this one, oh god they were nothing.

All I knew was after a few minutes I heard her giggling. I opened my eyes and she was sitting by my side and caressing my face.

"Are you ok baby?" She asked.

My body was trembling as I sat there looking into her very loving eyes.

"What the fuck was that?" I whispered as I tried to compose myself.

"I take it you've never cum like that before." She replied with, I don't even know. You know when some one looks at you, you just know, and can feel how much they loved you? That's what it was like.

"No I haven't, oh my god baby." I said as she planted little kisses all over my face.

"I have never seen a guy cum like that, that had to be thee sexiest, most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I love what I do to you baby." She whispered.

"I love what you do to me too." I whispered just before we started to kiss very very passionately.

She rolled on top of me and started grinding her pussy on my abs. She broke the kiss and looked in my eyes.

"Do you want to know what I think the sexiest thing about you is?" She asked.

"Sure, I would love to know." I said.

"You are the tallest guy I have ever met. You're so tall in fact that I have to stand on a chair just to kiss you." She said.

"I think it's sexy that I have to pick you up, you are so so sexy, I can't get over how beautiful you are." I said.

"Mmmm, I feel very sexy because of you." She said just before she kissed me.

My cock had only gone down half way and I could still feel that she was soaking wet. I loved feeling her pussy slime my stomach with her juices as she ground on me. My hands slid very gently all over her incredibly sexy body. I used my finger tips all over her. I ran my fingers through her long long platinum blonde hair. She broke the kiss and looked at me with stars in her eyes.

"Oh my god I'm so in love with you." She whispered.

"I love you too. I love everything about you." I said as I caressed her face.

"I love everything about you, and I really mean that." She said.

"Trust me I know." I said.

She just laid there caressing my face looking in my eyes. We would kiss over and over again as we did.

"So I have a confession, it may have the potential to scare you away." She said.

"Ok. But before you say anything, you need to know that you don't need to worry about me getting freaked out, or mad, or anything. There is nothing that can make me love you less. I promise you that." I said.

"Ok, I'll just come right out with it then. I use to have sex with my sister and brothers." She said making my cock start to get hard.

"I know." I said.

"You do?" She asked.

"Yes I do, your sister told me." I said.

"And you're ok with it?" I asked.

"How can I not be, I've had sex with my cousin." I said.

"Mmmmm, really?! God that's so fucking hot, mmmmmmm, was she hot?" She asked.

"Yeah she was. So who did you like being with better, your brothers or your sister?" I asked.

"Hands down, my sister. I have no idea why, but god I loved it." She said.

"She wanted to have a threesome, she wanted it to be me her and you." I said.

"Oh god, fuck that would have been so hot, I would have without hesitation." She half moaned when she felt my now throbbing cock head forcing its way between my stomach and her pussy as it grew harder and harder.

"Mmmmmm, you're hard again, I..hold on." She said as she lifted her ass and repositioned herself so that her drooling pussy would sit and slide on my cock.

"Fuck I love what you do to me." I moaned as I started to thrust.

"Mmmm, I love what you do to me too, it didn't take long for you to get all hard for me again baby." She said.

"So you're ok with the fact that I like incest?" She asked.

"God yeah. It's so fucking hot, God do you feel how hard I'm getting?" I asked.

"Mmmmm, do you have any sisters?" She asked as she ground on my cock.

"No, I don't. So why did you like your sister better?" I asked.

"I don't know. I was really young when we started playing doctor and I loved being touched by my brothers. But after a while they just didn't do it for me anymore. Then my sister and I started to play with each other, and well, that definitely did it for me." She replied.

"Who started it?" I asked.

"I did." She said.

"God I would have loved to have been your brother." I said.

"Well, if you were my brother, you most definitely would have done it for me, in fact I would have this gorgeous cock in my mouth every time mom and dad were gone." She said.

"I would have snuck into your room." I said.

"Mmmmmm, I would have snuck in on you too." She said.

"God I would love for you to be my big big brother baby." She hissed.

"Oh god your pussy feels so good on my cock." I whispered as I started to thrust in time with her.

"Mmmmmm...God it does feel good." She hissed.

