cum on my pregnant belly (2) by Death+Of+Rats

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[b]cum on my pregnant belly (2[)/b]

Hello again, my names shelly and for anyone who did not read my first story I am a 5’7 redhead with a slim figure (other than my 7 month pregnant bump) I have large breasts which are lacerating and a shapely arse, and I want to tell you what happened the week after I committed adultery with my next door neighbour Sean and his girlfriend Lyndsey, it turns out that Sean was really turned on by my pregnant belly and milk dripping nipples, so much so that the very next day he came round as soon as my boyfriend Mick had left for work, I was still in bed and when I answered the door Sean stepped in dropped his pants and fucked me good and hard on the sofa, that was it for that day but we arranged to meet at his house on the Friday night when his girlfriend would be at work and Mick would be out with his mates,

On the Friday I spent ages getting ready and dressed as sexy as I could with my pregnant bulge getting in the way of my suspender belt but I still think I looked great in black bra & panties with black stockings to match and my highest heels. Mick left sooner than he normally dose probably as he thought I was going to try it on with him, since I got pregnant by him he as only fucked me once and that was the quickest shag of my life.

One hour later I was knocking on Sean’s door and desperate for a good fucking, Then to my horror his brother Lee answered the door wearing just a pair of shorts, his toned body was covered in tribal tattoos and his right nipple was pierced also I could clearly see the shape of his cock against the material of his shorts and it looked big, He invited me in and Sean was waiting for me on the sofa with nothing but his boxers on and his cock was already hard and making the material of his boxers tent. Then Sean explained to me that he had told his brother about me and Lee wanted to try out my seven month pregnant body for himself. I was thinking of getting the hell out of there when Lee put his strong arms around me and held my bump in one hand and my left boob in the other as he played with my nipple it hardened and started to leak its milky fluid which soaked through my bra and was soon forming a big stain on my blouse. Sean got up and started to remove my blouse and skirt, I could tell he was impressed with my choice of underwear and when Lee unclipped my bra and let it drop to the floor I decided it was going to be a fun evening after all, my second threesome in the space of a week and this time it was going to be with two brothers both sporting impressive cocks and wanting me as much as I wanted them.

Sean started to suck the milk from my right nipple as Lee was milking my left tit with is fingers, my shaven pussy was getting so wet I could smell my own juices as they soaked into my black silky panties Sean then removed his boxers and sat back down on the sofa telling me he wanted me to suck his cock, something I was only too happy to do but before I could kneel between Sean’s legs Lee pulled my panties off and threw them at Sean, I kneelt down and taking my dam panties from Sean I wrapped them round his erection and then slowly started to suck and jerk him into the silky material in this position I was totally exposed to Lee and he didn’t waste any time taking advantage of the situation, as I took as much of Sean’s panty covered cock in to my mouth Lee started to finger my juicy pussy and arse hole, Sean was thrusting his cock into my mouth like it was a cunt and I was not surprised when I felt hi balls tighten and a great big jet of cum flow from his hard cock and through my black silky panties and into my Hungry mouth, there was loads of it and I swallowed all I could but made sure there was enough soaked into my panties so I could sniff and lick them the next day to remember what a slut I was being. Lee took hold of my hips as Sean was unloading into my mouth I looked over my shoulder at his erect cock and was pleased to see he was big and had a piercing on his bell end then he pushed forward and iI felt the bulbous head of his circumcised cock entering my wet pussy he started to fuck in and out of my fuck hole nice and hard and as he did Sean was cock whipping my face with his still erect cock and smearing the last of his cum all over my cheeks and lips, his cock never softened and I found out later this was because they had both taken Viagra tablets before I got there, Lee was shagging me pretty hard and fast know and as he fucked me he slipped a finger up my ass-hole and this started me of on the first of many orgasms I would be having that night. As my climax started to fade Lee pulled out of my fuck-hole and told me to get on my back as he wanted to fuck my milk filled tits, I was a little shocked at how he went about this as he moved over my face and as he squeezed my tits around his cock his big heavy balls were hanging in my mouth for me to suck, I could also manage to lick his arse hole as well which really turned him on, Sean was giving me some good oral as his brother fucked my boobs and it was not long after I started to tong Lee’s ring that he unloaded a huge load of sperm between my tits and all over my pregnant belly, that was two big loads of cum I had got in the last half an hour and I just knew there was more to follow, Sean had me straddle him as he sat on the sofa and I lowered my used pussy down on to his big hard dick and started to fuck up and down his length my tits were leaking milk which dripped from my nipples and mixed with the cum Lee had sprayed over me seconds before, it then dripped from me to cover Sean’s cock as he fucked up into me, I started to climax again and as my orgasm peaked Lee pushed the tip of his cock into my bum hole and squeezed my heavy boobs spraying my milk all over Sean’s face and he loved it. Lee managed to get all his 8” cock into my ass and pounded me hard causing me to have multiple orgasms and Sean was soon on the verge of Cumming inside my pussy when Lee announced he was going to cum and fill my dirty ass-hole with his fucking spunk and started to blast his load deep in my arse which started Sean of and he started to cum filling my pussy up till it overflowed and ran down between us.

It had been only an hour and I had my mouth, pussy and ass filled with cum not to mention having my preggy belly covered in a very impressive load, I wanted a shower really badly but was told there was one more thing they wanted to do before I was finished with and for that I was taken out side into the garden and made to kneel on the lawn, then Sean and Lee both took hold of their cocks and started to piss all over me, I thought I would be disgusted by such an act but it really was a kinky thing to do and I let them wash the cum from my body with the amber jets of piss, it was in my hair and face and all over my body and I swear I climaxed again as they pissed on me, when they could pee no more I was taken to the shower and the boys washed me all over and then sent me home wet and half naked but I think I will be going back for more next week and I might just piss on them next time..X


Rating: 90%, Read 30955 times, Posted Jul 31, 2010

Fantasy | Pregnant


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