Dont Judge A Book By The Cover by lovercheck59

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True Story | Anal, Blowjob, Gay, School, Teen Male

Dont Judge A Book By The Cover....

"Well, well, well.... will you look at who it is.." I hear this every morning when i go to school... its the boy cheerleader.. yepp and i hear it from the star quarterback on the high school football team.... with his friends that are right behind him laughing...

What is it.

Well if you be really nice i will let you watch us in the shower after the championship game ok....

let me let you guys in on a secret... the quarterbacks name is Matt... and he is the ultimate ladies man.. i mean he knows the right words to say to get girls panties to drop and make a nun feel like a strret hooker.. but besides that he has the looks for it.....

6 foot 1, black perfect hair, white guy, muscular body( he jogs everyday at 5 in the morning and runs to school.. he stays about 6 miles away) i mean beautiful blue eyes, sexy face.. and ive heard he has a real good "personality" if you know what i mean.... he is overall sexy and with those tight football pants.. he is every gay guys wet dream....

he is just an asshole...

and me his victim.....

5 foot 9, brown hair, light skinned, skinny guy... brown eyes... and i got curves and a bubble butt.. yes i do have a porn girls booty.. i was blessed

So i have the unfortunate displeasure of being in his 1st, 3rd, 4th, lunch, 5th,and 7th period classes with him and im a shy kid so i normally sit in the back of the class until they started putting us in alphabetical order.. so the teachers will remember our names better... so stupid

and this is where the problems begin..

well they have these things in school called challenge day..... where people open up there feelings to make them feel comfortable in school and i opened up that i was gay... and i thought there was no repercussions........ well lets just say i struck out

next week i lost friends, i was a loner, i got dirty looks from everybody, and i am an A student.. but believe me its one thing to get teased about your smartness.. but when your smart and gay... come on now your just a walking punching bag..

well the next week in school started normally as usual.... i get off the bus.. yes i will admit i watch matt jog once or twice a week jog to school... i get teased by him.. pushed into a locker by him... first period... pushed into the door by him.. tripped by him... mocked by him.. break in second period.. third period...fourth period get teased, mocked, tripped.. lunch... paper balls get thrown... and ketchup packets.. a fake note asking for a blowjob...... back to fourth period... fifth period.... sixth period and seventh peroid.. the insults usual die down because seventh period is gym.. and we all know every atlethic boy loves gym class....

Well the same cycle starts in days

days turn into weeks

weeks turn into months

and finally i snapped and had enough

on the special occasion to where a anonymous student tells about bullying in school me and him are called into the principles office

yes shes a women and go back to the top of the story where i described matt and you can see he got out of it as usual

well i walked down the hallway with my head down.. not paying attention.. Matt yells out on of his favorite lines to me

i dont know why your walkin straight.. you should be trying to switch like a little girl......

well lets just say i had about enough of him and his insults.. i dropped my bookbag.. and my math book and went back to his face and told him that i had about enough of him and his insults

he laughed and mocked me again. sayin you dont wanna fight me you might break a nail

and i cant fight but im smarter than him... A student remember

as soon as he stopped prancing around i kicked him right dead in his balls... bingo i thought to myself.. his voice went up a few octaves............

so again back to the principles office we both go..

i cant believe you kicked matt in the balls area.. you two have been going on like this long enough and you too are gonna make up for it

so she invented this thing called the friend system.... and it really is the stupidest idea ever

basically i help him academically and he helps me physically.. like get bullies away.. and we had to pretend to be friends and sit together at lunch and wear this stupid bage with the words friends on it and we cant take it off until the end of the day....... well like i said we was in gym and you know the whole shower thing and i shower last because the dumb ass coach thinks gayness is a disease

this is where i discovered my fondness for our quarterback..

i saw his body.. his abs.. that beautiful ass of his and yes i saw the magic that the girls were talking about in every classroom

the all behold 11 inch pure all state white mans cock.. i swear i felt me getting hard just staring at him.. i was in pure heaven...

so after gym he so kindly bullied me into helping him with his science and english homework.. he thought by saying please after everythong that it was kind.. so i agreed.... forcefully

so i walked to his house while he jogged and we went in and his mom was leaving.. he had a single parent house.. his mom was a bigger jerk than her son.. i see where he gets it from...

so we sat down and we watched tv......... and as we are flipping thru channels he stops and orders a porno

so i was forced to watch this porno

it was a white girl givin a bj to a black guy

and Matt was turned on

he was getting a boner

and i was getting a boner watchin his boner

he looked at me and said

i knew you liked me and i took my mind off of that and said can we study now

he said no he just needed a friend thats it

and he said hes an A+ student

there i am shocked at all of this.. and the next thing will have you gasping for air

hes bisexual.......

omg the boy with the greatest cock in history is bisexual.. he has done it to two boys.. twins he boasted and he wanted to do it to me every since he saw me on the first day of school

he said i saw you get a boner looking at my dick grow and

he stood up and pulled his pants and jock strap down

i was wondering if we could be more than friends

without hesitation i said hell yeah.. come on now a 11 inch cock who wouldnt want that and plus i was horny from what i saw earlier.. yeah i jumped at the opportunity

so he stripped down to his bare beautiful body and he stripped me..............

he looked down at my cock (which is nine inches btw) and said wow your packing

i looked at him and said not as much as you

he laid me on the couch and gave me the greatest head on the planet.......

i was in heaven on cloud nine the star quarterback and the sexiest dude in school is blowing me

and it felt wonderful................

he blew me for a while and i asked him can i suck him and he put 11 inches down my throat

i sucked from his head gently playing with it using my tongue

lick down the shaft

sucked on his balls


he was moaning loudly..

i did that for about ten minutes and went to sucking that monster

i got 8 inches in my mouth....

he was ready to cum after i did that about five times....

he facefucked me until he came and shot semen onto my stomach and i shot because he was jacking me off.....

he said you ready for round 2.................


Rating: 83%, Read 17320 times, Posted Jul 26, 2011

True Story | Anal, Blowjob, Gay, School, Teen Male


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