I leaned down just as she looked down. We both watched her pussy slide along the length of my cock. She slid all the way up to where my cock head would disappear, then reappear shiny and dripping from her juices. We both looked up at the same time and she all but attacked me. We started to kiss hard and passionately as we both ground against each other hard. We both moaned into each other's mouths. She whimpered when she felt me pulse against her.

"I need you in me so bad." She whispered.

"I need to be inside of you." I hissed.

She slid up the length of my cock and grabbed my cock with her fingers. She lifted it up and pressed it against her dripping hole. She looked into my eyes and sat down. She tried several times to get me inside of her, but she was so tight that she had a really hard time. My fucking god she was sooooo fucking tight!!! She kissed me as she tried one more time. I broke the kiss and we both gasped loud just as I finally entered her. She pushed down holding my cock in place as she did. Her pussy squeezed my cock as I slid deeper and deeper inside of her.

"Hhhhh...uuuuuh ffffffffUCK!, oooh...oooh god you're so fff fucking tight! Oh sshhhhit ffff...feels so good, sssss...ssso, uuuuuuu, God so tight baby." I moaned.

She moaned as she pushed harder, sliding my cock deep inside of her. I watched her eyes roll back into her head as her body shook.

"Hhhhhh...uuuuhhhh, ffff...ffffuck, gggod...hhhhhhuuuu, I sss...swear to god I, oh god, I have never had a cock...uuuuuuu...this big baby!'re nnnn...not even all the www...way inside of me yet...uuuuh mmmmmm, so good! Ggg...ggod I fff..feel so ffff...full. Ffffffuck you feel ssss.....ssssssooooo goo...good inside of me." She moaned and whimpered between sharp gasps.

I grabbed her ass and held it as I started to thrust slowly as she looked deeply into my eyes. She moaned and started making these very sexy noises. She placed her head on my chest and moaned. I could feel her hot breath on my body as we were breathing really hard and moaning. She started to lift her ass up and down in time with me. She reached up and we started to kiss slowly and passionately as we finally started to make love. Our eyes were locked when ever we weren't kissing.

"I you so much uuuuuuu...hhhh hhhhhh...sss, sssso mmm much baby." She whimpered as her eye brows slanted.

"Uuuuuuhhhh...ggg...God I ll, love you." I half moaned as my body felt like it just took flight again.

No other words were spoken after that. No other words needed to be spoken. I rolled over and laid her on her back and got to my knees. I did so still buried inside of my beautiful Courtney. She moaned and her arms started to slide all over the couch and her head rolled from side to side. Her body moved like waves as I started to thrust slowly and gently. I leaned down and she wrapped her arms around my neck and head as we started to kiss. They were short tongue kisses.

As I made love to her, her she tried hard to keep her eyes open so she could keep looking deeply into mine. Our noses touched and our breaths became one it seemed. My cock pulsed and twitches inside of her as she ran her hands all over my back and neck. She started to cry as we both molded into one. We kissed each other over and over again and she had the most peaceful, blissful look on her face. I slid the entire length of my cock in and out of her slowly. As I thrusted in, I could feel her body tighten and roll under me. Our sweaty bodies seemed to melt together as we slid together.

She moaned and whimpered and soon she couldn't keep her eyes open. I watched them roll into her head as her back arched under me. She took a deep breath in and exhaled hard. I felt her body shake, and her pussy begin to pulse around my cock, squeezing it as I thrusted. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me as deep as I would go. Her body started to convulse under me and roll from side to side as her back arched really hard, pressing her belly piercing against my body. I felt her start to cum so I sat up so I could watch her cum. As she did I continued to thrust slowly, making her cum all by squirt from around me. I could feel my cock rake across her g spot as I thrusted. I started to massage her tits with one hand, and rubbed her clit with the other. She went to a whole other planet. She started to cum over and over again as I gently stimulated her clit and tits.

I watched her tits and thighs jiggle as she kept cummimg. My balls and cock were absolutely soaked from her, and it was running down my legs. Watching her cum over an over and over again, had to be thee sexiest, most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. Her body rolled and writhed under me as her orgasms hit her in waves. My cock throbbed and pulsed inside of her as I watched every muscle in her petite tattoo covered body spasm. Each muscle tightened up so hard that her her entire body jerked over and over again. Her face and chest area turned red as she gasped and squealed. After a little while I really started to slow down to let her come down from her orgasm.

Her body tensed up very very tightly one final time and she held her breath. I felt her cum lube my cock as its way from around me. She let this sexy, long quiet and shaky moan out as her body convulsed. Her back arched several times after a few minutes and she collapsed. I continued to thrust ever so slowly as I leaned down. I started to plant very soft and gentle kisses on her face as her head rolled from side to side, and her body shook. Her hips thrusted in time with me making her gasp every time I slid deep inside of her. I stopped thrusting, keeping my cock buried deep inside of her extremely tight pussy. I stopped because it was clear that she wasn't going to come down from her orgasm if I didn't. After a few seconds, she took my face in her hands and moved me so that we were staring into each other's eyes.

"What the FFFUCK was that?!" She asked as she tried to catch her breath.

"That was a real orgasm baby. You just had multiple orgasms." I whispered.

"I swear to god that I have never, ever had orgasms like that. My own sister didn't rock my world like you just did." She said with a look of absolute shock on her face.

"It was by far the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed." I said.

"Why the fuck did I wait so god damn long to do this with you? Oh my god!" She said as she started to smile.

"I have heard that incest sex gives you the most intense orgasms of your life." I said as I started to thrust very very slowly again.

"That was a fucking lie! Oh my god! I heard that before too and I have committed incest, but that was nothing compared to this." She said as she giggled.

"I'm so glad you enjoyed it." I said as I smiled.

"Wait, did you cum too?" She asked.

"No." I said.

"Oh my god. I have a real man." She said as her face started to change from shock to a look of pure pleasure.

I had pulled out of her all the way to my head only and slowly entered her. Her back arched slightly and her mouth opened as she gasped. She sat up and pushed me back a little.

"I wanna see it." She said as she looked down to see my cock sliding in and out of her slowly.

"Oh shit." She hissed as she looked up at me with slanted eye brows and open mouth.

"My cock looks so amazing inside of you doesn't it?" I asked.

"Yyyy...yeah. It looks so so good baby. Mmmmmmmm, look how much you stretch my little pussy." She moaned as she looked back down.

"God I know." I hissed as I started to thrust again.

She sat there watching my cock slide in and out of her slowly. She would look at me from time to time. She also would throw her head back every once in a while and moan. She placed her hand on my abs as she kept watching. It wasn't long before she started to cum again. I felt her pussy spasm and began thrusting faster and a little harder. She fell back and her back arched. Her body shook and convulsed as I very slowly slid out of her. Just as my cock head slipped out of her, her hips thrusted upwards as her cum poured from her. I sat back and stroked myself as I watched her cum. God I loves watching her cum.

After a minute or so, she sat up and kissed me. We kissed as she reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock. She started to stroke me slowly. She broke the kiss and looked up into my eyes.

"We should take a bath together." She said as she stroked my cock.

"Let's go then." I said as she stood up holding my cock.

I leaned down and kisses her just before she turned and walked me to her room by my cock. Once in there, she sat me in the bed and kissed me quite a few times. I kissed back as she moaned into my mouth. She broke the kiss and bent over and slid me into her mouth. I moaned as I watched her suck my cock several times. She released it and stood up staring at it as she stroked me.

"Ffffffffuck I love, love, llllove your cock baby." She hissed.

"Mmmmmmmmhhh, it's all yours baby." I whispered as I started thrusting my hips.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"Mmmhmmm." I said as I started getting chills.

"Mmmmmmm babyhhh." She hissed as she leaned down and took me back into her mouth and started sucking me again.

"Ooooohhhhh gggod I love how you suck baby." I hissed.

She started twisting her head and her tongue slid all over me as she sucked. I groaned as she looked into my eyes. She popped me out of her mouth and looked up at me.

"Mmmmmmm, I will suck your big gorgeous cock anytime baby. I can't get enough of it." She whimpered with slanted eye brows.

She sucked me into her mouth three times before she walked away and started the bath. As she walked out she looked right at my cock and walked to me. I started to stand up, but she pushed me back onto the bed with one hand and grabbed my cock with the other.

"Ffffffuck I love this cock." She said as she clenched her teeth together.

Before I could kiss her, she leaned down and sucked my cock into her mouth and started to bob up and down on my cock as she twisted her head. She looked up at me and into my eyes as she did. I leaned up and helped pull her hair back, making her moan on me. She opened her mouth wide and slid her tongue out all the way. She slid my cock into her mouth, moving her head from side to side. I moaned as I felt my cock slide into her throat. She watched my body spasm as she released my cock.

"Push my head down baby, I wanna deep throat this gorgeous huge cock." She hissed as she stroked me.

She opened her mouth and started to slide me into her throat. I moaned as I pushed the back of her head. My entire body tightened up from pleasure as I watched her lips touch the base of my cock.

"Fffffffuu...fffuck!" I moaned as she started to slide me out of her throat.

"Did that feel good?" She asked.

"Fuck yeah baby." I hissed as she stroked me.

"It helps that I don't have a gag reflex." She said with a sexy grin and a giggle.

She stood up and I stood up with her. I wrapped my arms around her from behind and we walked together to the bathroom. I turned her around and kissed her, walking her backwards to the tub. I was bent over because I was so tall, so I watched her reach and grab my cock. The tub wasn't filled yet, so I picked her up and pushed her against the wall, pressing my body against hers. We started to kiss really hard as she wrapped her legs around my body and grinding against my abs. After several long blissful minutes I broke the kiss and her eye brows were slanted.

"The tub is full." She hissed as she continued to grind on me.

I kissed her again and I gently lowered her to the floor. I got into the tub first and I helped her in. I had her sit on the edge of it and started to kiss her again. I slowly kisses down her sexy body slowly. She spread her legs open wide and gently pushed my head down to her pussy. I watched her stomach muscles start to spasm and felt her body twitch when I placed my upper lip on her clit and slid my long tongue out, and licked her pussy slowly from her taint to her clit. She moaned as I did that agin only this time, I didn't do it gently. Her voice was shaky as she moaned. I started to launch an all out assault on her pussy. I started to tongue kiss and eat her sweet pussy like it was the last time I would ever get a chance to again. She started to thrust her hips hard and fast, grinding her pussy into my face.

Her juices started to coat my tongue and lips as I continued. She moaned loud as I slid my finger into her. I started to finger fuck her and rub her clit as I spat on her clit and rolled my tongue all over it. Her hips started to buck and her pussy really really started to spasm. I turned my finger over and started to rub her g spot, driving her insane. Her entire body started to convulse and shake and she was crying out. Soon she started to cum really hard. Her entire body writhed and jerked as I pulled my mouth and fingers out, and off of her pussy. I stood up right as her orgasm really started to rip through her. I grabbed my cock and leaned forward and thrusted my cock deep inside of her. She gasped and moan out really loudly and her body tensed up. I picked her up and sat back into the tub, pulling her into my lap. As she sat in my lap, I felt my cock head hit so deep inside of her. She tried to kiss me but the pleasure we were feeling was far to overwhelming. Her eyes were closed and she was gasping. She lost control of her body as she was racked with pleasure. Her back ached and I watched her tits, arms and cheeks jiggling like crazy.

She sat all the way down and leaned back as her body tensed up. Her eyes cracked open and I could see the whites of her eyes. Her mouth was wide open and she was letting this long drawn out moan out. Her entire body spasmed like crazy, making her jerk all over. I could feel her pussy trying to milk my cock as she orgasmed again. After a few minutes she all but collapsed and I caught her and pulled her twitching, and shaking body to me. She started to come around and whimper as she started to ride up and down on my cock slowly. She looked up at me and lifted herself to look in my eyes.

"Ffffffffffffuck you sure know how to rock my world baby." She hissed as she lowered herself again.

"You like that baby?" I asked.

"Oooooohhhhh ffffff...fuck yeah. I swear to god that no one has ever made me cum like you do. Why the fuck I waited for so long to do this is way beyond me." She hissed.

"Don't worry about it, I'm deep inside of you right now." I said.

She smiled as I leaned down. She started to ride me as we began to kiss. I felt my balls start to tighten as she continued to ride me. She and I broke the kiss as she rode my cock, staring into each other's eyes.

"I love you baby." She whispered as her body started to jerk.

"I love you too, god I love you." I replied.

She started to ride me harder as she and I kissed and stared into each other's eyes. She and I moaned, blowing our hot breaths into each other's mouths. Soon I watched he face begin to distort and her eye brows slant. She started to ride me faster still, making sure that she lifted herself up till only my head stayed inside of her, then back down. I started to groan and close my eyes as my cock began to pulse deep in my Courtney. I started to thrust in time with her and she started to loose it. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her body shook and jerked. She and I tried to look deep into each other's eyes but both of us were so close to exploding that it was almost impossible to.

"Mmmmhhh I..I can fff...feel your cock get...uuuuhhh getting bigger." She moaned as she gasped.

"I'm about cum baby." I whispered.

"Mmmmmmmm, c....ccum inside, I want your cum inside of my p...pussy baby." She moaned as her pussy started to spasm like crazy

"Fffffff...fuck I'm cumming..." She moaned as she slid down until my cock head was as far inside of her as it would go.

She moaned and her back arched really hard. She sat up, wrapped her arms around my neck and held on for dear life. I kissed her as her pussy started to really spasm around my cock, squeezing it and making my body stiffen up hard and shake. I thrusted upwards and she cried out. Seconds later my body felt like it was wrapped in a hot blanket. I tried to close my eyes as she kept cummimg. I felt my entire body jerk and shake as cum began to shoot up the length of my cock. I erupted deep inside of her as she was right in the middle of her orgasm. Again, it felt like I was being turned inside out. Everything went white and I moaned out loud as I filled my girl full of my cum. I have no idea how many times my cock pumped cum inside of her, all I know was that this orgasm, was much better that the one she gave me earlier that night.

After a while we both collapsed and sat there panting and jerking. We both looked deeply into each other's eyes for several minutes before kissing again. At that moment I knew that I wanted to be with her forever. I know she felt the same way. She started to cry a little and kissed me.

"Why the fuck did I wait for so long to make love to you? Am I stupid?" She asked.

"No baby, you just wanted to make sure that I was really serious about being with you." I replied.

"How did you know that?" She asked as she started to cry.

"I just do. You can't beat yourself up for that baby. I get why, trust me I understand. If I was you, I would have done the same thing." I said.

"Why didn't you just tell me that you wanted to be with me for no other reason, than just me?" She asked.

"How many times have you honestly had a guy tell you that, and it turned out to be a huge steaming pile of bull shit?" I asked.

"I heard that a lot. From both girls and guys, and it turned out that they only wanted me for sex and because I'm a stripper." She said.

"That's why I never told you. I preferred to just show you that I wanted to be with you. That's all I wanted." I said.

"Actions really do speak louder than words. You proved that to me. That's why I decided to give myself to you, finally." She said.

"I would have waited for as long as it took." I said.

"I know." She said.

"And look at it from this point of view, at least we don't have to have our own bed rooms anymore." I said.

"Very true, but I want to sleep in yours from now on." She said.

"That's our room baby, not just mine anymore." I said.

"That's what I meant, our room." She said as she giggled.

We sat there in the tub together and washed each other. After a while she stood up and my softening cock slipped out of her. Our combined juices leaked out of her profusely. After we cleaned up, we dried off and just put robes on. We made something to eat and relaxed for a few minutes. I can't tell you how many times we made love that night. All I know was that it was on and off all night long, and well into the next day. We quite literally got no sleep. We finally crashed out early the next evening and slept like logs. The next morning we were both sore from all of the sex that we had.

We did eventually get up and started to move all of her stuff from her room to ours. We even went to her appartment and got the rest of her things. I gave her roommates the balance that she would owe for violating her part of the lease and then some. We had all of her stuff moved in before it was time for me to go to work. That girl had tons of lesbian porn! I made sure she had a safe place for it and everything.

As time passed, our love for each other grew deeper and deeper. It was so deep that I knew that I could never live with out her. I have no idea what I would do if I ever lost her. I know she felt the same way for me, because she told me that. She told me that she never wanted to loose me. I was the best thing that ever happened to her since her sister died. And truthfully, she was what I needed to completely heal from loosing Janine. Her coming into my life, was by far the best thing to have ever happened to me. Ever.

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